40mm Formula 4x4 Lift Kit Holden Colorado, Rodeo, D-Max & Great Wall

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Formula 4x4 Enhancement Lift Kit designed to lift the vehicle 50mm and provide the ultimate in handling and control, both on and off road.

Where applicable the spring rates of this lift kit can be adjusted to handle different front and rear loads. If you would like to change the specified spring rates of this lift kit, please give us a call, send us a message or leave a comment when you purchase this 4x4 lift kit.

In order to get the correct front lift, please ensure to adjust the existing torsion bars according to the lift achieved in the rear. Additionally, if you have any front load bearing accessories such as a winch, steel bull bar, etc. you must upgrade your standard torsion bar to a HD torsion bar as per our dropdown option.
  • Low Pressure Nitrogen for fade free performance
  • Designed and built for Australian conditions
  • Tested fitted and supported by 4WD Action
  • SuperPro Hybrid bushings on all Front Struts
  • Specifically designed for each application
  • Valve coding to suit differing spring rates
  • Comfortable yet heavy duty 4WD Lift Kit
  • Big Bore design for improved heat dissipation
  • Tapered pegs on Front Struts for increased strength
  • 3 Years/60000km Warranty
More Information
Air Bag UpgradeNo, I do not want an Airbag kit to help with Towing/Occasional Load Increase
Air Bag UpgradeRaised Airbag Man Kit
ApplicationFormula Enhancement Kit
Front LoadAlloy Bull Bar & Winch
Front LoadNo Bull Bar/Alloy Bull Bar
Front LoadSteel Bull Bar
Front LoadSteel Bull Bar & Winch
Kit PositionFront and Rear
Lift (mm)0-40
Optional Rear Load300kg
Rear Load200kg
Required Wheel Alignment4WD
Torsion Bar OptionHD Upgrade - Increased Front Load
Torsion Bar OptionNo Replacement/Upgrade
Use TypeHeavy Duty
Use TypePerformance
Use TypeStandard
Use TypeTowing
Foot Note 1Please note matching spring rates with your vehicles weight is critical to performance. If you are unsure of your vehicles rear load or the spring rate you should get. Then please send us a message or call us to make sure you get the right spring rate.
Foot Note 2Kit Contains 4 x Formula Shock Absorbers. Rear Springs are 2 x Formula Leafs. The kit also comes with 2 x Greasable shackles, 4 x U Bolts, a SuperPro Spring & Shackle Bush Kit and 2x Greasable Pins
Components Per1 Kit
Sub brandFulcrum 4x4
Product NoteThis kits default rear spring, has been specifically designed for heavy-duty use on vehicles that have a constant 200kg load.
Select any of the below vehicles to get detailed specifications on how this product interacts with your car. Including fitting positions, time and other vehicle specific information.
GREAT WALLV-SERIES10/09-12/15 Ute 2.4 V240 4x4
HOLDENCOLORADO03/08-06/12 RC Ute 3.6 i V6 4x4 (TFS27)
HOLDENCOLORADO03/08-06/12 TFS85 Platform/Chassis 3.0 TD 4x4 (TFS85)
HOLDENCOLORADO03/08-06/12 TFS85 Ute 3.0 TD 4x4 (TFS85)
HOLDENRODEO01/06-06/08 TFS27 Platform/Chassis 3.6 i 4x4 (TFS27)
HOLDENRODEO01/06-06/08 TFS27 Ute 3.6 i 4x4 (TFS27)
HOLDENRODEO01/07-10/08 TFS85 Platform/Chassis 3.0 DiTD 4x4 (TFS85)
HOLDENRODEO01/07-10/08 TFS85 Ute 3.0 DiTD 4x4 (TFS85)
HOLDENRODEO02/03-01/07 TFS77 Platform/Chassis 3.0 TD 4x4 (TFS77)
HOLDENRODEO02/03-01/07 TFS77 Ute 3.0 TD 4x4 (TFS77)
HOLDENRODEO02/03-12/05 TFS26 Platform/Chassis 3.5 i 4x4 (TFS26)
HOLDENRODEO02/03-12/05 TFS26 Ute 3.5 i 4x4 (TFS26)
ISUZUD-MAX01/07-06/12 TFR,TFS Platform/Chassis 3.0 D 4x4
ISUZURODEO01/07-06/12 TFR,TFS Ute 3.0 DiTD 4x4 (TFS85_)

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Select “Click & Fit” as a delivery method during the checkout process and you will be given a special fitted price to have both the product delivered and installed. A suspension expert will be assigned to your order, who will organise everything and will help you every step of the way. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your car is going to be looked after by suspension experts.

Your assigned suspension expert will confirm all the details for your booking. Your parts will then be delivered to your closest Fulcrum outlet and an installation date will be booked based on your preference. You then bring your car on the booking date and Fulcrum will manage the installation for you.

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Will I need anything else to install this lift kit on my 4WD?

No, this lift kit comes with absolutely everything required for installation. However, you will need to get a wheel alignment immediately after the lift kit it is installed. Also it is best practice to get some sort of castor/camber correction installed...

What is a 4WD lift kit?

A 4WD lift kit is a vehicle modification that raises the car body, resulting in a higher ride height. Adding a suspension lift kit to your 4WD vehicle will allow you to increase your tyre size, gaining more traction and greater ground clearance. Our ...

What is the best lift kit?

Deciding what the best suspension lift kit brand is for you depends on the requirements of the vehicle and your driving preferences. At Fulcrum Suspensions, we want your vehicle to be as efficient as possible. Therefore, we offer three of the best brands...

What is the legal maximum suspension lift height?

The maximum legal suspension lift height is 2 inches (50mm), with an additional 25mm for tyres. This means you can have a total lift of 75mm when you include upgraded suspension and larger tyres. Any 4WD lift kit that gives your vehicle a higher lift...

What is the difference between a Formula lift kit, a Bilstein lift kit and a RAW lift kit?

We offer Formula lift kits, Bilstein lift kits, and RAW lift kits to ensure your vehicle has the best variation of upgrade. Each lift kit we supply offers different advantages with varying benefits in some driving situations compared to others. All our...

By installing a lift kit will I void my Warranty?

Generally, no. Installing a lift kit will not void your vehicle warranty. However, it is best to contact your dealer to be safe and ask them for more information. As all dealers are different, we cannot guarantee a lift kit will not affect your vehicle...

Do you sell and Install 3-4 Inch lift kits?

No we do not as they are not street legal and require further modification. We only install 2 inch lift kits and we find that 2 inch lift kits are okay for all general recreational offroading experiences. The maximum legal suspension lift height is 2...

How big of a lift should I get?

Choosing the right size lift for your 4WD depends on what vehicle you own and what your primary use of the vehicle is, keeping in mind the legal suspension lift height limit is 50mm.  At Fulcrum Suspensions, we offer both 2 inch or 50mm lift kits. We...

Is a 2 inch lift kit worth it?

Here is a great video comparing 2 inch and higher lift kits:  Yes, a 2-inch lift kit is worth it. A 2 inch lift kit is capable of provide your vehicle with enough advantage to tackle any off road track. It will also allow...

How can I get Fulcrum Suspensions to fit my lift kit?

You can select to have it installed at the checkout. Installation costs are shown on each product page.  You can organise your  lift kit to be installed by our team of suspension specialists straight from our website, where we will look after ...

What springs should i get?

You need to get springs to suit what you carry as your constant loads (what you carry 90% of the time).  You do this to ensure the best possible ride and also to ensure a level lift.  You do nto want ot get a spring rated for the times you carry 800kgs...

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