Fulcrum 4x4 Suspension Upgrades and Service

Tuned 4x4 Lift kits, Towing Solutions and Suspension Packages

Fulcrum provides expert service advice, repair and installation of leading suspension products for your 4x4. Our suspension packages help you to get the best from your 4wd.

  • 4x4 suspension kits
  • Air suspension and lift kits
  • Specialised wheel alignment

Suspension lift kits

Our Queensland service centres are the local experts to help you get the best advice and the right solution for your Hilux, Jeep, Landcruiser, Mazda DT50, Navarra, Patrol, Prado, Ranger, Rodeo, Triton or other popular 4wd.

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When properly tuned the steering and suspension of your 4x4 should:

  • Provide an enhanced, smoother ride for maximum comfort
  • Transfer the load easily when towing
  • Provide better entry & exit angles
  • Deliver longer tyre life & better use of tyre design
  • Provide driver stability, handling & traction in all conditions
  • Lessen driver & passenger fatigue

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