March 20, 2018
Fulcrum Partners with 4WD Action!

The future of 4WDing has never looked so great! With 4x4 ownership on the rise, we have made sure that our range of 4x4 lift kits and other 4wd products are constantly getting better. Our 4x4 suspension range has expanded rapidly in the last few years, so we wanted to ensure that we had a way to test and showcase our 4x4 suspension upgrades. Luckily during this time 4WD Action had reached out to us about our Formula 4x4 lift kits, they expressed their interest in Formulas 4x4 performance and benefits as well as its extreme affordability. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

We offered to fit a Formula 4x4 (2 inch) Lift kit to Graham’s Isuzu D-Max including U-Bolts and SuperPro Greaseable Shackles, which where more than happy to supply. Knowing that the Formula 4x4 lift kit will be put to the test as Graham and the 4WD action team are know for hitting some rough off road tracks. We installed a Formula 4x4 Lift kit that is designed to raise the vehicle 2 inches (50mm). The D-Max lift kit is classed as an Enhancement Kit, built for comfort when off road and designed to carry light to heavy loads.

Graham mentioned that the he would be doing a lot of on road driving in between trips and wanted to make sure his ride would be safe and comfortable under load, especially since his Isuzu D-Max was a dual cab. As the modern 4WD Dual cab utility, is normally coil sprung with a strut front end and leaf sprung rear with no rear sway bar support. Because of this dual cabs typically suffer from understeer and can be very unstable during high speed directional changes. When you load the vehicle with accessories, people, add a lift kit or tow the problem only gets worse. To counter this we offered to fit a SuperPro 4x4 sway bar which would correct all these issues and give the it more traction on and off road. You can read about why you should fit a sway bar to your 4WD here.

To celebrate our new partnership with 4WD Action, you can get 5% off any of our Formula 4x4 lift kits by using the code '4WDACTION'.


Installing the Formula 4x4 Lift kit

We headed to Fulcrum Suspensions Stafford for the install and to do some filming, our suspension technician team at stafford did some pre-setup work to get ready for the install. Once our team  was ready they got straight into it, taking off the wheels and installing the new 4x4 lift kit. Which includes two rear shocks two front readystruts, two upgraded leaf springs and a set of SuperPro greaseable shackles. When the springs where installed they moved onto installing the SuperPro 4x4 sway bar.

The lift kit was a fast install as the kit came with already built readystruts, saving the team time by not having to install springs to the front shockies. 

Overall the job only took 2-4 hours and included a full inspection and wheel alignment report for Graham to review. The end result was 50mm lift. 




ISUZ-006R - Formula ReadyStrut Lift Kit D-Max

Formula 4x4 Lift kit installed for 4WD Action

This Formula 4x4 lift kit will raise the vehicle 40-50mm and provide improved handling and control. Ideal for on road and limited off road use. 

This Enhancement Kit is designed to lift the vehicle 40-50mm and provide superior on and off road handling, load carrying and control.

Formula 4x4 kits are a combination of Fulcrum testing and design as well as SuperPro Engineering.

The kits are put together with high quality SuperPro components. Formula 4x4 shocks, designed by Fulcrum for comfort and made specifically for the Australian bush.

The Formula leaf springs have been made from the high grade carbon Australian steel, to ensure we are giving your 4x4 the best support when off road. 


SuperPro 4x4 Sway bar for Isuzu D-max



Fitting larger sway bars, particularly in the rear, has two main effects, vehicle balance in terms of understeer or oversteer and increased roll resistance.

Both of these effects can provide increased overall handling and safety benefits in a 4WD vehicle.

If you are looking for increased stability on the road or when towing, sway bars are a great upgrade option.  


Installing a Formula 4x4 Lift kit on 4WD Actions Isuzu D-Max

Fulcrum Suspension Stafford, technicians installing the Formula 4x4 lift for 4WD Action. 


Front formula 4x4 readystrut installed on isuzu d-max

Formula 4x4 front readystruts installed on Graham’s Isuzu D-Max.


formula 4x4 lift kit leaf spring and rear shock absorber installed

Formula 4x4 Leaf spring and rear shock absober installed on Graham’s Isuzu D-Max.


All these 4x4 upgrades will be showcased in the next few 4WD action episodes, keep an eye out for the blue shockies :D

Check out our custom 4x4 Lift kit search to help find the perfect lift for your 4WD!

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