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General Fulcrum FAQ's
Do you guys have gift vouchers available?

No, we do not currently sell Gift Vouchers. 

Do you offer Free Shipping?
If you live within a popular metro location, then your area is considered metro and you will be offered free shipping.
What is Fulcrums Refund period?
Fulcrum Suspensions can provide a refund to any customer within a 30 day period as long as the product is unused, has not been installed to any vehicle, and has not been damaged.
Where are you located?
We have 14 different Fulcrum Suspensions Stores spread along Queensland's Coast and over 70 different Fulcrum Dealer Stores across Australia.
What are you store opening hours?

All of our Fulcrum stores are open from 8-5 Monday to Friday and closed on weekends.

Are you on Facebook or Instagram?

Yes we are on Facebook and Instagram! Make sure you follow us for regular updates and we'll let you know when we are running promotions!

Find us on Facebook here

Find us on Instagram here

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via Credit Card, Paypal, Zip, and Afterpay.

I have a question about my order, who can I ask?

If your question involves shipping, returns or warranties, click here to have a quick read of our Fulcrum Suspensions Shipping, Returns & Warranty Guide where we might be able to answer your question already. For all other enquiries, or if you still have a question, call us on 1800 385 278 or send us a message on Facebook and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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4WD Lift Kits & 4x4 Suspension
Will I need anything else to install this lift kit on my 4WD?
No, this lift kit comes with absolutely everything required for installation. However, you will need to get a wheel alignment immediately after the lift kit it is installed. Also it is best practice to get some sort of castor/camber correction installed. You can do this by either installing bushings or the best way, by installing a control arm which corrects caster/camber.
How much extra weight will be added to the vehicle after installing a standard 2-inch lift kit?
The weight added varies based on the weight of the springs added. Our lift kits could weigh anywhere from 80 - 120kg.
What is a 4WD lift kit?
A 4WD lift kit is a vehicle modification that raises the car body, resulting in a higher ride height.
What is the best lift kit?
Deciding what lift kit is the best or what brand of suspension is the best, depends on the requirements of your vehicle and your driving preferences. Formula is classed as a comfort lift kit, Bilstein is classed as a performance lift kit, and RAW is classed as a heavy duty load lift kit.
What is the legal maximum suspension lift height?
The maximum legal suspension lift height is 2 inches (50mm), with an additional 25mm for tyres.
Should I install a lift kit or bull bar and winch first?
It is very important to install a bull bar, winch, and any other 4WD accessories before fitting a lift kit to your 4WD.
What is the difference between a Formula lift kit, a Bilstein lift kit and a RAW lift kit?
Formula is classed as a comfort lift kit, Bilstein is classed as a performance lift kit, and RAW is classed as a heavy duty lift kit.
By installing a lift kit will I void my Warranty?
Generally, no. Installing a lift kit will not void your vehicle warranty.
Do you sell and Install 3-4 Inch lift kits?
No we do not as they are not street legal and require further modification, engineering and mod plating. We only install 2 inch lift kits and we find that 2 inch lift kits are okay for all general recreational offroading experiences.
How big of a lift should I get?
Choosing the right size lift for your 4WD depends on what vehicle you own and what your primary use of the vehicle is, keeping in mind the legal suspension lift height limit is 50mm.
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General Suspension FAQ's
How does a car's suspension work?
The main purpose of your car's suspension is to keep your vehicle firmly on the ground by maximising the friction between your wheels and the ground.
How much does it cost to repair suspension?
The cost to repair your car's suspension is determined by a number of factors such as what type of suspension you have, and what the usage of your car is. We offer a Free Suspension Check so that we can tell you exactly what needs repairing and give you a total approximate cost.
How do you know if your suspension needs to be repaired?
Your vehicle may make noises such as a rattling, squeaking, or knocking sound when turning or driving over bumps in the road.
How do you know if your suspension is broken?
You may notice your vehicle is having difficulty driving, turning, or steering straight. You may also notice abnormal sounds coming from the front, rear, or both ends of your car while driving over bumps in the road or turning.
What are some common suspension problems?
There are a few common suspension problems our workshops often see in vehicles and fix straight away.
How long does it take to fix a cars suspension?

Depending on the vehicle's problem it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours.

When should I replace my suspension bushings?
You should replace your suspension bushings whenever you notice any extreme wear and tear.
What is Camber?
Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the top of the tyre as viewed from above the vehicle.
What is Caster?
Caster is the forward or rearward tilt angle of the steering axis, calculated by the line that runs through the upper and lower pivot.
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Wheel Alignment FAQ's
What are common signs of a bad wheel alignment?
There are several tell tale signs that your vehicle might be well overdue for a wheel alignment. These include the vehicle pulling to one side, your tyres wearing unevenly and/or vibrations or shudders through the steering.
What happens if you don’t get a wheel alignment?
If you don't get a wheel alignment, your car will face great difficulty steering, you will experience a delay and inaccuracy when turning, and your tyres will wear extremely fast.
Do I really need a wheel alignment & suspension check?
Yes. A wheel alignment keeps your steering geometry in the correct position, thus reducing tyre wear and overall saving you fuel in the process.
How often should I have a wheel alignment done?

We recommend having a wheel alignment service either every 6 months or every 10,000km travelled.

What is involved in a wheel alignment?

Our Fulcrum Suspensions wheel alignment includes:

  • Accurate multi point wheel alignment
  • Detailed report and friendly, helpful advice
  • Check for noise/play in wheel bearings
  • Check the condition of suspension bushes
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GVM Upgrade FAQ's
What is a GVM Upgrade?
GVM stands for Gross Vehicle Mass, which is the maximum allowable weight for a fully loaded vehicle.
Who would require a GVM Upgrade for their vehicle?
A GVM upgrade is applicable for any 4WD owner who often use their vehicle to carry heavy loads.
When should a GVM Upgrade Kit be fitted?
If your fully loaded vehicle is either nearing or exceeding the allowable limit, it is important that a GVM upgrade kit is fitted in your vehicle.
How does a GVM Upgrade Kit work?
A GVM upgrade kit operates similarly to a lift kit, by fitting all necessary components and parts such as springs, shock absorbers, greaseable shackles, and U Bolts into the vehicle.
Are GVM Upgrades legal?

Yes, GVM upgrades are legal in Australia. A GVM increase of up to 10% above the rating given by the OVM is permitted, as stated in the Queensland Code of Practice: Vehicle Modifications.

What happens if you exceed your GVM?
Exceeding your GVM is dangerous and puts your vehicle, yourself, and others on the road at risk.
Is it illegal to go over your GVM?

Yes, exceeding your GVM and driving with an overloaded vehicle is illegal. This means you are at risk of both receiving a heavy fine and having the police or transport authorities impound your vehicle.

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Free Suspension Check FAQ's
When should I get a Free Suspension Check?
You should consider a suspension check with our team of experts at Fulcrum Suspensions when you notice any problems with your vehicle.
What is involved in a Free Suspension Check?
When your vehicle is being checked by our suspension experts, it will be systematically reviewed. This includes reviewing a variety of underbody suspension components such as bushes, control arms and sway bars.
How long does a Free Suspension Check take?

Completing a thorough check of your vehicle's suspension will take our trained experts approximately 1 hour, depending on how many things we find wrong with the vehicle and need to be further inspected. 

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