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A range of answers to our most commonly asked 4x4 suspension questions. 

Will I need anything else to install this lift kit on my 4WD?

No, this lift kit comes with absolutely everything required for installation. However, you will need to get a wheel alignment immediately after the lift kit it is installed. Also it is best practice to get some sort of castor/camber correction installed. You can do this by either installing bushings or the best way, by installing a control arm which corrects caster/camber.

How much extra weight will be added to the vehicle after installing a standard 2-inch lift kit?

The weight added varies based on the weight of the springs added. Our lift kits could weigh anywhere from 80 - 120kg.

What is a 4WD lift kit?

A 4WD lift kit is a vehicle modification that raises the car body, resulting in a higher ride height.

Will this Easy Lift Kit fit the Ford Ranger PX3?

No this will not fit the PX3. It is designed to only suit the PX2. The PX3 has a modified suspension setup

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