GVM Upgrade FAQ's

General questions about GVM Upgrades.

What is a GVM Upgrade?

GVM stands for Gross Vehicle Mass, which is the maximum allowable weight for a fully loaded vehicle.

Who would require a GVM Upgrade for their vehicle?

A GVM upgrade is applicable for any 4WD owner who often use their vehicle to carry heavy loads.

When should a GVM Upgrade Kit be fitted?

If your fully loaded vehicle is either nearing or exceeding the allowable limit, it is important that a GVM upgrade kit is fitted in your vehicle.

How does a GVM Upgrade Kit work?

A GVM upgrade kit operates similarly to a lift kit, by fitting all necessary components and parts such as springs, shock absorbers, greaseable shackles, and U Bolts into the vehicle.

Are GVM Upgrades legal?

Yes, GVM upgrades are legal in Australia. A GVM increase of up to 10% above the rating given by the OVM is permitted, as stated in the Queensland Code of Practice: Vehicle Modifications.

What happens if you exceed your GVM?

Exceeding your GVM is dangerous and puts your vehicle, yourself, and others on the road at risk.

Is it illegal to go over your GVM?

Yes, exceeding your GVM and driving with an overloaded vehicle is illegal. This means you are at risk of both receiving a heavy fine and having the police or transport authorities impound your vehicle.

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