When your vehicle is being checked by our suspension experts, it will be systematically reviewed. This includes reviewing a variety of underbody suspension components such as bushes, control arms and sway bars.

Your brakes and tyres will also be inspected to see if their condition is suitable or if they need a replacement.

After completion of inspection, we will provide you with a detailed and thorough report outlining the state of your vehicle's suspension. Our technicians will then assist you to decide on the most cost efficient and effective solution regarding your vehicle’s maintenance.


What our Free Fulcrum Suspensions Safety Check includes

  • Check for uneven tyre wear
  • Check for any abnormal noises of bumps
  • General loose component check
  • Power steering system check
  • Check condition of shock absorbers and suspension bushes
  • Check tie rod ends, rack ends and ball joints for wear
  • Check condition of brake system

Our safety check is broken into four sections: front suspension, steering and driveline, rear suspension, and brakes. Our technicians will carefully and intently check every individual suspension component found under your vehicle. Checking for wear and tear as well as any abnormalities. Suspension bushes and shock absorbers are the parts we often inspect and discover wear and tear.

After checking the under body suspension components, our Fulcrum technicians will check all your wheels and brakes. This ensures that your tyre treads have no excessive or uneven wear and that your brakes are in safe and working condition.

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