No, this lift kit comes with absolutely everything required for installation. However, you will need to get a wheel alignment immediately after the lift kit it is installed. Also it is best practice to get some sort of castor/camber correction installed. You can do this by either installing bushings or doing it the best way which is by installing a control arm which corrects caster/camber.


Lifting your car and losing Camber/Caster 

If you lift your 4WD then you need an alignment correction solution to fix the geometry change in your 4WD’s suspension. For every inch you lift your 4WD you lose one degree of camber or castor. Which affects the wheel alignment you can get from a workshop, though you can generally get a good enough wheel alignment it is not the best possible wheel alignment. You want the best possible wheel alignment to ensure long tyre life and an awesome drive. 


Wheel Alignment after your 4WD Lift Kit is installed

If you install the lift kit by yourself, the wheel alignment of your car will be completely out. You will then have to drive to a suspension workshop or wheel alignment location to get you 4wd wheel aligned. During that drive you can add some considerable wear to your tyres. To ensure you do not get this issue you should get your lift kit installed as close to a wheel alignment workshop as possible. 

If you get your lift kit installed by us we do the wheel alignment, so you won’t have this issue. 

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