Control Arm Bush Kit

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A Double Offset kit is used for enhanced handling performance and will deliver positive caster to both sides of the vehicle.
The vehicle will have improved directional stability, crisper, more responsive steering and improved 'return to centre' feel.
This is a non tyre wearing geometry change that has a substantial effect on a vehicles handling characteristics.

Follow the installation instructions and enjoy the results!
More Information
Fitting Time2.5
Foot Note 1Performance Handling Kit
Foot Note 2Competition Kit - Heavy Duty
Components Per2B,2S
Product NoteAlignment Correction

Part includes outer Shell
BMW301/85-08/87 E30 Sedan 325 e 2.7
BMW301/86-12/88 E30 Sedan 325 e 2.7
BMW301/88-03/92 E30 Sedan 320 i
BMW301/88-06/93 E30 Wagon 324 td
BMW301/88-12/91 E30 Wagon 320 i
BMW301/90-01/92 E30 Sedan M3 EVO II 2.5
BMW301/95-02/98 E36 Sedan 318 tds
BMW301/95-04/99 E36 Coupe 328 i
BMW301/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 320 i
BMW301/95-11/99 E36 Convertible 328 i
BMW301/96-08/98 E36 Convertible 323 i
BMW301/96-08/98 E36 Coupe 323 i
BMW301/96-08/99 E36 Hatchback 318 ti
BMW301/96-11/98 E36 Sedan 323 i
BMW301/99-08/00 E36 Hatchback 316 i
BMW302/88-03/92 E30 Convertible 320 i
BMW302/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 328 i
BMW302/96-08/00 E36 Hatchback 316 g
BMW303/86-12/87 E30 Sedan 325 i X
BMW303/91-08/93 E36 Sedan 316 i
BMW303/93-08/95 E36 Convertible 325 i
BMW303/94-08/98 E36 Convertible 318 i
BMW303/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 318 tds
BMW303/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 325 tds
BMW303/95-08/00 E36 Hatchback 316 i
BMW303/97-05/99 E36 Wagon 316 i
BMW304/89-06/94 E30 Wagon 318 i
BMW304/91-05/95 E36 Sedan 325 i
BMW304/91-12/95 E36 Sedan 320 i
BMW304/92-12/95 E36 Coupe 318 is
BMW305/93-02/98 E36 Sedan 325 tds
BMW306/87-12/91 E30 Sedan 318 i
BMW306/88-02/92 E30 Convertible 318 i
BMW306/88-10/93 E30 Wagon 325 i X
BMW306/95-04/98 E36 Sedan 328 i
BMW306/95-08/00 E36 Hatchback 318 tds
BMW306/96-05/98 E36 Sedan 318 is
BMW307/87-03/93 E30 Wagon 325 i
BMW307/88-06/91 E30 Sedan 316 i
BMW307/90-03/91 E30 Sedan 318 is
BMW308/87-08/88 E30 Sedan 316 i
BMW308/87-11/93 E30 Convertible 325 i
BMW309/82-08/83 E30 Sedan 323 i
BMW309/82-10/87 E30 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/82-12/91 E30 Sedan 315
BMW309/82-12/91 E30 Sedan 320 i
BMW309/83-06/88 E30 Sedan 316
BMW309/83-06/88 E30 Sedan 316 (Ecotronic)
BMW309/83-09/86 E30 Sedan 323 i
BMW309/83-11/89 E30 Sedan 325 i
BMW309/85-08/91 E30 Sedan 324 d
BMW309/87-06/91 E30 Sedan 316 i
BMW309/87-06/91 E30 Wagon 318 i
BMW309/87-08/91 E30 Sedan 324 td
BMW309/90-08/93 E36 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/90-09/93 E36 Sedan 316 i
BMW309/90-10/93 E30 Convertible 318 i
BMW309/91-02/98 E36 Sedan 325 td
BMW309/91-06/94 E30 Wagon 316 i
BMW309/93-05/98 E36 Sedan 316 i
BMW309/93-11/98 E36 Coupe 316 i
BMW309/93-11/98 E36 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/93-12/95 E36 Sedan 318 is
BMW309/94-12/95 E36 Hatchback 318 ti
BMW309/95-04/99 E36 Coupe 318 is
BMW309/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 318 i
BMW309/97-08/00 E36 Hatchback 323 ti
BMW310/88-06/91 E30 Sedan 318 i
BMW310/91-02/95 E36 Coupe 325 i
BMW310/95-11/98 E36 Coupe M3 3.2
BMW312/84-08/88 E30 Sedan 318 i
BMW312/85-06/90 E30 Sedan 320 i
BMW312/85-12/87 E30 Convertible 325 i
BMW312/86-06/91 E30 Sedan 325 i
BMW312/86-08/91 E30 Sedan 325 i X
BMW312/91-11/98 E36 Coupe 320 i
BMW312/93-11/99 E36 Convertible 320 i
BMW312/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 323 i
BMWZ301/97-03/99 E36 Convertible 1.9 i
BMWZ301/99-01/03 E36 Convertible 1.9 i
BMWZ304/97-06/00 E36 Coupe 2.8 i
BMWZ306/00-01/03 E36 Convertible 3.0 i
BMWZ306/00-06/03 E36 Coupe 3.0 i
BMWZ306/99-10/00 E36 Convertible 2.0 i
BMWZ307/98-01/03 E36 Convertible 1.9 i
BMWZ310/00-06/02 E36 Convertible 2.2 i
BMWZ310/95-10/98 E36 Convertible 1.8 i
BMWZ311/96-05/00 E36 Convertible 2.8 i

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