Sway Bar Link Kit - Heavy Duty Adjustable

SuperPro sway bar links are easy to use and are a great upgrade for your suspension!

  • 6060-T5 Alloy Link
  • Large Ball for low friction and long life
  • Spanner provision for on-car adjustment
  • Eliminates sway bar link flex
  • Allows for neutral sway bar positioning
  • Maximises all positions on adjustable Sway Bars
  • Suits lowered or raised vehicles

SuperPro sway bar links are engineered and design to replace OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sway bar links as either a repair or upgrade solution. Engineered, tested and assembled in Brisbane, Australia. Our development team has made sure to incorporate the best design and material features to give your vehicle a more precise drive.

Our SuperPro sway bar links are designed for easy universal fitment, to improve the handling of your vehicle. To optimise the performance not just of your sway bar, but to work in unison with all your suspension components to give you and your vehicle an accurate driving experience. SuperPro sway bar links have three unique applications. Designed for performance, off road driving and as a repair or upgrade solution our sway bar links will give your car a more precise drive in all environments. Optimising the link between your sway bar and your suspension chassis.

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Designed to maximise the benefit of Roll Control Adjustable Sway Bars and be used in place of that hard to find O.E link.

Features & Benefits
  • 6060-T5 Alloy Link
  • Ball for low friction and long life
  • Spanner provision for on-car adjustment
  • Eliminates sway bar link flex
  • Allows for neutral sway bar positioning
  • Maximises all positions on adjustable Sway Bars
  • Suits lowered or raised vehicles
SuperPro Tip - To get the best out of these adjustable link kits, please read the fitting instructions prior to installation.
More Information
Components Per2 Links
Product Note10mm Ball Joint Adjustable Link

Minimum Length 254 mm - Maximum Length 305 mm
Select any of the below vehicles to get detailed specifications on how this product interacts with your car. Including fitting positions, time and other vehicle specific information.
ABARTH500 / 595 / 69501/14-on 312 Hatchback 1.4 (312.AXF11, 312.AXF1A, 312.AXD1A)
ABARTH500 / 595 / 69505/10-on 312.AXD1A,312.AXF1A Hatchback 1.4 (312.AXF1A, 312.AXD1A)
ABARTH500 / 595 / 69508/08-12/16 312 Hatchback 1.4 (312.AXD1A)
ABARTH500 / 595 / 69508/08-12/16 312 Hatchback 1.4 (312.AXT1A)
ABARTH500 / 595 / 69508/14-on 312 Hatchback 1.4 (312.AXF11, 312.AXF1A)
ABARTH500C / 595C / 695C05/14-on 312 Convertible 1.4 (312.AXF1A, 312.AXD1A)
ABARTH500C / 595C / 695C06/13-on 312 Convertible 1.4 (312.AXF11, 312.AXF1A)
ABARTH500C / 595C / 695C09/09-12/16 312 Convertible 1.4 (312.AXF1A, 312.AXF11, 312.AXD1A)
ABARTHPUNTO03/12-on Hatchback 1.4 (199.AXX1B)
ABARTHPUNTO03/12-on 199.AXX1B Hatchback 1.4 (199.AXX1B)
ABARTHPUNTO12/07-06/10 199.AXN1B Hatchback 1.4 (199.AXN1B)
ABARTHPUNTO12/07-12/12 199.AXX1B Hatchback 1.4 (199.AXX1B)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA01/15-on 940 Hatchback 1.8 TBi (940FXR11)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA04/10-02/16 940 Hatchback 1.8 TBi (940FXC1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA04/10-02/16 940FXM1A,940FXS1A,940FYD1A Hatchback 2.0 JTDM (940FXM1A, 940FXS1A, 940FYD1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA04/10-09/14 940 Hatchback 2.0 JTDM (940FXE1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA04/10-on 940 Hatchback 1.4 TB (940FXB1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA04/10-on 940.FXL1A Hatchback 2.0 JTDM (940.FXL1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA04/10-on 940FXD1A Hatchback 1.6 JTDM (940FXD1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA04/11-on 940FXN1A,940FXU1A Hatchback 1.4 TB (940FXN1A, 940FXU1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA05/13-09/14 940 Hatchback 1.4 TB (940FXA1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA09/14-on 940 Hatchback 1.4 TB (940.FYA1A)
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA12/11-02/17 940FXA1A,940FXT1A Hatchback 1.4 BiFuel (940FXA1A, 940FXT1A)
ALFA ROMEOGTV04/03-10/05 916 Coupe 3.2 V6 24V (916CXB00)
ALFA ROMEOGTV04/03-12/04 916 Coupe 2.0 JTS (916CXA00)
ALFA ROMEOGTV05/98-10/05 916C3 Coupe 1.8 16V (916C3)
ALFA ROMEOGTV06/95-09/98 916.C2A Coupe 2.0 V6 Turbo (916.C2A)
ALFA ROMEOGTV06/98-10/00 916 Coupe 3.0 V6 24V (916.C1)
ALFA ROMEOGTV06/98-10/05 916 Coupe 2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916.C2__, 916C2C00)
ALFA ROMEOGTV09/97-03/03 916 Coupe 2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916C2C)
ALFA ROMEOGTV10/00-09/03 916 Coupe 3.0 V6 24V (916.C1B__)
ALFA ROMEOMITO01/09-on 955AXG1A Hatchback 1.4 Bifuel (955AXG1A)
ALFA ROMEOMITO03/11-on 955.AXB1B,955.AXU1A Hatchback 1.4 (955.AXB1B, 955.AXU1A)
ALFA ROMEOMITO04/13-12/15 955 Hatchback 0.9 TwinAir (955AXY1B)
ALFA ROMEOMITO05/11-on 955AXV1A Hatchback 1.4 (955AXV1A)
ALFA ROMEOMITO07/11-on 955.AXW1B Hatchback 0.9 TwinAir (955.AXW1B)
ALFA ROMEOMITO08/08-06/10 955 Hatchback 1.4 TJet (955AXG1A)
ALFA ROMEOMITO08/08-06/11 955 Hatchback 1.4 TJet (955AXA1B)
ALFA ROMEOMITO08/08-08/10 955AXH1B,955AXT1A Hatchback 1.3 MultiJet (955AXH1B, 955AXT1A)
ALFA ROMEOMITO08/08-08/13 955_ Hatchback 1.4 (955AXB1B)
ALFA ROMEOMITO08/08-on 955AXC1B Hatchback 1.6 JTDM (955AXC1B)
ALFA ROMEOMITO09/08-08/13 955.AXF1B,955AXB1B Hatchback 1.4 (955AXB1B, 955.AXF1B)
ALFA ROMEOMITO09/09-08/13 955AXL1B Hatchback 1.4 MultiAir (955AXL1B)
ALFA ROMEOMITO09/09-12/15 955 Hatchback 1.4 MultiAir (955AXN1B)
ALFA ROMEOMITO09/09-12/18 955AYC1A,955AXP1A Hatchback 1.3 MultiJet (955AXP1A, 955AYC1A)
ALFA ROMEOMITO10/09-12/15 955 Hatchback 1.4 Turbo MultiAir (955AXM1A, 955AXR11)
ALFA ROMEOMITO10/09-on 955AXS1B,955AXS11 Hatchback 1.4 Turbo MultiAir (955AXS1B, 955AXS11)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER02/01-10/03 916 Convertible 3.0 V6 24V (916S1)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER04/03-04/05 916 Convertible 2.0 JTS (916SXA00)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER04/03-04/05 916 Convertible 3.2 V6 24V (916SXB00)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER05/98-04/05 916S2A Convertible 2.0 V6 Turbo (916S2A)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER05/98-04/05 916S3 Convertible 1.8 16V (916S3)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER05/98-08/00 916 Convertible 2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2B)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER06/95-04/05 916S1 Convertible 3.0 V6 (916S1)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER06/98-04/05 916 Convertible 2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2C00)
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER09/94-04/05 916S1B00 Convertible 3.0 V6 (916S1B00)
AUDI8002/87-07/89 893,894,8A2 Sedan 1.6 D
AUDI8002/93-01/96 8C5 Wagon 2.0 E 16V
AUDI8003/90-09/91 893,894,8A2 Sedan 2.0 E 16V
AUDI8006/86-08/91 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 1.8 E
AUDI8006/93-01/96 8C5 Wagon 1.6 E
AUDI8006/93-12/94 B4,8C2 Sedan 1.6 E
AUDI8007/92-01/96 8C5 Wagon 1.9 TDI
AUDI8007/92-01/96 8C5 Wagon 2.0
AUDI8007/92-01/96 8C5 Wagon 2.0 E
AUDI8007/92-01/96 8C5 Wagon 2.3 E
AUDI8007/92-01/96 B4,8C2 Wagon 2.6
AUDI8008/86-01/90 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 1.8 S
AUDI8008/86-07/88 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 1.4
AUDI8008/87-09/91 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 1.6
AUDI8008/88-10/90 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 2.0 E
AUDI8008/89-08/91 893,894,8A2 Sedan 1.9 D
AUDI8008/90-10/91 893,894,8A2 Sedan 1.6
AUDI8008/92-03/93 B4,8C2 Sedan 2.3 E
AUDI8008/92-03/94 B4,8C2 Sedan 2.8
AUDI8008/92-12/94 B4,8C2 Sedan 2.0
AUDI8008/92-12/94 B4,8C2 Sedan 2.0 E 16V
AUDI8009/86-07/87 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 1.8 S
AUDI8009/86-07/88 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 1.8
AUDI8009/86-08/91 893,894,8A2 Sedan 1.6 TD
AUDI8009/86-08/91 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 1.6
AUDI8009/91-01/96 8C5 Wagon 2.8
AUDI8009/91-12/94 8C2 Sedan 1.9 TD
AUDI8009/91-12/94 8C2 Sedan 1.9 TDI
AUDI8009/91-12/94 8C5 Wagon 1.9 TD
AUDI8009/91-12/94 B4,8C2 Sedan 1.6
AUDI8009/91-12/94 B4,8C2 Sedan 2.0 E
AUDI8010/86-01/90 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 1.8
AUDI8010/90-08/91 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 2.0
AUDI8010/93-12/94 B4,8C2 Sedan 2.6
AUDI9004/87-07/91 893,894,8A2 Sedan 2.2 E
AUDI9004/87-09/91 893,894,8A2 Sedan 1.6 TD
AUDI9004/87-09/91 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 2.3 E
AUDI9004/90-07/91 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 2.3 E 20V
AUDI9005/89-03/91 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 2.3 E
AUDI9007/88-09/91 893,894,8A2 Sedan 2.0
AUDI9008/88-07/91 B3,89,89Q,8A Sedan 2.3 E 20V
AUDI9008/89-07/91 893,894,8A2 Sedan 2.0 20 V
AUDIA101/11-04/15 8XK,8X1 Hatchback 1.4 TFSI
AUDIA101/12-04/15 8XA,8XF Hatchback 1.2 TFSI
AUDIA102/15-10/18 8XA,8XF Hatchback 1.8 TFSI
AUDIA102/15-10/18 8XK,8X1 Hatchback 1.8 TFSI
AUDIA103/11-04/15 8XK,8X1 Hatchback 1.6 TDI
AUDIA103/15-10/18 8XA,8XF Hatchback 1.0 TFSI
AUDIA103/15-10/18 8XK,8X1 Hatchback 1.0 TFSI
AUDIA104/12-04/15 8X1,8XK Hatchback 1.4 TFSI
AUDIA104/12-04/15 8XA,8XF Hatchback 1.4 TFSI
AUDIA105/10-04/15 8X1,8XK Hatchback 1.6 TDI
AUDIA105/10-04/15 8XK,8X1 Hatchback 1.2 TFSI
AUDIA105/10-04/15 8XK,8X1 Hatchback 1.4 TFSI
AUDIA109/11-04/15 8X1,8XK Hatchback 2.0 TDI
AUDIA109/11-04/15 8XA,8XF Hatchback 2.0 TDI
AUDIA111/11-04/15 8XA,8XF Hatchback 1.4 TFSI
AUDIA111/11-04/15 8XA,8XF Hatchback 1.6 TDI
AUDIA111/14-10/18 8XA,8XF Hatchback 1.4 TFSI
AUDIA111/14-10/18 8XK,8X1 Hatchback 1.4 TFSI
AUDICABRIOLET01/93-07/98 8G7 Convertible 2.0 E
AUDICABRIOLET01/97-08/00 8G7 Convertible 1.8
AUDICABRIOLET05/91-07/94 8G7 Convertible 2.3 E
AUDICABRIOLET06/93-08/00 8G7,B4 Convertible 2.6
AUDICABRIOLET06/95-08/00 8G7 Convertible 1.9 TDI
AUDICABRIOLET11/92-08/00 8G7 Convertible 2.8
AUDICOUPE01/92-07/92 89,8B3 Coupe 2.0 16 V
AUDICOUPE03/90-07/90 89,8B3 Coupe 2.0
AUDICOUPE03/90-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.3
AUDICOUPE05/89-03/90 89,8B3 Coupe 2.0
AUDICOUPE05/89-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.0
AUDICOUPE05/90-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.3 20V quattro
AUDICOUPE05/90-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.3 quattro
AUDICOUPE08/89-07/91 89,8B3 Coupe 1.8
AUDICOUPE08/89-07/91 89,8B3 Coupe 2.3 20V
AUDICOUPE08/90-07/91 89,8B3 Coupe 2.3 20V
AUDICOUPE08/91-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.8 quattro
AUDICOUPE08/92-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.0 16 V
AUDICOUPE08/92-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.6
AUDICOUPE08/92-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.6 quattro
AUDICOUPE09/90-09/92 89,8B3 Coupe S2 quattro
AUDICOUPE09/91-12/96 89,8B3 Coupe 2.8
AUDICOUPE10/88-07/94 89,8B3 Coupe 2.3
AUDICOUPE10/92-12/96 8B,89 Coupe S2 quattro
AUDICOUPE11/88-07/91 89,8B3 Coupe 2.2 quattro
AUDICOUPE11/88-07/91 89,8B3 Coupe 2.3 20V quattro
AUDICOUPE11/88-12/92 89,8B3 Coupe 2.3 quattro
BMW103/07-06/11 E87 Hatchback 118 d
BMW103/07-06/11 E87 Hatchback 120 i
BMW103/07-06/11 E87 Hatchback 123 d
BMW103/07-10/10 E87 Hatchback 120 d
BMW103/07-12/11 E81 Hatchback 120 d
BMW103/08-10/13 E82 Coupe 125 i
BMW103/08-10/13 E88 Convertible 135 i
BMW103/08-12/13 E88 Convertible 120 i
BMW106/04-02/07 E87 Hatchback 120 i
BMW106/04-06/11 E87 Hatchback 116 i
BMW109/05-02/07 E87 Hatchback 130 i
BMW109/06-06/11 E87 Hatchback 118 i
BMW109/07-12/11 E81 Hatchback 116 i
BMW109/08-12/13 E88 Convertible 118 d
BMW109/08-12/13 E88 Convertible 123 d
BMW110/07-10/13 E82 Coupe 135 i
BMW112/07-10/13 E88 Convertible 125 i
BMW301/00-05/06 E46 Coupe 320 Ci
BMW301/06-08/07 E91 Wagon 318 i
BMW301/07-12/13 E92 Coupe 320 i
BMW301/09-12/12 E92 Coupe 330 d
BMW301/09-12/12 E93 Convertible 330 d
BMW302/02-02/05 E46 Sedan 316 i
BMW302/02-12/04 E46 Hatchback 318 ti
BMW302/05-12/07 E46 Convertible 320 Cd
BMW302/07-02/10 E92 Coupe 325 d
BMW302/07-10/11 E90 Sedan 318 d
BMW302/07-12/11 E90 Sedan 320 i
BMW302/07-12/12 E91 Wagon 320 d
BMW302/07-12/12 E91 Wagon 320 i
BMW302/08-05/12 E91 Wagon 330 d
BMW302/10-06/12 E91 Wagon 325 d
BMW302/98-06/00 E46 Sedan 328 i
BMW302/99-08/01 E46 Coupe 320 Ci
BMW303/00-09/01 E46 Wagon 320 d
BMW303/01-08/06 E46 Convertible M3
BMW303/02-02/05 E46 Wagon 316 i
BMW303/02-12/04 E46 Hatchback 325 ti
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Hatchback 318 td
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Sedan 318 d
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Sedan 330 d
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Wagon 318 d
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Wagon 330 d
BMW303/03-07/06 E46 Coupe 330 Cd
BMW303/04-05/06 E46 Coupe 318 Ci
BMW303/04-08/06 E46 Convertible 318 Ci
BMW303/05-08/07 E90 Sedan 318 d
BMW303/06-03/13 E92 Coupe 335 d
BMW303/06-08/08 E92 Coupe 330 d
BMW303/07-02/10 E93 Convertible 330 i
BMW303/07-08/08 E90 Sedan 335 xi
BMW303/07-12/10 E93 Convertible 325 d
BMW303/07-12/11 E90 Sedan 323 i
BMW303/07-12/11 E90 Sedan 325 i
BMW303/07-12/11 E90 Sedan 330 i
BMW303/07-12/12 E92 Coupe 320 i
BMW303/07-12/12 E93 Convertible 320 i
BMW303/07-12/12 E93 Convertible 330 i
BMW303/07-12/13 E93 Convertible 325 i
BMW303/07-12/13 E93 Convertible 330 d
BMW303/08-12/12 E93 Convertible 320 d
BMW303/10-10/11 E90 Sedan 320 d
BMW303/10-10/11 E90 Sedan 325 d
BMW303/10-10/13 E92 Coupe 325 i
BMW303/10-12/12 E91 Wagon 320 d
BMW303/10-12/12 E92 Coupe 320 d
BMW303/10-12/12 E92 Coupe 330 i
BMW303/10-12/12 E93 Convertible 320 d
BMW303/10-12/13 E92 Coupe 318 i
BMW303/10-12/13 E93 Convertible 318 i
BMW303/98-09/00 E46 Sedan 320 i
BMW303/98-09/00 E46 Sedan 323 i
BMW304/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 316 i
BMW304/00-07/06 E46 Coupe 316 Ci
BMW304/00-09/00 E46 Convertible 323 Ci
BMW304/06-02/12 E92 Coupe 323 i
BMW304/06-06/07 E91 Wagon 323 i
BMW304/98-09/01 E46 Sedan 320 d
BMW304/99-09/00 E46 Coupe 323 Ci
BMW305/03-12/03 E46 Coupe M3 CSL
BMW305/07-05/12 E91 Wagon 318 i
BMW306/00-05/06 E46 Coupe 330 Ci
BMW306/02-02/05 E46 Hatchback 316 ti
BMW306/02-02/05 E46 Sedan 316 i
BMW306/02-07/06 E46 Coupe 316 Ci
BMW306/05-06/12 E91 Wagon 320 d
BMW306/06-02/10 E92 Coupe 325 i
BMW306/06-12/12 E92 Coupe 335 i
BMW306/99-05/00 E46 Wagon 328 i
BMW307/00-05/06 E46 Coupe M3
BMW307/07-06/12 E91 Wagon 318 d
BMW307/09-12/11 E90 Sedan 316 d
BMW308/05-08/07 E91 Wagon 330 i
BMW308/05-12/07 E46 Convertible 330 Cd
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 320 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 325 xi
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 330 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 320 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 325 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 325 xi
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 330 i
BMW309/00-04/05 E46 Sedan 325 i
BMW309/00-05/06 E46 Coupe 325 Ci
BMW309/00-08/06 E46 Convertible 325 Ci
BMW309/00-08/06 E46 Convertible 330 Ci
BMW309/00-12/07 E46 Convertible 320 Ci
BMW309/01-02/04 E46 Coupe 318 Ci
BMW309/01-02/05 E46 Hatchback 320 td
BMW309/01-02/05 E46 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/01-02/05 E46 Wagon 320 d
BMW309/01-03/03 E46 Sedan 318 d
BMW309/01-05/05 E46 Sedan 320 d
BMW309/01-07/05 E46 Wagon 318 i
BMW309/01-12/07 E46 Convertible 318 Ci
BMW309/05-02/07 E90 Sedan 323 i
BMW309/05-06/12 E91 Wagon 320 i
BMW309/05-08/06 E90 Sedan 320 si
BMW309/05-08/07 E90 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/05-08/07 E91 Wagon 318 d
BMW309/05-08/08 E90 Sedan 325 xi
BMW309/05-09/08 E90 Sedan 330 d
BMW309/05-10/11 E90 Sedan 316 i
BMW309/06-02/10 E90 Sedan 325 d
BMW309/06-02/10 E92 Coupe 320 d
BMW309/06-02/10 E92 Coupe 330 i
BMW309/06-06/12 E91 Wagon 325 d
BMW309/06-06/12 E91 Wagon 335 d
BMW309/06-06/12 E91 Wagon 335 i
BMW309/06-08/07 E92 Coupe 330 xi
BMW309/06-12/11 E90 Sedan 335 d
BMW309/06-12/11 E90 Sedan 335 i
BMW309/06-12/12 E91 Wagon 323 i
BMW309/07-02/10 E90 Sedan 320 d
BMW309/07-03/12 E91 Wagon 318 i
BMW309/07-06/12 E91 Wagon 318 d
BMW309/07-06/12 E91 Wagon 325 i
BMW309/07-06/12 E91 Wagon 330 i
BMW309/07-06/13 E92 Coupe 316 i
BMW309/07-06/13 E92 Coupe 330 i
BMW309/07-10/11 E90 Sedan 318 d
BMW309/07-10/11 E90 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/07-10/11 E90 Sedan 320 i
BMW309/07-10/11 E90 Sedan 330 i
BMW309/07-12/12 E92 Coupe 325 i
BMW309/08-10/11 E90 Sedan 330 d
BMW309/09-06/12 E91 Wagon 316 d
BMW309/09-09/13 E93 Convertible 325 d
BMW309/09-12/13 E92 Coupe 325 d
BMW310/01-02/05 E46 Hatchback 316 ti
BMW310/01-12/02 E46 Hatchback 320 td
BMW310/02-03/03 E46 Wagon 318 d
BMW310/99-02/05 E46 Sedan 330 d
BMW310/99-02/05 E46 Wagon 330 d
BMW310/99-09/00 E46 Wagon 320 i
BMW310/99-09/01 E46 Wagon 318 i
BMW311/03-07/06 E46 Coupe 320 Cd
BMW312/04-08/07 E90 Sedan 320 i
BMW312/04-08/07 E91 Wagon 320 d
BMW312/04-08/08 E91 Wagon 325 i
BMW312/04-08/08 E91 Wagon 330 d
BMW312/04-09/07 E90 Sedan 320 d
BMW312/04-10/11 E90 Sedan 320 d
BMW312/04-10/11 E90 Sedan 330 i
BMW312/04-12/11 E90 Sedan 325 i
BMW312/06-02/10 E93 Convertible 325 i
BMW312/06-12/12 E93 Convertible 335 i
BMW312/97-09/01 E46 Sedan 318 i
BMW312/98-02/02 E46 Sedan 316 i
BMW312/98-05/00 E46 Coupe 328 Ci
BMW312/99-08/01 E46 Coupe 318 Ci
BMW501/07-03/10 E60 Sedan 525 d
BMW501/07-03/10 E60 Sedan 525 i
BMW501/07-03/10 E60 Sedan 535 d
BMW501/07-12/10 E61 Wagon 523 i
BMW501/07-12/10 E61 Wagon 525 i
BMW501/07-12/10 E61 Wagon 530 i
BMW501/07-12/10 E61 Wagon 535 d
BMW501/96-06/03 E39 Sedan 520 i
BMW501/96-06/03 E39 Sedan 525 tds
BMW501/97-06/03 E39 Sedan 525 td
BMW502/00-05/04 E39 Wagon 525 d
BMW502/00-06/03 E39 Sedan 520 d
BMW502/00-06/03 E39 Sedan 525 d
BMW502/00-09/03 E39 Wagon 520 d
BMW502/05-02/07 E61 Wagon 530 d
BMW502/07-05/10 E61 Wagon 530 d
BMW502/07-12/09 E60 Sedan 530 d
BMW502/07-12/10 E61 Wagon M5
BMW503/01-06/03 E39 Sedan 530 i
BMW503/04-03/07 E61 Wagon 525 d
BMW503/04-09/05 E61 Wagon 530 d
BMW503/05-03/07 E60 Sedan 530 i
BMW503/05-05/10 E61 Wagon 525 i
BMW503/05-12/09 E60 Sedan 525 i
BMW503/07-01/10 E61 Wagon 523 i
BMW503/07-05/10 E61 Wagon 525 d
BMW503/07-12/09 E60 Sedan 523 i
BMW503/07-12/09 E60 Sedan 530 i
BMW503/07-12/09 E60 Sedan 540 i
BMW503/97-05/04 E39 Wagon 525 tds
BMW503/97-08/00 E39 Wagon 523 i
BMW503/97-08/01 E39 Wagon 520 i
BMW504/05-02/07 E61 Wagon 530 xi
BMW504/05-05/10 E61 Wagon 520 d
BMW504/96-08/00 E39 Sedan 523 i
BMW504/97-12/03 E39 Wagon 540 i
BMW506/04-03/10 E60 Sedan 525 d
BMW506/04-12/10 E61 Wagon 525 i
BMW506/04-12/10 E61 Wagon 545 i
BMW507/03-03/10 E60 Sedan 520 i
BMW507/05-12/10 E61 Wagon 550 i
BMW508/98-09/00 E39 Sedan 530 d
BMW508/98-09/00 E39 Wagon 530 d
BMW509/00-05/04 E39 Wagon 525 i
BMW509/00-05/04 E39 Wagon 530 d
BMW509/00-06/03 E39 Sedan 520 i
BMW509/00-06/03 E39 Sedan 525 i
BMW509/00-12/03 E39 Wagon 520 i
BMW509/00-12/03 E39 Wagon 530 i
BMW509/02-09/05 E60 Sedan 530 d
BMW509/02-12/09 E60 Sedan 530 d
BMW509/03-02/05 E60 Sedan 525 i
BMW509/03-02/05 E60 Sedan 530 i
BMW509/03-08/05 E60 Sedan 545 i
BMW509/04-02/07 E61 Wagon 530 i
BMW509/04-03/10 E60 Sedan 535 d
BMW509/04-12/10 E61 Wagon 535 d
BMW509/05-02/07 E60 Sedan 520 d
BMW509/05-02/07 E61 Wagon 520 d
BMW509/05-03/07 E60 Sedan 530 d
BMW509/05-12/09 E60 Sedan 520 d
BMW509/05-12/09 E60 Sedan 550 i
BMW509/06-03/10 E61 Wagon 530 i
BMW509/07-02/10 E60 Sedan 520 i
BMW509/07-05/10 E61 Wagon 520 d
BMW509/07-12/09 E60 Sedan 520 d
BMW509/07-12/09 E60 Sedan 520 i
BMW509/07-12/10 E61 Wagon 520 i
BMW509/95-08/00 E39 Sedan 528 i
BMW509/98-06/03 E39 Sedan 530 d
BMW509/98-06/03 E39 Sedan 535 i
BMW510/04-02/07 E60 Sedan 523 i
BMW510/04-02/07 E61 Wagon 523 i
BMW510/96-06/03 E39 Sedan 540 i
BMW510/96-08/98 E39 Sedan 535 i
BMW511/96-08/00 E39 Wagon 528 i
BMW512/04-03/10 E60 Sedan 525 d
BMW604/04-11/09 E64 Convertible 645 Ci
BMW607/07-07/10 E63 Coupe 635 d
BMW607/07-07/10 E64 Convertible 635 d
BMW609/03-08/05 E63 Coupe 645 Ci
BMW609/04-08/07 E63 Coupe 630 i
BMW609/04-08/07 E64 Convertible 630 i
BMW609/05-11/09 E63 Coupe 650 i
BMW609/05-11/09 E64 Convertible 650 i
BMW609/06-11/09 E64 Convertible M6
BMW609/07-08/10 E63 Coupe 630 i
BMW609/07-08/10 E64 Convertible 630 i
BMWZ401/06-08/08 E85 Convertible 2.5 si
BMWZ401/06-08/08 E85 Convertible 3.0 si
BMWZ401/06-12/06 E85 Convertible M
BMWZ402/09-02/12 E89 Convertible sDrive 35 i
BMWZ402/09-08/11 E89 Convertible sDrive 30 i
BMWZ403/05-02/09 E85 Convertible 2.0 i
BMWZ403/09-08/11 E89 Convertible sDrive 23 i
BMWZ403/10-08/16 E89 Convertible sDrive 35 is
BMWZ404/06-08/08 E86 Coupe 3.0 si
BMWZ404/06-08/08 E86 Coupe M
BMWZ404/13-08/16 E89 Convertible sDrive 18 i
BMWZ407/03-12/05 E85 Convertible 3.0 i
BMWZ407/03-12/06 E85 Convertible 2.5 i
BMWZ409/05-02/09 E85 Convertible 2.5 i
BMWZ409/11-08/16 E89 Convertible sDrive 20 i
BMWZ409/11-08/16 E89 Convertible sDrive 28 i
BMWZ410/03-10/05 E85 Convertible 2.2 i
CHRYSLERSEBRING05/07-09/10 JS Convertible 2.7 Flexfuel
CHRYSLERSEBRING07/07-09/10 JS Sedan 2.7 VVT
CHRYSLERSEBRING07/07-12/10 JS Convertible 2.0 CRD
CHRYSLERSEBRING07/07-12/10 JS Convertible 2.4 VVT
CHRYSLERSEBRING07/07-12/10 JS Convertible 2.7
CHRYSLERSEBRING07/07-12/10 JS Convertible 2.7 VVT
CHRYSLERSEBRING07/07-12/10 JS Sedan 2.0 CRD
CHRYSLERSEBRING07/07-12/10 JS Sedan 2.0 VVT
CHRYSLERSEBRING07/07-12/10 JS Sedan 2.4 VVT
CHRYSLERSEBRING09/06-12/10 JS Sedan 2.7 VVT
CHRYSLERSEBRING11/07-12/10 JS Sedan 3.5 AWD
CITROENXANTIA01/96-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 2.0 i 16V
CITROENXANTIA01/97-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 3.0 i 24V
CITROENXANTIA01/98-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 3.0 V6
CITROENXANTIA02/96-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 1.9 SD
CITROENXANTIA02/99-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 2.0 HDI 109
CITROENXANTIA02/99-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 2.0 HDI 109
CITROENXANTIA03/99-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 2.0 HDI 90
CITROENXANTIA03/99-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 2.0 HDI 90
CITROENXANTIA04/97-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 1.8 i
CITROENXANTIA04/97-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 1.8 i
CITROENXANTIA04/97-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 1.9 SD
CITROENXANTIA05/93-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 1.9 Turbo D
CITROENXANTIA06/95-02/99 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 2.1 Turbo D 12V
CITROENXANTIA06/95-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 2.0 i 16V
CITROENXANTIA06/95-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 2.0 Turbo
CITROENXANTIA06/95-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 1.8 i 16V
CITROENXANTIA06/95-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 1.9 Turbo D
CITROENXANTIA06/95-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 2.0 i
CITROENXANTIA06/95-04/03 X1_,X2_ Wagon 2.0 Turbo
CITROENXANTIA06/95-12/01 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 1.8 i 16V
CITROENXANTIA06/96-02/99 X1_,X2_ Wagon 2.1 Turbo D 12V
CITROENXANTIA09/94-04/03 X1_,X2_ Hatchback 2.0 i
DAEWOOLACETTI02/04-on KLAN Hatchback 1.4
DAEWOOLACETTI02/04-on KLAN Hatchback 1.6
DAEWOOLACETTI02/04-on KLAN Hatchback 1.8
DAEWOOLACETTI08/03-12/04 J200 Sedan 1.8 CDX
DAEWOOLACETTI08/03-12/04 J200 Sedan 1.8 CDX (J200)
DAEWOONUBIRA05/97-on J100 Hatchback 2.0 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA05/98-12/03 J100,J150 Sedan 2.0 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA05/98-12/03 J100,J150 Wagon 2.0 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA06/97-05/00 J100,J150 Hatchback 1.6 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA06/97-05/00 J100,J150 Sedan 1.6 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA06/97-05/00 J100,J150 Wagon 1.6 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA06/97-on J100 Wagon 1.6 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA06/99-07/02 J150 Wagon 2.0 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA07/00-on J100 Sedan 1.6 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA08/02-07/03 J100 Hatchback 1.6
DAEWOONUBIRA12/00-on J100 Sedan 2.0 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA12/00-on J100 Wagon 1.6 16V
DAEWOONUBIRA12/00-on J100 Wagon 2.0 16V
DODGEAVENGER01/12-12/14 JS Sedan 3.6
DODGEAVENGER06/07-12/10 JS Sedan 2.0 CRD
DODGEAVENGER06/07-12/10 JS Sedan 2.7
DODGEAVENGER06/07-12/11 JS Sedan 2.0
DODGEAVENGER06/07-12/14 JS Sedan 2.4
DODGECALIBER06/06-02/12 Hatchback 2.0
DODGECALIBER06/06-06/10 Hatchback 2.0 CRD
DODGECALIBER06/06-12/09 Hatchback 1.8
DODGECALIBER07/10-on Hatchback 2.2 CRD
DODGECALIBER10/06-08/07 Hatchback 2.4
DODGECALIBER10/06-on Hatchback 2.4 SRT4 AWD
DODGECALIBER12/07-on Hatchback 2.4 Turbo
DODGEJOURNEY01/09-12/11 JC MPV 2.7
DODGEJOURNEY03/11-12/15 JC MPV 3.6
DODGENITRO06/07-12/12 SUV 2.8 CRD
DODGENITRO06/07-12/12 SUV 2.8 CRD 4WD
DODGENITRO06/07-12/12 SUV 3.7 V6 4WD
FIAT50007/07-on 312 Hatchback 1.2 (312AXA1A)
FIAT50007/10-09/15 312 Hatchback 0.9 (312AXG1A, 312.AXG11)
FIAT50009/12-on 312AXH1A Hatchback 0.9 (312AXH1A)
FIAT50010/07-02/17 312 Hatchback 1.4 (312AXC1B, 312CXC1B)
FIAT50010/07-12/09 312 Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet (312AXB1A)
FIAT50012/09-on 312AXE1A Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet (312AXE1A)
FIAT50012/10-on 312AXA1A Hatchback 1.2 LPG (312AXA1A)
FIAT500 C09/09-02/17 312 Convertible 1.4 (312CXC1B, 312AXC1B)
FIAT500 C09/09-12/09 312 Convertible 1.3 D Multijet (312CXB1A)
FIATFIORINO06/08-on 225BXC1A,225AXC1A Box Body/MPV 1.4 Natural Power (225BXC1A, 225AXC1A)
FIATFIORINO07/09-on 225BXE1A Box Body/MPV 1.3 D Multijet (225BXE1A)
FIATFIORINO11/07-on 225BXD1A,225BXB11,225BXB1A Box Body/MPV 1.3 D Multijet (225BXD1A, 225BXB1A, 225BXB11)
FIATFIORINO11/07-on 225BXF1A,225BXA1A Box Body/MPV 1.4 (225BXA1A, 225BXF1A)
FIATLINEA05/07-on 323AXC1A Sedan 1.4 T-Jet (323AXC1A)
FIATLINEA06/07-on 110_,323_ Sedan 1.4
FIATLINEA06/07-on 323AXB11,323AXB1A Sedan 1.3 D Multijet (323AXB11, 323AXB1A)
FIATLINEA06/09-on 110_,323_ Sedan 1.6 D Multijet
FIATLINEA10/11-on 110_,323_ Sedan 1.6 (323.AXF1A)
FIATPANDA02/12-09/15 150 Hatchback 0.9 (312PXG1A)
FIATPANDA02/12-09/15 150 Hatchback 1.2 (312PXA1A)
FIATPANDA02/12-09/15 150 Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet (312PXL1A)
FIATPUNTO03/12-09/15 199 Hatchback 1.4 (199AXB1A, 199BXB1A, 199BXB11, 199AXB11)
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199AXH1A,199BXH1A Hatchback 1.4 (199AXH1A, 199BXH1A)
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199AXZ1A,199BXZ1A Hatchback 1.2 (199AXZ1A, 199BXZ1A)
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199_ Hatchback 0.9 Bifuel
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199_ Hatchback 0.9 Twinair Turbo
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199_ Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199_ Hatchback 1.4 Bifuel
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199_ Hatchback 1.4 Multi Air
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199_ Hatchback 1.4 Natural Power
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199_ Hatchback 1.4 Turbo Multi Air
FIATPUNTO03/12-on 199_ Hatchback Van 1.4 (199BXB1A, 199AXL1A, 199AXB1A)
FIATPUNTO04/10-on 199_ Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO06/06-12/09 199_ Hatchback 1.9 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO07/06-12/09 199 Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet (199.AXD11, 199.AXD1A, 199.AXD1B,...
FIATPUNTO07/06-12/09 199 Hatchback 1.4 (199AXB11, 199AXB1A, 199BXB1A, 199AXL1A)
FIATPUNTO07/06-12/09 199 Hatchback 1.4 T-Jet (199AXM1A, 199BXM1A, 199BXN1A)
FIATPUNTO07/06-12/09 199 Hatchback 1.9 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO07/08-on 199_ Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO07/08-on 199_ Hatchback 1.4 Natural Power
FIATPUNTO07/08-on 199_ Hatchback 1.6 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO10/05-07/07 199AXB1A Hatchback 1.4 (199AXB1A)
FIATPUNTO10/05-08/11 199AXG1B,199BXG1B Hatchback 1.4 16V (199BXG1B, 199AXG1B)
FIATPUNTO10/05-on 199_ Hatchback 1.2
FIATPUNTO10/05-on 199_ Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO12/08-on 199_ Hatchback 1.4 LPG
FIATPUNTO EVO06/09-02/12 199_ Hatchback 1.4 LPG
FIATPUNTO EVO07/08-02/12 199_ Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO EVO07/09-02/12 199AXH1A Hatchback 1.4 (199AXH1A)
FIATPUNTO EVO10/09-02/12 199AXB1A Hatchback 1.4 (199AXB1A)
FIATPUNTO EVO10/09-02/12 199AXC1A,199AXT1A,199BXC1A,199BXT1A Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet (199AXC1A, 199BXC1A, 199AXT1A, 199BXT1A)
FIATPUNTO EVO10/09-02/12 199AXW1A Hatchback 1.4 16V (199AXW1A)
FIATPUNTO EVO10/09-02/12 199_ Hatchback 1.2
FIATPUNTO EVO10/09-02/12 199_ Hatchback 1.3 D Multijet
FIATPUNTO EVO10/09-02/12 199_ Hatchback 1.4 16V
FIATPUNTO EVO10/09-02/12 199_ Hatchback 1.4 Natural Power
FIATPUNTO EVO10/09-02/12 199_ Hatchback 1.6 D Multijet
FIATQUBO02/08-on 225AXA1A MPV 1.4 (225AXA1A)
FIATQUBO02/08-on 225AXB1A,225CXD11,225CXB1A,225AXD1A,225AXB11,225CXB11 MPV 1.3 D Multijet (225CXB1A, 225AXB1A, 225CXB11, 225AXB11,...
FIATQUBO07/10-on 225CXE1A,225AXE1A MPV 1.3 D Multijet (225AXE1A, 225CXE1A)
FIATQUBO10/09-on 225AXC1A MPV 1.4 Natural Power (225AXC1A)
FORD AUSTRALIAFIESTA01/09-12/10 WS Hatchback 1.6 TDCi
FORD AUSTRALIAFIESTA04/04-12/08 WP,WQ Hatchback 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFIESTA06/07-03/09 WP,WQ Hatchback 2.0 i XR4
FORD AUSTRALIAFIESTA10/08-12/10 WS Hatchback 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFIESTA10/09-12/10 WS Hatchback 1.4 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFIESTA10/10-12/12 WT Hatchback 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFIESTA10/10-12/12 WT Sedan 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS03/09-08/11 LV Hatchback 2.0 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS03/09-08/11 LV Hatchback 2.0 TDCi
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS03/09-08/11 LV Hatchback 2.5 i XR5 Turbo
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS03/09-08/11 LV Sedan 2.0 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS03/09-08/11 LV Sedan 2.0 TDCi
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS05/05-03/09 LS,LT Sedan 2.0 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS05/15-12/18 LZ Hatchback 1.5 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS05/15-12/18 LZ Sedan 1.5 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS07/07-03/09 LT Hatchback 2.0 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS07/07-03/09 LT Hatchback 2.0 TDCi
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS07/07-05/08 LT Hatchback 2.5 i XR5 Turbo
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS08/11-07/15 LW Hatchback 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS08/11-07/15 LW Hatchback 2.0 GDI
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS08/11-07/15 LW Hatchback 2.0 TDCi
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS08/11-07/15 LW Sedan 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS08/11-07/15 LW Sedan 2.0 TDCi
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS11/15-12/18 LZ Hatchback 2.3 RS AWD
FORD AUSTRALIAFOCUS12/07-03/09 LT Convertible 2.0 i
FORD AUSTRALIAKUGA04/13-11/14 TF SUV 1.6 EcoBoost
FORD AUSTRALIAKUGA11/14-08/16 TF SUV 1.5 EcoBoost
FORD AUSTRALIALASER03/01-08/02 KNIII,KQ Hatchback 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER04/01-09/02 KNIII,KQ Hatchback 1.8 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER04/01-09/02 KNIII,KQ Hatchback 2.0 i
FORD AUSTRALIAMONDEO03/07-01/15 MA,MB Sedan 2.3 i 16 V
FORD AUSTRALIAMONDEO03/07-01/15 MA,MC,MB Hatchback 2.0 TDCi
FORD AUSTRALIAMONDEO03/07-01/15 MA,MC,MB Hatchback XR5 Turbo
FORD AUSTRALIAMONDEO03/07-11/14 MA,MC,MB Hatchback 2.3 i 16V
FORD AUSTRALIAMONDEO06/09-11/14 MB,MC Wagon 2.3 i 16 V
FORD AUSTRALIAMONDEO07/09-01/15 MA,MC,MB Hatchback 2.0 TDCi
FORD AUSTRALIAMONDEO09/10-01/15 MA,MC,MB Hatchback 2.0 i 16V
HOLDENCAPTIVA 703/11-12/18 CG SUV 2.2 TD
HOLDENCAPTIVA 708/08-12/11 CG SUV 2.0 TD
HOLDENCAPTIVA 712/08-12/11 CG SUV 3.2 i AWD
HOLDENVIVA10/05-12/09 JF Hatchback 1.8 i
HOLDENVIVA10/05-12/09 JF Sedan 1.8 i
HOLDENVIVA10/05-12/09 JF Wagon 1.8 i
HONDAINSIGHT03/01-06/04 ZE18 Coupe 1.0 IMA (ZE1, ZE18)
HONDAINSIGHT04/00-10/04 ZE Coupe 1.0 Vtec
HONDAINSIGHT04/09-12/13 ZE Hatchback 1.3 IMA (ZE28, ZE2)
HSVAVALANCHE01/04-01/06 VZ Wagon 5.7 AWD
HSVAVALANCHE10/03-04/06 VY Wagon 5.7 i V8 AWD
HYUNDAITIBURON01/01-08/09 GK Coupe 2.7 V6
HYUNDAITIBURON02/03-08/09 GK Coupe 2.0 GLS
HYUNDAITIBURON03/02-01/07 GK Coupe 2.7 V6
HYUNDAITIBURON03/02-04/04 GK Coupe 2.0
HYUNDAITIBURON03/02-08/09 GK Coupe 1.6 16V
HYUNDAITIBURON08/01-08/09 GK Coupe 2.0
HYUNDAITIBURON10/06-12/08 Coupe 1.6 CVVT
JAGUARX-TYPE01/07-11/09 X400 Sedan 2.2 D
JAGUARX-TYPE03/02-11/09 X400 Sedan 2.1 V6
JAGUARX-TYPE06/01-11/09 X400 Sedan 2.5 V6 All-wheel Drive
JAGUARX-TYPE06/01-12/08 X400 Sedan 3.0 V6 All-wheel Drive
JAGUARXK 802/98-07/05 X100 Convertible 4.0
JAGUARXK 802/98-07/05 X100 Coupe 4.0
JAGUARXK 803/96-07/05 X100 Coupe 4.0
JAGUARXK 803/96-12/02 X100 Convertible 4.0
JAGUARXK 805/96-07/05 X100 Coupe 4.0
JAGUARXK 805/96-07/99 X100 Convertible 4.0
JAGUARXK 805/98-07/05 X100 Convertible 4.0 XKR
JAGUARXK 805/98-07/05 X100 Coupe 4.0 XKR
JAGUARXK 808/02-07/05 X100 Coupe 4.2
JAGUARXK 808/02-07/05 X100 Coupe R 4,2
JAGUARXK 808/02-12/06 X100 Convertible 4.2
JAGUARXK 808/02-12/06 X100 Convertible R 4,2
JEEPCOMPASS05/11-09/17 MK49 SUV 2.0
JEEPCOMPASS08/06-on MK49 SUV 2.4
JEEPCOMPASS09/06-10/16 MK49 SUV 2.4 4x4
JEEPCOMPASS09/06-12/10 MK49 SUV 2.0 CRD 4x4
JEEPCOMPASS12/10-on MK49 SUV 2.2 CRD 4x4
JEEPPATRIOT01/08-12/17 MK74 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.4 4x4
JEEPPATRIOT01/11-12/17 MK74 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.0
JEEPPATRIOT01/11-12/17 MK74 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.2 CRD 4x4
JEEPPATRIOT02/07-12/17 MK74 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.0 CRD 4x4
JEEPPATRIOT06/09-12/17 MK74 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.4
JEEPPATRIOT07/08-12/17 MK74 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.4 Eco + 4x4
KIACARENS07/02-on FJ MPV 1.6
KIACARENS07/02-on FJ MPV 1.8
KIACERATO04/04-05/06 LD Sedan 2.0 CRDi
KIACERATO04/04-12/09 LD Sedan 1.6
KIACERATO04/04-on LD Hatchback 2.0 CRDi
KIACERATO05/06-12/09 LD Sedan 1.6
KIACERATO06/04-07/09 LD Hatchback 2.0
KIACERATO06/04-07/09 LD Sedan 2.0
KIACERATO06/05-12/09 LD Sedan 1.6 CRDi
KIACERATO06/05-on LD Hatchback 1.6 CRDi
KIACERATO07/04-on LD Hatchback 1.6
KIACERATO07/05-08/06 LD Sedan 1.5 CRDi
KIACERATO07/05-on LD Hatchback 1.5 CRDi
KIAMENTOR03/96-12/98 FB Sedan 1.5
KIAMENTOR05/99-10/01 FB Sedan 1.8 GX
KIAMENTOR10/97-10/01 FB Sedan 1.5 i 16V
KIARIO03/05-12/12 JB Hatchback 1.4 16V
KIARIO03/05-12/12 JB Hatchback 1.6 CVVT
KIARIO03/05-12/12 JB Sedan 1.6 16V
KIARIO03/05-on JB Hatchback 1.5 CRDi
KIARIO03/05-on JB Sedan 1.4 16V
KIARIO03/05-on JB Sedan 1.5 CRDi
KIARIO06/12-11/16 UB Hatchback 1.6 CVVT
KIARIO09/11-11/16 UB Hatchback 1.4 CVVT
KIARIO09/11-11/16 UB Hatchback 1.6
KIARIO09/11-12/17 UB Hatchback 1.25 CVVT
KIARIO09/11-on UB Hatchback 1.1 CRDi
KIARIO09/11-on UB Hatchback 1.4 CRDi
KIARIO09/11-on UB Hatchback 1.4 CVVT
KIASPECTRA04/03-08/04 FB Hatchback 1.8
KIASPECTRA05/01-06/04 FB Hatchback 1.8
KIASPECTRA05/01-08/04 FB Hatchback 1.6
LEXUSES01/98-12/01 MCV20 Sedan 3.0 (MCV20_, MCV30_)
LEXUSES10/96-07/01 MCV20_,MCV30_ Sedan 3.0 (MCV30_, MCV20_)
MAZDA201/08-06/15 DE_,DH_ Hatchback 1.4 MZR-CD
MAZDA201/10-06/15 DE_,DH_ Hatchback 1.3 MZR
MAZDA205/10-11/14 DE_ Sedan 1.5 i
MAZDA206/11-06/15 DE_,DH_ Hatchback 1.5 MZR
MAZDA206/11-06/15 DE_,DH_ Hatchback 1.6 MZ-CD
MAZDA207/07-11/14 DE_,DH_ Hatchback 1.5
MAZDA210/07-06/15 DE_,DH_ Hatchback 1.3
MAZDA301/09-05/13 BL Hatchback 2.2 MZR CD
MAZDA301/09-09/14 BL Hatchback 2.0 MZR
MAZDA302/04-06/09 BK Sedan 1.6
MAZDA302/14-01/19 BM,BN Hatchback 2.2 D
MAZDA303/04-03/09 BK Sedan 2.3
MAZDA303/09-09/14 BL Sedan 2.0 MZR (BL12)
MAZDA304/04-03/09 BK Sedan 2.3
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL Hatchback 2.0 MZR
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL Hatchback 2.2 MZR CD
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL Hatchback 2.5 SP25
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL Sedan 2.0 MZR
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL Sedan 2.2 MZR CD
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL Sedan 2.5 SP25
MAZDA306/04-06/09 BK Hatchback 1.6 DI Turbo
MAZDA306/04-06/09 BK12Y Sedan 1.6 DI Turbo (BK12Y)
MAZDA306/06-06/09 BK Hatchback 2.3 DiSi Turbo MPS
MAZDA306/09-05/13 BL Sedan 2.2 MZR CD
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BK Hatchback 2.0
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BK Sedan 2.0
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BK12 Sedan 2.0 MZR-CD (BK12)
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BK14 Hatchback 2.0 MZR-CD (BK14)
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BK14 Hatchback 2.3 MPS (BK14)
MAZDA309/10-05/13 BL Hatchback 1.6 MZR CD
MAZDA309/10-05/13 BL Sedan 1.6 MZR CD
MAZDA309/11-10/13 BL Hatchback 2.0 SP20
MAZDA309/11-10/13 BL Sedan 2.0 SP20
MAZDA310/03-03/09 BK Hatchback 2.3 SP23
MAZDA310/03-04/09 BK Sedan 2.3 SP23
MAZDA310/03-06/06 BK Hatchback 2.0
MAZDA310/03-06/06 BK Sedan 2.0
MAZDA310/03-06/09 BK Hatchback 2.3 MZR Sport
MAZDA310/03-06/09 BK14 Hatchback 1.3 (BK14)
MAZDA310/03-06/09 BK14 Hatchback 1.6 (BK14)
MAZDA311/13-01/19 BM,BN Hatchback 2.0
MAZDA311/13-01/19 BM,BN Hatchback 2.5 SP25 (SP25)
MAZDA311/13-01/19 BN,BM Sedan 2.0
MAZDA311/13-01/19 BN,BM Sedan 2.5 SP25 (SP25)
MAZDA312/08-05/13 BL Hatchback 1.6 MZ-CD
MAZDA312/08-05/13 BL Hatchback 2.0 MZR DISI
MAZDA312/08-05/13 BL12 Sedan 1.6 MZR CD (BL12)
MAZDA312/08-09/14 BL12 Sedan 1.6 MZR (BL12)
MAZDA312/08-09/14 BL14 Hatchback 1.6 MZR (BL14)
MAZDA312/08-10/13 BL14 Hatchback 2.3 MPS (BL14)
MAZDA323 ASTINA01/01-05/04 BJ Hatchback 2.0
MAZDA323 ASTINA09/98-05/04 BJ Hatchback 1.8 Astina
MAZDA323 ASTINA09/98-06/02 BJ Hatchback 1.6
MAZDA323 PROTEGE02/01-05/04 SP20 Sedan 2.0 (SP20)
MAZDA323 PROTEGE05/98-05/04 BJ Sedan 1.8 Protege
MAZDA323 PROTEGE09/98-06/02 BJ Sedan 1.6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X01/92-01/94 EC Coupe 1.8 i V6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X01/94-10/97 EC Coupe 1.8 i V6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X01/96-10/97 EC Coupe 1.8 i V6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X05/91-10/93 EC Coupe 1.6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X11/93-09/98 EC Coupe 1.6 i
MAZDAMPV01/02-12/06 LW MPV 3.0 i V6
MAZDAMPV07/02-02/06 LW MPV 2.0 DI
MAZDAMPV07/02-02/06 LW MPV 2.3
MAZDAMPV08/00-07/02 LW MPV 2.0
MAZDAMPV08/99-06/02 LW MPV 2.5 V6
MAZDAMPV09/99-08/00 LW MPV 2.0
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/03-02/07 203.018 Sedan C 30 CDI AMG (203.018)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/03-08/07 203.218 Wagon C 30 CDI AMG (203.218)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-02/07 203.020 Sedan C 320 CDI (203.020)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-02/07 203.054 Sedan C 280 (203.054)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-02/07 203.087 Sedan C 350 4-matic (203.087)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-02/07 203.092 Sedan C 280 4-matic (203.092)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-08/07 203.252 Wagon C 230 (203.252)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-08/07 203.254 Wagon C 280 (203.254)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-08/07 203.256 Wagon C 350 (203.256)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-08/07 203.287 Wagon C 350 4-matic (203.287)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS01/05-08/07 203.292 Wagon C 280 4-matic (203.292)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS02/01-02/07 203.065 Sedan C 32 AMG Kompressor (203.065)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS02/01-06/03 203.004 Sedan C 200 CDI (203.004)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS02/03-02/07 203.008 Sedan C 220 CDI (203.008)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS02/04-02/07 203.040 Sedan C 230 Kompressor (203.040)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS02/04-08/07 203.208 Wagon C 220 CDI (203.208)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS02/04-08/07 203.240 Wagon C 230 Kompressor (203.240)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS02/04-08/07 203.276 Wagon C 55 AMG (203.276)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS03/01-05/02 203.235 Wagon C 180 (203.235)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS03/01-05/02 203.245 Wagon C 200 Kompressor (203.245)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS03/01-08/07 203.204 Wagon C 200 CDI (203.204)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS03/01-08/07 203.206 Wagon C 220 CDI (203.206)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS03/01-08/07 203.207,203.204 Wagon C 200 CDI (203.204, 203.207)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS03/01-08/07 203.216 Wagon C 270 CDI (203.216)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS03/01-08/07 203.261 Wagon C 240 (203.261)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS03/01-08/07 203.264 Wagon C 320 (203.264)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS04/03-02/07 203.007 Sedan C 200 CDI (203.007)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS04/03-08/07 203.207 Wagon C 200 CDI (203.207)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS05/00-02/07 203.006 Sedan C 220 CDI (203.006)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS05/00-06/02 203.045 Sedan C 200 Kompressor (203.045)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS05/02-02/07 203.042 Sedan C 200 Kompressor (203.042)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS05/02-02/07 203.046 Sedan C 180 Kompressor (203.046)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS05/02-08/07 203.242 Wagon C 200 Kompressor (203.242)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS05/02-08/07 203.246 Wagon C 180 Kompressor (203.246)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS06/05-08/07 203.220 Wagon C 320 CDI (203.220)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS07/02-02/07 203.081 Sedan C 240 4-matic (203.081)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS07/02-02/07 203.084 Sedan C 320 4-matic (203.084)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS07/02-08/07 203.281 Wagon C 240 4-matic (203.281)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS07/02-08/07 203.284 Wagon C 320 4-matic (203.284)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS07/03-02/07 203.043 Sedan C 200 CGI Kompressor (203.043)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS07/03-08/07 203.243 Wagon C 200 CGI Kompressor (203.243)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS08/06-08/07 203.208 Wagon C 220 CDI (203.208)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS09/04-02/07 203.006 Sedan C 220 CDI (203.006)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS09/05-02/07 203.052 Sedan C 230 (203.052)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS09/05-02/07 203.056 Sedan C 350 (203.056)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS11/00-02/07 203.061 Sedan C 240 (203.061)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS11/00-02/07 203.064 Sedan C 320 (203.064)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS11/00-05/02 203.035 Sedan C 180 (203.035)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS11/00-06/03 203.004 Sedan C 200 CDI (203.004)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS11/01-08/07 203.265 Wagon C 32 AMG Kompressor (203.265)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS11/04-02/07 203.076 Sedan C 55 AMG (203.076)
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS12/00-02/07 203.016 Sedan C 270 CDI (203.016)
MERCEDES-BENZCLC-CLASS02/09-06/11 203.731 Coupe CLC 160 (203.731)
MERCEDES-BENZCLC-CLASS05/08-06/11 203.707 Coupe CLC 200 CDI (203.707)
MERCEDES-BENZCLC-CLASS05/08-06/11 203.708 Coupe CLC 220 CDI (203.708)
MERCEDES-BENZCLC-CLASS05/08-06/11 203.741 Coupe CLC 200 Kompressor (203.741)
MERCEDES-BENZCLC-CLASS05/08-06/11 203.746 Coupe CLC 180 Kompressor (203.746)
MERCEDES-BENZCLC-CLASS05/08-06/11 203.752 Coupe CLC 230 (203.752)
MERCEDES-BENZCLC-CLASS05/08-06/11 203.756 Coupe CLC 350 (203.756)
MITSUBISHI38004/05-04/08 DB Sedan 3.8 i
MITSUBISHIASX04/13-07/18 GA8W SUV 2.2 Di-D 4WD
MITSUBISHIGALANT02/99-09/00 EA3A Sedan 2.4 GDI (EA3A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT02/99-10/03 EA3W Wagon 2.4 GDI (EA3W)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/00-10/03 EA2W Wagon 2.0 (EA2W)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/00-10/03 EA3W Wagon 2.4 GDI (EA3W)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/00-10/03 EA5W Wagon 2.5 V6 24V (EA5W)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/00-10/04 EA2A Sedan 2.0 (EA2A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/00-10/04 EA3A Sedan 2.4 GDI (EA3A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/00-10/04 EA5A Sedan 2.5 V6 24V (EA5A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/96-09/00 EA2A Sedan 2.0 (EA2A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/96-09/00 EA2W Wagon 2.0 (EA2W)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/96-09/00 EA5A Sedan 2.5 V6 24V (EA5A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/96-09/00 EA5W Wagon 2.5 V6 24V (EA5W)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/96-10/02 EA Sedan 2.5 V6 24V
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/96-10/02 EA_ Wagon 2.5 V6 24V
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/96-10/03 EA6W Wagon 2.0 TDI (EA6W)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/96-10/04 EA6A Sedan 2.0 TDI (EA6A)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/13-12/17 CJ,CY,CF Sedan 2.0 (CY4A)
MITSUBISHILANCER04/07-12/16 CJ,CY,CF Sedan 2.0 i
MITSUBISHILANCER10/07-12/13 CG,CH,CJ Sedan 2.0 i
MITSUBISHILANCER10/08-08/16 CJ,CY,CF Sedan 2.4 i
NISSANCUBE03/10-on Z12 Hatchback 1.5 dCi
NISSANCUBE08/09-11/14 Z12 Hatchback 1.6 16V
NISSANCUBE10/09-11/14 Z12 Hatchback 1.5 dCi
NISSANMICRA01/03-06/10 K12 Hatchback 1.0 16V
NISSANMICRA01/03-06/10 K12 Hatchback 1.2 16V
NISSANMICRA01/03-06/10 K12 Hatchback 1.5 dCi
NISSANMICRA03/07-06/10 K12 Hatchback 1.4
NISSANMICRA03/11-on K13_,MK13K_ Hatchback 1.2 DIG-S
NISSANMICRA05/05-06/10 K12 Hatchback 160 SR
NISSANMICRA05/10-12/16 K13_,MK13K_ Hatchback 1.2
NISSANMICRA05/10-on K13_,MK13K_ Hatchback 1.2
NISSANMICRA06/05-06/10 K12 Hatchback 1.5 dCi
NISSANMICRA09/03-06/10 K12 Hatchback 1.5 dCi
NISSANMICRA10/07-06/10 K12 Hatchback 1.4 16V
NISSANMICRA11/10-11/12 K13_,MK13K_ Hatchback 1.5
NISSANPULSAR02/13-02/17 C12 Hatchback 1.6
NISSANPULSAR02/13-02/17 C12 Hatchback 1.8
NISSANTIIDA02/06-12/13 C11 Hatchback 1.8
NISSANTIIDA02/06-12/13 SC11 Sedan 1.8
NISSANTIIDA09/07-12/11 C11 Hatchback 1.5 dCi
NISSANTIIDA09/07-12/11 C11 Hatchback 1.6
NISSANTIIDA09/07-12/12 C11L Sedan 1.6 (C11L)
NISSANTIIDA09/07-12/12 SC11 Sedan 1.5 dCi
PEUGEOT400702/07-03/13 GP SUV 2.2 HDi
PEUGEOT400702/07-03/13 VU_,VV_ SUV 2.4 16V
PEUGEOT400711/10-12/12 VU SUV 2.0 4x4
PEUGEOT400805/12-12/17 SUV 2.0 AWC
PEUGEOT400805/12-on SUV 1.6 HDi AWC
PEUGEOT400805/12-on SUV 1.8 HDi AWC
PEUGEOTBIPPER02/08-on AA_ Box Body/MPV 1.4
PEUGEOTBIPPER02/08-on AA_ Box Body/MPV 1.4 HDi
PEUGEOTBIPPER10/10-on AA_ Box Body/MPV 1.3 HDi 75
RENAULTGRAND SCENIC04/04-02/08 JM14 MPV 1.9 dCi (JM14)
RENAULTGRAND SCENIC04/04-11/08 JM13,JM02 MPV 1.5 dCi (JM02, JM13)
RENAULTGRAND SCENIC05/05-01/09 JM0/1_ MPV 1.9 dCi
RENAULTGRAND SCENIC05/05-11/08 JM15 MPV 1.9 dCi (JM15)
RENAULTKANGOO02/08-06/16 X61 Box Body/MPV 1.6 16V (FW03, FW09, FW0D, FW0U, FW0W, FW13)
RENAULTKANGOO02/08-on FW09,FW0W,FW03 Box Body/MPV 1.6 16V LPG (FW03, FW09, FW0W)
RENAULTKANGOO02/08-on FW0B,FW0K,FW0L Box Body/MPV 1.5 dCi 85 (FW0K, FW0L, FW0B)
RENAULTKANGOO02/08-on FW0F Box Body/MPV 1.5 dCi 105 (FW0F)
RENAULTKANGOO02/08-on FW0P,FW00,FW0N,FW0Y,FW0E Box Body/MPV 1.6 (FW00, FW0E, FW0N, FW0P, FW0Y)
RENAULTKANGOO02/08-on KW0V,FW0A Box Body/MPV 1.5 dCi 70 (FW0A, KW0V)
RENAULTKANGOO06/09-on FW0G,FW08,FW11,FW05 Box Body/MPV 1.5 dCi 90 (FW0G, FW05, FW08, FW11)
RENAULTKANGOO07/16-on X61 Box Body/MPV 1.2 TCe 115 (FW02, FW14)
RENAULTKANGOO09/08-06/16 X61 Box Body/MPV 1.6
RENAULTKANGOO09/10-on FW0C,FW0H Box Body/MPV 1.5 dCi 110 (FW0C, FW0H)
RENAULTKANGOO09/10-on FW10,FW04,FW07 Box Body/MPV 1.5 dCi 75 (FW07, FW10, FW04)
RENAULTKANGOO09/13-on X61 Box Body/MPV 1.5 dCi 110 (FW06, FW12)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/03-03/05 BG1L,BG0S,BG1M Hatchback 2.0 16V Turbo (BG0S, BG1L, BG1M)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/03-08/05 KG0S,KG1L,KG03 Wagon 2.0 16V Turbo (KG0S, KG1L, KG03)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/05-08/07 BG1A,BG1W Hatchback 1.9 dCi (BG1A, BG1W)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/05-09/07 BG0Z,BG1Y,BG0T,BG03 Hatchback 2.0 16V (BG03, BG0Z, BG0T, BG1Y)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/05-09/07 BG1Y Hatchback 2.0 16V (BG1Y)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/05-09/07 KG0T,KG0Z,KG03,KG1Y Wagon 2.0 16V (KG03, KG0Z, KG0T, KG1Y)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/05-09/07 KG1Y Wagon 2.0 16V (KG1Y)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/05-12/07 KG1W,KG1A Wagon 1.9 dCi (KG1A, KG1W)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/06-08/07 BG1S,BG14 Hatchback 2.0 dCi (BG14, BG1S)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/06-12/07 KG1S Wagon 2.0 dCi (KG1S)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/08-12/15 BT1F,BT0M,BT0N,BT0S,BT19 Hatchback 2.0 dCi (BT0M, BT0N, BT0S, BT19, BT1F)
RENAULTLAGUNA01/08-12/15 KT0M,KT0N,KT0S,KT19,KT1F Wagon 2.0 dCi (KT0M, KT0N, KT0S, KT19, KT1F)
RENAULTLAGUNA02/05-08/07 BG1H,BG1G Hatchback 1.6 16V (BG1G, BG1H)
RENAULTLAGUNA02/05-08/07 KG0/1_ Wagon 1.6 16V
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-05/05 BG0C,BG0B,BG04,BG0V Hatchback 1.8 16V (BG04, BG0B, BG0C, BG0V)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-05/05 BG0L,BG0A Hatchback 1.6 16V (BG0A, BG0L)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-05/05 BG0V,BG0M,BG0J,BG0C,BG0B Hatchback 1.8 16V (BG0B, BG0C, BG0J, BG0M, BG0V)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-05/05 KG0/1_ Wagon 1.8 16V
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-05/05 KG0B,KG0M Wagon 1.8 16V (KG0B, KG0M)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-05/05 KG0J Wagon 1.8 16V (KG0J)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-09/07 BG0/1_ Hatchback 1.9 dCi
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-09/07 BG08,BG0G Hatchback 1.9 dCi (BG08, BG0G)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-09/07 BG0B,BG0M Hatchback 1.8 16V (BG0B, BG0M)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-09/07 KG0G Wagon 1.9 dCi (KG0G)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-12/07 BG0M,BG06,BG0J Hatchback 1.8 16V (BG06, BG0J, BG0M)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-12/07 KG0/1_ Wagon 1.9 dCi
RENAULTLAGUNA03/01-12/07 KG0A,KG0L Wagon 1.6 16V (KG0A, KG0L)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/04-05/05 BG05 Hatchback 1.9 dCi (BG05)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/04-05/05 KG05 Wagon 1.9 dCi (KG05)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/08-12/15 BT0/1 Hatchback 2.0 GT
RENAULTLAGUNA03/08-12/15 BT11,BT1E,BT1N Hatchback 2.0 dCi GT (BT11, BT1E, BT1N)
RENAULTLAGUNA03/08-12/15 KT0/1 Wagon 2.0 GT
RENAULTLAGUNA03/08-12/15 KT11,KT1N,KT1E Wagon 2.0 dCi GT (KT11, KT1E, KT1N)
RENAULTLAGUNA04/01-09/07 BG0N Hatchback 2.0 16V IDE (BG0N)
RENAULTLAGUNA04/01-09/07 KG0N Wagon 2.0 16V IDE (KG0N)
RENAULTLAGUNA04/08-12/15 BT0C,BT0P Hatchback 3.5 V6 (BT0C, BT0P)
RENAULTLAGUNA04/08-12/15 KT0C,KT0P Wagon 3.5 V6 (KT0C, KT0P)
RENAULTLAGUNA05/05-08/07 BG0/1 Hatchback 2.2 dCi
RENAULTLAGUNA05/05-08/07 BG1A,BG1V Hatchback 1.9 dCi (BG1A, BG1V)
RENAULTLAGUNA05/05-12/07 KG0/1_ Wagon 2.2 dCi
RENAULTLAGUNA05/05-12/07 KG1V Wagon 1.9 dCi (KG1V)
RENAULTLAGUNA06/01-05/05 BG0E Hatchback 1.9 dCI (BG0E)
RENAULTLAGUNA06/01-05/05 KG0E Wagon 1.9 dCI (KG0E)
RENAULTLAGUNA08/02-10/06 BG0/1 Hatchback 2.0 16V (BG00, BG0K, BG0P, BG0W)
RENAULTLAGUNA08/02-10/06 BG0/1 Hatchback 3.0 V6 24V (BG01, BG02, BG0D, BG0Y)
RENAULTLAGUNA08/02-10/06 KG0/1 Wagon 3.0 V6 24V (KG0D)
RENAULTLAGUNA08/02-12/06 BG0K,BG00,BG0W,BG0P Hatchback 2.0 16V (BG00, BG0W, BG0K, BG0P)
RENAULTLAGUNA08/02-12/07 KG0K,KG00,KG0W,KG0P Wagon 2.0 16V (KG00, KG0K, KG0W, KG0P)
RENAULTLAGUNA08/03-09/07 KG0/1_ Wagon 1.9 dCi
RENAULTLAGUNA08/05-08/06 BG1T Hatchback 2.0 dCi (BG1T)
RENAULTLAGUNA08/05-08/06 KG1T Wagon 2.0 dCi (KG1T)
RENAULTLAGUNA08/05-09/07 KG12 Wagon 1.9 dCi (KG12)
RENAULTLAGUNA09/08-12/15 BT03,BT13 Hatchback 3.0 dCi (BT03, BT13)
RENAULTLAGUNA09/08-12/15 KT03,KT13 Wagon 3.0 dCi (KT03, KT13)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/01-05/05 BG0/1 Hatchback 1.9 dCi (BG0R)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/01-05/05 KG0E,KG0R Wagon 1.9 dCi (KG0E, KG0R)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/01-08/06 BG0F Hatchback 2.2 dCi (BG0F)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/01-08/06 KG0F Wagon 2.2 dCi (KG0F)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/04-09/07 KG0W,KG00,KG0P,KG0K Wagon 2.0 16V (KG00, KG0K, KG0W, KG0P)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/12 BT0F,BT0W,BT05 Hatchback 2.0 16V (BT05, BT0F, BT0W)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 BT0/1 Hatchback 2.0 16V Turbo
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 BT00,BT0A,BT0T,BT1J Hatchback 1.5 dCi (BT00, BT0A, BT0T, BT1J)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 BT04,BT0U,BT0D Hatchback 1.6 16V (BT04, BT0D, BT0U)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 BT1A,BT14,BT1S,BT07,BT0J Hatchback 2.0 dCi (BT07, BT0J, BT14, BT1A, BT1S)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 BT1H Hatchback 2.0 16V Hi-Flex (BT1H)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 BT1W,BT09,BT0E,BT0K,BT12,BT1C,BT1D,BT1M,BT08,BT01 Hatchback 2.0 dCi (BT01, BT08, BT09, BT0E, BT0K, BT12, BT1C, BT1D,...
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 KT0/1 Wagon 2.0 16V Turbo
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 KT0A Wagon 1.5 dCi (KT0A)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 KT0D Wagon 1.6 16V (KT0D)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 KT0F,KT0W Wagon 2.0 16V (KT0F, KT0W)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 KT14,KT1A,KT1S,KT07,KT0J Wagon 2.0 dCi (KT07, KT0J, KT14, KT1A, KT1S)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 KT1D,KT1W,KT01,KT08,KT09,KT0K,KT12 Wagon 2.0 dCi (KT01, KT08, KT09, KT0K, KT12, KT1D, KT1W)
RENAULTLAGUNA10/07-12/15 KT1H Wagon 2.0 16V Hi-Flex (KT1H)
RENAULTMEGANE01/06-06/08 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 1.6 16V
RENAULTMEGANE01/06-06/08 EM0/1_ Convertible 1.6 16V
RENAULTMEGANE01/06-08/09 KM0/1_ Wagon 1.6 16V
RENAULTMEGANE01/06-on LM1R,LM0C Sedan 1.6 16V (LM1R, LM0C)
RENAULTMEGANE01/07-02/08 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 1.6 Flex-Fuel
RENAULTMEGANE01/07-02/08 X84 Hatchback 2.0 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE01/07-03/09 CM16,BM16 Hatchback 1.5 dCi (BM16, CM16)
RENAULTMEGANE01/07-06/09 EM16 Convertible 1.5 dCi (EM16)
RENAULTMEGANE01/07-07/09 KM16 Wagon 1.5 dCi (KM16)
RENAULTMEGANE01/11-12/13 B95 Hatchback 2.0
RENAULTMEGANE01/13-12/18 B95 Hatchback 1.2 TCe (BZ16, BZ28)
RENAULTMEGANE01/13-12/18 K95 Wagon 1.2 TCe (KZ16, KZ28)
RENAULTMEGANE02/04-03/06 KM02,KM13 Wagon 1.5 dCi (KM02, KM13)
RENAULTMEGANE02/04-12/10 LM13,LM2A,LM02 Sedan 1.5 dCi (LM02, LM13, LM2A)
RENAULTMEGANE02/08-07/09 KM0/1_ Wagon 1.6 16V Hi-Flex
RENAULTMEGANE02/09-12/13 B95 Hatchback 1.5 dCi (BZ09, BZ0D, BZ1W)
RENAULTMEGANE02/09-12/13 B95 Hatchback 2.0 CVT (BZ0G, BZ1P)
RENAULTMEGANE02/09-12/13 K95 Wagon 1.5 dCi (KZ09, KZ0D, KZ1G)
RENAULTMEGANE02/09-on B3_,BZ0/1_ Hatchback 1.5 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE02/09-on DZ09,DZ0D,DZ1F,DZ1G Coupe 1.5 dCi (DZ09, DZ0D, DZ1F, DZ1G)
RENAULTMEGANE02/09-on DZ0B Coupe 1.5 dCi (DZ0B)
RENAULTMEGANE02/09-on KZ1M,KZ1W Wagon 1.5 dCi (KZ1M, KZ1W)
RENAULTMEGANE03/04-02/07 X84 Wagon 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE03/06-01/09 EM1E Convertible 1.5 dCi (EM1E)
RENAULTMEGANE03/12-on BZ11,BZ2B Hatchback 1.2 TCe (BZ2B, BZ11)
RENAULTMEGANE03/12-on DZ11,DZ2B Coupe 1.2 TCe (DZ2B, DZ11)
RENAULTMEGANE03/12-on KZ11,KZ2B Wagon 1.2 TCe (KZ2B, KZ11)
RENAULTMEGANE04/04-12/05 X84 Wagon 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE04/09-on BZ0L Hatchback 2.0 dCi (BZ0L)
RENAULTMEGANE04/09-on BZ1V,BZ0F Hatchback 1.4 TCe (BZ0F, BZ1V)
RENAULTMEGANE04/09-on DZ0F,DZ1V Coupe 1.4 TCe (DZ0F, DZ1V)
RENAULTMEGANE04/09-on DZ0L Coupe 2.0 dCi (DZ0L)
RENAULTMEGANE04/09-on DZ0Y Coupe 2.0 dCi (DZ0Y)
RENAULTMEGANE04/09-on KZ0L Wagon 2.0 dCi (KZ0L)
RENAULTMEGANE04/11-on BZ00,BZ12 Hatchback 1.6 dCi (BZ00, BZ12)
RENAULTMEGANE04/11-on DZ00 Coupe 1.6 dCi (DZ00)
RENAULTMEGANE04/11-on KZ00,KZ13,KZ12 Wagon 1.6 dCi (KZ00, KZ12, KZ13)
RENAULTMEGANE05/04-02/08 X84 Hatchback 2.0 16V Turbo
RENAULTMEGANE05/04-03/09 EM0/1_ Convertible 2.0 16V Turbo
RENAULTMEGANE05/04-10/09 X84 Hatchback 2.0 Renault Sport
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-02/07 EM0/1_ Convertible 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-02/08 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-02/08 BM1F,CM1F Hatchback 1.5 dCi (BM1F, CM1F)
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-03/09 EM0/1_ Convertible 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-06/08 BM1E,CM1E Hatchback 1.5 dCi (BM1E, CM1E)
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-06/08 KM1E,KM16 Wagon 1.5 dCi (KM16, KM1E)
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-07/09 KM0/1_ Wagon 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-07/09 KM1F Wagon 1.5 dCi (KM1F)
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-07/09 X84 Wagon 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-08/10 X84 Sedan 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-08/10 X84 Sedan 1.9 dCi (LM14, LM1D)
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-12/09 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-12/10 LM1E Sedan 1.5 dCi (LM1E)
RENAULTMEGANE05/05-12/10 LM1F Sedan 1.5 dCi (LM1F)
RENAULTMEGANE05/09-07/12 D95 Coupe 2.0 TCe (DZ1N)
RENAULTMEGANE05/09-12/13 D95 Coupe 2.0 CVT (DZ0G, DZ1E)
RENAULTMEGANE05/09-12/13 K95 Wagon 2.0 CVT (KZ0G, KZ1P)
RENAULTMEGANE05/09-on KZ0C,KZ1A Wagon 1.5 dCi (KZ0C, KZ1A)
RENAULTMEGANE05/09-on KZ0F,KZ1V Wagon 1.4 TCe (KZ0F, KZ1V)
RENAULTMEGANE05/09-on KZ0H Wagon 1.6 16V (KZ0H)
RENAULTMEGANE05/09-on KZ0J,KZ0N,KZ1S Wagon 1.9 dCi (KZ0J, KZ0N, KZ1S)
RENAULTMEGANE05/09-on KZ0U,KZ1B,KZ1U Wagon 1.6 16V (KZ0U, KZ1B, KZ1U)
RENAULTMEGANE06/05-02/08 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 1.6
RENAULTMEGANE07/06-08/06 X84 Hatchback 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE07/06-08/10 X84 Sedan 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE07/12-on B3_,BZ0/1_ Hatchback 2.0 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE07/12-on DZ0/1_ Coupe 2.0 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE07/12-on KZ0/1 Wagon 2.0 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE07/14-on DZ0/1 Coupe 2.0 R.S.
RENAULTMEGANE08/03-05/06 KM0T,KM2B,KM0F Wagon 1.5 dCi (KM0F, KM0T, KM2B)
RENAULTMEGANE08/03-07/09 KM0/1_ Wagon 1.4
RENAULTMEGANE08/03-07/09 KM0/1_ Wagon 1.6
RENAULTMEGANE08/03-07/09 X84 Wagon 1.9 dCi (KMRG, KM1G, KM0G, KM2C)
RENAULTMEGANE08/03-07/09 X84 Wagon 2.0
RENAULTMEGANE08/03-12/10 LM0T,LM2B,LM0F Sedan 1.5 dCi (LM0F, LM0T, LM2B)
RENAULTMEGANE08/06-02/08 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 2.0
RENAULTMEGANE09/02-02/08 BM0F,CM0T,CM0F,BM2B,BM0T Hatchback 1.5 dCi (BM0F, BM0T, BM2B, CM0F, CM0T)
RENAULTMEGANE09/03-03/09 EM0/1_ Convertible 1.6
RENAULTMEGANE09/03-03/09 EM0/1_ Convertible 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE09/03-08/10 X84 Sedan 1.9 dCi (LM0G, LM1G, LM2C)
RENAULTMEGANE09/03-12/05 LM0/1_ Sedan 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE09/03-12/09 X84 Convertible 2.0
RENAULTMEGANE09/03-12/09 X84 Sedan 2.0
RENAULTMEGANE09/03-on LM0/1_ Sedan 1.4
RENAULTMEGANE09/03-on LM0/1_ Sedan 1.6
RENAULTMEGANE09/05-02/08 BM1K,CM1K Hatchback 2.0 dCi (BM1K, CM1K)
RENAULTMEGANE09/05-03/09 EM0/1_ Convertible 2.0 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE09/05-07/09 X84 Wagon 2.0 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE09/12-12/15 K95 Wagon 2.0 TCe
RENAULTMEGANE10/03-02/08 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 1.4 16V
RENAULTMEGANE10/03-02/08 BM2A,BM13,CM02,CM13,BM02 Hatchback 1.5 dCi (BM02, BM13, BM2A, CM02, CM13)
RENAULTMEGANE10/03-12/10 LM16 Sedan 1.5 dCi (LM16)
RENAULTMEGANE10/10-on BZ0Y Hatchback 2.0 dCi (BZ0Y)
RENAULTMEGANE10/10-on KZ0Y Wagon 2.0 dCi (KZ0Y)
RENAULTMEGANE11/02-02/08 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE11/02-02/08 BM0B,CM0B Hatchback 1.4 16V (BM0B, CM0B)
RENAULTMEGANE11/02-02/08 CM0G,BM0G Hatchback 1.9 dCi (BM0G, CM0G)
RENAULTMEGANE11/02-02/08 X84 Hatchback 2.0 16V (BM0U, CM0U)
RENAULTMEGANE11/02-12/05 BM0/1_,CM0/1_ Hatchback 1.9 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE11/02-12/07 X84 Hatchback 1.6 16V (BM0C, CM0C)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-08/15 BZ03 Hatchback 1.6 16V Hi-Flex (BZ03)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-08/15 DZ0K Coupe 2.0 TCe (DZ0K)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on B3_,BZ0/1_ Hatchback 1.5 dCi
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on B3_,BZ0/1_ Hatchback 1.6 16V
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on BZ0C Hatchback 1.5 dCi (BZ0C)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on BZ0H Hatchback 1.6 16V (BZ0H)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on BZ0J,BZ0N Hatchback 1.9 dCi (BZ0N, BZ0J)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on BZ0K Hatchback 2.0 TCe (BZ0K)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on BZ1B,BZ1H Hatchback 1.6 16V (BZ1B, BZ1H)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on DZ0A Coupe 1.5 dCi (DZ0A)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on DZ0C,DZ1A Coupe 1.5 dCi (DZ0C, DZ1A)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on DZ0H Coupe 1.6 16V (DZ0H)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on DZ0U,DZ1B,DZ1H Coupe 1.6 16V (DZ0U, DZ1B, DZ1H)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on DZ1K,DZ1J,DZ0N,DZ0J Coupe 1.9 dCi (DZ0N, DZ0J, DZ1J, DZ1K)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on DZ1Y,DZ03 Coupe 1.6 16V Bifuel (DZ03, DZ1Y)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on KZ03 Wagon 1.6 BiFuel (KZ03)
RENAULTMEGANE11/08-on KZ0K,KZ1T Wagon 2.0 TCe (KZ0K, KZ1T)
RENAULTMEGANE11/13-12/15 BZ0 Hatchback 2.0 TCe 220
RENAULTMEGANE CC04/11-on EZ00 Convertible 1.6 dCi (EZ00)
RENAULTMEGANE CC06/10-12/15 E95 Convertible 2.0 CVT (EZ0G, EZ1E, EZ1P)
RENAULTMEGANE CC06/10-on EZ09,EZ1G,EZ0D Convertible 1.5 dCi (EZ09, EZ1G, EZ0D)
RENAULTMEGANE CC06/10-on EZ0F,EZ1V Convertible 1.4 TCe (EZ0F, EZ1V)
RENAULTMEGANE CC06/10-on EZ0J,EZ1S Convertible 1.9 dCi (EZ0J, EZ1S)
RENAULTMEGANE CC06/10-on EZ0L Convertible 2.0 dCi (EZ0L)
RENAULTMEGANE CC06/10-on EZ1T Convertible 2.0 TCe (EZ1T)
RENAULTMEGANE CC06/10-on EZ1U,EZ0U Convertible 1.6 16V (EZ0U, EZ1U)
RENAULTSCENIC01/07-11/08 JM16 MPV 1.5 dCi (JM16)
RENAULTSCENIC05/04-11/08 JM0W MPV 2.0 16V Turbo (JM0W)
RENAULTSCENIC05/05-11/08 JM15 MPV 1.9 dCi (JM15)
RENAULTSCENIC05/05-11/08 JM1E,JM16 MPV 1.5 dCi (JM1E, JM16)
RENAULTSCENIC05/05-11/08 JM1F MPV 1.5 dCi (JM1F)
RENAULTSCENIC05/05-12/09 J84 MPV 1.9 dCi (JM14)
RENAULTSCENIC06/03-05/06 JM0F MPV 1.5 dCi (JM0F)
RENAULTSCENIC06/03-05/06 JM2C,JM1G,JM12,JM0G MPV 1.9 dCi (JM0G, JM12, JM1G, JM2C)
RENAULTSCENIC06/03-12/09 J84 MPV 2.0 (JM05, JM0U, JM1N, JM1U, JM2V)
RENAULTSCENIC06/06-11/08 JM0/1_ MPV 1.9 D
RENAULTSCENIC09/05-11/08 JM1K MPV 2.0 dCi (JM1K)
RENAULTSCENIC10/05-11/08 JM1R MPV 1.6 16V (JM1R)
RENAULTSCENIC11/03-08/05 JM13,JM02 MPV 1.5 dCi (JM02, JM13)
RENAULTTRAFIC03/01-05/07 X83 Van 1.9 dCi 80 (FL0B)
RENAULTTRAFIC03/01-on FL0A Van 2.0 (FL0A)
RENAULTTRAFIC03/03-07/03 FL Van 2.5 DTi
RENAULTTRAFIC04/04-05/07 X83 Van 1.9 dCi 100 (FL0C)
RENAULTTRAFIC05/03-on FL0D Van 2.5 dCi 135 (FL0D)
RENAULTTRAFIC05/07-12/14 X83 Van 2.0 dCi 115 (FL01, FL0U)
RENAULTTRAFIC08/06-03/12 X83 Van 2.0 dCi 90 (FL0H)
RENAULTTRAFIC08/06-on FL Van 2.0 16V
RENAULTTRAFIC08/06-on FL0J Van 2.5 dCi 145 (FL0J)
RENAULTTRAFIC II02/08-on JL Bus 2.5 dCi 115
RENAULTTRAFIC II03/01-on EL0A Platform/Chassis 2.0 (EL0A)
RENAULTTRAFIC II03/01-on EL0B Platform/Chassis 1.9 dCi 80 (EL0B)
RENAULTTRAFIC II03/01-on EL0C Platform/Chassis 1.9 dCi 100 (EL0C)
RENAULTTRAFIC II03/01-on EL0D Platform/Chassis 2.5 dCi 135 (EL0D)
RENAULTTRAFIC II03/01-on JL0A Bus 2.0 (JL0A)
RENAULTTRAFIC II03/01-on JL0B Bus 1.9 dCI 80 (JL0B)
RENAULTTRAFIC II03/01-on JL0C Bus 1.9 dCI 100 (JL0C)
RENAULTTRAFIC II05/03-on JL0D Bus 2.5 dCi 135 (JL0D)
RENAULTTRAFIC II08/06-on EL0H Platform/Chassis 2.0 dCi 115 (EL0H)
RENAULTTRAFIC II08/06-on EL0H Platform/Chassis 2.0 dCi 90 (EL0H)
RENAULTTRAFIC II08/06-on EL0J Platform/Chassis 2.5 dCi 145 (EL0J)
RENAULTTRAFIC II08/06-on JL Bus 2.0 16V
RENAULTTRAFIC II08/06-on JL Bus 2.0 dCi 115
RENAULTTRAFIC II08/06-on JL Bus 2.0 dCi 90
RENAULTTRAFIC II08/06-on JL0J Bus 2.5 dCi 145 (JL0J)
RENAULTTRAFIC II08/07-on EL Platform/Chassis 2.5 dCi
SEATIBIZA01/04-02/08 6L1 Hatchback 1.8 T Cupra R
SEATIBIZA01/09-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.4 TSI
SEATIBIZA01/10-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 2.0 TDI
SEATIBIZA01/10-05/15 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 2.0 TDI
SEATIBIZA01/95-01/97 6K1 Hatchback 1.4 i
SEATIBIZA01/95-01/97 6K1 Hatchback 2.0 i
SEATIBIZA02/02-06/06 6L1 Hatchback 1.2
SEATIBIZA02/02-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 1.4 16V
SEATIBIZA02/02-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 1.9 TDI
SEATIBIZA02/02-12/05 6L1 Hatchback 1.9 SDI
SEATIBIZA02/02-12/07 6L1 Hatchback 1.4 16V
SEATIBIZA02/03-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 1.6
SEATIBIZA02/12-05/15 6J8,6P8 Wagon 1.4 TSI
SEATIBIZA02/97-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.9 TDI
SEATIBIZA03/04-02/08 6L1 Hatchback 1.9 TDI Cupra R
SEATIBIZA03/08-05/15 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.2
SEATIBIZA03/08-05/15 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.4
SEATIBIZA03/08-06/10 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.9 TDI
SEATIBIZA03/10-05/15 6J8,6P8 Wagon 1.4
SEATIBIZA03/10-05/15 6J8,6P8 Wagon 1.6 TDI
SEATIBIZA03/93-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.6 i
SEATIBIZA03/93-08/96 6K1 Hatchback 1.9 TD
SEATIBIZA03/93-08/99 6K1 Hatchback 1.3 i
SEATIBIZA03/93-08/99 6K1 Hatchback 1.8 i
SEATIBIZA03/93-09/96 6K1 Hatchback 1.0
SEATIBIZA04/02-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 2.0
SEATIBIZA04/10-05/15 6J8,6P8 Wagon 1.2 TDI
SEATIBIZA04/93-08/96 6K1 Hatchback 1.9 D
SEATIBIZA04/96-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.6 i
SEATIBIZA05/00-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.4 16V
SEATIBIZA05/02-12/05 6L1 Hatchback 1.4 TDI
SEATIBIZA05/05-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 1.4 TDI
SEATIBIZA05/06-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 1.2 12V
SEATIBIZA05/06-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 1.4 16V
SEATIBIZA05/08-03/12 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.6
SEATIBIZA05/09-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.6 TDI
SEATIBIZA05/09-05/15 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.6 TDI
SEATIBIZA05/10-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.2 TDI
SEATIBIZA05/10-05/15 6J8,6P8 Wagon 1.2
SEATIBIZA05/11-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.6 LPG
SEATIBIZA05/11-05/15 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.6 LPG
SEATIBIZA06/05-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 1.4 TDI
SEATIBIZA06/07-05/08 6L1 Hatchback 1.2
SEATIBIZA06/08-06/10 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.9 TDI
SEATIBIZA06/09-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.4 TSI Cupra
SEATIBIZA06/09-05/15 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.4 TSI
SEATIBIZA06/10-03/12 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.2 TDI
SEATIBIZA06/97-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.4 i 16V
SEATIBIZA07/00-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.8 T 20V Cupra
SEATIBIZA07/08-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.2
SEATIBIZA07/08-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.4
SEATIBIZA07/08-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.6
SEATIBIZA07/08-06/10 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.4 TDI
SEATIBIZA07/08-06/10 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.9 TDI
SEATIBIZA07/08-06/10 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.4 TDI
SEATIBIZA07/08-06/10 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.9 TDI
SEATIBIZA07/09-05/11 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.2
SEATIBIZA07/09-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.2
SEATIBIZA08/12-05/15 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
SEATIBIZA08/96-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.9 TDI
SEATIBIZA08/96-08/99 6K1 Hatchback 1.9 SDI
SEATIBIZA08/99-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.9 SDI
SEATIBIZA09/10-03/12 6J5,6P1 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
SEATIBIZA09/10-05/15 6J1,6P5 Coupe 1.2 TSI
SEATIBIZA09/10-05/15 6J8,6P8 Wagon 1.2 TSI
SEATIBIZA09/12-05/15 6J8,6P8 Wagon 1.2 TSI
SEATIBIZA09/94-06/99 6K1 Hatchback 1.6 i
SEATIBIZA09/96-02/02 6K1 Hatchback 1.0 i
SEATIBIZA09/98-10/98 6K1 Hatchback 2.0 i 16V
SEATIBIZA11/06-11/09 6L1 Hatchback 1.6 16V
SEATIBIZA11/93-08/96 6K1 Hatchback 1.8 i 16V
SEATIBIZA12/03-05/08 6L1 Hatchback 1.8 T FR
SEATMii10/11-07/19 KE1,KF1 Hatchback 1.0
SEATMii10/12-07/19 KE1,KF1 Hatchback 1.0 EcoFuel
SKODA10001/70-12/77 Sedan 1.0
SKODACITIGO10/11-08/19 NF1 Hatchback 1.0
SKODACITIGO11/12-08/19 NF1 Hatchback 1.0 CNG
SKODAFABIA01/00-03/08 6Y2 Hatchback 1.9 TDI
SKODAFABIA01/00-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.9 TDI
SKODAFABIA01/03-03/08 6Y2 Hatchback 1.2
SKODAFABIA01/03-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.2
SKODAFABIA01/03-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.2
SKODAFABIA01/03-12/07 6Y5 Wagon Van 1.2
SKODAFABIA01/07-03/10 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA01/07-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.2
SKODAFABIA01/07-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.4
SKODAFABIA02/07-03/10 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA03/10-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.2 TSI
SKODAFABIA03/10-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.6 TDI
SKODAFABIA03/10-12/14 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.2 TSI
SKODAFABIA03/10-12/14 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.6 TDI
SKODAFABIA04/00-03/03 6Y5 Wagon 1.4
SKODAFABIA04/00-05/03 6Y5 Wagon 1.4
SKODAFABIA04/00-08/02 6Y3 Sedan 1.4
SKODAFABIA04/00-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.4 16V
SKODAFABIA04/00-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.9 SDI
SKODAFABIA04/00-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.9 TDI
SKODAFABIA04/00-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 2.0
SKODAFABIA04/03-03/08 6Y2 Hatchback 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA04/03-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA04/03-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA04/06-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.4 16V
SKODAFABIA04/06-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.4 16V
SKODAFABIA04/07-03/10 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.9 TDI
SKODAFABIA04/07-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.6
SKODAFABIA04/10-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.6 TDI
SKODAFABIA04/10-12/14 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.6 TDI
SKODAFABIA05/00-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.4 16V
SKODAFABIA05/10-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.4 TSI RS
SKODAFABIA06/03-03/08 6Y2 Hatchback 1.9 TDI RS
SKODAFABIA07/01-04/07 6Y2 Hatchback 1.2
SKODAFABIA07/01-05/03 6Y3 Sedan 1.4
SKODAFABIA07/01-05/03 6Y5 Wagon Van 1.4
SKODAFABIA07/01-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.2
SKODAFABIA07/01-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.2
SKODAFABIA07/01-12/07 6Y5 Wagon Van 1.2
SKODAFABIA07/01-12/07 6Y5 Wagon Van 1.9 SDI
SKODAFABIA08/00-08/02 6Y2 Hatchback 1.4
SKODAFABIA08/99-05/03 6Y2 Hatchback 1.4
SKODAFABIA10/05-03/08 6Y2 Hatchback 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA10/05-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA10/05-12/07 6Y5 Wagon 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA10/05-12/07 6Y5 Wagon Van 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA10/07-03/10 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.4 TDI
SKODAFABIA10/07-03/10 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.9 TDI
SKODAFABIA10/07-11/14 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.2
SKODAFABIA10/07-12/14 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.2
SKODAFABIA10/07-12/14 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.4
SKODAFABIA10/07-12/14 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.6
SKODAFABIA10/99-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.4 16V
SKODAFABIA11/11-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.2 12V
SKODAFABIA11/11-12/14 545,5J,5J Wagon 1.2 12V
SKODAFABIA11/99-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.9 SDI
SKODAFABIA12/06-12/14 542,5J,5J Hatchback 1.2
SKODAFABIA12/99-03/08 6Y2 Hatchback 1.4 16V
SKODAFABIA12/99-03/08 6Y2 Hatchback 1.9 SDI
SKODAFABIA12/99-03/08 6Y2 Hatchback 2.0
SKODAFABIA12/99-08/02 6Y2 Hatchback 1.0
SKODAFABIA12/99-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 1.4 16V
SKODAFABIA12/99-12/07 6Y3 Sedan 2.0
SKODARAPID05/15-12/19 NH1 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
SKODARAPID05/15-12/19 NH3 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
SKODARAPID05/15-12/19 NH3 Hatchback 1.4 TSI
SKODARAPID07/12-04/15 NH1 Hatchback 1.2
SKODARAPID07/12-04/15 NH1 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
SKODARAPID07/12-05/15 NH3 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
SKODARAPID07/12-06/15 NH3 Hatchback 1.2
SKODARAPID07/12-06/15 NH3 Hatchback 1.4 TSI
SKODARAPID07/12-12/19 NH3 Hatchback 1.6 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER01/07-05/15 5J7 MPV 1.2
SKODAROOMSTER03/06-05/06 5J7 MPV 1.9 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER03/07-03/10 5J Wagon Van 1.4 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER03/07-05/15 5J Wagon Van 1.2
SKODAROOMSTER03/07-05/15 5J Wagon Van 1.4
SKODAROOMSTER03/10-05/15 5J Wagon Van 1.2 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER03/10-05/15 5J Wagon Van 1.2 TSI
SKODAROOMSTER03/10-05/15 5J Wagon Van 1.6 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER03/10-05/15 5J7 MPV 1.2 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER03/10-05/15 5J7 MPV 1.2 TSI
SKODAROOMSTER03/10-05/15 5J7 MPV 1.6 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER04/08-03/10 5J7 MPV 1.9 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER04/08-05/15 5J7 MPV 1.6
SKODAROOMSTER05/06-01/07 5J7 MPV 1.2
SKODAROOMSTER07/06-03/10 5J7 MPV 1.4 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER09/06-03/10 5J7 MPV 1.4 TDI
SKODAROOMSTER09/06-05/15 5J7 MPV 1.4
SUZUKIALTO01/09-12/14 GF Hatchback 1.0 (AMF310)
SUZUKISWIFT01/06-on RS 413 Hatchback 1.3 4x4 (RS 413)
SUZUKISWIFT01/12-03/17 FZ,NZ Hatchback 1.6 (AZG 416, AZH 416, RS416)
SUZUKISWIFT02/05-02/11 MZ,EZ Hatchback 1.5 (RS 415)
SUZUKISWIFT02/05-on RS 413 Hatchback 1.3 (RS 413)
SUZUKISWIFT02/11-03/17 FZ,NZ Hatchback 1.4 (AZG414)
SUZUKISWIFT05/06-02/11 MZ,EZ Hatchback 1.6 (RS 416)
SUZUKISWIFT08/05-on RS 413D Hatchback 1.3 DDiS (RS 413D)
SUZUKISWIFT10/10-on AZG 412 Hatchback 1.2 (AZG 412)
SUZUKISWIFT10/10-on AZG 412 Hatchback 1.2 4x4 (AZG 412)
SUZUKISWIFT10/10-on AZG 413D Hatchback 1.3 DDiS (AZG 413D)
SUZUKISWIFT10/10-on AZH 412 Hatchback 1.2 (AZH 412)
SUZUKISWIFT10/10-on AZH 412 Hatchback 1.2 4x4 (AZH 412)
SUZUKISX401/10-12/14 GY,EY Hatchback 2.0 (RW415, RW416, RW420)
SUZUKISX401/10-12/14 GY,EY Hatchback 2.0 16V 4x4 (RW415, RW416, RW420)
SUZUKISX401/10-12/14 RW415,RW416,RW420 Sedan 2.0 (RW415, RW416, RW420)
SUZUKISX404/07-on RW 416D Hatchback 1.6 DDIS (RW 416D)
SUZUKISX406/06-07/10 RW 415 Hatchback 1.5 (RW 415)
SUZUKISX406/06-12/14 GY,EY Hatchback 2.0 (RW415, RW416, RW420)
SUZUKISX406/06-12/14 GY,EY Hatchback 2.0 4x4 (RW415, RW416, RW420)
SUZUKISX406/06-on RW 416 Hatchback 1.6 VVT (RW 416)
SUZUKISX406/06-on RW 416 Hatchback 1.6 VVT 4x4 (RW 416)
SUZUKISX406/06-on RW 419D Hatchback 1.9 DDiS (RW 419D)
SUZUKISX406/06-on RW 419D Hatchback 1.9 DDiS 4x4 (RW 419D)
SUZUKISX407/09-on RW 416 Hatchback 1.6 VVT (RW 416)
SUZUKISX407/09-on RW 416 Hatchback 1.6 VVT 4x4 (RW 416)
SUZUKISX407/09-on RW 420D Hatchback 2.0 DDiS (RW 420D)
SUZUKISX407/09-on RW 420D Hatchback 2.0 DDiS 4x4 (RW 420D)
SUZUKISX407/10-on RW 415 Hatchback 1.5 VVT (RW 415)
SUZUKISX410/07-01/10 RW420,RW415,RW416 Sedan 2.0 (RW415, RW416, RW420)
SUZUKISX410/07-on RW 416 Sedan 1.6 (RW 416)
TOYOTAAURION03/06-07/09 ACV40 Sedan 2.4 (ACV40)
TOYOTAAURION03/06-07/09 ACV41 Sedan 2.0 (ACV41)
TOYOTAAURION03/06-09/11 GSV40 Sedan 3.5 (GSV40)
TOYOTAAURION10/06-09/11 GSV40 Sedan 3.5 TRD (GSV40)
TOYOTAAVALON03/95-05/05 MCX10 Sedan 3.0 (MCX10_)
TOYOTAAVALON04/00-06/05 MCX10 Sedan 3.0 (MCX10R)
TOYOTACAMRY01/06-12/11 GSV40_ Sedan 3.5 (GSV40_)
TOYOTACAMRY03/02-11/06 ACV30_ Sedan 2.4 (ACV30_)
TOYOTACAMRY03/06-07/11 AHV40_ Sedan 2.4 Hybrid (AHV40_)
TOYOTACAMRY06/97-09/01 SXV25_ Wagon 2.2 4WD (SXV25_)
TOYOTACAMRY07/06-09/11 ACV40 Sedan 2.4 (ACV40)
TOYOTACAMRY07/09-09/11 AHV40 Sedan 2.4 Hybrid (AHV40_)
TOYOTACAMRY08/01-11/06 ACV31_ Sedan 2.0 (ACV31_)
TOYOTACAMRY08/01-11/06 MCV30_ Sedan 3.0 (MCV30_)
TOYOTACAMRY08/96-07/01 MCV21_ Wagon 2.5 (MCV21_)
TOYOTACAMRY08/96-11/01 SXV20_ Sedan 2.2 (SXV20_)
TOYOTACAMRY08/97-09/02 MCV20 Wagon 3.0 Vienta (MCV20_, MCV20)
TOYOTACAMRY08/97-09/02 SXV20 Sedan 2.2 (SXV20)
TOYOTACAMRY08/97-09/02 SXV20 Wagon 2.2 (SXV20_)
TOYOTACAMRY09/01-01/06 ACV30 Sedan 2.4 (ACV30)
TOYOTACAMRY09/02-06/06 ACV36 Sedan 2.4 (ACV30, ACV36)
TOYOTACAMRY09/02-11/06 MCV36 Sedan 3.0 (MCV30_, MCV36)
TOYOTACELICA08/99-03/06 ZZT231 Coupe 1.8 16V TS (ZZT231_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/01-02/07 ZZE124 Hatchback 1.8 4WD (ZZE124)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-02/07 CDE120_ Wagon 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-02/07 ZZE120_ Wagon 1.4 VVT-i (ZZE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-05/04 CDE120_ MPV 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-08/07 ZZE121_ Wagon 1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-12/06 CDE120R_,CDE120L_ Hatchback 2.0 D-4D (CDE120R_, CDE120L_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-12/06 CDE120_ Hatchback 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-12/06 CDE120_ Sedan 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-12/06 ZZE121_ Hatchback 1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/05-02/07 ZZE123_ Hatchback 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123_)
TOYOTACOROLLA03/01-07/05 ZZE122 Sedan 1.8 (ZZE122)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/04-02/07 CDE120_ Wagon 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/04-03/09 CUR10_ MPV 2.0 D-4D (CUR10_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/04-03/09 ZNR10_ MPV 1.6 (ZNR10_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/04-03/09 ZNR11_ MPV 1.8 (ZNR11_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/02-05/04 ZZE122 Sedan 1.8 (ZZE122)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/03-02/07 CDE120R_,CDE120L_ Hatchback 2.0 D-4D (CDE120R_, CDE120L_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/03-05/07 ZZE123 Hatchback 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/04-07/07 CDE120_ Sedan 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/04-10/06 NDE120_ Sedan 1.4 D-4D (NDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/04-10/07 NDE120_ Wagon 1.4 D4-D (NDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/04-02/07 NDE120_ Hatchback 1.4 D (NDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/00-05/04 NZE120_,ZZE120_ Sedan 1.3 (NZE120_, ZZE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/00-10/06 ZZE124 Sedan 1.8 4x4 (ZZE124)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/01-05/04 ZZE121_ MPV 1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/01-03/08 ZZE121_ Sedan 1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/01-10/06 ZZE120_ Sedan 1.4 VVT-i (ZZE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/05-03/09 AUR10_ MPV 2.2 D-4D (AUR10_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/05-12/06 ZZE123_ Hatchback 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/05-12/07 ZZE122 Hatchback 1.8 (ZZE122_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/05-12/07 ZZE122 Wagon 1.8 (ZZE122_)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/01-02/07 ZZE120_ Hatchback 1.4 VVT-i (ZZE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/01-05/04 ZZE128 Sedan 1.5 G 4WD (ZZE128)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/01-07/07 NZE121 Sedan 1.5 (NZE121)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-02/07 ZZE121 Wagon 1.8 4WD (ZZE121)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-05/04 ZZE122_ MPV 1.8 VVT-i (ZZE122_)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-05/07 ZZE122 Hatchback 1.8 VVTi (ZZE122_)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-05/07 ZZE122 Sedan 1.8 (ZZE122)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-05/07 ZZE122 Wagon 1.8 (ZZE122)
TOYOTARAV 405/01-11/05 CLA20_,CLA21_ SUV 2.0 D 4WD (CLA20_, CLA21_)
TOYOTARAV 407/00-09/03 ACA20,ACA21 SUV 2.0 4WD (ACA21, ACA20)
TOYOTARAV 408/00-11/05 ZCA25_,ZCA26_ SUV 1.8 (ZCA25_, ZCA26_)
TOYOTARAV 408/03-11/05 ACA22,ACA23 SUV 2.4 4WD (ACA23, ACA22)
VOLVOS4002/97-12/03 644 Sedan 2.0
VOLVOS4003/98-12/03 644 Sedan 1.8 i
VOLVOS4003/99-07/00 644 Sedan 1.9 DI
VOLVOS4003/99-12/03 644 Sedan 1.6
VOLVOS4005/97-07/00 644 Sedan 1.9 T4
VOLVOS4006/01-12/03 644 Sedan 1.8 i
VOLVOS4006/01-12/03 644 Sedan 2.0 T
VOLVOS4007/00-06/01 644 Sedan 2.0 T
VOLVOS4007/00-12/03 644 Sedan 1.9 DI
VOLVOS4007/00-12/03 644 Sedan 2.0 T4
VOLVOS4007/95-08/99 644 Sedan 1.8
VOLVOS4007/95-08/99 644 Sedan 1.9 TD
VOLVOS4007/95-08/99 644 Sedan 2.0
VOLVOS4007/99-12/03 644 Sedan 1.8
VOLVOS4009/95-08/99 644 Sedan 1.6
VOLVOS4010/97-12/03 644 Sedan 2.0 T
VOLVOS9001/97-05/98 964 Sedan 2.9
VOLVOS9001/97-12/98 964 Sedan 2.9
VOLVOV4003/98-06/04 645 Wagon 1.8 i
VOLVOV4003/99-06/04 645 Wagon 1.6
VOLVOV4003/99-06/04 645 Wagon 1.8
VOLVOV4003/99-07/00 645 Wagon 1.9 DI
VOLVOV4005/97-07/00 645 Wagon 1.9 T4
VOLVOV4006/01-06/04 645 Wagon 1.8 i
VOLVOV4006/01-06/04 645 Wagon 2.0 T
VOLVOV4007/00-06/04 645 Wagon 1.9 DI
VOLVOV4007/00-06/04 645 Wagon 2.0 T4
VOLVOV4007/95-06/04 645 Wagon 2.0
VOLVOV4007/95-08/99 645 Wagon 1.8
VOLVOV4007/95-08/99 645 Wagon 1.9 TD
VOLVOV4007/95-08/99 645 Wagon 2.0
VOLVOV4007/99-06/04 645 Wagon 2.0 T
VOLVOV4010/97-07/00 645 Wagon 2.0 T
VOLVOV4012/95-08/99 645 Wagon 1.6
VOLVOV7003/08-12/15 135 Wagon T6 AWD
VOLVOV7008/07-12/10 135 Wagon T6 AWD
VOLVOV9001/97-12/98 965 Wagon 2.9
VWFOX04/05-07/11 5Z1,5Z3,5Z4 Hatchback 1.2
VWFOX04/05-12/09 5Z1,5Z3,5Z4 Hatchback 1.4
VWFOX04/05-12/09 5Z1,5Z3,5Z4 Hatchback 1.4 TDI
VWFOX09/10-12/11 5Z1,5Z3,5Z4 Hatchback 1.2
VWPOLO01/02-05/07 9N_ Hatchback 1.2
VWPOLO01/11-on 601,603,6C1,6R1 Hatchback 1.6 BiFuel
VWPOLO01/14-on 6R1,6C1 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
VWPOLO02/02-07/06 9N_ Hatchback 1.4 FSI
VWPOLO02/14-on 6R1,6C1 Hatchback 1.2 TSI 16V
VWPOLO03/04-04/10 9A2,9A4,9A6,9N2 Sedan 1.6
VWPOLO03/09-05/14 6R1,6C1 Hatchback 1.4 (6R1)
VWPOLO03/10-01/11 601,603,6C1,6R1 Hatchback 1.4 BiFuel
VWPOLO04/05-11/09 9N Hatchback 1.4 TDI
VWPOLO04/05-11/09 9N_ Hatchback 1.4 TDI
VWPOLO05/06-11/09 9N Hatchback 1.4 16V
VWPOLO05/06-11/09 9N Hatchback 1.6 16V
VWPOLO05/06-11/09 9N_ Hatchback 1.8 GTi Cup Edition
VWPOLO05/07-11/09 9N_ Hatchback 1.2
VWPOLO05/07-11/09 9N_ Hatchback 1.2 12V
VWPOLO05/10-04/14 6R1,6C1 Hatchback 1.4 GTI
VWPOLO05/11-05/14 601,603,6C1,6R1 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
VWPOLO06/09-04/14 6R1,6C1 Hatchback 1.6 TDI
VWPOLO06/09-on 601,603,6C1,6R1 Hatchback 1.2
VWPOLO06/09-on 601,603,6C1,6R1 Hatchback 1.6 TDI
VWPOLO07/03-on 9A2,9A4,9A6,9N2 Sedan 1.4 TDI
VWPOLO08/13-on 601,603,6C1,6R1 Hatchback 2.0 R WRC
VWPOLO09/02-04/12 9A2,9A4,9A6,9N2 Sedan 1.9 SDI
VWPOLO09/04-12/06 9N Sedan 1.6 Classic
VWPOLO09/05-11/09 9N Hatchback 1.8 GTI
VWPOLO10/01-05/08 9N Hatchback 1.4 16V
VWPOLO10/01-06/05 9N_ Hatchback 1.4 TDI
VWPOLO10/01-07/07 9N_ Hatchback 1.2 12V
VWPOLO10/01-11/09 9N Hatchback 1.9 TDI
VWPOLO10/01-11/09 9N_ Hatchback 1.9 SDI
VWPOLO10/09-on 601,603,6C1,6R1 Hatchback 1.2 TDI
VWPOLO10/12-on 601,603,6C1,6R1 Hatchback 1.4 TSI
VWPOLO11/02-04/12 9A2,9A4,9A6,9N2 Sedan 1.4
VWPOLO11/03-11/09 9N_ Hatchback 1.9 TDI
VWPOLO11/03-on 9A2,9A4,9A6,9N2 Sedan 1.4
VWPOLO11/09-04/14 6R1,6C1 Hatchback 1.2 TSI
VWPOLO11/14-on 6R1,6C1 Hatchback 1.8 GTI
VWUP!08/11-08/20 121,122,123,BL1,BL2,BL3 Hatchback 1.0
VWUP!08/11-12/14 BL1,BL2,122,121 Hatchback 1.0
VWUP!11/12-on 121,122,123,BL1,BL2,BL3 Hatchback 1.0 EcoFuel

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Select “Click & Fit” as a delivery method during the checkout process and you will be given a special fitted price to have both the product delivered and installed. A suspension expert will be assigned to your order, who will organise everything and will help you every step of the way. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your car is going to be looked after by suspension experts.

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