Formula U-Bolt Nissan Navara, Foton Tunland, Toyota Hilux & LDV T60

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Inside Leg Length: 180mm
Inside Leg Width: 62mm
Material OD: 14mm
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Components Per1 U-Bolt
Sub brandFulcrum 4x4
Product NoteInside Leg Length: 180mm

Inside Leg Width: 62mm

Material OD: 14mm
Select any of the below vehicles to get detailed specifications on how this product interacts with your car. Including fitting positions, time and other vehicle specific information.
FOTONTUNLAND06/12-06/17 P201 Ute 2.8 D 4WD
HOLDENCOLORADO06/12-09/13 RG Platform/Chassis 2.8 TD 4x4 (U148LH, U148MH)
HOLDENCOLORADO06/12-09/13 RG Ute 2.8 TD 4x4 (U148FH)
HOLDENCOLORADO10/13-on RG Platform/Chassis 2.8 TD 4x4 (U148MK)
HOLDENCOLORADO10/13-on RG Ute 2.8 TD 4x4 (U148DK, U148FK)
ISUZUD-MAX06/12-on TFS,TFR Platform/Chassis 3.0 CRDi 4WD
ISUZUD-MAX06/12-on TFS,TFR Ute 3.0 CRDi 4x4 (TFS85J)
LDVT6007/17-on SK8C Ute 2.8 4WD
LDVT602017-on 4WD
NISSANNAVARA01/07-10/15 D40 Ute 2.5 dCi 4WD
NISSANNAVARA01/11-10/15 D40 Ute 3.0 dCi 4WD
NISSANNAVARA03/02-02/15 D22 Ute 2.5 dCi 4WD
NISSANNAVARA03/10-12/15 D40 Platform/Chassis 2.5 dCi
NISSANNAVARA03/10-on D40 Platform/Chassis 3.0 dCi
NISSANNAVARA05/00-02/03 D22 Ute 3.0 4x4
NISSANNAVARA05/10-04/15 D40 Ute 2.5 dCi 4WD (D40T)
NISSANNAVARA07/08-04/15 D40 Platform/Chassis 2.5 dCi 4WD
NISSANNAVARA08/08-10/15 D40 Platform/Chassis 2.5 dCi 4WD
NISSANNAVARA12/05-06/11 D40 Ute 4.0 4WD
NISSANNAVARA12/05-12/06 D40 Ute 2.5 dCi 4WD
NISSANNAVARA PICKUP04/08-02/15 D22 Ute 2.5 dCi 4x4
TOYOTA4 RUNNER05/88-10/89 LN61 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.8 D (LN61)
TOYOTA4 RUNNER07/84-05/88 LN60,LN61 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.4 D (LN60)
TOYOTA4 RUNNER07/84-12/85 YN60 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.0 (YN60)
TOYOTA4 RUNNER11/85-12/88 YN63 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.2 (YN63)
TOYOTA4 RUNNER1984-1988 RN5_, LN5_, VZN6_, RN7_, RN6_
TOYOTAHILUX02/05-06/15 GGN25 Platform/Chassis 4.0 4WD (GGN25_)
TOYOTAHILUX03/05-08/06 KUN26 Ute 3.0 D 4WD (KUN26)
TOYOTAHILUX08/01-07/05 VZN167,VZN172 Ute 3.4 4WD (VZN16, VZN17)
TOYOTAHILUX08/05-05/15 KUN26 Ute 3.0 D-4D 4WD (KUN26)
TOYOTAHILUX08/05-05/15 _N1_,_N2_,_N3_ Ute 2.7 4WD (TGN26)
TOYOTAHILUX08/05-08/15 GGN25 Ute 4.0 4WD (GGN25)
TOYOTAHILUX08/06-09/15 KUN26 Platform/Chassis 3.0 D 4WD (KUN26_)
TOYOTAHILUX08/97-09/00 LN167,LN172 Platform/Chassis 3.0 D 4WD (LN17_, LN16_)
TOYOTAHILUX11/85-09/88 YN67 Ute 2.2 4WD (YN6_)
TOYOTAHILUX11/97-10/02 RZN169,RZN174 Ute 2.7 4WD (RZN174, RZN169)
TOYOTAHILUX1983-1997 LN, RN, YN65, 67
TOYOTAHILUX1988-1997 RN105R, LN106R
TOYOTAHILUX1988-2003 LN, LZ, RN, RZN, YN 85, 86, 90


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