Formula Leaf Spring

Fit Some TOYOTA HILUX Vehicle
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Comfort RHS Approx 50mm Lift up to 35kg

More Information
Amount required1
Fitting Positionfront right
Lift (mm)approx. 50mm
Load (kg)35kg
TOYOTA4 RUNNER07/84-05/88 LN60,LN61 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.4 D (LN60)
TOYOTA4 RUNNER07/84-12/85 YN60 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2.0 (YN60)
TOYOTA4 RUNNER1984 - 1989 _N60 (Leaf Spring Front & Rear)
TOYOTAHILUX01/79-07/83 RN3_,RN4_ Ute 2.0 4WD (RN4_, RN3_)
TOYOTAHILUX01/84-08/88 LN6_ Cab Chassis 2.4 D 4WD (LN6_)
TOYOTAHILUX08/83-07/88 LN6_ Ute 2.4 D 4WD (LN65_, LN56_)
TOYOTAHILUX10/88-08/97 LN106,LN111 Ute 2.8 D 4WD (LN10_, LN11_, LN166)
TOYOTAHILUX10/88-08/97 RN105,RN110 Ute 2.4 4WD (RN11_, RN10_)
TOYOTAHILUX10/88-12/97 LN85,LN86 Cab Chassis 2.8 D 4WD (LN10_)
TOYOTAHILUX10/88-12/97 RN105,RN110 Cab Chassis 2.4 4WD (RN11_, RN10_)
TOYOTAHILUX11/82-08/84 LN56 Ute 2.2 D 4WD (LN50_, LN55_)
TOYOTAHILUX11/83-03/89 YN60,YN61,YN65 Ute 2.0 4WD (YN65_, YN61_, YN60_)
TOYOTAHILUX11/85-09/88 YN106,YN110,YN6_ Ute 2.2 4WD (YN6_)
TOYOTAHILUX1979-1996 _N36/46/65/67/105/106

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