Idler Arm Bush Kit

SuperPro Bushings are the perfect suspension upgrade or replacement solution!

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Enhances your vehicles handling and performance
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures, oils, water or coolant
  • A superior alternative to rubber: providing higher quality, quieter, longer lasting bushings
  • Made with SuperPro's proprietary engineering-grade polyurethane formula
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia

Upgrade your car with SuperPro for enhanced performance, better alignment and increased service life.

SuperPro is the leading aftermarket suspension bushing manufacturer with 40+ years of experience. SuperPro has a competitive edge over all aftermarket bushing brands with our products being developed, tested and designed in Australia, ensuring greater quality during the manufacturing and engineering process with the ability to develop advanced bushing designs. SuperPro bushings offer greater quality and reliability through their unique materials, made from a proprietary polyurethane mix which has been thoroughly tested and refined over 40+ years to suit Australia’s harsh conditions. Our innovative bushings have been produced with the input of highly skilled suspension technicians and engineers, ensuring the best quality and evaluation in product development.

SuperPro polyurethane bushings provide various benefits including corrected or maintained steering geometry, better handling, increased safety, improved tyre wear, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced performance. Quality and excellence are ensured through an experienced and dedicated engineering team at SuperPro.

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More Information
Foot Note 1CL -CM After-market arm, tube ID 16mm,OD 29.7mm
Components Per2B,1T
Select any of the below vehicles to get detailed specifications on how this product interacts with your car. Including fitting positions, time and other vehicle specific information.
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/62-01/64 SV1 Sedan 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/67-12/68 VE Ute 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/69-12/69 VF Ute 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/70-01/71 VG Sedan 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/70-01/71 VG Wagon 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/70-01/72 VG Coupe 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/70-01/72 VG Sedan 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/70-01/72 VG Sedan 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/70-01/72 VG Wagon 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/70-12/70 VG Ute 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/71-01/73 VH Coupe 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/71-01/73 VH Coupe 5.6
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/71-12/71 VG Ute 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/71-12/73 VH Wagon 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/71-12/73 VH Wagon 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/71-12/74 VH Sedan 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/71-12/74 VH Sedan 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/71-12/76 VH Coupe 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/72-01/75 VH Sedan 5.9
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/72-12/72 VH Ute 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/72-12/74 VH Sedan 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-01/75 VJ Coupe 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-01/75 VJ Coupe 5.6
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-01/75 VJ Coupe 5.9
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Coupe 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Coupe 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Sedan 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Sedan 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Sedan 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Sedan 5.9
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Wagon 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Wagon 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/73-10/75 VJ Wagon 5.6
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/75-11/76 VK Coupe 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/75-11/76 VK Coupe 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/75-11/76 VK Coupe 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/75-11/76 VK Coupe 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/75-11/76 VK Coupe 5.9
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/75-11/76 VK Sedan 5.9
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/75-11/76 VK Wagon 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/75-11/76 VK Wagon 5.9
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/76-12/81 CL Sedan 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/77-01/79 CL Ute 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/77-01/79 CL Wagon Van 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/77-01/82 CL Ute 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/78-01/79 CL Sedan 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/78-01/79 CL Wagon 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/79-12/80 CM Ute 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT01/79-12/80 CM Wagon Van 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/66-01/68 VC Sedan 4.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/66-01/68 VC Ute 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/70 VF Coupe 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/70 VF Sedan 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/70 VF Sedan 4.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/70 VF Wagon 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/70 VF Wagon 4.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/71 VF Coupe 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/71 VF Sedan 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/71 VF Sedan 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/71 VF Wagon 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/69-06/71 VF Wagon 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT03/73-01/76 CJ Sedan 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT04/66-11/67 VC Sedan 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT04/66-11/67 VC Wagon 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT04/66-11/67 VC Wagon 4.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT04/73-01/76 VJ Sedan 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT04/73-01/76 VJ Wagon 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT04/73-01/76 VJ Wagon 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT05/70-01/72 VG Wagon 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT06/71-01/74 VH Sedan 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT06/71-01/74 VH Wagon 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT06/71-12/72 VH Coupe 5.9
CHRYSLERVALIANT07/70-01/72 VG Ute 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT07/70-01/72 VG Ute 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT10/67-01/70 VE Sedan 4.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT10/75-11/76 VK Sedan 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT10/75-11/76 VK Sedan 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT10/75-11/76 VK Sedan 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT10/75-11/76 VK Sedan 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT10/75-11/76 VK Wagon 3.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT10/75-11/76 VK Wagon 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT10/75-11/76 VK Wagon 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/67-03/70 VE Sedan 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/67-03/70 VE Sedan 4.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/67-03/70 VE Wagon 3.7
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/67-03/70 VE Wagon 4.5
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/76-06/78 CL Coupe 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/76-11/78 CL Sedan 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/76-11/78 CL Wagon 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/76-11/78 CL Wagon 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/78-06/81 CM Sedan 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/78-06/81 CM Wagon 5.2
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/78-06/82 CM Sedan 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/78-06/82 CM Sedan 4.3
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/78-06/82 CM Wagon 4.0
CHRYSLERVALIANT11/78-06/82 CM Wagon 4.3

Product Stock

Please be advised that our stores do not hold any stock. In order to make sure things go as fast as possible you can purchase your parts online. If you would like to have your parts installed by us please choose Click & Fit at the checkout.

You can use the shipping calculator to find your shipping costs, your closest pick up or install locations. The shipping calculator will also show all shipping and installation prices. Shipping is free if you choose to get your item installed by us.

Delivery Methods

1. Select “Click & Fit” as a delivery method during the checkout process and you will be given a special fitted price to have both the product delivered and installed. A suspension expert will be assigned to your order, who will organise everything for you and will help you every step of the way. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your car is going to be looked after by suspension experts.

2. Select “Free Pickup” as a delivery method during the checkout process and you will be given free delivery to your nearest Fulcrum outlet where you can collect the parts. We will text and email you all your tracking details. 

3. Select “Deliver to Door” as a delivery method during the checkout process and we will deliver your order direct to your nominated delivery address. We will text and email you all your tracking details. 


We offer FREE shipping to all metro areas (excluding WA, TAS and NT).

If you live on the Australian coast, that does not mean you are subject to free shipping.

Our free shipping policy is determined by densely populated metro locations and the viability of distance travelled from our distribution centres. We are constantly expanding our warehousing, so areas covered by free shipping are subject to change. See our shipping policy here.


We guarantee the fitment and quality of our products, but if you choose to return an item we offer a generous 60 day returns policy. See our returns policy here.


All products sold by Fulcrum Suspensions are covered by a national warranty. This products warranty is subject to conditions from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated on the item.

Warranty claims must meet certain criteria and be sent to Fulcrum Suspensions with a receipt to be eligible for a refund. See full warranty claim criteria here.

Select “Click & Fit” as a delivery method during the checkout process and you will be given a special fitted price to have both the product delivered and installed. A suspension expert will be assigned to your order, who will organise everything and will help you every step of the way. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your car is going to be looked after by suspension experts.

Your assigned suspension expert will confirm all the details for your booking. Your parts will then be delivered to your closest Fulcrum outlet and an installation date will be booked based on your preference. You then bring your car on the booking date and Fulcrum will manage the installation for you.

Installation includes full product installation by a qualified suspension technician, a full wheel alignment, a complete suspension check, a brake inspection, and a complete report. We also offer a complimentary 1000km check-up service for free, which includes all safety checks, a wheel alignment and any retention work. Additionally, you will be kept up to date every step of the way. Fulcrum offers this service to ensure you get the best possible experience.

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