Strut brace - quick release kit

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A must for any Whiteline strut brace that is regularly removed so that you can work on the engine. This quick release clamp suits all Whiteline strut tower braces.
More Information
MaterialAnodized Alloy
Product AttributeBracing - Quick release
Product AttributeFinish - Anodized
Product AttributeInstall Guide
Product AttributeWarranty - 3 Year
Quick Release Clamp incl.Yes
Foot Note 33 Year/ 60,000Km's
Components Per2 Clamps, Install Guide
Sub brandPerformance


Select any of the below vehicles to get detailed specifications on how this product interacts with your car. Including fitting positions, time and other vehicle specific information.
BMW301/00-02/03 E46 Sedan 330 xd
BMW301/00-03/03 E46 Wagon 330 xd
BMW301/00-05/06 E46 Coupe 320 Ci
BMW301/85-08/87 E30 Sedan 325 e 2.7
BMW301/86-12/88 E30 Sedan 325 e 2.7
BMW301/88-03/92 E30 Sedan 320 i
BMW301/88-06/93 E30 Wagon 324 td
BMW301/88-12/91 E30 Wagon 320 i
BMW301/95-02/98 E36 Sedan 318 tds
BMW301/95-04/99 E36 Coupe 328 i
BMW301/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 320 i
BMW301/95-11/99 E36 Convertible 328 i
BMW301/96-08/98 E36 Convertible 323 i
BMW301/96-08/98 E36 Coupe 323 i
BMW301/96-08/99 E36 Hatchback 318 ti
BMW301/96-11/98 E36 Sedan 323 i
BMW301/99-08/00 E36 Hatchback 316 i
BMW301/99-08/00 E36 Hatchback 323 ti
BMW302/02-02/05 E46 Sedan 316 i
BMW302/02-12/04 E46 Hatchback 318 ti
BMW302/05-12/07 E46 Convertible 320 Cd
BMW302/88-03/92 E30 Convertible 320 i
BMW302/92-12/95 E36 Sedan 318 i
BMW302/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 328 i
BMW302/96-08/00 E36 Hatchback 316 g
BMW302/98-06/00 E46 Sedan 328 i
BMW302/99-08/01 E46 Coupe 320 Ci
BMW303/00-09/01 E46 Wagon 320 d
BMW303/01-08/06 E46 Convertible M3
BMW303/01-12/04 E46 Hatchback 318 ti
BMW303/02-02/05 E46 Wagon 316 i
BMW303/02-12/04 E46 Hatchback 325 ti
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Hatchback 318 td
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Sedan 318 d
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Sedan 330 d
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Wagon 318 d
BMW303/03-02/05 E46 Wagon 330 d
BMW303/03-07/06 E46 Coupe 330 Cd
BMW303/04-05/06 E46 Coupe 318 Ci
BMW303/04-08/06 E46 Convertible 318 Ci
BMW303/86-12/87 E30 Sedan 325 i X
BMW303/91-08/93 E36 Sedan 316 i
BMW303/93-08/95 E36 Convertible 325 i
BMW303/94-08/98 E36 Convertible 318 i
BMW303/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 318 tds
BMW303/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 325 tds
BMW303/95-08/00 E36 Hatchback 316 i
BMW303/96-09/99 E36 Convertible M3 3.2
BMW303/97-05/99 E36 Wagon 316 i
BMW303/98-09/00 E46 Sedan 320 i
BMW303/98-09/00 E46 Sedan 323 i
BMW304/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 316 i
BMW304/00-07/06 E46 Coupe 316 Ci
BMW304/00-09/00 E46 Convertible 323 Ci
BMW304/89-06/94 E30 Wagon 318 i
BMW304/91-05/95 E36 Sedan 325 i
BMW304/91-12/95 E36 Sedan 320 i
BMW304/92-12/95 E36 Coupe 318 is
BMW304/94-07/95 E36 Convertible M3 3.0
BMW304/98-09/01 E46 Sedan 320 d
BMW304/99-09/00 E46 Coupe 323 Ci
BMW305/03-12/03 E46 Coupe M3 CSL
BMW305/93-02/98 E36 Sedan 325 tds
BMW306/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 330 xi
BMW306/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 330 xi
BMW306/00-05/06 E46 Coupe 330 Ci
BMW306/00-07/06 E46 Coupe 330 xi
BMW306/02-02/05 E46 Hatchback 316 ti
BMW306/02-02/05 E46 Sedan 316 i
BMW306/02-07/06 E46 Coupe 316 Ci
BMW306/84-12/85 E30 Convertible 323 i
BMW306/87-12/91 E30 Sedan 318 i
BMW306/88-10/93 E30 Wagon 325 i X
BMW306/95-04/98 E36 Sedan 328 i
BMW306/95-08/00 E36 Hatchback 318 tds
BMW306/96-05/98 E36 Sedan 318 is
BMW306/99-05/00 E46 Wagon 328 i
BMW307/00-05/06 E46 Coupe M3
BMW307/87-03/93 E30 Wagon 325 i
BMW307/88-06/91 E30 Sedan 316 i
BMW307/90-03/91 E30 Sedan 318 is
BMW308/02-05/05 E46 Wagon 330 xd
BMW308/05-12/07 E46 Convertible 330 Cd
BMW308/87-08/88 E30 Sedan 316 i
BMW308/87-11/93 E30 Convertible 325 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 320 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 325 xi
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Sedan 330 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 320 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 325 i
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 325 xi
BMW309/00-02/05 E46 Wagon 330 i
BMW309/00-04/05 E46 Sedan 325 i
BMW309/00-05/06 E46 Coupe 325 Ci
BMW309/00-08/06 E46 Convertible 325 Ci
BMW309/00-08/06 E46 Convertible 330 Ci
BMW309/00-12/07 E46 Convertible 320 Ci
BMW309/01-02/04 E46 Coupe 318 Ci
BMW309/01-02/05 E46 Hatchback 320 td
BMW309/01-02/05 E46 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/01-02/05 E46 Wagon 320 d
BMW309/01-03/03 E46 Sedan 318 d
BMW309/01-05/05 E46 Sedan 320 d
BMW309/01-07/05 E46 Wagon 318 i
BMW309/01-12/07 E46 Convertible 318 Ci
BMW309/02-12/04 E46 Sedan 330 xd
BMW309/82-06/90 E30 Convertible 318 i Baur TC
BMW309/82-08/83 E30 Sedan 323 i
BMW309/82-10/87 E30 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/82-12/91 E30 Sedan 315
BMW309/82-12/91 E30 Sedan 320 i
BMW309/83-06/88 E30 Convertible 318 Baur TC
BMW309/83-06/88 E30 Sedan 316
BMW309/83-06/88 E30 Sedan 316 (Ecotronic)
BMW309/83-09/86 E30 Sedan 323 i
BMW309/83-11/89 E30 Sedan 325 i
BMW309/85-12/90 E30 Sedan 324 d
BMW309/86-08/91 E30 Sedan 325 i X
BMW309/87-06/91 E30 Sedan 316 i
BMW309/87-06/91 E30 Wagon 318 i
BMW309/87-08/91 E30 Sedan 324 td
BMW309/87-12/89 E30 Convertible 316 i Baur TC
BMW309/90-08/93 E36 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/90-10/93 E30 Convertible 318 i
BMW309/91-02/98 E36 Sedan 325 td
BMW309/91-06/94 E30 Wagon 316 i
BMW309/93-05/95 E36 Coupe M3 3.0
BMW309/93-05/98 E36 Sedan 316 i
BMW309/93-11/98 E36 Coupe 316 i
BMW309/93-11/98 E36 Sedan 318 i
BMW309/93-12/95 E36 Sedan 318 is
BMW309/94-12/95 E36 Hatchback 318 ti
BMW309/95-04/99 E36 Coupe 318 is
BMW309/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 318 i
BMW309/97-08/00 E36 Hatchback 323 ti
BMW310/01-02/05 E46 Hatchback 316 ti
BMW310/01-12/02 E46 Hatchback 320 td
BMW310/02-03/03 E46 Wagon 318 d
BMW310/86-04/91 E30 Sedan 320 i
BMW310/88-06/91 E30 Sedan 318 i
BMW310/90-12/92 E30 Convertible 318 i
BMW310/91-02/95 E36 Coupe 325 i
BMW310/91-08/95 E36 Coupe 325 is
BMW310/94-07/95 E36 Sedan M3 3.0
BMW310/95-01/98 E36 Sedan M3 3.2
BMW310/95-11/98 E36 Coupe M3 3.2
BMW310/99-02/05 E46 Sedan 330 d
BMW310/99-02/05 E46 Wagon 330 d
BMW310/99-09/00 E46 Wagon 320 i
BMW310/99-09/01 E46 Wagon 318 i
BMW311/03-07/06 E46 Coupe 320 Cd
BMW311/92-07/95 E36 Coupe M3 3.0
BMW312/00-05/06 E46 Coupe 318 Ci
BMW312/00-08/06 E46 Convertible 318 Ci
BMW312/84-08/88 E30 Sedan 318 i
BMW312/85-12/87 E30 Convertible 325 i
BMW312/86-06/91 E30 Sedan 325 i
BMW312/91-11/98 E36 Coupe 320 i
BMW312/93-11/99 E36 Convertible 320 i
BMW312/95-04/99 E36 Wagon 323 i
BMW312/97-09/01 E46 Sedan 318 i
BMW312/98-02/02 E46 Sedan 316 i
BMW312/98-05/00 E46 Coupe 328 Ci
BMW312/99-08/01 E46 Coupe 318 Ci
BMWZ106/88-06/91 Convertible 2.5
DAIHATSUCHARADE01/97-06/00 G200,G200, G202 Hatchback 1.5 i 16V
DAIHATSUCHARADE01/97-06/00 G203 Sedan 1.5 i 16V
DAIHATSUCHARADE03/93-03/96 G203 Sedan 1.6 GS
DAIHATSUCHARADE03/93-11/99 G200,G200, G202 Hatchback 1.6 GTi
DAIHATSUCHARADE05/96-11/99 G200,G200, G202 Hatchback 1.3 16V
DAIHATSUCHARADE06/93-05/98 G200,G200, G202 Hatchback 1.3 i 16V
DAIHATSUCHARADE06/94-03/96 G200,G200, G202 Hatchback 1.5 HG
DAIHATSUCHARADE09/94-03/96 G200,G200, G202 Hatchback 1.0
DAIHATSUCHARADE09/96-11/99 G200,G200, G202 Hatchback 1.3
DAIHATSUCHARADE10/93-04/98 G200,G200, G202 Hatchback 1.0 i
DAIHATSUCHARADE10/94-01/01 G203 Sedan 1.5 16V
EUNOS30X01/91-12/95 EC,EC Coupe 1.8 i V6
EUNOSROADSTER01/98-10/05 NB Convertible 1.6 16V
EUNOSROADSTER06/89-12/97 NA Convertible 1.6
EUNOSROADSTER08/89-04/98 NA Convertible 1.8
FORDESCORT01/68-12/74 AFH,ATH Sedan 1100
FORDESCORT01/70-10/74 AFH,ATH Sedan RS 1600
FORDESCORT01/70-10/75 AFH,ATH Sedan Mexico
FORDESCORT03/68-08/71 AFH,ATH Sedan Twin Cam
FORDESCORT03/72-11/74 AFH,ATH Sedan 2.0 RS 2000
FORDESCORT03/73-02/77 BATN Sedan 2.0 RS (BATN)
FORDESCORT03/75-08/77 ATH Sedan RS 1800
FORDESCORT03/79-08/80 ATH Sedan 1.3
FORDESCORT04/75-01/79 CADR Wagon 1.3 (CADR)
FORDESCORT04/75-08/80 Wagon 1.1
FORDESCORT04/75-08/80 Wagon 1.3
FORDESCORT06/68-06/71 ADH,AF Wagon 1100
FORDESCORT06/68-06/71 AFH,ATH Sedan 1100
FORDESCORT06/68-06/71 AFH,ATH Sedan 1300
FORDESCORT06/68-06/71 AFH,ATH Sedan 1300 GT
FORDESCORT06/70-02/76 ADH,AF Wagon 1100
FORDESCORT06/70-02/76 ADH,AF Wagon 1300
FORDESCORT06/70-02/76 AFH,ATH Sedan 1100
FORDESCORT06/70-02/76 AFH,ATH Sedan 1300
FORDESCORT06/75-08/80 ATH Sedan 1.1
FORDESCORT08/68-08/74 AFH,ATH Sedan 950
FORDESCORT08/69-11/74 AFH,ATH Sedan 1.6
FORDESCORT08/75-08/80 ATH Sedan 2.0 RS
FORDESCORT08/76-07/81 BADR Wagon 1.3 (BADR)
FORDESCORT09/73-02/76 AFH,ATH Sedan 1300
FORDESCORT12/68-12/75 ADH,AF Wagon 1300
FORDESCORT12/74-08/80 ATH Sedan 1.1
FORDESCORT12/74-08/80 ATH Sedan 1.3
FORDESCORT12/74-08/80 ATH Sedan 1.8
FORDESCORT12/74-08/80 RS Sedan 1.6 RS
FORD AUSTRALIACAPRI09/89-07/94 SA,SB,SC,SE, Convertible 1.6 16V
FORD AUSTRALIACAPRI09/89-07/94 SA,SB,SC,SE, Convertible 1.6 Turbo
FORD AUSTRALIACAPRI09/89-10/90 SA Convertible 1.6 8V
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT01/68-12/74 Sedan 1.1
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT01/74-01/80 Wagon Van 1.6
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT06/70-02/76 Sedan 1.3
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT06/70-02/76 Wagon Van 1.3
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT08/75-08/80 Sedan 2.0
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT08/75-08/80 Wagon Van 2.0
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT12/74-08/80 Sedan 1.3
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT12/74-08/80 Sedan 1.6
FORD AUSTRALIAESCORT12/74-08/80 Wagon Van 1.3
FORD AUSTRALIALASER01/95-03/99 KJ,KL Hatchback 1.8 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER01/95-03/99 KJ,KL Sedan 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER01/95-03/99 KL,KJ Sedan 1.8 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER03/90-09/91 KF Hatchback 1.6
FORD AUSTRALIALASER03/90-09/91 KF Hatchback 1.8 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER03/90-09/91 KF Hatchback 1.8 i TX3
FORD AUSTRALIALASER03/90-09/91 KF Sedan 1.6
FORD AUSTRALIALASER03/90-09/91 KF Sedan 1.8
FORD AUSTRALIALASER06/90-09/91 KF Hatchback 1.8 i TX3 Turbo
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/87-04/90 KE Hatchback 1.6 TX3 Turbo AWD
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/91-07/93 KH Hatchback 1.8 i TX3 Turbo
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/91-10/94 KH Hatchback 1.6
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/91-10/94 KH Hatchback 1.8 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/91-10/94 KH Sedan 1.6
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/91-10/94 KH Sedan 1.8 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/92-10/94 KH Hatchback 1.8 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/94-03/99 KJ,KL Hatchback 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/94-03/99 KJ,KL Hatchback 1.8 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/94-03/99 KL,KJ Sedan 1.6 i
FORD AUSTRALIALASER10/94-03/99 KL,KJ Sedan 1.8 i
HOLDENASTRA02/98-08/00 TS Hatchback 1.8 i
HOLDENASTRA02/98-08/00 TS Sedan 1.8 i
HOLDENASTRA05/03-07/04 TS Hatchback 2.0 i Turbo
HOLDENASTRA06/02-07/04 TS Convertible 2.0 i Turbo
HOLDENASTRA06/02-12/06 TS Convertible 2.2 i
HOLDENASTRA07/87-07/89 LD Hatchback 1.6 CD
HOLDENASTRA07/87-07/89 LD Hatchback 1.8 i
HOLDENASTRA07/87-07/89 LD Sedan 1.6 CD
HOLDENASTRA07/87-07/89 LD Sedan 1.8 i
HOLDENASTRA09/00-07/04 TS Hatchback 2.2 i
HOLDENASTRA09/00-10/05 TS Hatchback 1.8 i
HOLDENASTRA09/00-10/05 TS Sedan 1.8 i
HOLDENCALAIS01/09-05/13 VE Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS01/09-05/13 VE Wagon 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS01/85-12/85 VK Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCALAIS01/86-08/88 VL Sedan 3.0 EFi Turbo
HOLDENCALAIS01/88-12/88 VL Wagon 3.0 EFi Turbo
HOLDENCALAIS03/84-05/85 VK Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCALAIS03/86-08/88 VL Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCALAIS03/86-09/88 VL Sedan 3.0 EFi
HOLDENCALAIS03/88-08/88 VL Wagon 3.0 EFi
HOLDENCALAIS03/88-08/88 VL Wagon 5.0 V8
HOLDENCALAIS03/89-10/91 VN Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS04/95-08/97 VS Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS04/98-10/00 VT Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS05/08-05/13 VE Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS05/08-05/13 VE Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS06/08-05/13 VE Wagon 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS06/13-09/15 VF Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS06/13-09/15 VF Wagon 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS06/13-10/17 VF Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS06/13-10/17 VF Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS06/97-09/97 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS06/99-10/00 VT Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS07/06-05/13 VE Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS07/08-05/13 VE Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS08/03-08/04 VY Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS08/04-01/06 VZ Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS08/06-05/13 VE Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS08/88-10/91 VN Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS08/93-04/95 VR Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS08/95-06/97 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS09/00-08/02 VX Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCALAIS09/00-09/02 VX Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS09/00-09/02 VX Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS09/02-08/04 VY Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS09/02-08/04 VY Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCALAIS09/04-06/06 VZ Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS09/15-10/17 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS09/15-10/17 VF Wagon 6.2 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS09/84-03/87 VK Sedan 3.3 EFi
HOLDENCALAIS09/91-07/93 VP Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS09/96-06/97 VS Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCALAIS09/97-06/99 VT Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS09/97-10/00 VT Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS09/97-10/00 VT Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCALAIS10/91-07/93 VP Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCALAIS10/93-04/95 VR Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCALAIS11/05-06/06 VZ Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE02/06-07/06 WL Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE03/94-04/95 VR Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE03/94-04/95 VR Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE04/90-07/93 VQ Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE04/95-05/98 VS Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE04/95-06/99 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE05/03-07/04 WK Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE05/03-07/04 WK Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCAPRICE05/03-07/04 WK Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE05/13-08/15 WN Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE05/13-08/15 WN Sedan 3.6 i V6 LPG
HOLDENCAPRICE05/13-08/15 WN Sedan 6.0 i
HOLDENCAPRICE06/99-08/01 WH Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE06/99-08/01 WH Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCAPRICE06/99-10/00 WH Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE07/06-08/13 WM Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE07/06-08/13 WM Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE08/01-04/03 WH Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE08/04-01/06 WL Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE08/04-07/06 WL Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE08/06-08/13 WM Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE08/09-08/13 WM Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCAPRICE09/15-10/17 WN Sedan 6.2 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE10/00-04/03 WH Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCAPRICE10/96-06/99 VS Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/06-01/07 VZ Wagon 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/86-08/88 VL Sedan 3.0 EFi Turbo
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/86-08/88 VL Wagon 3.0 EFi Turbo
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/86-08/88 VL Wagon 4.9 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/87-06/89 VL Sedan 2.0 EFi
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/87-06/89 VL Wagon 2.0 EFi
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/88-03/91 VN Wagon 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/88-03/91 VN Wagon 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/88-09/91 VG Ute 3.8
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/88-09/91 VG Ute 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE01/97-12/98 VS Sedan 2.5 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE02/06-08/07 VZ Ute 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE02/12-05/13 VE Sedan 3.6 i V6 LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE02/12-05/13 VE Ute 3.6 i V6 LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE02/12-05/13 VE Wagon 3.6 i V6 LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/82-03/84 VH Sedan 4.2 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/84-03/86 VK Sedan 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/84-03/86 VK Sedan 3.3 EFi
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/84-03/86 VK Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/84-03/86 VK Wagon 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/84-03/86 VK Wagon 3.3 EFi
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/84-05/85 VK Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/84-05/85 VK Wagon 4.9 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/84-05/85 VK Wagon 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/86-09/88 VL Sedan 3.0 EFi
HOLDENCOMMODORE03/86-09/88 VL Wagon 3.0 EFi
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/08-05/13 VE Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/08-05/13 VE Wagon 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Sedan 1.9
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Sedan 2.8
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Sedan 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Sedan 4.2 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Sedan 5.0
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Wagon 1.9
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Wagon 2.8
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Wagon 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Wagon 4.2 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/80-09/81 VC Wagon 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/95-05/96 VS Ute 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/95-08/97 VS Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/95-12/00 VS Ute 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE04/98-08/00 VT Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-08/15 VF Sedan 3.6 i SV6 LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-08/15 VF Wagon 3.6 i V6 LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-09/15 VF Sedan 6.0 i SS, SS-V
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-09/15 VF Ute 6.0 i SS, SS-V
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-09/15 VF Ute 6.0 i V8 SS, SS-V
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-09/15 VF Wagon 6.0 i SS, SS-V
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-10/17 VF Sedan 3.0 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-10/17 VF Sedan 3.6 i SV6
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-10/17 VF Ute 3.6 i SV6
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-10/17 VF Ute 3.6 i SV6 LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-10/17 VF Wagon 3.0 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-10/17 VF Wagon 3.0 i V6 Flexfuel
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-10/17 VF Wagon 3.6 i SV6
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-10/17 VF Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-12/14 VF Sedan 3.0 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/13-12/14 VF Wagon 3.0 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/89-03/91 VN Sedan 2.0 EFi
HOLDENCOMMODORE05/89-03/91 VN Wagon 2.0 EFi
HOLDENCOMMODORE06/85-03/86 VK Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE06/86-01/88 VL Sedan 4.9 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE06/96-12/00 VS Ute 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE06/97-09/97 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE06/99-08/00 VT Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE06/99-08/00 VT Wagon 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE07/06-05/13 VE Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE07/06-05/13 VE Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE07/06-05/13 VE Wagon 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/05-06/06 VZ Sedan 3.6 i V6 Dual Fuel LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/06-05/13 VE Sedan 3.6
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/06-05/13 VE Sedan 3.6 i V6 Dual Fuel LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/88-10/91 VN Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/93-04/95 VR Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/93-04/95 VR Ute 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/93-04/95 VR Ute 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/93-04/95 VR Wagon 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/93-04/95 VR Wagon 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/95-06/97 VS Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/95-06/97 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/95-09/97 VS Wagon 3.8 i v6
HOLDENCOMMODORE08/95-09/97 VS Wagon 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/00-08/02 VX Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/00-09/02 VX Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/00-09/02 VX Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/00-09/02 VX Wagon 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/00-09/02 VX Wagon 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/03 VY Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/03 VY Ute 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/03 VY Wagon 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/04 VY Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/04 VY Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharched
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/04 VY Ute 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/04 VY Ute 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/04 VY Ute 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/02-08/04 VY Wagon 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-02/06 VZ Ute 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-06/06 VZ Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-07/06 VZ Ute 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-07/06 VZ Ute 3.6 i V6 Dual Fuel LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-07/07 VZ Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-09/07 VZ Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-09/07 VZ Wagon 3.6 i V6 Dual Fuel LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-12/05 VZ Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/04-12/05 VZ Wagon 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/07-09/10 VE Ute 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/07-10/13 VE Ute 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/07-10/13 VE Ute 3.6 i V6 Dual Fuel LPG
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/07-10/13 VE Ute 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/09-05/13 VE Sedan 3.0 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/09-05/13 VE Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/09-05/13 VE Wagon 3.0 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/09-05/13 VE Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/09-10/13 VE Ute 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/10-04/13 VE Ute 6.0 Flex
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/10-05/13 VE Ute 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/10-10/13 VE Ute 3.0 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/15-10/17 VF Sedan 6.2 i SS, SS-V
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/15-10/17 VF Ute 6.2 i SS, SS-V
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/15-10/17 VF Wagon 6.2 i SS, SS-V
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Sedan 1.9
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Sedan 2.8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Sedan 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Sedan 4.2 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Wagon 1.9
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Wagon 2.8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Wagon 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/81-03/84 VH Wagon 4.2 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/91-07/93 VP Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/91-07/93 VP Ute 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/91-07/93 VP Ute 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/91-07/93 VP Wagon 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/91-07/93 VP Wagon 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/97-06/99 VT Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/97-08/00 VT Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/97-08/00 VT Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/97-08/02 VT Wagon 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/97-08/02 VT Wagon 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE09/97-12/00 VS Ute 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-03/80 VB Sedan 2.8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-03/80 VB Sedan 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-03/80 VB Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-03/80 VB Wagon 2.8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-03/80 VB Wagon 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-03/80 VB Wagon 4.2 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-03/80 VB Wagon 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-05/80 VB Sedan 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-12/80 VB Sedan 4.2 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-12/80 VB Sedan 5.0 V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/78-12/80 VB Wagon 3.3
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/88-10/91 VN Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/90-09/91 VG Ute 3.8
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/91-07/93 VP Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE10/93-04/95 VR Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE11/05-06/06 VZ Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE11/05-08/07 VZ Ute 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE11/08-05/13 VE Wagon 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE11/78-03/80 VB Sedan 4.2
HOLDENCOMMODORE11/86-12/87 VL Sedan 4.9 V8 HDT SS Group A
HOLDENCOMMODORE12/00-09/02 VU Ute 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCOMMODORE12/00-09/02 VU Ute 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCOMMODORE12/01-09/02 VU Ute 3.8
HOLDENCREWMAN06/06-12/07 VZ Ute 6.0 i V8
HOLDENCREWMAN08/04-02/06 VZ Ute 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCREWMAN08/04-09/06 VZ Ute 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCREWMAN09/03-07/04 VY Ute 3.8 i V6
HOLDENCREWMAN09/03-07/04 VY Ute 5.7 i V8
HOLDENCREWMAN09/06-12/07 VZ Ute 3.6 i V6
HOLDENCREWMAN11/05-07/06 VZ Ute 6.0 i V8 SS/SS Thunder
HOLDENMONARO01/03-08/03 V2 Coupe 5.7 i V8
HOLDENMONARO08/03-09/04 V2 Coupe 5.7 i V8
HOLDENMONARO09/04-07/06 VZ Coupe 5.7 i V8
HOLDENMONARO12/01-01/03 V2 Coupe 5.7 i V8
HOLDENMONARO12/01-08/03 V2 Coupe 3.8
HOLDENONE TONNER06/03-12/04 VY Platform/Chassis 3.8 i V6
HOLDENONE TONNER08/03-07/04 VY Platform/Chassis 3.6 i V6
HOLDENONE TONNER08/03-07/04 VY Platform/Chassis 5.7 i V8
HOLDENONE TONNER11/04-12/05 VZ Ute 3.6 i V6
HOLDENONE TONNER11/04-12/05 VZ Ute 5.7 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN02/06-07/06 WL Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN03/94-04/95 VR Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENSTATESMAN03/94-04/95 VR Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN04/90-02/94 VQ Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN04/90-09/93 VQ Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENSTATESMAN04/95-05/98 VS Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENSTATESMAN04/95-06/99 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN05/03-07/04 WK Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENSTATESMAN05/03-07/04 WK Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENSTATESMAN05/03-07/04 WK Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN06/99-04/03 WH Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENSTATESMAN06/99-11/02 WH Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN07/06-12/10 WM Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENSTATESMAN07/06-12/10 WM Sedan 6.0 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN08/01-04/03 WH Sedan 3.8 i V6
HOLDENSTATESMAN08/01-04/03 WH Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENSTATESMAN08/04-07/06 WL Sedan 3.6 VVT
HOLDENSTATESMAN08/04-07/06 WL Sedan 5.7 i V8
HOLDENSTATESMAN08/09-12/10 WM Sedan 3.6 i V6
HOLDENSTATESMAN10/96-06/99 VS Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HOLDENSTATESMAN11/02-04/03 WH Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVASTRA12/87-12/89 LD Hatchback 1.8 SV 1800
HSVASTRA12/87-12/89 LD Sedan 1.8 SV 1800
HSVCLUBSPORT01/17-12/17 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT01/17-12/17 VF Wagon 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT01/97-06/99 VT Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT02/12-05/13 VE Sedan 6.2 R8
HSVCLUBSPORT03/89-09/91 VN Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT04/08-05/13 VE Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT04/08-05/13 VE Wagon 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT04/95-08/97 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT04/95-08/97 VS Wagon 5.0
HSVCLUBSPORT05/13-08/15 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT05/13-08/15 VF Wagon 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT05/13-10/14 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT05/13-10/14 VF Wagon 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT06/13-08/15 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT07/99-10/00 VT Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT08/06-06/08 VE Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT08/12-05/13 VE Sedan 6.2 R8 LPG
HSVCLUBSPORT08/93-04/95 VR Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT08/93-04/95 VR Wagon 5.0 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT09/00-09/02 VX Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT09/03-09/04 VY Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT09/15-12/16 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT09/15-12/16 VF Wagon 6.2 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT10/02-08/03 VY Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT10/04-12/06 VZ Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVCLUBSPORT10/91-06/93 VP Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVCOMMODORE02/92-06/93 VP Sedan 3.8 i V6
HSVCOMMODORE03/88-03/89 VL Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVCOMMODORE03/89-07/91 VN Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVCOMMODORE03/89-12/90 VN Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVCOMMODORE10/89-07/91 VN Sedan 3.8 i V6
HSVGRANGE03/07-03/08 WM Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVGRANGE04/08-10/10 WM Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVGRANGE05/13-12/16 WN Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVGRANGE06/13-12/16 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVGRANGE07/99-09/00 WH Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HSVGRANGE07/99-11/00 WH Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGRANGE08/12-04/13 WM Sedan 6.2 i V8 LPG
HSVGRANGE08/98-12/99 VS Sedan 5.0
HSVGRANGE09/04-12/06 WL Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVGRANGE10/00-09/03 WH Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGRANGE10/03-09/04 WK Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGRANGE10/10-05/13 WM Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVGRANGE10/96-12/98 VS Sedan 5.0
HSVGRANGE10/96-12/98 VS Sedan 5.7
HSVGTO03/01-08/03 V2 Coupe 5.7 i V8
HSVGTO09/03-09/04 VZ,VX Coupe 5.7 i V8
HSVGTO10/04-11/07 VZ,VX Coupe 6.0 i V8
HSVGTS03/01-09/04 V2 Coupe 5.7 i V8
HSVGTS04/00-09/00 VT Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGTS04/08-10/10 VE Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVGTS04/95-12/96 VS Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGTS05/13-06/17 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVGTS05/94-04/95 VR Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGTS08/06-03/08 VE Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVGTS09/00-08/01 VX Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGTS09/15-12/16 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVGTS09/97-06/99 VT Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGTS10/02-09/04 VY Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVGTS10/10-05/13 VE Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVMALOO01/17-12/17 VF Ute 6.2 i V8
HSVMALOO03/01-09/02 VU Ute 5.7 i V8
HSVMALOO03/92-06/93 VP Ute 5.0 i V8
HSVMALOO04/08-05/13 VE Ute 6.2 i V8
HSVMALOO04/95-05/99 VS Ute 5.0 i V8
HSVMALOO05/13-06/17 VF Ute 6.2 i V8
HSVMALOO05/13-10/14 VF Ute 6.2 i V8
HSVMALOO05/13-12/16 VF Ute 6.2 i V8
HSVMALOO05/95-10/00 VS Ute 5.0 i V8
HSVMALOO07/93-03/95 VR Ute 5.0 i V8
HSVMALOO09/15-12/16 VF Ute 6.2 i V8
HSVMALOO10/02-09/03 VY Ute 5.7 i V8
HSVMALOO10/03-09/04 VY Ute 5.7 i V8
HSVMALOO10/04-09/07 VZ Ute 6.0 i V8
HSVMALOO10/07-03/08 VE Ute 6.0 i V8
HSVMALOO10/90-02/92 VG Ute 5.0 i V8
HSVMANTA04/95-08/97 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVMANTA04/95-08/97 VS Wagon 5.0 i V8
HSVMANTA09/97-01/99 VT Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR01/16-12/16 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8 Supercharged
HSVSENATOR03/92-08/93 VP Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR03/92-08/93 VR Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR04/08-05/13 VE Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVSENATOR04/95-08/97 VS Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR04/95-08/97 VS Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVSENATOR05/13-08/15 VF Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVSENATOR05/92-08/93 VP Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR08/06-03/08 VE Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR08/06-04/13 VE Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR08/12-04/13 VE Sedan 6.2 i V8
HSVSENATOR08/93-04/95 VR Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVSENATOR09/00-09/02 VX Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVSENATOR09/03-09/04 VY Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVSENATOR09/97-06/99 VT Sedan 5.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR09/97-06/99 VT Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVSENATOR09/97-08/00 VT Wagon 5.0 i V8
HSVSENATOR09/97-08/00 VT Wagon 5.7 i V8
HSVSENATOR10/02-08/03 VY Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVSENATOR10/04-07/06 VZ Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVSV30009/01-12/01 VX Sedan 5.7 i V8
HSVSV600008/05-04/06 Sedan 6.0 i V8
HSVW42707/08-05/13 VE Sedan 7.0 i V8
HSVXU603/98-10/00 VT Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HSVXU609/00-10/02 VX Sedan 3.8 i V6 Supercharged
HSVXU801/99-06/99 VT Sedan 5.0 i V8
HYUNDAIEXCEL05/98-01/00 X-3 Sedan 1.5 i 16V
HYUNDAIEXCEL10/94-01/00 X-3 Hatchback 1.3
HYUNDAIEXCEL10/94-01/00 X-3 Hatchback 1.3 i 12V
HYUNDAIEXCEL10/94-01/00 X-3 Hatchback 1.5 i 12V
HYUNDAIEXCEL10/94-01/00 X-3 Sedan 1.3
HYUNDAIEXCEL10/94-01/00 X-3 Sedan 1.3 i 12V
HYUNDAIEXCEL10/94-04/98 X-3 Sedan 1.5 i 12V
HYUNDAIEXCEL10/94-07/99 X-3 Sedan 1.5
HYUNDAIEXCEL12/95-01/00 X-3 Hatchback 1.5 i 16V
LEXUSSC01/95-03/00 JZZ31 Coupe 300 (JZZ31)
LEXUSSC08/91-12/97 UZZ30 Coupe 400 (UZZ30)
LEXUSSC09/91-07/00 UZZ30 Coupe 400 (UZZ30)
LEXUSSC09/97-06/00 UZZ30 Coupe 400 (UZZ30)
MAZDA301/09-05/13 BL10 Hatchback 2.2 MZR CD
MAZDA301/09-09/14 BLEFW Hatchback 2.0 MZR
MAZDA301/10-12/13 BL Hatchback 1.6 MZR
MAZDA302/04-06/09 BK12 Sedan 1.6
MAZDA302/09-05/13 BL Sedan 2.0 MZR DISI (BL12)
MAZDA303/04-03/09 BK Sedan 2.3
MAZDA303/09-09/14 BL Sedan 2.0 MZR (BL12)
MAZDA304/04-03/09 BK3P Sedan 2.3
MAZDA304/06-03/09 BK3P Hatchback 2.3
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL10 Hatchback 2.2 MZR CD
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL10 Hatchback 2.5 SP25
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL10 Sedan 2.2 MZR CD
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BL10 Sedan 2.5 SP25
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BLEFP Sedan 2.0 MZR
MAZDA304/09-10/13 BLEFW Hatchback 2.0 MZR
MAZDA305/09-02/12 BLEAP Hatchback 2.0 4WD (BLEAP)
MAZDA305/09-02/12 BLEFP Hatchback 2.0 DISI (BLEFP)
MAZDA306/04-03/09 BKEP Hatchback 2.0 AWD
MAZDA306/06-12/09 BK Hatchback 1.6 MZ-CD
MAZDA306/09-05/13 BL10 Sedan 2.2 MZR CD
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BK12 Sedan 2.0 MZR-CD (BK12)
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BK14 Hatchback 2.0 MZR-CD (BK14)
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BKEP Hatchback 2.0
MAZDA307/06-04/09 BKEP Sedan 2.0
MAZDA309/10-05/13 BL14 Hatchback 1.6 MZR CD
MAZDA309/10-05/13 BL14 Sedan 1.6 MZR CD
MAZDA309/11-10/13 BLFFP Sedan 2.0 SP20
MAZDA309/11-10/13 BLFFW Hatchback 2.0 SP20
MAZDA310/03-03/09 BK3P Hatchback 2.3 SP23
MAZDA310/03-03/09 BK5P Hatchback 1.5 (BK5P)
MAZDA310/03-03/09 BK5P Sedan 1.5
MAZDA310/03-04/09 BK3P Sedan 2.3 SP23
MAZDA310/03-06/06 BK Hatchback 2.0
MAZDA310/03-06/06 BK Sedan 2.0
MAZDA310/03-06/09 BK14 Hatchback 1.3 (BK14)
MAZDA310/03-06/09 BK14 Hatchback 1.6 (BK14)
MAZDA310/03-06/09 BK3P Hatchback 2.3 MZR Sport
MAZDA310/12-05/13 BL5FP Sedan 1.5
MAZDA310/12-05/13 BL5FW Hatchback 1.5
MAZDA310/12-05/13 BLEAP Sedan 2.0 4WD
MAZDA312/08-05/13 BL12 Sedan 1.6 MZR CD (BL12)
MAZDA312/08-05/13 BL14 Hatchback 1.6 MZ-CD
MAZDA312/08-05/13 BLEFW Hatchback 2.0 MZR DISI
MAZDA312/08-09/14 BL12 Sedan 1.6 MZR (BL12)
MAZDA312/08-09/14 BL14 Hatchback 1.6 MZR (BL14)
MAZDA32301/86-06/87 BW105 Wagon 1.5 LX
MAZDA32301/86-12/88 BFMP Sedan 1.6 GT
MAZDA32301/87-05/89 BF7P Hatchback 1.7 D
MAZDA32301/87-05/89 BF7P Sedan 1.7 D
MAZDA32301/87-05/89 BW105 Wagon 1.5
MAZDA32301/91-07/94 BG8R Sedan 1.8 16V Turbo 4WD
MAZDA32304/86-05/89 BF7P Hatchback 1.7 D
MAZDA32304/87-05/89 BF Hatchback 1.3
MAZDA32304/87-05/89 BF103 Sedan 1.3
MAZDA32304/87-07/89 BF103 Sedan 1.4
MAZDA32304/91-04/94 BG8R Sedan 1.8 Turbo 4WD
MAZDA32304/91-07/94 BG3P Sedan 1.3 16V
MAZDA32305/86-05/89 BW5W Wagon 1.5
MAZDA32305/90-03/93 BWMR Wagon 1.6 4x4
MAZDA32306/86-03/87 BFMR Hatchback 1.6 4WD
MAZDA32306/89-03/91 BG6S Sedan 1.6
MAZDA32306/89-03/91 BG8P Sedan 1.8 16V
MAZDA32306/89-07/94 BG8P Sedan 1.8 16V GT
MAZDA32307/86-04/90 BW103 Wagon 1.3
MAZDA32308/85-04/90 BF Sedan 1.1
MAZDA32308/85-05/89 BF103 Sedan 1.3
MAZDA32308/85-05/89 BF5P Hatchback 1.5
MAZDA32308/85-05/89 BF5P Hatchback 1.5 i
MAZDA32308/85-05/89 BF5P Hatchback 1.5 i Turbo
MAZDA32308/85-05/89 BF5S Sedan 1.5
MAZDA32308/85-05/89 BF5S Sedan 1.5 i
MAZDA32308/85-05/89 BF5S Sedan 1.5 i Turbo
MAZDA32308/85-08/93 BF106 Hatchback 1.6 GT
MAZDA32308/87-10/89 BF2 Hatchback 1.6 GT Turbo 4WD (BF2)
MAZDA32308/89-07/94 BG7P Sedan 1.7 D
MAZDA32308/89-07/94 BG8P Sedan 1.8 16V
MAZDA32308/89-10/96 BG6S Sedan 1.6 16V
MAZDA32309/85-03/87 BF103 Hatchback 1.3
MAZDA32309/85-08/89 BF Hatchback 1.3 i
MAZDA32309/85-10/89 BF Hatchback 1.1
MAZDA32309/85-12/87 BF103 Hatchback 1.3
MAZDA32309/86-05/89 BF7P Sedan 1.7 D
MAZDA32309/86-10/89 BW106 Wagon 1.6
MAZDA32309/87-08/89 BF1 Hatchback 1.6 GT Turbo (BF1)
MAZDA32309/87-10/89 BF103 Hatchback 1.4
MAZDA32309/87-10/89 BF105 Hatchback 1.5
MAZDA32309/87-10/89 BF106 Hatchback 1.6 GT
MAZDA32309/87-10/89 BW106 Wagon 1.6
MAZDA32309/89-06/91 BG3P Sedan 1.3
MAZDA32309/89-06/91 BG6S Sedan 1.6
MAZDA32309/89-09/91 BW105 Wagon 1.5
MAZDA32309/92-10/95 BW106 Wagon 1.6
MAZDA32310/85-10/89 BF Sedan 1.6 GLX
MAZDA32310/85-10/89 BF105 Sedan 1.5
MAZDA32310/85-10/89 BF106 Hatchback 1.6
MAZDA32310/85-10/89 BFMP Sedan 1.6 GT
MAZDA32310/85-11/91 BFMP Sedan 1.6 GT Turbo
MAZDA32310/87-10/89 BF2 Hatchback 1.6 GT Turbo 4WD (BF2)
MAZDA32310/89-03/93 BW7W Wagon 1.7 D
MAZDA32311/86-08/87 BW7W Wagon 1.7 D
MAZDA32311/86-10/89 BW7W Wagon 1.7 D
MAZDA323 ASTINA01/91-04/94 BG8R Hatchback 1.8 4WD
MAZDA323 ASTINA03/91-10/94 BG6P Hatchback 1.6 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA04/87-08/93 BG Hatchback 1.6
MAZDA323 ASTINA04/91-04/94 BG6P Hatchback 1.6
MAZDA323 ASTINA07/94-09/98 BA11 Hatchback 1.5 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/89-07/94 BG8P Hatchback 1.8 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/89-07/94 BG8P Hatchback 1.8 16V GT
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/94-09/98 BA Coupe 1.3 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/94-09/98 BA Coupe 1.8
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/94-09/98 BA Hatchback 1.8 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/94-09/98 BA11 Coupe 1.5 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/94-09/98 BA8P Coupe 1.8 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/94-09/98 BA8P Hatchback 1.8 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/94-09/98 BAEP Coupe 2.0
MAZDA323 ASTINA08/94-09/98 BAEP Hatchback 2.0 24V
MAZDA323 ASTINA09/89-03/93 BG8P Hatchback 1.8 16V
MAZDA323 ASTINA09/89-06/91 BG6P Hatchback 1.6
MAZDA323 P10/96-09/98 BA Hatchback 1.3 16V
MAZDA323 P10/96-09/98 BA Hatchback 1.5 16V
MAZDA323 P10/96-09/98 BA Hatchback 2.0 D
MAZDA323 PROTEGE05/94-09/98 BA Sedan 1.6 TD
MAZDA323 PROTEGE07/94-09/98 BA Sedan 2.0
MAZDA323 PROTEGE07/94-09/98 BA11 Sedan 1.8 Protege
MAZDA323 PROTEGE08/94-09/98 BA Sedan 1.3 16V
MAZDA323 PROTEGE08/94-09/98 BA11 Sedan 1.5 16V
MAZDA323 PROTEGE08/94-09/98 BA11 Sedan 1.6 PROTEGE
MAZDA323 PROTEGE08/94-09/98 BA11 Sedan 1.8 16V
MAZDA323 PROTEGE10/96-09/98 BA Sedan 2.0 D
MAZDA62601/92-04/97 GE Sedan 2.5 24V
MAZDA62601/92-04/97 GE10S1 Hatchback 2.0 i
MAZDA62601/92-04/97 GE5P Hatchback 2.5 24V
MAZDA62601/92-04/97 GE8P Sedan 1.8 i
MAZDA62601/92-06/97 GE10S1 Sedan 2.0 i
MAZDA62601/93-04/97 GEFP Hatchback 2.0 D GLX Comprex
MAZDA62604/88-12/91 GD102 Coupe 2.2 12V
MAZDA62604/92-04/97 GE10S1 Hatchback 2.0 i 4WD
MAZDA62604/92-04/97 GE10S1 Sedan 2.0 i 4WD
MAZDA62605/94-06/97 GE Sedan 1.8 i
MAZDA62605/94-06/97 GE Sedan 2.0 D
MAZDA62606/87-05/92 GD106 Hatchback 1.6
MAZDA62606/87-08/89 GDEP Hatchback 2.0 16V
MAZDA62606/87-09/89 GDEP Coupe 2.0 16V
MAZDA62606/88-12/91 GD102 Hatchback 2.2 12V
MAZDA62607/87-07/91 GDFP Hatchback 2.0 D
MAZDA62608/91-04/97 GE8P Hatchback 1.8
MAZDA62608/93-12/96 GE8P Hatchback 1.8
MAZDA62608/94-04/97 GE5P Hatchback 2.5 24V
MAZDA62608/94-04/97 GE8P Hatchback 1.8
MAZDA62608/94-04/97 GE8P Sedan 1.8 i
MAZDA62609/87-08/91 GD8P Coupe 1.8
MAZDA62609/87-10/90 GDEP Coupe 2.0
MAZDA62609/87-10/90 GDEP Hatchback 2.0
MAZDA62609/87-12/88 GDEP Coupe 2.0 12V
MAZDA62610/87-07/89 GDEP Hatchback 2.0
MAZDA62610/87-12/91 GD102 Hatchback 2.2 i Turbo
MAZDA62610/92-04/97 GEFP Sedan 2.0 D GLX Comprex
MAZDA62611/87-05/92 GD Hatchback 1.8
MAZDA62611/87-05/92 GD8P Hatchback 1.8
MAZDA62611/87-05/92 GDEP Hatchback 2.0 12V
MAZDA62611/87-07/89 GD Hatchback 1.8
MAZDA62611/87-07/90 GD Hatchback 2.2 12V 4WD
MAZDA62611/87-10/90 GDEP Hatchback 2.0 16V
MAZDA62612/87-10/90 GDEP Coupe 2.0 16V
MAZDACAPELLA01/88-03/92 GVEW Wagon 2.0 16V
MAZDACAPELLA04/92-02/95 GV Wagon 2.0 GLX
MAZDACAPELLA05/91-11/92 GV102 Wagon 2.2 12V 4WD
MAZDACAPELLA05/93-11/96 GVFW Wagon 2.0 D Comprex
MAZDACAPELLA06/88-12/97 GV102 Wagon 2.2 12V
MAZDACAPELLA09/87-12/92 GV Wagon 2.0 12V
MAZDACAPELLA09/88-07/91 GVFW Wagon 2.0 D
MAZDACAPELLA10/88-09/97 GVEW Wagon 2.0
MAZDACAPELLA10/88-09/97 GVEW Wagon 2.0 i 16V
MAZDACAPELLA11/94-09/97 GVFW Wagon 2.0 D
MAZDAEUNOS 30X01/92-01/94 ECPSA Coupe 1.8 i V6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X01/94-10/97 ECPSA Coupe 1.8 i V6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X01/96-10/97 EC Coupe 1.8 i V6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X05/91-10/93 EC Coupe 1.6
MAZDAEUNOS 30X07/91-12/97 EC5SA Coupe 1.5 i
MAZDAEUNOS 30X11/93-09/98 EC Coupe 1.6 i
MAZDAFAMILIA01/92-05/94 BG8S Hatchback 1.8 GT-R 4WD
MAZDAFAMILIA01/93-07/94 BG8S Hatchback 1.8 16V Turbo 4WD
MAZDAFAMILIA03/91-10/94 BG6Z Hatchback 1.6 16V
MAZDAFAMILIA06/89-04/94 BG8S Hatchback 1.8 Turbo
MAZDAFAMILIA08/89-05/94 BG8S Hatchback 1.8 16V 4WD
MAZDAFAMILIA08/89-07/94 BG7S Hatchback 1.7 D
MAZDAFAMILIA09/89-03/93 BG8S Hatchback 1.8 16V
MAZDAFAMILIA09/89-03/93 BG8S Hatchback 1.8 16V GT
MAZDAFAMILIA09/89-06/91 BG6Z Hatchback 1.6
MAZDAFAMILIA09/89-06/93 BG8S Hatchback 1.8
MAZDAFAMILIA09/89-07/94 BG3S Hatchback 1.3
MAZDAFAMILIA09/89-07/94 BG3S Hatchback 1.3 16V
MAZDAFAMILIA09/90-12/92 BG8S Hatchback 1.8 16V Turbo 4WD
MAZDAFAMILIA09/93-09/00 BG6Z Hatchback 1.6
MAZDAFAMILIA11/91-12/93 BG8S Hatchback 1.8 16V 4WD
MAZDAMX-501/02-10/02 NB Convertible 1.8 i Turbo
MAZDAMX-501/93-04/98 NA8C Convertible 1.8
MAZDAMX-501/95-04/98 NA6C Convertible 1.6
MAZDAMX-501/98-07/02 NB8C Convertible 1.8
MAZDAMX-504/02-10/05 NB Convertible 1.8 i Turbo
MAZDAMX-504/02-10/05 NB8C Convertible 1.8 i
MAZDAMX-505/98-10/05 NB6C Convertible 1.6 16V
MAZDAMX-505/98-10/05 NB8C Convertible 1.8 16V
MAZDAMX-508/02-10/05 NB8C Convertible 1.8
MAZDAMX-509/90-12/92 NA Convertible 1.6 Turbo
MAZDAMX-509/93-12/97 NA8C Convertible 1.8
MAZDAMX-510/89-05/93 NA6C Convertible 1.6
MAZDAMX-511/00-10/05 NB8C Convertible 1.8 16V
MAZDAMX-609/92-01/97 GD Coupe 2.5
MAZDAMX-610/87-09/91 GD Coupe 2.2 i Turbo
MAZDARX-703/84-03/86 SA22C Coupe 1.1
MAZDARX-705/79-03/84 SA22C Coupe 1.1
MAZDARX-705/79-05/81 SA22C Coupe 1.0
MINIMINI01/11-05/15 R57 Convertible Cooper SD
MINIMINI01/12-11/13 R56 Hatchback Cooper S John Cooper Works
MINIMINI02/10-06/15 R57 Convertible Cooper S
MINIMINI02/11-05/15 R57 Convertible Cooper D
MINIMINI02/11-11/13 R56 Hatchback Cooper D
MINIMINI02/11-11/13 R56 Hatchback Cooper SD
MINIMINI03/02-09/06 R50,R53 Hatchback Cooper S
MINIMINI03/06-09/06 R50,R53 Hatchback John Cooper Works
MINIMINI03/09-03/10 R56 Hatchback One
MINIMINI03/10-06/15 R57 Convertible Cooper
MINIMINI03/10-11/13 R56 Hatchback Cooper S
MINIMINI03/10-11/13 R56 Hatchback One
MINIMINI04/04-07/08 R52 Convertible Cooper
MINIMINI04/08-07/10 R57 Convertible Cooper S
MINIMINI05/09-11/13 R57 Convertible Cooper D
MINIMINI06/01-09/06 R50,R53 Hatchback Cooper
MINIMINI06/01-09/06 R50,R53 Hatchback One
MINIMINI06/03-09/06 R50,R53 Hatchback One D
MINIMINI06/09-05/15 R57 Convertible Cooper SD
MINIMINI06/09-07/10 R56 Hatchback One D
MINIMINI06/10-11/13 R56 Hatchback Cooper D
MINIMINI07/04-09/06 R50,R53 Hatchback Cooper S
MINIMINI07/04-11/07 R52 Convertible Cooper S
MINIMINI07/04-11/07 R52 Convertible John Cooper Works
MINIMINI07/04-11/07 R52 Convertible One
MINIMINI07/10-11/13 R56 Hatchback One D
MINIMINI08/08-05/15 R57 Convertible John Cooper Works
MINIMINI09/06-11/13 R56 Hatchback Cooper
MINIMINI09/09-06/15 R57 Convertible One
MINIMINI09/09-11/13 R56 Hatchback Cooper
MINIMINI09/12-11/13 R56 Hatchback John Cooper Works GP
MINIMINI10/06-02/10 R56 Hatchback Cooper S
MINIMINI10/06-02/12 R56 Hatchback Cooper
MINIMINI10/07-06/15 R57 Convertible Cooper S
MINIMINI11/03-06/05 R50,R53 Hatchback S Works
MINIMINI11/03-09/06 R50,R53 Hatchback Works
MINIMINI11/06-02/10 R56 Hatchback Cooper S John Cooper Works
MINIMINI11/06-03/10 R56 Hatchback One
MINIMINI11/06-09/10 R56 Hatchback Cooper D
MINIMINI11/07-11/13 R56 Hatchback John Cooper Works
MINIMINI11/07-12/08 R57 Convertible Cooper S
MINIMINI11/11-04/15 R59 Convertible Cooper
MINIMINI11/11-04/15 R59 Convertible Cooper S
MINIMINI11/11-04/15 R59 Convertible Cooper S JCW
MINIMINI11/11-04/15 R59 Convertible Cooper SD
MINIMINI11/11-04/15 R59 Convertible John Cooper Works
MINIMINI12/08-06/15 R57 Convertible Cooper
MINIMINI12/08-07/10 R57 Convertible Cooper
MINIMINI12/10-04/15 R58 Coupe Cooper
MINIMINI12/10-04/15 R58 Coupe Cooper S
MINIMINI12/10-04/15 R58 Coupe Cooper S JCW
MINIMINI12/10-05/15 R58 Coupe Cooper SD
MINIMINI12/10-05/15 R58 Coupe John Cooper Works
MINIMINI CLUBMAN02/11-06/14 R55 Wagon Cooper D
MINIMINI CLUBMAN02/11-06/14 R55 Wagon Cooper SD
MINIMINI CLUBMAN03/09-02/10 R55 Wagon One
MINIMINI CLUBMAN03/10-06/14 R55 Wagon Cooper
MINIMINI CLUBMAN03/10-06/14 R55 Wagon Cooper D
MINIMINI CLUBMAN03/10-06/14 R55 Wagon Cooper S
MINIMINI CLUBMAN03/10-06/14 R55 Wagon One
MINIMINI CLUBMAN03/10-06/14 R55 Wagon One D
MINIMINI CLUBMAN03/10-12/14 R55 Wagon Cooper
MINIMINI CLUBMAN03/10-12/14 R55 Wagon Cooper S
MINIMINI CLUBMAN08/07-07/10 R55 Wagon Cooper S
MINIMINI CLUBMAN10/07-02/10 R55 Wagon Cooper D
MINIMINI CLUBMAN10/07-06/14 R55 Wagon Cooper
MINIMINI CLUBMAN10/08-02/10 R55 Wagon Cooper S John Cooper Works
MINIMINI CLUBMAN11/07-12/14 R55 Wagon John Cooper Works
MINIMINI CLUBVAN12/12-06/14 R55 Wagon Van Cooper
MINIMINI CLUBVAN12/12-06/14 R55 Wagon Van Cooper D
MINIMINI CLUBVAN12/12-06/14 R55 Wagon Van One
MITSUBISHIFTO08/97-07/01 DEA Coupe 2.0 (DE3A)
MITSUBISHIFTO09/94-07/01 DEA Coupe 1.8 (DE2A)
MITSUBISHIFTO09/94-07/01 DEA Coupe 2.0 (DE3A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT01/88-10/92 E31A Sedan 1.6 (E31A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT01/88-10/92 E34A Sedan 1.8 D
MITSUBISHIGALANT04/89-10/92 E39A,E33A,E38A Hatchback 2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT04/89-10/92 E39A,E33A,E38A Hatchback 2.0 4WD (E33A, E38A, E39A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT05/89-12/92 HG,HH Hatchback 2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT05/89-12/92 HG,HH Sedan 2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT06/88-10/92 E39A,E38A,E33A Sedan 2.0 GTi 16V 4WD (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT07/89-12/92 E39A,E38A,E33A Hatchback 2.0 GTI 16V 4x4 (E38A, E39A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/91-10/92 E39A,E33A,E38A Sedan 2.0 GTI 16V Cat 4WD (E38A, E39A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT10/90-03/93 HG,HH Sedan 2.0 I VR4 Turbo 4WD (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/87-08/90 E32A Sedan 1.8 (E32A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/87-10/92 E32A Sedan 1.8 (E32A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/87-10/92 E38A,E39A,E33A Sedan 2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/87-10/92 E39A,E33A,E38A Sedan 2.0 GTi 16V (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 E32A Hatchback 1.8 (E32A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 E33A,E38A,E39A Hatchback 2.0 GTI 16V (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 E33A,E38A,E39A Sedan 2.0 GTi 16V (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 E34A Hatchback 1.8 Turbo-D (E34A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 E3_A,HG,HH Hatchback 1.8
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 HG,HH Hatchback 2.0 GTI 16V (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT12/87-10/92 E34A Sedan 1.8 Turbo-D (E34A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT12/88-10/92 E38A,E33A,E39A Sedan 2.0 4WD (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/04-07/07 CS7A Sedan 2.4 iVRX
MITSUBISHILANCER01/07-06/13 CVY12 Wagon Van 1.5 (CVY12)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/07-on CVAY12 Wagon Van 1.2 (CVAY12)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/07-on CVJY12 Wagon Van 1.8 (CVJY12)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/07-on CVZNY12 Wagon Van 1.6 4WD (CVZNY12)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/08-12/13 CS2A Sedan 1.5 VVT
MITSUBISHILANCER01/10-on CY3A;CY6A Sedan 1.8 Bifuel
MITSUBISHILANCER01/13-12/17 CJ,CY,CF Sedan 2.0 (CY4A)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/87-08/89 C37V Wagon 1.8 4WD (C37V)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/87-12/87 C37V Wagon 1.8 4WD (C37V)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/94-07/95 CC Sedan EVO II All-wheel Drive (CE9A)
MITSUBISHILANCER01/98-06/98 CP9A Sedan EVO V - RS450 Ralliart (CP9A)
MITSUBISHILANCER02/10-on CJ,CY_A,CZ_A Sedan 1.5 Bifuel
MITSUBISHILANCER02/10-on CX3A, CX6A Hatchback 1.8 Bifuel
MITSUBISHILANCER02/94-12/96 CB4A Sedan 1.6 (CB4A)
MITSUBISHILANCER03/07-on CZ4A Sedan 2.0 i 4WD
MITSUBISHILANCER03/09-on CX3A, CX6A Hatchback 1.8 Flex
MITSUBISHILANCER03/09-on CY3A;CY6A Sedan 1.8 Flexfuel
MITSUBISHILANCER03/10-on CJ,CX_A Hatchback 1.5 Bifuel
MITSUBISHILANCER03/89-12/90 C37V Wagon 1.8 4WD (C37V)
MITSUBISHILANCER03/95-10/03 CB2W Wagon 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER03/95-10/03 CB8W Wagon 2.0 D
MITSUBISHILANCER03/95-10/03 CD5W Wagon 1.8 4WD
MITSUBISHILANCER03/95-10/03 CD8W Wagon 2.0 D 4WD
MITSUBISHILANCER04/07-12/16 CY4A Sedan 2.0 i
MITSUBISHILANCER04/88-05/92 C61A Sedan 1.3 (C61A)
MITSUBISHILANCER04/88-05/92 C62A Sedan 1.5 (C62A)
MITSUBISHILANCER04/88-05/92 C64A Hatchback 1.8 D (C64A)
MITSUBISHILANCER04/88-05/92 C64A Sedan 1.8 GLX Diesel (C64A)
MITSUBISHILANCER04/89-08/90 CA,CB Hatchback 1.5 (C62A)
MITSUBISHILANCER05/10-on CJ,CX_A Hatchback 1.8 DI-D
MITSUBISHILANCER05/88-05/90 C63A Hatchback 1.6 GTi (C63A)
MITSUBISHILANCER05/88-05/90 C63A Sedan 1.6 GTi
MITSUBISHILANCER05/88-06/90 C11W Wagon 1.3 GL
MITSUBISHILANCER05/88-06/90 C61A Sedan 1.3 GL
MITSUBISHILANCER05/88-08/92 C6_A,C7_A,CA,CB Sedan 1.2 GL
MITSUBISHILANCER05/89-05/92 C62A Hatchback 1.5 12V (C62A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/00-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER06/00-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 1.8 GDI
MITSUBISHILANCER06/00-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 1.8 GDI 4WD
MITSUBISHILANCER06/08-on CJ,CX_A Hatchback 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER06/08-on CX3A Hatchback 1.8 (CX3A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/08-on CX8A Hatchback 2.0 DI-D
MITSUBISHILANCER06/10-on CX9A Hatchback 1.8 DI-D (CX9A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/13-on CVY12 Wagon Van 1.5 (CVY12)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/88-11/91 C63A Sedan 1.6 GSR Turbo (C63A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/90-05/92 C62A Sedan 1.5 12V (C62A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-02/95 CB1A Sedan 1.3
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-05/94 C61A Hatchback 1.3 12V (C61A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-05/94 C76A,C66A Hatchback 1.6 16V (C76A, C66A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-07/93 C77A Hatchback 1.8 GTi (C77A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-12/93 C69A Hatchback 1.8 GTi 16V (C69A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-12/93 CB5A Sedan 1.8 16V (CB5A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-12/96 CB1A Sedan 1.3 (CB1A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-12/96 CB4A Sedan 1.6 16V (CB4A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-12/96 CB8A Sedan 2.0 Diesel (CB8A)
MITSUBISHILANCER06/92-12/96 CD4A Sedan 1.6 16V 4WD (CD4A)
MITSUBISHILANCER07/02-08/05 CS6A Sedan 2.0 GDi
MITSUBISHILANCER07/89-08/90 CA,CB Hatchback 1.5 (C62A)
MITSUBISHILANCER07/90-06/92 C61A Sedan 1.3 12V (C61A)
MITSUBISHILANCER07/90-08/92 C11W Wagon 1.3 GL
MITSUBISHILANCER07/91-07/93 CB5A Sedan 1.8 GTi
MITSUBISHILANCER07/96-08/03 CE Sedan 1.5 12V (CK2A)
MITSUBISHILANCER07/96-09/04 CE,CJA Coupe 1.5 16V (CJ2)
MITSUBISHILANCER07/96-09/04 CE,CJA Coupe 1.8 i (CJ5)
MITSUBISHILANCER07/96-10/03 CB5W Wagon 1.8 i
MITSUBISHILANCER08/03-04/06 CS6A Sedan 2.0
MITSUBISHILANCER08/05-04/06 CS6A Sedan 2.0
MITSUBISHILANCER08/05-12/08 CS6W Wagon 2.0
MITSUBISHILANCER08/05-12/08 CS7A Sedan 2.4 iVRX
MITSUBISHILANCER08/86-06/92 C14V Wagon 1.8 D (C14V)
MITSUBISHILANCER08/88-05/92 C61A Sedan 1.3 (C61A)
MITSUBISHILANCER08/89-08/92 C12W Wagon 1.5 GLS
MITSUBISHILANCER08/89-08/92 C62A Sedan 1.5 GLS
MITSUBISHILANCER08/89-08/92 C63A Sedan 1.6 GLX
MITSUBISHILANCER08/90-06/92 C37V Wagon 1.8 4WD (C37V)
MITSUBISHILANCER08/95-07/96 CC Sedan EVO III All-wheel Drive (CE9A)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/03-03/07 CS5A Sedan 1.8 SEi Limited
MITSUBISHILANCER09/03-10/08 CH,CS_W,CT_W Wagon 1.6
MITSUBISHILANCER09/03-10/08 CS5W Wagon 1.8 GDi T
MITSUBISHILANCER09/03-12/07 CS9W Wagon 2.0
MITSUBISHILANCER09/03-12/13 CS3A Sedan 1.6 (CS3A)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/03-12/13 CS5A Sedan 1.8
MITSUBISHILANCER09/10-12/17 CX4A Hatchback 2.0
MITSUBISHILANCER09/85-08/89 C12V Wagon 1.5 (C12V)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/85-09/86 C14V Wagon 1.8 D (C14V)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/85-12/87 C12V Wagon 1.5 (C12V)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/88-08/89 C62A Sedan 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER09/88-08/90 CA,CB Sedan 1.5 (C62A)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/88-12/90 C12V Wagon 1.5 (C12V)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/89-06/92 C77A Hatchback 1.8 4WD (C77A)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/90-05/92 CA,CB Hatchback 1.5 (C62A)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/90-09/92 C62A Hatchback 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER09/90-09/92 C62A Sedan 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER09/90-09/92 C62A Sedan 1.5 i
MITSUBISHILANCER09/90-09/92 C63A Hatchback 1.6 i
MITSUBISHILANCER09/90-09/92 CA,CB Hatchback 1.6 i (C63A)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/90-12/91 C12V Wagon 1.5 12V (C12V)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/91-08/95 CB2A Sedan 1.5 (CB2A)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/92-07/96 CB2A Sedan 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER09/92-07/96 CB5A Sedan 1.8 i
MITSUBISHILANCER09/92-07/96 CC2A Coupe 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER09/92-07/96 CC2A Hatchback 1.5
MITSUBISHILANCER09/92-07/96 CC4A Hatchback 1.6 i
MITSUBISHILANCER09/92-07/96 CC5A Coupe 1.8
MITSUBISHILANCER09/92-07/96 CC5A Coupe 1.8 i
MITSUBISHILANCER09/92-10/03 CC,CE Wagon 1.8 i (CB5)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/95-08/03 CE Sedan 1.8 i (CK5)
MITSUBISHILANCER09/95-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 1.8
MITSUBISHILANCER09/95-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 1.8 16V
MITSUBISHILANCER09/95-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 2.0
MITSUBISHILANCER09/95-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 2.0 D
MITSUBISHILANCER09/95-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 2.4 GDI
MITSUBISHILANCER09/95-08/99 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 1.5 12V
MITSUBISHILANCER09/95-08/99 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 1.5 16V
MITSUBISHILANCER09/97-08/03 CB1W Wagon 1.3
MITSUBISHILANCER09/97-08/03 CJ_,CP_ Sedan 1.5 12V
MITSUBISHILANCER09/97-10/99 CB1W Wagon 1.3
MITSUBISHILANCER10/01-03/03 CJA Convertible 1.8 MR (CJ5A, CE)
MITSUBISHILANCER10/07-09/11 CX4A Hatchback 2.0 i
MITSUBISHILANCER10/07-12/13 CG,CH,CJ Sedan 2.0 i
MITSUBISHILANCER10/08-04/13 CJ,CF Hatchback 2.0 Ralliart 4WD (CX4A)
MITSUBISHILANCER10/08-04/13 CJ,CY,CF Sedan 2.0 i Ralliart 4WD (CY4A)
MITSUBISHILANCER10/08-08/16 CX5A Hatchback 2.4 i
MITSUBISHILANCER10/08-08/16 CY5A Sedan 2.4 i
MITSUBISHILANCER10/86-10/88 C34W Wagon 1.8 D 4WD
MITSUBISHILANCER10/92-12/93 CC Sedan EVO I All-wheel Drive (CD9A)
MITSUBISHILANCER11/09-on CJ,CY_A,CZ_A Sedan 1.8 Mivec
MITSUBISHILANCER11/89-05/92 C68A Hatchback 1.8 GTi 16V (C68A)
MITSUBISHILANCER11/92-07/96 CC Sedan 1.8 i Turbo AWD (CD5A)
MITSUBISHILANCER12/03-12/13 CS9A Sedan 2.0 (CS9A)
MITSUBISHILANCER12/92-10/03 CB4W Wagon 1.6 16V (CB4W)
MITSUBISHILANCER12/92-10/03 CB8W Wagon 2.0 D (CB8W)
MITSUBISHILANCER12/92-10/03 CD4W Wagon 1.6 16V 4WD (CD4W)
MITSUBISHILANCER12/95-08/03 CK1A Sedan 1.3 12V (CK1A)
MITSUBISHILANCER12/95-08/03 CK4A Sedan 1.6 16V (CK4A)
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/99-08/00 TH Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/99-08/00 TH Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/99-08/00 TH Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/99-08/00 TH Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/96-06/97 TE Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/96-06/97 TE Wagon 2.4
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/96-06/97 TE Wagon 2.6
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/96-06/97 TE Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Sedan 3.5 i 4WD
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Sedan 3.5 i VR-X
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Wagon 3.5 i VR-X
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/97-03/99 TF Sedan 2.4
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/97-03/99 TF Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/97-03/99 TF Wagon 2.4
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/97-03/99 TF Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA07/02-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 i Series II Sports AWD
MITSUBISHIMAGNA07/02-06/05 TJ Sedan 3.5 LPG
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.0
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 i 4WD
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Wagon 3.5 i 4WD
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-07/02 TJ Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/01-05/03 TJ Wagon 3.5 i Sports VR-X
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/02-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 i Series II Ralliart
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/02-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 Series II Sports VR-X
MITSUBISHIMAGNA10/04-07/05 TW Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE05/96-06/00 CJ1A Hatchback 1300 GL,GLX (CJ1A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE05/96-09/00 CJ4A Hatchback 1600 GLX (CJ4A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE06/00-09/03 CJ1A Hatchback 1300 (CJ1A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE06/96-08/04 CE Hatchback 1.5 12V (CJ2A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE08/01-07/03 CS5W Wagon 1.8 Gti
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE08/02-09/03 CJ1A Hatchback 1.3
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/00-09/03 CJ4A Hatchback 1600
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-07/03 CJ1A Hatchback 1.3
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-07/03 CJ8A Hatchback 2.0 D
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-07/03 CK8A Sedan 2.0 D
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/02 CJ6A Coupe 1.8
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/99 CJ1A Coupe 1.3
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/99 CJ2A Coupe 1.5 (CJ2A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/99 CJ2A Hatchback 1.5 (CJ2A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/99 CJ4A Coupe 1.6 ZR (CJ4A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/99 CJ4A Hatchback 1.6
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/99 CJ4A Hatchback 1.6 ZR (CJ4A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/99 CK2A Sedan 1.5 (CK2A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-08/99 CM5A Sedan 1.8 4WD
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-09/03 CJ2A Hatchback 1.5
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-10/98 CK5A Sedan 1.8
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/95-12/00 CK2A Sedan 1.5 (CK2A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/96-12/00 CK_A Sedan 1.5 (CK2A)
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE09/99-07/03 CJ4A Hatchback 1.6
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE11/97-07/01 CJ5A Hatchback 1.8 (CJ5A)
MITSUBISHIVERADA03/99-08/00 KH Sedan 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA03/99-08/00 KH Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/03-10/04 KL Sedan 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/03-10/04 KL Sedan 3.5 i Series II 4WD
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/03-10/04 KL Wagon 3.5 i Series II
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/97-03/99 KF Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/97-03/99 KF Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/99-08/00 KH Sedan 3.0 Ei
MITSUBISHIVERADA07/02-05/03 KJ Sedan 3.5 4WD
MITSUBISHIVERADA08/00-03/03 KJ Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA08/00-05/03 KJ Sedan 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA08/00-05/03 KJ Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA08/00-05/03 KJ Wagon 3.5 i 4WD
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/04-07/05 KW Sedan 3.5 4WD
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/04-07/05 KW Sedan 3.5 i Series II
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/04-07/05 KW Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/96-06/97 KE Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/96-10/97 KE Sedan 3.5 i
NISSAN180SX01/92-01/97 S13 Coupe 2.0
NISSAN180SX04/89-06/92 S13 Coupe 1.8 Turbo II
NISSAN180SX04/91-03/94 S13 Coupe 2.0
NISSAN180SX04/91-03/94 S13 Coupe 2.0 Turbo
NISSAN180SX09/88-06/92 S13 Coupe 1.8
NISSAN180SX09/88-06/92 S13 Coupe 1.8 Turbo
NISSAN200SX01/92-09/94 S13 Coupe 1.8 Turbo
NISSAN200SX04/94-09/99 S14 Coupe 2.0 Turbo
NISSAN200SX07/88-11/93 S13 Coupe 1.8 Turbo
NISSAN200SX07/88-11/93 S13 Coupe 2.0 i 16V
NISSAN200SX09/88-03/94 S13 Coupe 1.8 Turbo
NISSAN200SX09/99-08/02 S15 Coupe 2000
NISSAN200SX10/93-12/98 S14 Coupe 2.0
NISSAN200SX10/93-12/99 S14 Coupe 2.0 i 16V
NISSAN200SX10/94-09/96 S14 Coupe 2.0 i 16V Turbo
NISSAN200SX11/00-12/03 S15 Coupe 2000 Turbo
NISSAN200SX11/00-12/03 S15 Coupe Turbo 16V
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/80-05/84 910 Sedan 1.8
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/80-05/84 W910 Wagon 1.8
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/80-05/84 W910 Wagon 2.0 D
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/80-10/83 910 Coupe 1.8
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/80-11/83 910 Sedan 1.6
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/80-12/83 910 Sedan 1.8
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/80-12/83 910 Sedan 2.0 D
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/82-01/83 910 Coupe 2.0
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/82-05/84 910 Sedan 1.9 i
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/82-12/83 910 Sedan 2.0 i
NISSANBLUEBIRD01/83-09/83 910 Sedan 2.0 TD
NISSANBLUEBIRD04/85-06/86 W910 Wagon 2.0
NISSANBLUEBIRD05/80-05/82 W910 Wagon 1.6
NISSANBLUEBIRD05/81-03/85 910 Sedan 2.0
NISSANBLUEBIRD05/81-03/85 W910 Wagon 2.0 i
NISSANBLUEBIRD12/85-06/86 910 Sedan 2.0
NISSANDATSUN 160004/71-10/72 510 Wagon 1.6
NISSANDATSUN 160005/68-10/72 510 Sedan 1.6
NISSANMICRA02/98-02/03 K11 Hatchback 1.5 D
NISSANMICRA07/00-02/03 K11 Hatchback 1.0 i 16V
NISSANMICRA08/92-07/00 K11 Hatchback 1.0 i 16V
NISSANMICRA08/92-12/97 K11 Hatchback 1.3 i 16V
NISSANMICRA09/00-02/03 K11 Hatchback 1.4 i 16V
NISSANNX/NXR03/90-10/94 B13 Coupe 1.6
NISSANNX/NXR09/93-10/94 B13 Coupe 1.6 SR
NISSANNX/NXR10/91-01/96 B13 Coupe 2.0 GTI
NISSANPULSAR01/00-11/02 N16 Hatchback 1.8
NISSANPULSAR01/89-06/91 N13 Hatchback 1.8 GTI 16V
NISSANPULSAR01/89-08/91 N13 Hatchback 1.4 LX
NISSANPULSAR01/92-06/95 N14 Sedan 1.6 SR 4WD
NISSANPULSAR02/87-10/88 B12,N13 Sedan 1.6
NISSANPULSAR02/87-10/88 B12,N13 Sedan 1.6 GTI 16V
NISSANPULSAR02/87-10/88 N13 Hatchback 1.6
NISSANPULSAR03/00-04/03 N16 Hatchback 2.2 Di
NISSANPULSAR03/00-11/06 N16 Hatchback 1.5
NISSANPULSAR05/90-10/95 N14 Sedan 1.8
NISSANPULSAR06/00-02/06 N16 Sedan 1.8
NISSANPULSAR06/01-02/06 N16 Hatchback 1.8
NISSANPULSAR06/86-01/91 N13 Hatchback 1.7 D
NISSANPULSAR06/86-05/89 B12,N13 Sedan 1.7 D
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/88 B12,N13 Sedan 1.5
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/88 B12,N13 Sedan 1.6
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/88 N13 Hatchback 1.3
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/88 N13 Hatchback 1.5
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/88 N13 Hatchback 1.6
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/90 A Sedan 1.6 i 4x4 (A)
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/90 B12,N13 Sedan 1.6 i
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/90 N13 Hatchback 1.6 i
NISSANPULSAR06/86-10/90 N13 Hatchback 1.6 i 12V
NISSANPULSAR06/87-05/89 N13 Hatchback 1.6 GTI 16V
NISSANPULSAR06/89-09/91 N13 Sedan 1.6 i
NISSANPULSAR06/89-09/91 N13 Sedan 1.8 Vector Efi
NISSANPULSAR07/00-02/03 N16 Sedan 1.6
NISSANPULSAR07/00-02/03 N16 Sedan 1.8
NISSANPULSAR07/00-04/03 N16 Sedan 2.2 Di
NISSANPULSAR07/00-11/06 N16 Sedan 1.5
NISSANPULSAR07/86-09/90 N13 Hatchback 1.0
NISSANPULSAR07/86-10/88 B12,N13 Sedan 1.6 4x4
NISSANPULSAR07/86-10/88 N13 Hatchback 1.6 4x4
NISSANPULSAR07/86-10/91 B12,N13 Sedan 1.3
NISSANPULSAR07/87-09/91 N13 Hatchback 1.6 i
NISSANPULSAR07/87-09/91 N13 Hatchback 1.8 Efi
NISSANPULSAR07/95-03/00 N15 Hatchback 1.5
NISSANPULSAR07/95-03/00 N15 Sedan 1.6
NISSANPULSAR07/95-05/00 N15 Sedan 1.5
NISSANPULSAR07/95-05/00 N15 Sedan 1.8
NISSANPULSAR08/90-07/92 N14 Hatchback 2.0 GTi-R 4x4
NISSANPULSAR09/03-09/06 N16 Hatchback 2.2 dCi
NISSANPULSAR09/03-09/06 N16 Sedan 2.2 dCi
NISSANPULSAR09/88-08/90 N13 Hatchback 1.5
NISSANPULSAR09/88-08/90 N13 Sedan 1.5
NISSANPULSAR09/92-12/96 N14 Sedan 1.6
NISSANPULSAR09/95-03/00 N15 Hatchback 1.4
NISSANPULSAR09/95-03/00 N15 Hatchback 1.4 S,GX,LX
NISSANPULSAR09/95-03/00 N15 Hatchback 1.6
NISSANPULSAR09/95-03/00 N15 Hatchback 1.6 SR,SLX
NISSANPULSAR09/95-07/00 N15 Hatchback 1.6
NISSANPULSAR09/95-07/00 N15 Sedan 1.4
NISSANPULSAR09/95-07/00 N15 Sedan 1.4 GX,LX
NISSANPULSAR09/95-07/00 N15 Sedan 1.6
NISSANPULSAR09/95-07/00 N15 Sedan 1.6 SLX
NISSANPULSAR09/97-09/00 N15 Sedan 1.6
NISSANPULSAR10/02-09/06 N16 Hatchback 1.5
NISSANPULSAR10/02-09/06 N16 Hatchback 1.8
NISSANPULSAR10/02-09/06 N16 Sedan 1.5
NISSANPULSAR10/02-09/06 N16 Sedan 1.8
NISSANPULSAR10/88-06/91 B12,N13 Sedan 1.6 i 12V
NISSANPULSAR10/88-08/91 B12,N13 Sedan 1.4 LX
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Hatchback 1.4 i
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Hatchback 1.4 i 16V
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Hatchback 1.6 i
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Hatchback 2.0 D
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Hatchback 2.0 GTI 16V
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Hatchback 2.0 GTI-R 4x4
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Sedan 1.3
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Sedan 1.4 i
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Sedan 1.5
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Sedan 1.6 i
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Sedan 1.6 i 16V 4WD
NISSANPULSAR10/90-05/95 N14 Sedan 2.0 D
NISSANPULSAR10/90-06/95 N14 Hatchback 1.4
NISSANPULSAR10/90-06/95 N14 Hatchback 1.4 i 16V
NISSANPULSAR10/90-06/95 N14 Sedan 1.4
NISSANPULSAR10/90-06/95 N14 Sedan 1.4 i 16V
NISSANPULSAR10/91-05/93 N14 Sedan 2.0
NISSANPULSAR10/91-10/95 N14 Hatchback 1.6
NISSANPULSAR10/91-10/95 N14 Hatchback 2.0 i 16V
NISSANPULSAR10/91-10/95 N14 Sedan 1.6
NISSANPULSAR10/91-10/95 N14 Sedan 2.0
NISSANPULSAR10/92-05/95 N14 Hatchback 1.6 i 16V
NISSANPULSAR10/92-05/95 N14 Sedan 1.6 i 16V
NISSANPULSAR10/92-06/95 N14 Hatchback 1.6
NISSANPULSAR10/92-06/95 N14 Sedan 1.6 i 16V 4WD
NISSANPULSAR10/95-01/01 N15 Hatchback 2.0 GTi
NISSANPULSAR11/95-03/00 N15 Hatchback 2.0 D
NISSANPULSAR11/95-07/00 N15 Sedan 2.0 D
NISSANSILVIA01/91-09/93 S13 Coupe 2.0
NISSANSILVIA07/00-12/01 S15 Convertible 2.0
NISSANSILVIA08/88-03/94 S13 Convertible 1.8 Turbo
NISSANSILVIA08/88-03/94 S13 Coupe 1.8
NISSANSILVIA08/88-03/94 S13 Coupe 1.8 Turbo
NISSANSILVIA08/88-12/90 S13 Convertible 1.8
NISSANSKYLINE01/87-01/90 R31 Sedan 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE01/90-01/93 R32 Coupe 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE01/90-01/93 R32 Coupe 2.0 AWD
NISSANSKYLINE01/90-01/93 R32 Sedan 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE01/94-07/00 R33 Coupe 2.5
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Coupe 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Coupe 2.0 4x4
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Coupe 2.0 Turbo
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Coupe 2.0 Turbo 4x4
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Sedan 1.8
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Sedan 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Sedan 2.0 4x4
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Sedan 2.0 Turbo
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Sedan 2.0 Turbo 4x4
NISSANSKYLINE03/89-06/93 R32 Sedan 2.5
NISSANSKYLINE04/89-01/95 R32 Coupe 2.6 Twin Turbo 4x4
NISSANSKYLINE05/85-04/89 R31 Sedan 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE05/86-04/89 R31 Coupe 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE07/86-12/90 R31 Sedan 3.0
NISSANSKYLINE07/86-12/90 R31 Wagon 3.0
NISSANSKYLINE07/93-05/98 R33 Coupe 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE07/93-05/98 R33 Coupe 2.5
NISSANSKYLINE07/93-05/98 R33 Coupe 2.5 4x4
NISSANSKYLINE07/93-05/98 R33 Sedan 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE07/93-05/98 R33 Sedan 2.5
NISSANSKYLINE07/93-05/98 R33 Sedan 2.5 4x4
NISSANSKYLINE07/94-09/99 R33 Coupe 2.6 Twin Turbo 4x4
NISSANSKYLINE08/85-03/89 R31 Sedan 3.0
NISSANSKYLINE08/85-03/89 R31 Wagon 3.0
NISSANSKYLINE08/85-04/89 R31 Sedan 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE08/85-05/90 R31 Coupe 2.0
NISSANSKYLINE08/85-05/90 R31 Coupe 2.0 Turbo
NISSANSKYLINE08/91-07/93 R32 Coupe 2.5
NISSANSUNNY01/86-06/91 B12 Wagon 1.7 D
NISSANSUNNY01/89-06/91 B12 Coupe 1.8 GTI 16V
NISSANSUNNY05/87-05/89 B12 Coupe 1.6 GTI 16V
NISSANSUNNY06/86-05/89 A Wagon 1.6 i 4x4 (A)
NISSANSUNNY06/86-05/89 B12 Coupe 1.6 i
NISSANSUNNY06/86-10/88 B12 Coupe 1.5
NISSANSUNNY06/86-10/88 B12 Coupe 1.6
NISSANSUNNY06/86-10/88 B12 Wagon 1.5
NISSANSUNNY06/86-10/88 B12 Wagon 1.6
NISSANSUNNY08/86-05/89 B12 Wagon 1.6 i
NISSANSUNNY10/88-06/91 B12 Coupe 1.6 i 12V
NISSANSUNNY10/88-06/91 B12 Wagon 1.6 i 12V
NISSANSUNNY10/88-09/90 B12 Coupe 1.6 SGX
OPELASTRA01/03-10/05 F67 Convertible 1.6 (F67)
OPELASTRA01/99-04/05 F70 Wagon Van 1.7 TD (F70)
OPELASTRA01/99-04/05 F70 Wagon Van 2.0 DI (F70)
OPELASTRA01/99-09/00 F70 Wagon Van 1.6 (F70)
OPELASTRA02/00-01/05 F48,F08 Hatchback 1.7 DTI 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA02/00-01/05 F69 Sedan 1.7 DTI 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA02/00-04/05 F70 Wagon Van 1.7 DTI 16V (F70)
OPELASTRA02/00-07/04 F35 Wagon 1.7 DTI 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA02/04-11/04 F70 Wagon Van 1.6 (F70)
OPELASTRA02/04-11/04 L70 Wagon Van 1.6 EcoTec (L70)
OPELASTRA02/98-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.6 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA02/98-01/05 F48,F08 Hatchback 1.4 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA02/98-01/05 F48,F08 Hatchback 2.0 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA02/98-01/05 F48,F08 Hatchback 2.0 DI (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA02/98-07/04 F35 Wagon 1.6 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA02/98-07/04 F35 Wagon 2.0 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA02/98-07/04 F35 Wagon 2.0 DI (F35)
OPELASTRA02/98-08/00 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.7 TD (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA02/98-08/00 F35 Wagon 1.7 TD (F35)
OPELASTRA02/98-09/00 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.2 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA02/98-09/00 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.6 (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA02/98-09/00 F35 Wagon 1.2 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA02/98-09/00 F35 Wagon 1.6 (F35)
OPELASTRA02/98-09/00 F35 Wagon 1.8 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA02/98-09/00 F48,F08 Hatchback 1.8 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA03/00-05/05 F07 Coupe 1.6 16V (F07)
OPELASTRA03/00-10/00 F07 Coupe 1.8 16V (F07)
OPELASTRA03/01-01/05 F69 Sedan 2.2 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA03/01-07/04 F35 Wagon 2.2 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA03/01-10/05 F67 Convertible 1.6 16V (F67)
OPELASTRA03/01-10/05 F67 Convertible 1.8 16V (F67)
OPELASTRA03/01-10/05 F67 Convertible 2.2 16V (F67)
OPELASTRA03/02-10/05 F67 Convertible 2.0 OPC (F67)
OPELASTRA03/03-07/04 F35 Wagon 1.6 CNG (F35)
OPELASTRA03/98-01/05 T98 Hatchback 1.6 LPG (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA04/03-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.7 CDTI (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA04/03-05/04 F35 Wagon 1.7 CDTI (F35)
OPELASTRA04/03-12/09 F69 Sedan 1.7 CDTI (F69)
OPELASTRA06/00-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 2.2 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA06/00-01/05 F69 Sedan 1.8 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA06/02-01/05 T98 Sedan 1.6 LPG (F69)
OPELASTRA06/98-07/04 F35 Wagon 1.4 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA07/03-11/04 F70 Wagon Van 1.7 CDTi (F70)
OPELASTRA08/01-05/05 F07 Coupe 2.0 16V Turbo (F07)
OPELASTRA08/99-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 2.0 DTI 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA08/99-01/05 F69 Sedan 2.0 DTI 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA08/99-07/04 F35 Wagon 2.0 DTI 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA09/00-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.2 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA09/00-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.6 (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA09/00-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.8 16V (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA09/00-01/05 F69 Sedan 1.2 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA09/00-01/05 F69 Sedan 1.6 (F69)
OPELASTRA09/00-04/05 F70 Wagon Van 1.6 (F70)
OPELASTRA09/00-05/05 F07 Coupe 1.8 16V (F07)
OPELASTRA09/00-05/05 F07 Coupe 2.2 16V (F07)
OPELASTRA09/00-07/04 F35 Wagon 1.2 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA09/00-07/04 F35 Wagon 1.6 (F35)
OPELASTRA09/00-07/04 F35 Wagon 1.8 16V (F35)
OPELASTRA09/00-08/01 F07 Coupe 2.0 16V Turbo (F07)
OPELASTRA09/02-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 2.0 OPC (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA09/02-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 2.2 DTI (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA09/02-01/05 F69 Sedan 2.2 DTI (F69)
OPELASTRA09/02-05/05 F07 Coupe 2.2 DTI (F07)
OPELASTRA09/02-07/04 F35 Wagon 2.0 OPC (F35)
OPELASTRA09/02-07/04 F35 Wagon 2.2 DTI (F35)
OPELASTRA09/02-10/05 F67 Convertible 2.2 DTI (F67)
OPELASTRA09/07-12/09 F48,F08 Hatchback 1.4 (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA09/07-12/09 F69 Sedan 1.4 (F69)
OPELASTRA09/98-01/05 F69 Sedan 1.4 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA09/98-01/05 F69 Sedan 1.6 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA09/98-01/05 F69 Sedan 2.0 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA09/98-01/05 F69 Sedan 2.0 DI (F69)
OPELASTRA09/98-08/00 F69 Sedan 1.7 TD (F69)
OPELASTRA09/98-09/00 F69 Sedan 1.2 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA09/98-09/00 F69 Sedan 1.6 (F69)
OPELASTRA09/98-09/00 F69 Sedan 1.8 16V (F69)
OPELASTRA11/02-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 1.6 (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA11/02-01/05 F08,F48 Hatchback 2.0 OPC (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA11/02-05/05 F07 Coupe 2.0 16V Turbo (F07)
OPELASTRA11/02-07/04 F35 Wagon 2.0 OPC (F35)
OPELASTRA11/02-10/05 F67 Convertible 2.0 16V Turbo (F67)
OPELASTRA11/99-09/02 F48,F08 Hatchback 2.0 16V OPC (F08, F48)
OPELASTRA12/02-05/04 F35 Wagon 1.6 (F35)
OPELASTRA12/02-12/09 F69 Sedan 1.6 (F69)
OPELCOMMODORE05/81-12/82 14_,19_ Sedan 2.5 E
OPELCOMMODORE08/78-12/82 14_,19_ Sedan 2.5 S
OPELREKORD08/77-08/86 11_,14_,16_,17_,18_,19_ Sedan 2.0 S
OPELREKORD08/77-08/86 61_,66_,67_ Wagon 2.0 S
OPELREKORD08/78-08/83 11_,14_,16_,17_,18_,19_ Sedan 2.2 D
OPELREKORD08/78-08/83 61_,66_,67_ Wagon 2.2 D
OPELREKORD09/77-07/78 11_,14_,16_,17_,18_,19_ Sedan 2.1 D
OPELZAFIRA01/02-06/05 F75 MPV 2.2 DTI 16V (F75)
OPELZAFIRA04/99-06/05 F75 MPV 1.6 16V (F75)
OPELZAFIRA04/99-09/00 F75 MPV 1.8 16V (F75)
OPELZAFIRA07/99-06/05 F75 MPV 2.0 DI 16V (F75)
OPELZAFIRA09/00-06/05 F75 MPV 1.8 16V (F75)
OPELZAFIRA09/00-06/05 F75 MPV 2.0 DTI 16V (F75)
OPELZAFIRA09/00-06/05 T98 MPV 2.2 16V (F75)
OPELZAFIRA09/01-06/05 F75 MPV 2.0 OPC (F75)
OPELZAFIRA11/02-06/05 F75 MPV 2.0 OPC (F75)
PEUGEOT20501/89-09/93 20D,741B Convertible 1.4 CJ Cat
PEUGEOT20501/90-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.8 TD
PEUGEOT20502/83-07/87 Hatchback Van 1.1
PEUGEOT20502/83-07/87 Hatchback Van 1.4
PEUGEOT20502/83-07/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.6 GTI
PEUGEOT20502/83-07/90 Hatchback Van 1.8 D
PEUGEOT20502/83-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.0
PEUGEOT20502/83-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.1
PEUGEOT20502/83-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT20503/86-10/90 20D,741B Convertible 1.6 CTI
PEUGEOT20503/87-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.6
PEUGEOT20503/87-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.9 GTI
PEUGEOT20503/88-05/89 20D,741B Convertible 1.4 CJ
PEUGEOT20503/89-12/94 20D,741B Convertible 1.4 CJ
PEUGEOT20503/94-05/97 Hatchback Van 1.7 Diesel
PEUGEOT20504/86-12/88 20D,741B Convertible 1.4 CT
PEUGEOT20505/86-07/87 20D,741B Convertible 1.9
PEUGEOT20505/91-12/94 20D,741B Convertible 1.4 CJ
PEUGEOT20506/85-06/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.6 GTI
PEUGEOT20506/87-12/89 20A/C Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT20507/87-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.7 Diesel
PEUGEOT20507/87-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.8 Diesel
PEUGEOT20507/88-05/89 20A/C Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT20507/88-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT20507/89-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.1
PEUGEOT20508/83-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.7 Diesel
PEUGEOT20508/86-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.6
PEUGEOT20508/87-06/94 20D,741B Convertible 1.4
PEUGEOT20508/87-07/90 Hatchback Van 1.1
PEUGEOT20508/87-07/90 20D,741B Convertible 1.4
PEUGEOT20508/87-07/90 20D,741B Convertible 1.9 CTi
PEUGEOT20508/87-07/92 20D,741B Convertible 1.6
PEUGEOT20508/87-09/93 20A/C Hatchback 1.4 Cat
PEUGEOT20508/87-12/94 20D,741B Convertible 1.1
PEUGEOT20508/90-04/95 Hatchback Van 1.0
PEUGEOT20508/90-05/97 20A/C Hatchback 1.8 XDT
PEUGEOT20508/90-05/97 20A/C Hatchback 1.9
PEUGEOT20508/90-07/92 Hatchback Van 1.9 D
PEUGEOT20508/90-07/92 20A/C Hatchback 1.3
PEUGEOT20508/90-07/92 20A/C Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT20508/90-07/92 20A/C Hatchback 1.6
PEUGEOT20508/90-07/92 20A/C Hatchback 1.9 GTI
PEUGEOT20508/90-07/92 20D,741B Convertible 1.9 CTi
PEUGEOT20508/90-12/94 Hatchback Van 1.8 DT
PEUGEOT20508/92-05/97 20A/C Hatchback 1.0
PEUGEOT20508/92-05/97 20A/C Hatchback 1.9
PEUGEOT20508/92-12/94 20D,741B Convertible 1.6 CJ
PEUGEOT20510/85-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT20510/86-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.9 GTI
PEUGEOT20510/87-05/89 20A/C Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT20510/87-05/89 20A/C Hatchback 1.9 GTI
PEUGEOT20510/87-07/92 20A/C Hatchback 1.1
PEUGEOT20510/87-07/94 20A/C Hatchback 1.9 GTI Cat
PEUGEOT20510/87-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.0
PEUGEOT20510/87-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.6
PEUGEOT20510/87-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.6 Aut.
PEUGEOT20510/87-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.9 Diesel
PEUGEOT20510/87-09/98 20A/C Hatchback 1.9 GTI
PEUGEOT20510/87-10/90 20A/C Hatchback 1.1
PEUGEOT20510/87-10/90 20A/C Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT20510/87-10/94 20A/C Hatchback 1.9 GTI
PEUGEOT20510/87-12/89 20A/C Hatchback 1.6 GTI
PEUGEOT20510/87-12/94 20D,741B Convertible 1.9 CTI
PEUGEOT20510/89-12/94 20D,741B Convertible 1.1 CJ
PEUGEOT20510/91-04/94 20A/C Hatchback 1.6 Aut.
PEUGEOT20512/84-10/87 741A/C Hatchback 1.6 GTI
PEUGEOT30601/93-08/99 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.8
PEUGEOT30601/93-12/97 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30601/94-06/97 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 1.8
PEUGEOT30601/94-06/97 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 2.0
PEUGEOT30601/94-08/99 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.8 8V
PEUGEOT30601/94-12/99 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0
PEUGEOT30601/99-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.9 TD
PEUGEOT30601/99-05/00 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.9 SRDT
PEUGEOT30601/99-08/03 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30602/94-04/99 7_,N_ Wagon Van 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30602/94-05/99 7_,N_ Wagon Van 1.9 STD
PEUGEOT30602/94-10/95 Hatchback Van 1.9 STD
PEUGEOT30602/94-10/95 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.9 STD
PEUGEOT30602/94-12/97 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30602/95-11/97 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 2.0
PEUGEOT30602/97-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.9 TD
PEUGEOT30602/99-08/01 Hatchback Van 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30602/99-08/02 7_,N_ Wagon Van 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30603/94-04/02 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 2.0
PEUGEOT30603/97-04/02 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 2.0 16V
PEUGEOT30603/97-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.4
PEUGEOT30603/97-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.8
PEUGEOT30603/97-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30603/97-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30603/97-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 2.0
PEUGEOT30603/97-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30603/97-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 2.0
PEUGEOT30603/97-05/01 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0 16V
PEUGEOT30603/97-06/00 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 2.0 16V
PEUGEOT30603/97-07/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30603/97-07/01 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30603/97-10/00 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.6
PEUGEOT30603/97-10/03 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30603/98-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30603/98-05/01 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30603/98-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30604/93-05/99 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30604/93-07/01 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.4
PEUGEOT30604/94-08/99 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 1.8
PEUGEOT30604/94-08/99 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.8
PEUGEOT30604/96-10/00 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 1.6
PEUGEOT30604/96-12/00 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.9 DT
PEUGEOT30605/93-05/01 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.8 D
PEUGEOT30605/93-05/01 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30605/93-05/01 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.1
PEUGEOT30605/93-05/01 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.8
PEUGEOT30605/93-10/00 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.6
PEUGEOT30605/97-04/02 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30605/97-05/99 Hatchback Van 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30605/97-05/99 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30605/97-05/99 7_,N_ Wagon Van 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30605/97-06/00 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 2.0
PEUGEOT30606/94-05/01 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30606/94-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.1
PEUGEOT30606/94-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.4 SL
PEUGEOT30606/94-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.8
PEUGEOT30606/94-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.8 ST
PEUGEOT30606/94-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.9 SLD
PEUGEOT30606/94-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 2.0 S16
PEUGEOT30606/94-05/01 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0 S16
PEUGEOT30606/94-10/00 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.6 SR
PEUGEOT30606/96-05/01 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0 S16
PEUGEOT30606/99-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 2.0 HDI 90
PEUGEOT30606/99-12/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 2.0 HDI 90
PEUGEOT30607/00-05/01 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.6
PEUGEOT30607/00-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.6
PEUGEOT30607/94-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 2.0 ST
PEUGEOT30607/94-08/96 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0 S16
PEUGEOT30607/95-08/00 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.9 Td
PEUGEOT30607/95-08/00 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.9 Td
PEUGEOT30607/97-04/02 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 2.0 16V
PEUGEOT30607/97-05/01 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0 S16
PEUGEOT30607/97-08/99 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30607/97-10/00 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 2.0
PEUGEOT30607/97-10/00 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30607/97-12/00 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 1.8 16V
PEUGEOT30607/97-12/01 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0 16V
PEUGEOT30607/97-12/02 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0 HDI 90
PEUGEOT30609/98-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30609/98-05/01 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30609/98-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.9 D
PEUGEOT30610/00-04/02 7D,N3,N5 Convertible 1.6
PEUGEOT30610/00-04/02 7E,N3,N5 Wagon 1.6
PEUGEOT30610/00-05/01 7A,7C,N3,N5 Hatchback 1.6
PEUGEOT30610/00-05/01 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 1.6
PEUGEOT30611/95-06/97 7B,N3,N5 Sedan 2.0
PEUGEOT30611/95-06/97 N5,N3,7C,7A Hatchback 2.0 XSi
PROTONIPIAN - WAJA09/01-12/05 CF1S Sedan 1.6 (CF1S)
PROTONM2101/95-11/00 Coupe 1.8 EXi (C99D)
PROTONM2109/97-11/01 Coupe 1.8 EXi
PROTONSATRIA01/99-05/06 C9M Hatchback 1.8 GTi
PROTONSATRIA02/00-11/00 C9M Hatchback 1.6
PROTONSATRIA02/97-01/06 C9M Hatchback 1.5
PROTONSATRIA02/97-11/00 C9M Hatchback 1.6
PROTONSATRIA07/00-05/06 C9M Hatchback 1.5 (C97M)
PROTONSATRIA08/00-05/06 C9M Hatchback 1.3
PROTONSATRIA09/99-06/02 C9M Hatchback 1.3
SUBARUFORESTER01/09-12/11 SH_ SUV 2.0 BiFuel AWD
SUBARUFORESTER02/02-12/08 SG5 SUV 2.0 S Turbo AWD
SUBARUFORESTER02/11-04/13 SH,SH9 SUV 2.5 Turbo AWD (SH9)
SUBARUFORESTER05/05-09/05 SG_ SUV 2.5 Prodrive Performance Pack AWD
SUBARUFORESTER06/05-05/08 SG,SG9 SUV 2.5 AWD (SG9, S11SG, S12SH)
SUBARUFORESTER07/02-06/05 SG,SG9 SUV 2.5 RX Nato AWD (SG9)
SUBARUFORESTER09/98-12/00 SF,SF5 SUV 2.0 S Turbo AWD (SF5)
SUBARUFORESTER12/00-07/02 SF,SF5 SUV 2.0 S Turbo AWD (SF5)
SUBARUIMPREZA01/01-09/05 GD,GDE Sedan 2.5 i AWD (GDE)
SUBARUIMPREZA01/05-12/06 GGA Wagon 2.0 WRX AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA01/07-12/07 GE,GV Sedan 2.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA01/08-03/12 GE,GH,GR,GH7 Hatchback 2.0 R AWD (GH7)
SUBARUIMPREZA01/08-08/13 GRF Hatchback 2.5 WRX AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA01/08-11/16 GE7 Sedan 2.0 i AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA01/09-03/12 G3,GE,GH,GR Hatchback 2.0 D AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA01/93-08/98 GF3 Wagon 1.6
SUBARUIMPREZA01/93-10/95 GFC Coupe 1.8
SUBARUIMPREZA01/98-12/98 GC,GC7 Sedan 1.6 (GC7)
SUBARUIMPREZA02/04-07/05 GD Sedan 2.0 WRX STi AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA02/07-12/07 GE,GV Sedan 2.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA02/08-03/12 GH2 Hatchback 1.5 F
SUBARUIMPREZA02/08-03/12 GH3 Hatchback 1.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA02/08-on GE3 Sedan 1.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA02/09-12/10 G3,GE,GH,GR Hatchback 2.5 WRX S AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA02/94-09/98 GF,GF8 Wagon 2.0 i WRX AWD (GF8)
SUBARUIMPREZA02/99-10/00 GC,GC8 Sedan 2.0 WRX / WRX STI AWD (GC8)
SUBARUIMPREZA03/01-09/05 GDE Sedan 2.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA04/01-10/02 GD Sedan 2.0 WRX STi Prodrive Performance Package AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA04/07-08/09 GH7 Hatchback 2.0 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA04/10-08/13 GRF Hatchback 2.5 STI CS400 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA04/93-08/98 GC,GC3 Sedan 1.6 i (GC3)
SUBARUIMPREZA04/93-08/98 GF4 Wagon 1.6 i AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA04/93-11/96 GC,GC6 Sedan 1.8 i AWD (GC6)
SUBARUIMPREZA04/93-11/96 GF,GF6 Wagon 1.8 i AWD (GF6)
SUBARUIMPREZA05/06-03/07 GD3 Sedan 1.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA05/06-03/07 GG3 Wagon 1.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA05/09-12/10 G3,GE,GH,GR Hatchback 2.5 WRX STI 330S AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA06/01-08/05 GD Sedan 2.2
SUBARUIMPREZA06/01-08/05 GG Wagon 2.2
SUBARUIMPREZA06/01-08/05 GG2 Wagon 1.5
SUBARUIMPREZA06/01-09/05 GD2 Sedan 1.5
SUBARUIMPREZA06/97-12/00 GC,GC3 Sedan 1.6 i (GC3)
SUBARUIMPREZA06/97-12/00 GF,GF3 Wagon 1.6 i (GF3)
SUBARUIMPREZA06/98-10/00 GF8 Wagon 2.0 i 16V AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA06/98-12/00 GC4 Sedan 1.6 i AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA06/98-12/00 GF4 Wagon 1.6 i AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA07/07-12/07 GG Wagon 2.5 GB270 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA07/10-08/13 GE,GH,GR,G3 Hatchback 2.5 WRX SE AWD (GRE)
SUBARUIMPREZA07/96-08/98 GC,GC7 Sedan 2.0 i (GC7)
SUBARUIMPREZA08/92-12/00 GC4 Sedan 1.6 i AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA09/05-06/07 GG,GG9 Wagon 2.0 i AWD (GG9)
SUBARUIMPREZA09/05-12/07 GD Sedan 2.5 i WRX STI AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA09/08-12/10 GH6 Hatchback 2.0
SUBARUIMPREZA09/96-08/98 GF8 Wagon 2.0
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GC4 Coupe 1.6
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GC8 Coupe 2.0
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GC8 Coupe 2.0 WRX / WRX STI AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GC8 Sedan 2.0 i
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GC8 Sedan 2.2 GX AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GF Wagon 2.2 GX AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GF1 Wagon 1.5 L
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GF8 Wagon 2.0 i
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GFC Coupe 2.2 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-09/00 GFC Coupe 2.2 i
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-10/00 GC,GC8 Sedan 2.0 i WRX AWD (GC8)
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-10/00 GF,GF8 Wagon 2.0 i WRX AWD (GF8)
SUBARUIMPREZA09/98-12/99 GFC Coupe 2.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA09/99-10/00 GC,GC8 Sedan 2.0 i AWD (GC8)
SUBARUIMPREZA09/99-12/07 GD,GD9 Sedan 2.0 i AWD (GD9)
SUBARUIMPREZA10/00-09/06 GG Wagon 1.6
SUBARUIMPREZA10/00-10/02 GGB Wagon 2.0 WRX STi AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA10/00-11/02 GD,GDA Sedan 2.0 WRX Turbo AWD (GDA)
SUBARUIMPREZA10/00-11/02 GG,GGA Wagon 2.0 i WRX AWD (GGA)
SUBARUIMPREZA10/00-11/02 GG9 Wagon 2.0 i AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-03/07 GD,GDB Sedan 2.0 AWD (GDB)
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-03/07 GD2 Sedan 1.5
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-03/07 GD3 Sedan 1.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-03/07 GDA Sedan 2.0 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-03/07 GG2 Wagon 1.5
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-03/07 GG3 Wagon 1.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-03/07 GGA Wagon 2.0 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-04/07 GDF Sedan 2.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-12/07 GD,GD9 Sedan 2.0 i R AWD (GD9)
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-12/07 GD,GDG Sedan 2.5 i WRX AWD (GDG)
SUBARUIMPREZA10/05-12/08 GG Wagon 2.5 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA10/07-09/11 GE,GH,GR,GHE Hatchback 2.5 i WRX AWD (GHE)
SUBARUIMPREZA11/92-09/98 GC,GC8 Sedan 2.0 i WRX AWD (GC8)
SUBARUIMPREZA11/93-09/00 GF8 Wagon 2.0 WRX AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA11/94-08/98 GC1 Sedan 1.5
SUBARUIMPREZA11/95-06/96 GC,GC5 Sedan 1.8 i (GC5)
SUBARUIMPREZA11/95-06/96 GF,GF5 Wagon 1.8 i (GF5)
SUBARUIMPREZA11/95-08/98 GC8 Sedan 2.2 GX AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA11/95-08/98 GF Wagon 2.2 GX AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA11/95-08/98 GF1 Wagon 1.5 L
SUBARUIMPREZA11/95-09/00 GC8 Coupe 2.0 i
SUBARUIMPREZA11/96-09/98 GC,GC7 Sedan 2.0 i AWD (GC7)
SUBARUIMPREZA11/96-09/98 GF,GF8 Wagon 2.0 i AWD (GF8)
SUBARUIMPREZA12/00-06/09 GD5 Sedan 1.6 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/00-09/06 GG Wagon 1.6 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/01-11/02 GDA Sedan 2.0 i AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/02-03/07 GDA Sedan 2.0 WRX Turbo AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/02-09/05 GD,GDA Sedan 2.0 i WRX AWD (GDA)
SUBARUIMPREZA12/02-09/05 GDA,GGA Wagon 2.5 i AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/02-09/06 GGA Wagon 2.0 WRX Turbo AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/07-12/10 GRB Hatchback 2.0 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/07-12/11 GH8 Hatchback S-GT AWD (GH8)
SUBARUIMPREZA12/95-12/00 GC8 Coupe 2.0 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/96-12/00 GC4 Coupe 1.6
SUBARUIMPREZA12/96-12/00 GC4 Coupe 1.6 AWD
SUBARUIMPREZA12/96-12/00 GC8 Coupe 2.0 Turbo AWD
SUBARULEVORG01/19-on Wagon 2.0 AWD
SUBARULEVORG03/15-on VMG Wagon 2.0 AWD
SUBARULEVORG05/16-on VMG Wagon 2.0 AWD
SUBARULEVORG09/15-on VM4 Wagon 1.6 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY01/06-08/06 B13,BP,BP5 Wagon 2.0 GT AWD (BP5)
SUBARULIBERTY01/08-12/09 BP9 Wagon 2.5 i AWD
SUBARULIBERTY01/13-12/14 BR Wagon 2.0 D AWD
SUBARULIBERTY01/89-07/94 BF2 Wagon 1800
SUBARULIBERTY01/89-07/94 BF3 Wagon 1800 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY01/89-07/94 BF7 Wagon 2.2 i DX, GX, LX
SUBARULIBERTY01/89-09/91 BC3 Sedan 1800 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY01/89-12/93 BC2 Sedan 1800
SUBARULIBERTY02/02-06/03 BE5 Sedan 2.0 AWD (BE5)
SUBARULIBERTY02/02-08/03 BE,BE5 Sedan 2.0 AWD (BE5)
SUBARULIBERTY02/08-12/09 BLD Sedan 2.0 D AWD
SUBARULIBERTY02/08-12/09 BPD Wagon 2.0 D AWD
SUBARULIBERTY02/94-06/96 BG,BG7 Wagon 2.2 i 4WD (BG7)
SUBARULIBERTY05/09-12/14 BM9 Sedan 2.5 GT AWD (BM9)
SUBARULIBERTY05/09-12/14 BR9 Wagon 2.5 GT AWD
SUBARULIBERTY05/09-12/14 BR9 Wagon 2.5 i AWD
SUBARULIBERTY05/89-12/93 BC Sedan 1.6
SUBARULIBERTY05/89-12/93 BC,BJF Wagon 1.6 GL
SUBARULIBERTY06/02-08/03 BE,BE5 Sedan 2.0 AWD (BE5)
SUBARULIBERTY06/02-08/03 BH Wagon 2.0 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY06/05-04/09 BL5 Sedan 2.0 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY06/05-04/09 BP5 Wagon 2.0 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY06/05-07/07 B13,BP,BP5 Wagon 2.0 AWD (BP5)
SUBARULIBERTY06/08-12/14 BR Wagon 2.0 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY06/09-12/15 BM Sedan 2.0 i AWD
SUBARULIBERTY06/12-12/14 BR Wagon 2.0 i AWD
SUBARULIBERTY06/14-12/14 BM5 Sedan 2.0 GT AWD
SUBARULIBERTY06/91-09/93 BC5 Sedan 2.0 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY06/94-09/98 BD,BD6/BD7 Wagon 2.2 LX 4WD (BG6, BG7)
SUBARULIBERTY06/94-09/98 BG,BG6/BG7 Sedan 2.2 GX, LX 4WD (BD6, BD7)
SUBARULIBERTY06/94-09/98 BG7 Wagon 2.2 LX
SUBARULIBERTY06/94-12/96 BG,BG6/BG7 Wagon 2.2 i (BG7)
SUBARULIBERTY06/96-03/99 BD7 Sedan 2.2 i 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY06/96-03/99 BD9 Sedan 2.5 i 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY06/96-11/98 BG7 Wagon 2.2 i 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY06/96-11/98 BG9 Wagon 2.5 i 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY07/10-12/14 BM,BM9 Sedan 2.5 GT AWD (BM9)
SUBARULIBERTY07/10-12/14 BR,BR9 Wagon 2.5 GT AWD (BR9)
SUBARULIBERTY07/12-12/14 BMM Sedan 2.5 i AWD
SUBARULIBERTY07/12-12/14 BR,BRM Wagon 2.5 i AWD (BRM)
SUBARULIBERTY07/94-06/95 BD,BD6 Sedan 2.2 i GX, LX, Heritage (BD6)
SUBARULIBERTY07/94-11/98 BG,BG7 Wagon 2.2 i 4WD (BG7)
SUBARULIBERTY07/95-11/98 BD,BD7 Sedan 2.2 4WD (BD7)
SUBARULIBERTY08/00-08/03 BE5 Sedan 2.0 RSK AWD (BE5)
SUBARULIBERTY08/00-08/03 BEE Sedan 3.0 H6 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY08/00-08/03 BH5 Wagon 2.0 RSK AWD
SUBARULIBERTY08/00-08/03 BHE Wagon 3.0 H6 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY08/04-07/06 BL,BL5 Sedan 2.0 GT Tuned By STI AWD (BL5)
SUBARULIBERTY08/04-08/06 B13,BP,BP5 Wagon 2.0 GT AWD (BP5)
SUBARULIBERTY08/04-08/09 B13,BP,BPE Wagon 3.0 R AWD (BPE)
SUBARULIBERTY08/04-08/09 BL,BLE Sedan 3.0 R AWD (BLE)
SUBARULIBERTY08/05-03/12 BL Sedan 2.0 2WD
SUBARULIBERTY08/90-07/94 BC,BC7,BCB Sedan GS Rally, Heritage 4WD (BC6, BC7)
SUBARULIBERTY08/91-07/94 BC5 Sedan 2000 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY08/91-12/93 BC4 Sedan 2.0
SUBARULIBERTY09/03-06/05 BL,BL5 Sedan 2.0 AWD (BL5)
SUBARULIBERTY09/03-07/07 BL,BL9 Sedan 2.5 AWD (BL9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/03-08/06 B13,BP,BP9 Wagon 2.5 AWD (BP9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/03-11/06 B13,BP,BP5 Wagon 2.0 AWD (BP5)
SUBARULIBERTY09/03-11/06 B13,BP,BP5 Wagon 2.0 Turbo AWD (BP5)
SUBARULIBERTY09/03-11/06 BL,BL5 Sedan 2.0 Turbo AWD (BL5)
SUBARULIBERTY09/06-12/09 B13,BP,BP9 Wagon 2.5 STI AWD (BP9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/06-12/09 B13,BP,BP9 Wagon 2.5 T AWD (BP9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/06-12/09 BL,BL9 Sedan 2.5 STI AWD (BL9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/06-12/09 BL,BL9 Sedan 2.5 T AWD (BL9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/07-08/09 BL,BL9 Sedan 2.5 i AWD (BL9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/07-12/09 BL5 Sedan 2.0 R AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/07-12/09 BP5 Wagon 2.0 R AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-12/11 BM Sedan 2.0 i LPG AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-12/14 BM,BM9 Sedan 2.5 i AWD (BM9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-12/14 BM,BMF Sedan 3.6 AWD (BMF)
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-12/14 BM5 Sedan 2.0 i AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-12/14 BMD Sedan 2.0 D AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-12/14 BR Wagon 2.0 D AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-12/14 BR Wagon 2.0 i AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-12/14 BR,BR9 Wagon 2.5 i AWD (BR9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/09-on BM5 Sedan 2.0 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/13-12/17 BMM Sedan 2.5 AWD
SUBARULIBERTY09/91-07/94 BF5 Wagon 2000 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY09/91-12/93 BF5 Wagon 2000
SUBARULIBERTY09/94-03/99 BD,BD7 Sedan 2.2 i GX, LX, Heritage 4WD (BD7)
SUBARULIBERTY09/94-03/99 BD4 Sedan 2.0 i
SUBARULIBERTY09/94-03/99 BD5 Sedan 2.0 i 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY09/94-11/98 BG4 Wagon 2.0 i
SUBARULIBERTY09/94-11/98 BG5 Wagon 2.0 i 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY09/96-11/98 BD,BD9 Sedan 2.5 i RX Heritage 4WD (BD9)
SUBARULIBERTY09/96-11/98 BG,BG9 Wagon 2.5 i 4WD (BG9)
SUBARULIBERTY10/89-06/94 BC7 Sedan 2.2
SUBARULIBERTY10/89-07/94 BF7 Wagon i GX 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY10/91-07/94 BC,BC5 Sedan RS 4WD (BC5)
SUBARULIBERTY10/91-07/94 BF5 Wagon RS 4WD
SUBARULIBERTY10/98-08/03 BE,BE5 Sedan 2.0 AWD (BE5)
SUBARULIBERTY10/98-08/03 BE,BE9 Sedan 2.5 AWD (BE9)
SUBARULIBERTY10/98-08/03 BH,BH5 Wagon 2.0 i GX AWD (BH5)
SUBARULIBERTY10/98-08/03 BH,BH9 Wagon 2.5 i RX Heritage AWD (BH9)
SUBARUOUTBACK01/00-08/03 BH,BH9 Wagon 2.5 AWD (BH9)
SUBARUOUTBACK01/00-08/03 BH,BHE Wagon 3.0 H6 AWD (BHE)
SUBARUOUTBACK01/12-01/15 BR,BRM Wagon 2.5 i AWD (BRM)
SUBARUOUTBACK01/12-12/14 BR Wagon 2.5 i AWD
SUBARUOUTBACK01/13-01/15 BRM Wagon 2.5 i AWD
SUBARUOUTBACK01/13-on BRM Wagon 2.5 i AWD
SUBARUOUTBACK01/96-12/99 BG,BG9 Wagon 2.5 (BG9)
SUBARUOUTBACK09/03-10/05 BP5 Wagon 2.0 AWD
SUBARUOUTBACK09/08-06/09 BP9 Wagon 2.5 AWD
SUBARUOUTBACK09/08-09/09 BP9 Wagon 2.5 AWD
SUBARUOUTBACK09/08-09/09 BPD Wagon 2.0 D AWD
SUBARUOUTBACK09/09-01/15 BR,BR9 Wagon 2.5 i AWD (BR9)
SUBARUOUTBACK09/09-01/15 BR,BRD Wagon 2.0 D AWD (BRD)
SUBARUOUTBACK09/09-01/15 BR,BRF Wagon 3.6 R AWD (BRF)
SUBARUOUTBACK09/96-10/98 BP9 Wagon 2.5
SUBARUOUTBACK11/03-06/07 BP,BP9 Wagon 2.5 AWD (BP9)
SUBARUOUTBACK11/03-09/09 BP,BPE Wagon 3.0 AWD (BPE)
SUBARUWRX04/16-on GJ,GK Sedan 2.0 AWD
SUBARUWRX04/16-on GJ,GK Sedan STi 2.0 AWD
SUBARUWRX06/14-on GJ,FKH(V1) Sedan 2,5 WRX STi 2.5 AWD
SUBARUWRX12/13-on GJ,GK6/GK8(V1) Sedan 2.0 AWD (GK6, GK8)
TOYOTACELICA01/73-11/77 RA23,RA28 Coupe 2.0 (RA28, RA23)
TOYOTACELICA03/90-12/92 ST185 Coupe 2.0 4WD (ST185)
TOYOTACELICA08/90-09/93 ST183 Convertible 2.0 (ST183)
TOYOTACELICA09/89-10/93 ST182_ Coupe 2.0 (ST182_)
TOYOTACELICA09/89-11/93 ST184 Coupe 2.2 (ST184)
TOYOTACELICA09/89-12/93 AT180 Coupe 1.6 (AT180)
TOYOTACELICA10/75-07/77 RA28_,RA23_ Coupe 2.0 (RA23_, RA28_)
TOYOTACELICA10/89-01/94 ST183,ST182 Coupe 2.0 (ST182, ST183)
TOYOTACELICA10/89-01/94 ST185 Coupe 2.0 4WD (ST185)
TOYOTACELICA10/89-09/93 ST182 Coupe 2.0 (ST182, ST183)
TOYOTACELICA10/89-09/93 ST185 Coupe 2.0 4WD (ST185)
TOYOTACELICA10/89-11/93 ST182 Convertible 2.0 GTi (ST182)
TOYOTACELICA10/89-12/94 ST184 Coupe 2.2 (ST184)
TOYOTACELICA10/90-10/93 ST183 Convertible 2.0 GTi (ST183)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/01-02/07 ZZE124 Hatchback 1.8 4WD (ZZE124)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/01-08/06 NZE121_ Hatchback 1.5 RUNX VVT-i (NZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/01-09/06 ZZE123 Hatchback 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-02/07 CDE120_ Wagon 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-02/07 ZZE120_ Wagon 1.4 VVT-i (ZZE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-05/04 CDE120_ MPV 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-08/07 ZZE121_ Wagon 1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-12/06 CDE120R_,CDE120L_ Hatchback 2.0 D-4D (CDE120R_, CDE120L_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-12/06 CDE120_ Hatchback 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-12/06 CDE120_ Sedan 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/02-12/06 ZZE121_ Hatchback 1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/85-05/88 CE80_ Hatchback 1.8 D (CE80_)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/85-08/87 EE80 Hatchback 1.3 (EE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA01/86-05/89 AE82 Hatchback 1.6 (AE82)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/00-01/02 WZE110_ Hatchback 1.9 D (WZE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/00-01/02 ZZE112_ Hatchback 1.6 (ZZE112_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/00-10/01 WZE110_ Wagon 1.9 D (WZE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/00-10/01 ZZE111_ Wagon 1.4 16V (ZZE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/00-10/01 ZZE112_ Wagon 1.6 16V (ZZE112_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/00-11/01 WZE110_ Sedan 1.9 D (WZE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/00-11/01 ZZE111_ Sedan 1.4 16V (ZZE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/05-02/07 ZZE123_ Hatchback 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123_)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/88-05/92 AE92 Wagon 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA02/88-08/92 AE95 Wagon 1.6 4WD (AE95)
TOYOTACOROLLA03/01-09/06 NZE121_ Wagon 1.5 (NZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA03/01-09/06 ZZE123_ Wagon 1.8 (ZZE123_)
TOYOTACOROLLA03/04-03/09 NDE120 MPV 1.4 D-4D (NDE120)
TOYOTACOROLLA03/04-03/09 R1_,ZER_,ZZE12_ MPV 1.3 VVTi
TOYOTACOROLLA03/04-03/09 R1_,ZER_,ZZE12_ MPV 1.8
TOYOTACOROLLA03/04-03/09 ZER10,ZZE121 MPV 1.5 (ZER10, ZZE121)
TOYOTACOROLLA03/04-03/09 ZZE122 MPV 1.8 (ZZE122)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/04-02/07 CDE120_ Wagon 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/04-03/09 CUR10_ MPV 2.0 D-4D (CUR10_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/04-03/09 ZNR10_ MPV 1.6 (ZNR10_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/04-03/09 ZNR11_ MPV 1.8 (ZNR11_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/85-05/89 AE82 Hatchback 1.6 (AE82)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/85-06/89 AE82 Sedan 1.6 (AE82)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/88-10/95 AE95 Wagon 1.6 4WD (AE95)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 AE111 Sedan 1.6 (AE111)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 AE111_ Sedan 1.6 Aut. (AE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 AE111_ Wagon 1.6 (AE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 AE111_ Wagon 1.6 Aut. (AE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 CE110 Hatchback 2.0 D (CE110)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 CE110_ Hatchback 2.0 D (CE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 CE110_ Sedan 2.0 D (CE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 CE110_ Wagon 2.0 D (CE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-02/00 EE111_ Wagon 1.4 (EE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-06/02 AE112 Sedan 1.8 (AE112)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-10/01 AE115_ Wagon 1.8 4WD (AE115_)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/97-10/01 CDE110 Wagon 2.0 D-4D (CDE110)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/98-10/01 CDE112 Sedan 2.2 TD (CDE112)
TOYOTACOROLLA04/98-10/01 CE110 Hatchback 2.2 TD (CE110)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/03-02/07 CDE120R_,CDE120L_ Hatchback 2.0 D-4D (CDE120R_, CDE120L_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/03-05/07 ZZE123 Hatchback 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/85-04/87 AE82 Hatchback 1.6 (AE82)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/87-04/92 AE92 Wagon 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/87-04/92 AE92_ Coupe 1.6 (AE92_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/87-04/92 EE90 Sedan 1.3 (EE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/87-04/92 EE90_ Wagon 1.3 (EE90_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/87-04/94 AE92 Sedan 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/87-05/89 AE91 Hatchback 1.5 (AE91)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/87-05/92 AE92 Hatchback 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/87-06/91 AE92 Sedan 1.6 i 20V (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/88-06/91 AE91 Hatchback 1.5 (AE91)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/88-06/91 AE91 Sedan 1.5 (AE91)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/92-04/97 AE101_ Sedan 1.6 (AE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/92-04/97 AE92,AE93 Hatchback 1.6 EFi (AE92, AE93)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/97-02/00 AE111_ Hatchback 1.6 (AE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/97-02/00 AE111_ Hatchback 1.6 Aut. (AE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/97-08/01 _E11_ Wagon 1.8 4WD
TOYOTACOROLLA05/97-09/99 EE111_ Hatchback 1.4 (EE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/97-09/99 EE111_ Sedan 1.4 (EE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA05/97-09/99 _E11_ Sedan 1.3 (EE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/04-07/07 CDE120_ Sedan 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/04-10/06 NDE120_ Sedan 1.4 D-4D (NDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/04-10/07 NDE120_ Wagon 1.4 D4-D (NDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-05/88 CE80_ Hatchback 1.8 D (CE80_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-05/88 CE80_ Sedan 1.8 D (CE80_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-06/89 CE80_ Sedan 1.8 D (CE80_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-07/87 AE85 Coupe 1.5 L (AE85)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-07/87 AE86_ Coupe 1.6 GTi Twin Cam (AE86_)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-08/87 AE82 Hatchback 1.6 (AE82)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-08/87 AE82 Sedan 1.6 (AE82)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-08/87 CE80 Hatchback 1.8 D (CE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-09/84 AE80 Hatchback 1.3 (AE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/83-10/84 AE80 Sedan 1.3 (AE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/89-06/92 EE90 Wagon 1.3 (EE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/89-09/94 AE92 Hatchback 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/89-09/94 AE92 Sedan 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/91-08/94 AE100 Sedan 1.5 (AE100)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/91-08/98 AE101 Sedan 1.6 i 20V (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/95-07/00 AE114 Sedan 1.6 (AE114)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/01-02/04 NZE120_ MPV 1.5 (NZE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/04-02/07 NDE120_ Hatchback 1.4 D (NDE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/83-12/85 AE86 Coupe 1.6 SR (AE86)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/85-05/88 AE82_ Hatchback 1.6 (AE82_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/87-04/92 EE90 Hatchback 1.3 (EE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/87-06/91 AE92 Hatchback 1.6 i 20V (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/87-06/93 AE92_ Hatchback 1.6 GTI (AE92_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/87-06/93 CE90_ Sedan 1.8 D (CE90_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/89-11/92 AE90 Sedan 1.4 (AE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 AE101_ Hatchback 1.6 GLI (AE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 AE101_ Hatchback 1.6 Si (AE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 AE101_ Wagon 1.6 Si (AE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 CE100_ Hatchback 2.0 D (CE100_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 CE100_ Sedan 2.0 D (CE100_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 CE100_ Wagon 2.0 D (CE100_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 EE100_ Sedan 1.3 12V (EE100_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 EE101_ Hatchback 1.3 XLI (EE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-05/95 EE100_ Hatchback 1.3 12V (EE100_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-05/95 EE100_ Wagon 1.3 12V (EE100_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-07/95 AE101 Wagon 1.6 (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-09/95 EE101 Hatchback 1.3 XLI 16V (EE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-09/95 EE101 Sedan 1.3 XLI 16V (EE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-09/95 EE101_ Wagon 1.3 XLI 16V (EE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/00-10/01 CDE110 Hatchback 2.0 D-4D (CDE110)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/00-10/01 CDE110 Sedan 2.0 D-4D (CDE110)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/00-10/01 CDE110 Wagon 2.0 D-4D (CDE110)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/01-05/04 ZZE121_ MPV 1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/83-04/87 EE80 Hatchback 1.3 (EE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/83-04/87 EE80 Sedan 1.3 (EE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/83-07/87 AE86 Coupe 1.6 GT 16V (AE86)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/83-12/87 AE86 Hatchback 1.6 (AE86)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/83-12/87 AE86 Sedan 1.6 (AE86)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/85-08/87 AE82 Hatchback 1.6 (AE82)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/85-08/87 AE82 Sedan 1.6 (AE82)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/85-08/87 AE82_ Hatchback 1.6 GT 16V (AE82_)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/85-08/87 CE80_ Hatchback 1.8 D (CE80_)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/87-04/92 AE92 Hatchback 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/87-04/92 CE90 Hatchback 1.8 D (CE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/87-04/92 EE90 Hatchback 1.3 (EE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/87-04/92 EE90 Hatchback 1.3 i (EE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/87-05/91 AE91 Sedan 1.5 DX (AE91)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/89-04/92 CE90 Hatchback 1.8 D (CE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/89-04/92 EE90 Sedan 1.3 i (EE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/89-06/92 CE90 Wagon 1.8 D (CE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/89-11/92 AE90 Hatchback 1.4 (AE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/90-04/92 AE91 Sedan 1.5 4WD (AE91)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/91-09/94 AE92 Hatchback 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/91-09/94 AE92 Hatchback 1.6 i (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/91-09/94 AE92 Sedan 1.6 i (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/91-09/94 AE92,AE93 Hatchback 1.6 EFI (AE92, AE93)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/95-04/97 EE101_ Hatchback 1.3 XLI (EE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/95-04/97 _E10_ Wagon 1.8 4WD
TOYOTACOROLLA08/98-08/00 AE111 Sedan 1.6 i 20V (AE111)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/00-01/02 CDE110_ Hatchback 2.0 D-4D (CDE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/00-10/01 CDE110_ Wagon 2.0 D-4D (CDE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/00-11/01 CDE110_ Sedan 2.0 D-4D (CDE110_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/06-on NZE121, NZE124 Wagon 1.5 4WD (NZE121, NZE124)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/85-05/89 AE80 Hatchback 1.3 (AE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/85-05/89 AE80 Sedan 1.3 (AE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/85-08/87 EE80_ Hatchback 1.3 (EE80_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/89-04/92 AE92 Hatchback 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/89-04/92 AE92_ Sedan 1.6 XL (AE92_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/91-03/98 CE109 Wagon 2.0 D (CE109)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/91-07/95 AE101 Sedan 1.6 (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/94-05/95 AE102 Hatchback 1.8 GT (AE102_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/94-11/99 AE101 Hatchback 1.6 i (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/94-12/97 AE101_ Sedan 1.6 (AE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/94-12/99 AE102 Hatchback 1.8 EFi (AE102)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/95-04/97 AE101_ Sedan 1.6 Si (AE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/95-04/97 AE103_ Wagon 1.8 16V 4WD (AE103_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/95-04/97 EE101_ Sedan 1.3 XLI (EE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/95-04/97 EE101_ Wagon 1.3 XLI (EE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/98-11/01 AE112 Hatchback 1.8 (AE112)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/99-06/02 ZZE110 Sedan 1.8 (ZZE110)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/01-03/08 ZZE121_ Sedan 1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/01-05/07 ZZE124,ZZE126_ MPV 1.8 VVTi 4WD (ZZE126_, ZZE124)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/01-10/06 ZZE120_ Sedan 1.4 VVT-i (ZZE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/05-03/09 AUR10_ MPV 2.2 D-4D (AUR10_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/05-12/06 ZZE123_ Hatchback 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/05-12/07 ZZE122 Hatchback 1.8 (ZZE122_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/05-12/07 ZZE122 Wagon 1.8 (ZZE122_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/84-04/87 EE80 Hatchback 1.3 (EE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/84-08/87 EE80 Sedan 1.3 (EE80)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/87-08/90 AE92 Hatchback 1.6 GL 4WD (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/87-08/90 AE92_ Sedan 1.6 i 4WD (AE92_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/87-08/90 AE95 Sedan 1.6 GL 4WD (AE95)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/92-08/94 AE93 Hatchback 1.8 EFi (AE93)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/97-10/01 _E11_ Sedan 1.8 (AE112_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/99-01/02 ZZE111_ Hatchback 1.4 (ZZE111_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/99-10/01 ZZE112_ Hatchback 1.6 (ZZE112_)
TOYOTACOROLLA10/99-12/01 ZZE112_ Sedan 1.6 16V (ZZE112_)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/01-02/07 ZZE120_ Hatchback 1.4 VVT-i (ZZE120_)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/87-10/89 EE90 Sedan 1.5 (EE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/87-10/89 _E9_ Hatchback 1.5
TOYOTACOROLLA11/89-04/92 AE91 Sedan 1.5 (AE91)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/89-04/92 AE91_ Hatchback 1.5 (AE91_)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/89-06/92 AE92_ Wagon 1.6 XLI (AE92_)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/89-06/93 CE90_ Sedan 1.8 D (CE90_)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/92-04/95 AE103 Hatchback 1.8 GTi 4WD (AE103)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/92-04/97 AE102 Sedan 1.8 i (AE102)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/92-05/95 AE102_ Hatchback 1.8 GT (AE102_)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/92-09/94 AE96 Hatchback 1.8 i (AE96)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/92-10/95 AE94 Hatchback 1.6 i (AE94)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-02/07 ZZE121 Wagon 1.8 4WD (ZZE121)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-05/04 ZZE122_ MPV 1.8 VVT-i (ZZE122_)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-05/07 ZZE122 Hatchback 1.8 VVTi (ZZE122_)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-05/07 ZZE122 Sedan 1.8 (ZZE122)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/01-05/07 ZZE122 Wagon 1.8 (ZZE122)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/85-04/87 AE86_ Coupe 1.6 16V (AE86_)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/85-05/88 AE82_ Sedan 1.6 (AE82_)
TOYOTACOROLLA12/87-06/92 CE90 Wagon 1.8 D (CE90)
TOYOTACOROLLA LEVIN05/89-05/91 AE91 Coupe 1.5 (AE91)
TOYOTACOROLLA LEVIN05/89-05/91 AE92 Coupe 1.6 (AE92)
TOYOTACOROLLA LEVIN06/91-05/95 AE101 Coupe 1.5 (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA LEVIN06/91-08/97 AE101 Coupe 1.6 GT (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA LEVIN06/91-08/97 AE101 Coupe 1.6 GT-Z (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA LEVIN06/95-04/98 AE110 Coupe 1.5 (AE110)
TOYOTACOROLLA LEVIN06/95-07/00 AE111 Coupe 1.6 (AE111)
TOYOTALEXCEN08/87-07/93 VN,VP Sedan 3.0
TOYOTALEXCEN08/93-04/97 VR,VS Sedan 3.8
TOYOTALEXCEN08/93-10/95 VR Wagon 3.8 (VR)
TOYOTALEXCEN08/93-10/95 VR,VS Sedan 3.8
TOYOTALEXCEN09/89-11/91 VN Wagon 3.8 (VN)
TOYOTALEXCEN09/89-11/91 VN,VP Sedan 3.8
TOYOTALEXCEN11/91-08/93 VN,VP Sedan 3.8
TOYOTALEXCEN11/91-08/93 VP Wagon 3.8 (VP)
TOYOTALEXCEN11/95-12/97 VS Wagon 3.8 (VS)
TOYOTAPASEO06/88-07/95 EL44 Coupe 1.5 (EL44)
TOYOTAPASEO06/90-08/95 EL44 Coupe 1.5 (EL44)
TOYOTAPASEO08/95-06/99 EL52_ Coupe 1.3 (EL52_)
TOYOTAPASEO08/95-06/99 EL54_ Coupe 1.5 (EL54_)
TOYOTAPASEO08/95-12/99 EL54 Coupe 1.5 (EL54_)
TOYOTAPASEO10/96-01/98 EL54_ Convertible 1.5 (EL54_)
TOYOTAPASEO11/95-12/99 EL54 Coupe 1.5 (EL54_)
TOYOTASOARER05/92-09/97 UZZ31 Coupe 4.0 (UZZ31, UZZ32, UZZ30)
TOYOTASOARER05/95-09/97 UZZ31 Coupe 4.0 (UZZ31)
TOYOTASOARER08/97-12/00 JZZ31 Coupe 3.0 VVTi (JZZ31)
TOYOTASOARER09/90-09/00 JZZ30 Coupe 2.5 Turbo (JZZ30)
TOYOTASOARER09/90-09/00 JZZ31 Coupe 3.0 (JZZ31)
TOYOTASPRINTER04/95-11/00 AE111, AE114 Sedan 1.6 (AE111, AE114)
TOYOTASPRINTER04/95-11/02 AE11_ Wagon 1.8 4WD
TOYOTASPRINTER04/95-11/02 _E1_ Sedan 1.8 4WD
TOYOTASPRINTER04/95-11/02 _E1_ Sedan 2.2 TD
TOYOTASPRINTER04/97-07/00 AE111_ Sedan 1.6 (AE111_)
TOYOTASPRINTER04/98-07/00 CE105 Wagon 2.2 TD 4WD (CE105)
TOYOTASPRINTER04/98-07/00 CE107 Wagon 2.2 TD (CE107)
TOYOTASPRINTER04/98-07/00 CE113 Sedan 2.2 TD (CE113)
TOYOTASPRINTER04/98-07/00 CE116 Sedan 2.2 TD 4WD (CE116)
TOYOTASPRINTER05/96-05/02 AE109V_ Wagon 1.6 4WD (AE109V_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-04/95 AE100_ Sedan 1.5 (AE100_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-04/95 AE101_ Sedan 1.6 (AE101_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-04/95 EE101_ Sedan 1.3 (EE101_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-08/97 AE100 Sedan 1.5 (AE100)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-08/97 AE101_ Sedan 1.6 (AE101_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-11/00 CE10_ Sedan 2.0 D (CE10_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-11/00 EE111_ Sedan 1.3 (EE111_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-11/02 AE100_ Sedan 1.5 (AE100_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/91-12/00 AE114_ Sedan 1.6 (AE114_)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/92-04/97 AE114 Wagon 1.3 (AE114)
TOYOTASPRINTER06/95-03/97 AE111_ Sedan 1.6 (AE111_)
TOYOTASPRINTER08/95-10/01 AE102 Wagon 1.8 4WD (AE102_, AE115_)
TOYOTASPRINTER08/95-10/01 AE111, AE114 Wagon 1.6 (AE111, AE114)
TOYOTASPRINTER08/95-10/01 AE115,AE1012 Wagon 1.8 (AE115_, AE1012_)
TOYOTASPRINTER09/91-04/95 AE104_ Sedan 1.6 4WD (AE104_)
TOYOTASPRINTER11/92-04/97 AE102_ Wagon 1.8 (AE102_)
TOYOTASPRINTER11/92-04/97 _E1_ Sedan 1.8
TOYOTASPRINTER11/96-04/97 AE11_ Wagon 1.8 D
TOYOTASPRINTER11/96-04/97 _E1_ Sedan 1.8 D
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO04/95-11/00 AE109 Hatchback 1.6 (AE109)
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO04/95-11/00 CE106 Hatchback 2.0 D (CE106)
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO04/95-11/02 _E1_ Hatchback 1.8 4WD
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO04/97-11/02 AE110 Hatchback 1.5 (AE110)
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO05/92-07/97 AE101 Hatchback 1.6 (AE101)
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO06/92-04/97 AE101 Hatchback 1.6 (AE101)
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO06/92-07/97 AE100_ Hatchback 1.5 (AE100_)
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO06/92-11/00 EE102 Hatchback 1.3 (EE102)
TOYOTASPRINTER CIELO11/92-04/97 _E1_ Hatchback 1.8
TOYOTASTARLET01/96-07/99 EP91 Hatchback 1.3 (EP91)
TOYOTASTARLET01/96-07/99 EP91 Hatchback 1.3 (EP91_)
TOYOTASTARLET01/96-07/99 EP95_ Hatchback 1.3 4WD (EP95_)
TOYOTASTARLET01/96-07/99 NP90 Hatchback 1.5 D (NP90)
TOYOTASTARLET12/89-01/92 EP82 Hatchback 1.3 (EP82)
TOYOTASTARLET12/89-03/96 EP81 Hatchback 1.3 12V Cat (EP81)
TOYOTASTARLET12/89-03/96 EP82 Hatchback 1.3 (EP82)
TOYOTASTARLET12/89-03/96 NP80_ Hatchback 1.5 D (NP80_)
TOYOTASTARLET12/89-12/91 EP81 Hatchback 1.3 XL (EP81)
TOYOTASTARLET12/89-12/92 EP80_ Hatchback 1.0 (EP80_)
TOYOTASTARLET12/89-12/92 EP81_ Hatchback 1.3 12V (EP81_)
TOYOTASTARLET12/89-12/95 EP82_ Hatchback 1.3 Turbo (EP82_)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/00-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.7 DTI 16V (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/00-05/05 T98 Sedan 1.7 DTI 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA02/00-05/05 T98 Wagon 1.7 DTI 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.4 16V (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.6 16V (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-05/05 T98 Hatchback 2.0 16V (F08)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-05/05 T98 Hatchback 2.0 DI (F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-05/05 T98 Wagon 1.4 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-07/04 T98 Sedan 1.8 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-07/04 T98 Sedan 1.8 16V Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-07/04 T98 Sedan 2.0 DI
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-07/04 T98 Sedan 2.0 DTI 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-08/00 T98 Hatchback 1.7 TD (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-08/00 T98 Wagon 1.7 TD
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-08/00 T98 Wagon 1.8 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-09/00 T98 Hatchback 1.6 (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-09/00 T98 Hatchback 1.8 16V (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-12/00 T98 Hatchback 1.6 Dualfuel (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-12/00 T98 Sedan 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA02/98-12/00 T98 Wagon 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA03/00-08/05 T98 Coupe 1.6 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/00-08/05 T98 Coupe 1.8 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/00-08/05 T98 Coupe 2.2 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/01-05/05 T98 Hatchback 2.2 16V (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA03/01-05/05 T98 Wagon 2.2 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/01-10/05 T98 Convertible 1.6 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/01-10/05 T98 Convertible 1.8 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/01-10/05 T98 Convertible 2.2 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/02-10/05 T98 Convertible 2.0 Turbo
VAUXHALLASTRA03/03-10/05 T98 Convertible 1.6 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/98-04/04 T98 Wagon 1.6
VAUXHALLASTRA03/98-04/04 T98 Wagon 1.6 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA03/98-04/04 T98 Wagon 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA03/98-04/04 T98 Wagon 2.0 DI
VAUXHALLASTRA03/98-04/04 T98 Wagon 2.0 DTI 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA04/03-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.7 CDTI 16V (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA04/03-05/05 T98 Sedan 1.7 CDTI 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA04/03-05/05 T98 Wagon 1.7 CDTI 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA07/00-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.6 Dualfuel (F08)
VAUXHALLASTRA07/00-05/05 T98 Sedan 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA07/00-05/05 T98 Wagon 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA07/02-08/04 T98 Coupe 1.8 16V Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA07/02-12/03 T98 Hatchback 1.8 16V Dualfuel (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA07/02-12/03 T98 Sedan 1.8 16V Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA07/02-12/03 T98 Wagon 1.8 16V Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA08/02-05/05 T98 Hatchback 2.0 (F08)
VAUXHALLASTRA08/99-05/05 T98 Hatchback 2.0 DTI 16V (F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA09/00-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.6 (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA09/00-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.8 16V (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA09/00-05/05 T98 Sedan 1.6
VAUXHALLASTRA09/00-05/05 T98 Wagon 1.8 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA09/00-08/05 T98 Coupe 1.8 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA09/00-08/05 T98 Coupe 2.0 16V Turbo
VAUXHALLASTRA09/02-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.6 Dualfuel (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA09/02-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.8 16V Dualfuel (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA09/02-05/05 T98 Sedan 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA09/02-05/05 T98 Wagon 1.8 16V Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA09/02-08/05 T98 Coupe 1.8 16V Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA09/02-10/05 T98 Convertible 2.0
VAUXHALLASTRA09/98-05/05 T98 Sedan 1.4 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA09/98-05/05 T98 Sedan 1.6 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA09/98-05/05 T98 Sedan 2.0 16V
VAUXHALLASTRA09/98-08/00 T98 Sedan 1.7 TD
VAUXHALLASTRA09/98-09/00 T98 Sedan 1.6
VAUXHALLASTRA09/99-06/03 T98 Hatchback 1.4 16V Dualfuel (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA09/99-06/03 T98 Wagon 1.4 16V Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA09/99-08/04 T98 Hatchback 1.6 Dualfuel (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA09/99-08/04 T98 Sedan 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA09/99-08/04 T98 Wagon 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRA11/01-05/05 T98 Hatchback 2.0 SRI Turbo (F08)
VAUXHALLASTRA12/02-05/05 T98 Hatchback 1.6 (F08, F48)
VAUXHALLASTRA12/02-05/05 T98 Wagon 1.6
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN02/98-12/00 T98 Wagon Van 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN04/01-08/06 T98 Wagon Van 1.7 DTI 16V
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN04/04-08/06 T98 Wagon Van 2.0 DTI
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN07/00-08/05 T98 Wagon Van 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN07/03-08/06 T98 Wagon Van 1.7 CDTI
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN08/98-08/06 T98 Wagon Van 1.7 TD
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN08/98-08/06 T98 Wagon Van 2.0 DI
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN08/98-09/00 T98 Wagon Van 1.6 i
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN09/00-05/05 T98 Wagon Van 1.4 16V
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN09/00-08/06 T98 Wagon Van 1.6 i
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN09/00-10/04 T98 Wagon Van 1.6 Dualfuel
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN10/04-12/05 T98 Wagon Van 1.6 Dualfuel 16V
VAUXHALLCARLTON01/83-12/84 Sedan 2.0 i
VAUXHALLCARLTON05/83-08/86 Sedan 2.3 D
VAUXHALLCARLTON05/83-08/86 Wagon 2.3 D
VAUXHALLCARLTON09/77-08/86 Wagon 2.0
VAUXHALLCARLTON09/77-08/86 Wagon 2.0 S
VAUXHALLCARLTON09/80-08/86 Wagon 2.3 D
VAUXHALLCARLTON09/81-08/86 Sedan 1.8
VAUXHALLCARLTON09/81-08/86 Wagon 1.8
VAUXHALLCARLTON09/83-08/86 Wagon 2.3 TD
VAUXHALLCARLTON10/78-08/82 Sedan 2.0
VAUXHALLCARLTON10/78-08/86 Sedan 2.0 S
VAUXHALLCARLTON11/82-08/86 Wagon 1.8 S
VAUXHALLCARLTON11/84-08/86 Sedan 2.2 i
VAUXHALLCARLTON11/84-08/86 Wagon 2.2 i
VAUXHALLCARLTON12/82-08/86 Sedan 1.8 S
VAUXHALLMONARO01/04-10/04 VY,VZ Coupe 5.7
VAUXHALLMONARO01/05-04/07 VY,VZ Coupe 5.7
VAUXHALLMONARO01/05-04/07 VY,VZ Coupe 6.0
VAUXHALLMONARO03/04-07/05 VY,VZ Coupe 5.7
VAUXHALLMONARO04/04-08/05 VY,VZ Coupe 5.7
VAUXHALLMONARO10/06-04/07 VY,VZ Coupe 6.0
VAUXHALLVXR801/09-12/09 E Sedan 6.2 Bathurst S
VAUXHALLVXR802/07-on E Sedan 6.0
VAUXHALLVXR804/08-on E Sedan 6.2
VAUXHALLVXR806/10-on E Sedan 6.2 LS3 V8
VAUXHALLVXR808/17-12/18 E Sedan 6.2 GTS-R
VAUXHALLVXR811/13-on E Sedan 6.2 GTS
VAUXHALLVXR8 MALOO04/08-on E Ute 6.2