Toyota Hilux Formula Shock Absorber

Fit Some 2015 TOYOTA HILUX Vehicle
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Formula Shocks are designed and engineered by Fulcrum. Utilising the latest manufacturing practices and shock absorber design, combined with cutting edge SuperPro products, Formula is a new paradigm for this category! Anti-corrosion finish + Robotically welded seams NOK Oil Seals + High Quality Oil Low pressure nitrogen gas for fade free performance Exceptional ride quality - Comfort with control 3 Year or 60,000km warranty By having multiple brands with innovative product experience and design backing Formula, we were able to create something amazing. Our 4x4 and passenger range is one that can cover everyone's needs, making sure that the driver and vehicle get the best ride possible. We made sure to test our shocks in the harshest conditions. Testing them in virtual environments, on specialised machines and in real life driving situations. Ensuring they perform no matter where your next adventure takes you.

Formula Upgrade Shock Absorber

  • Low Pressure Nitrogen for fade free performance
  • SuperPro Hybrid bushings on all Front Struts
  • Specifically designed for each application
  • Valve coding to suit differing spring rates
  • Big Bore design for improved heat dissipation
  • Tapered pegs on Front Struts for increased strength
  • 3 Years/60000km Warranty
  • Exceptional Ride Quality
  • Comfort with Control on raised 4WDs
  • Exceptional Value for money
  • Outstanding Warranty
More Information
Length closed377mm
Length open625mm
Lift (mm)0-50mm
Required Wheel AlignmentFront and Rear
Components Per1 Shock
Sub brandFulcrum
Product NoteOpen length 625mm

Closed length 377mm
FOTONTUNLAND06/12-06/17 P201 Ute 2.8 D 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO01/87-10/91 UF Platform/Chassis 2.6 i 4x4
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO01/90-05/99 UF Ute 2.6 i 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO01/90-06/99 UF Ute 2.6 12V 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO02/99-03/05 UN Platform/Chassis 2.5 TD 4x4
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO02/99-03/05 UN Ute 2.5 D 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO02/99-11/06 UN Ute 2.6 12V 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO02/99-11/06 UN Ute 2.6 i 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO03/87-01/91 UF Ute 2.6 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO03/87-10/91 UF Ute 2.6 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO04/96-02/99 UF Ute 2.5 D 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO09/00-11/06 UN Ute 4.0 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO09/98-06/99 UF Ute 2.5 D 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO11/05-11/06 MJ Ute 4.0 i 4x4
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO11/89-10/91 UF Ute 2.6 4WD
MAZDAB-SERIE BRAVO12/90-02/99 UF Platform/Chassis 2.6 i 4x4
TOYOTAHILUX02/05-06/15 GGN25 Platform/Chassis 4.0 4WD (GGN25_)
TOYOTAHILUX03/05-08/06 KUN26 Ute 3.0 D 4WD (KUN26)
TOYOTAHILUX08/01-07/05 VZN167,VZN172 Ute 3.4 4WD (VZN16, VZN17)
TOYOTAHILUX08/05-05/15 KUN26 Ute 3.0 D-4D 4WD (KUN26)
TOYOTAHILUX08/05-05/15 _N1_,_N2_,_N3_ Ute 2.7 4WD (TGN26)
TOYOTAHILUX08/05-08/15 GGN25 Ute 4.0 4WD (GGN25)
TOYOTAHILUX08/06-09/15 KUN26 Platform/Chassis 3.0 D 4WD (KUN26_)
TOYOTAHILUX08/97-09/00 LN167,LN172 Platform/Chassis 3.0 D 4WD (LN17_, LN16_)
TOYOTAHILUX10/88-12/97 LN106,LN111 Ute 2.8 D 4WD (LN10_, LN11_, LN166, LN106)
TOYOTAHILUX11/97-10/02 RZN169,RZN174 Ute 2.7 4WD (RZN174, RZN169)
TOYOTAHILUX1983-1997 LN, RN, YN65, 67
TOYOTAHILUX1988-1997 107R, 111R
TOYOTAHILUX1988-2003 LN, LZ, RN, RZN, YN 85, 86, 90

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