December 01, 2017
Why are TEIN Coilover Kits the Ultimate Performance Upgrade?

TEIN has Unrivalled Performance Suspension Experience

People who are into the performance/street scene will know that TEIN coilover kits are one of the most trusted by enthusiasts worldwide. TEIN constantly continues to pursue the best suspension system for both street and track applications. A good suspension system reminds drivers how fulfilling the driving experience really is. TEIN kits offer the ability to feel the grip level on different road surfaces, durability to maintain high performance for a long period of time, and quality to ensure complete confidence to attack the course. TEIN through is years of experience has managed to constantly develop new interactions of its coilover range, always improving on previous kits. Simply put you should choose TEIN coilovers because they have a proven track record in performance. 


Ultimate Control over your Suspension

TEIN's approach to the Ultimate Sports Suspension offers ideal suspension systems for drivers who want quicker and better response to drive freely through turns and who are in pursuit of ultimate driving experience. It gives your vehicle the road holding which allows you to drive as you always imagined. It is an aggressive suspension which lets you put all you have into driving, and allows you look forward to attacking the next unknown turn. TEIN suspensions maintain their superior performance, and are highly durable. Quality of our products can withstand the high demands of the race track. This is what we see as the ideal sports suspension. Each of TEIN's products brings this ideal to reality.


Made for Street

In certain terms, street usage may be the toughest situation for suspensions. Indeed, specifications for circuit or rally usage call for the ultimate refinement. However, adapting this into street usage, not only does it call for premium sports performance, but an additional requirement compatibility with series production fittings and comfort must also be fulfilled. In particular, since the partial revision of the safety regulations in Japan, the height adjustable shock absorbers which have been categorized as "competition auto parts" are now seen as parts with broad usage.


Fully Adjustable

With adjustable coilovers you have complete control over your suspensions ride. Perfect for performance you can control how hard or soft you want your drive to be.


Serviceable and Rebuildable

Fulcrum Suspensions the Authorised, exclusive TEIN distributors in Australia and can provide a range of services to repair, rebuild, re-valve and customise your TEIN coilovers. TEIN coilovers are designed and built to be remanufactured and returned to TEIN’s original specifications. All internal parts are carried as stock lines; however damaged strut bodies or assemblies will often need special procurement from TEIN Japan. Fulcrum does carry an assortment of second hand strut bodies and assemblies to assist in accident damage and repair. Some accident damaged coilovers may not be repairable.

From the time the coilovers are received at the Remanufacturing Department at Moorooka, Brisbane, we require two days to strip and quote. Then from the time Fulcrum is authorised to carry out the repairs, we require two days. These times do not include freight times to and from Moorooka.

TEIN’s History

"The one, who conquers Kanagawa, conquers the country." In the early 1980s, there were 2 youngsters who stood out in the crowd, in the kingdom of rally; Kanagawa. They were Hakaru Ichino and Yoshio Fujimoto. A co-driver and a 4driver, who actually started out as rivals from different teams. They were very aware of each other. Without a word, their runs and speed fiercely attracted one another. "Where can I find that incredibly fast driver named Fujimoto?" As Ichino's rally activity shifted to all Japan events, he was told to find his partner; "the" driver. Without hesitation, he found out through his friend how to reach Fujimoto and called him. "Why don't we compete in all Japan events together?" Of course Fujimoto immediately agreed. There was absolutely no reason for him to turn down such offer from Ichino, for whom he had sense of reverence. "Mr. Ichino always stays cool, and is great at gathering information. I can leave everything to him!" This was where it all began.

Exceptional performance and durability. TEIN shock absorbers were then given high marks not only for use in rally events but also in other fields; on the street and at the circuit. They achieved an astonishingly high 80% share of dampers used in N1 Taikyu races (currently known as Super Taikyu). "There is NO doubt in what we have been doing at TEIN. We can go for it!" In 1990, their wait was over and they released original products under the TEIN brand. In no time, they were flooded with orders, exceeding their production capability. Their success as an International rally team shed light on the company.

In 1987, 2 years after their first season competing in all Japan events, they made their first challenge in overseas races; Hong Kong-Beijing Rally. 2 years later in 1989, they finally made their way to WRC. Things went well and smoothly for Fujimoto. He became the first Japanese ever to be chosen as a driver for a Toyota works team. In 1995, he was crowned with an overall victory in the Safari Rally; and again he was the first Japanese to have this distinction. Their names; 'Ichino' and 'Fujimoto', became well known throughout the world. "Rally is where we started. We would always like to be in-touch with the real market. Putting ourselves at the forefront of the scene allows us to listen to the consumers' real voice." By experiencing TEIN products firsthand, their conviction as company executives were developed and refined. Their company, TEIN, continues to compete in motorsports to this day.

Fulcrum has the perfect TEIN upgrade for your car 

Fulcrum Suspensions works closely with the TEIN team over in Japan to make sure Australia  gets the gear everyone is looking for. As such we have a huge range of products for variety of popular cars, including; 

 Tein Coilover Kit


Tein Performance Coilovers


Types of TEIN Kits 

Street Basis Damper Kits 

High Quality Street Performance Height Adjustable coilover. Perfectly balanced spring rate and damping force to offer a comfortable ride with superior handling, accurate steering feedback and high speed "flat ride" feel. Read More.


Sport Damper Kits

High Quality Street Performance Height Adjustable coilover. Perfectly balanced spring rate and damping force to offer a comfortable ride with superior handling, accurate steering feedback and high speed "flat ride" feel. Read More.


Street Advanced Kits

High Quality Street Performance Damp Force and Height Adjustable coilover. Read More.


Super Street Kits

All TEIN Super Street Dampers are now exclusively available through Fulcrum Performance and are designed for Australian conditions and are designed to enhance your vehicles' handling. Premium Quality Street and Track Performance coilover. Read More.


Type Flex Kits

High Quality Street and Track Performance coilovers that deliver Flexible Setup Options. Read More


Mono Flex Kits

Premium Quality Street and Track Performance coilover. The New Pinnacle of Sport coilovers to satisfy the Most Demanding of Drivers, whether you’re on the Street, Circuit or Open Road. Read More.


Comfort Sport Kits

The Best Performance coilover for High-Performance Premium Vehicles. Premium Quality Street and Track Performance coilover. Read More.


Comfort Flex Kits

Full-length ride height adjustable, High Performance coilover exclusively for Sedans. Premium Quality Street and Track Performance coilovers that deliver Flexible Setup Option. Read More.


Super Racing Kits

Putting Everything on the Line for One Millisecond with the Flagship Circuit Model coilover. Premium Quality Track Only Performance coilover. Read More.


Super Drift Kits

Smell of Burning Compound Stirs the Soul. Super Drift is made exclusively for drifting; developed for uncompromising people who like getting sideways more freely, to enjoy real drifting to the extreme, and to lower the ride height. Read More.


S-Tech Coil Springs 

Easy low down, high quality performance spring. Easy suspension tuning is in your hands with S-Tech Coil Springs. S-Tech is developed so that everyone can enjoy sports driving. It is designed to offer improved driving performance and superior ride comfort. S-Techs offer great styling plus it makes your car more fun to drive. Read More.


Electronic Dampening Force Controller (EDFC)

This innovation makes it possible for the driver to control the damping force at the touch of a button while in the driver's seat. This is accomplished by controlling stepping motors installed on each shock absorber. This helps the driver to adjust the suspension to suit all road/track conditions. Read More. 



TEIN Australia is brought to you by Fulcrum Suspensions..

Check out TEIN Australia's Coilover Range


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