August 16, 2018
Why and when do you need a Lift kit?

The most popular vehicle type on our roads now are SUV's and 4WD in particular 4x4 dual cab utes! Such as the Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-max, Mitsubishi Triton and Mazda Bt-50 to name a few. Whether they are purchased for the carrying capacity or their off road capabilities these vehicles are being seen more and more in our metropolitan areas.

At the end of the day most 4x4’s don’t get out on the track as much as their owners would like, or away on that family holiday towing the caravan. A lot of them are the daily driver to and from work. That being said, it is important that the suspension chosen for the vehicle suits both the commute it will make to and from work and any off road, towing or carrying needs it has.

The suspension system on any vehicle is complex and some would say even more complex on a 4x4. There are many components that need to be considered including, shocks, springs, bushes, shackles and bolts. Whether you are looking to lift your 4x4 to tackle those off-road tracks or fit air bags to accommodate for the fully loaded family caravan, Fulcrum Suspensions tailors a suspension solution to fit your needs.

The factory suspension fitted to the vehicle suits the basic commute, however when upgrading all options must be explored. As soon as accessories are added to the vehicle, whether they be bullbars, roof cage and/or bigger tyres it alters the performance of the factory suspension. Therefore, an aftermarket option is often preferred.

Some of the main points you need to consider before upgrading your suspensions are;

  • Accessories fitted (eg. Steel or Alloy bullbar)
  • Constant Load
  • Tow Ball weight
  • Towing weight (weight of caravan, camper trailer)

Knowing all these factors will aid in providing you the best suspension upgrade/options for your vehicle. The suspension technician can theb determine the best weighted springs for your application and whether you will need to consider an alternative set up. This upgrade will provide you with increased towing and load carrying capabilities as well as off-roading capabilities.



After the components are fitted to the vehicle it is important to ensure that you have a suspension technician fine tune the system to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. This is done by ensuring the correct kit is fitted, that will transfer the load easily when towing, increase entry and exit angles, improve vehicles stability, handling and traction in all conditions. Increased clearance is another positive from a suspension upgrade. This lifts all the critical components from under the vehicle away from the ground.

Make sure you talk to your local Fulcrum Suspensions store today to explore your 4x4 lift kit options! 

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