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You might have just bought a caravan or trailer to start that lifetime adventure or have fully stocked your 4WD with tonnes of camping gear. If you are carrying any dynamic load or are looking for a suspension solution to stop the rear of your vehicle from sagging. Then you should consider getting an airbag upgrade.

We can help you get the right airbag suspension upgrade for your car, feel free to call us on 1800 385 278 or send us a message. You can also use our above vehicle search to find the right airbag for your car. Where applicable we provide airbag kits as an upgrade for our lift kits.

Do I need to get airbag suspension for my car?

If you are regularly towing or carrying variable loads then an air bag suspension kit is a must have. Air bag suspension will help provide a safe and more comfortable drive. They will improve your vehicles load carrying performance by leveling uneven loads and will also reduce common suspension wear. They will also prevent spring sag.

If I get a lift kit do I need an airbag upgrade?

If you are considering getting a 4x4 lift kit and will be carrying dynamic loads or will be towing, then grab an airbag kit upgrade with your lift kit.

What are air bags for suspension?

An Airbag suspension kit is a type of vehicle suspension that can be inflated by either a hand pump, electric pump or compressor. An airbag is a flexible canister that is usually made from a heavy duty textile-reinforced type of rubber. Airbag Suspension is an adjustable replacement or add-on to the rear leaf suspension or coil spring suspension system. Pumps or compressors inflate the bags to certain pressures making it an adjustable system and in turn makes them behave like adjustable springs. Airbags are not a replacement to air springs, but instead support your springs and existing load assist kits.

4x4 Air Bag Suspension

4x4 air bag suspension is commonly used in off-road vehicles. Unlike normal air bag suspension, 4WD air suspension has an extra "bag" that is positioned at the rear end of the vehicle. This helps to keep the vehicle level when carrying heavy loads or when driving over rough terrain. Additionally, 4WD airbag suspension gives the vehicle better traction and stability, making it ideal for off-road driving. While 4x4 air bag suspension is more expensive than normal air bag suspension, it is well worth the investment for those who frequently drive in rough conditions.

What is an air bag suspension kit?

An air bag suspension kit is a system that replaces or supplements the traditional coil or leaf spring suspension in a vehicle. It consists of air bag suspension or air springs that are installed between the axle and the vehicle's frame. 

The airbags are inflated or deflated using an onboard air compressor, allowing for adjustable ride height and stiffness. Air bag suspension kits offer improved ride comfort, load-levelling capabilities, and the ability to adjust suspension settings for different driving conditions.

Fulcrum Suspensions offers a variety of air bags for suspension for different vehicle applications. Contact us or explore our website for more information.

What are the benefits of Airbag suspension?

Although we’ve briefly covered off why you should grab yourself Airbag suspension, there are plentiful benefits as to why Airbag Suspension is so great! The main purpose of Airbag suspension is to replace the existing suspension and give you fully adjustable ride heights, whether to lowering heights or raising heights depending on your current situation and to ultimately maintain your vehicles stability at full weight carrying capacity. The heights of Airbag suspension can be adjusted for everyday driving use, for clearance over massive bumps or for insane off road tracks. Airbag suspension are also highly durable and operate well in harsh environments.

Some additional benefits of Airbags Suspension include:

  1. They prevent vehicles from ‘bottoming out’ when towing or carrying massive loads
  2. They can quickly and effectively stabilise loads when towing
  3. They eliminate vehicle sway and improve steering, handling and braking
  4. They improve overall ride quality and increase driver comfort due to the reduction of harshness and vibration in a standard suspension system
  5. They decrease wear and tear on the vehicles overall suspension system

Do you need to have an air compressor fitted to your vehicle for Suspension Airbags?

The answer is NO! Both of the Airbag suspension brands we supply come in kits that have dual inflation valves. As previously mentioned, the suspension air bags can be inflated using a hand pump or air compressor which can be found at your local service / petrol station. The inflation valves are also the same size as your tyre valves and can be pumped up and deflated the same way as your tyres. If you are considering Airbag suspension but are wanting an onboard inflation system, we can unquestionably install that for you as well! Although not as common as the dual valve inflation system, our Airbag Man and Polyair Spring products have an outstanding range of onboard air control kits available which can give you variable lift (inflation, deflation and automatic height control) at the press of a button.

Will an airbag kit damage my chassis?

NO! NO! NO! This is a huge misconception. A damaged, bent or cracked chassis can only occur from over loading, incorrectly positioning loads and poor operation of a vehicle. The airbags that Fulcrum supplies are all tested and engineered so errors such as this do not occur. All Fulcrum Airbag products get positioned where the vehicle manufacturer expects the bump stop impact load to be taken, as a result, airbags will not damage your chassis.

What types of Airbag suspension are out there?

There are many types of Airbag suspension! Airbag suspension can be used on virtually any vehicle, whether it be for performance-based vehicles or for your exploration rig. Airbag suspension comes in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Each type of Airbag suspension depending on what you need it for can be placed inside a coil spring, in between the leaf or axle and chassis or be a full coil spring replacement. However, most of Fulcrums Airbag suspension products are used in combination with a vehicles current suspension which strongly eliminates sag and provides stability to the vehicle when carrying or towing uneven loads.

Can I use an airbag kit to lift my car?

You can get adjustable height airbag systems that can adjust your vehicles ride height, but in most cases especially when it comes to 4WD’s, is a custom job. Airbags commonly can’t lift or increase the overall ride height of a vehicle; their sole purpose is to assist or help the rear springs of your vehicle. If you are wanting to lift your vehicle and are considering airbags, you will have to get both.

Airbag Man and Polyair – Fulcrums Recommended

We sell two brands of airbag suspension, Airbag Man and Polyair. Both Airbag Man and Polyair are market leaders in the Airbag suspension game and are both tested and developed by a team of dedicated R&D engineers.

Why Choose Airbag Man

Airbag Man is an Australian Owned and Operated business that was established in 1995 and has over 25 years designing and manufacturing high-quality air suspension systems for almost any vehicle on the market. From light passenger to heavy transport vehicles, Airbag Man has you covered! Airbag Man’s motto, “Bag It With the Best” certainly lives up as Airbag Man gives you heaps of benefits which include: adjustable levelling control, safer load carrying solutions, effectively eliminates spring sag, improves braking, steering and handling performance, stabilises body roll, reduces tyre wear and lowers suspension maintenance costs overall giving your vehicle excellent ride quality.

Why Choose Polyair

Polyair Springs have been providing airbag leveling solutions to the Australasian region since the late 1950s and have grown to be a leading name in the Airbag suspension industry ever since. Polyair has a vast range of air suspension products that are ultimately made to take your vehicle to the next level! Every Polyair product is different and are made for a huge variety of tasks and vehicles, that range from their Bellows Load Assist Series to Ultimate Series to Dominator Series. Polyair Airbag suspension kits are fully air adjustable giving you the flexibility to tailor the level of support you need for individual load types and weights.

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