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Free Brake Inspection & Service

Visit Fulcrum suspensions to get a free brake inspection or call 1800 385 278

At Fulcrum Suspensions when you come in store for a Free Suspension Check part of the inspection includes our technicians inspecting the brakes on your vehicle. During the Suspension Check a visual inspection of the brakes takes place. This inspection includes visually inspecting the thickness of brake pads, the condition of the disks (whether they are glazes, scored or have big lips.)

Another part of the inspection included a feel test when a test drive is undertaken by our technicians, this allows them to determine if the vehicle is braking correctly, or if it is locking one brake which can result in the vehicle pulling to the side. Our technician will also check and test the handbrake at this stage.

Should your vehicle be fitted with drum brakes our technicians will perform a visual inspection as well as drum brakes generally have an inspection hole in the back. During this inspection they check the condition of the shoe, paying attention to the leading shoe as it tends to wear the quickest.

The last part of the brake inspection during the free suspension check in-store includes a visual inspection around the brake wheel cylinder to ensure there are no leaks which could be affecting the effectiveness of your braking system.

Further to this, should the customer request or any aspect of the above visual inspection fail our technicians will perform a more in-depth inspection as required. This inspection will put the vehicle back on the hoist and have all 4 wheels removed. The front and rear disk thickness is then measured (if applicable) or remove the rear drums to check the condition of the drum, shoes and wheel cylinder. During this stage we will also generally inspect the axel seals of the vehicle as well.

Should there been any necessary repairs we will discuss this with the customer and go through the options available to them, such as; replacing pads/shoes, replacing disks/drums or machining disks/drums.

If needed, we can also check hydraulic brakes pressures at all 4 wheels and we also have the option to check the rate of deceleration to ensure it is above legal limit should it be deemed necessary by our technicians this needs to be inspected.

The braking system of your vehicle is crucial for your vehicles safety, therefore at Fulcrum Suspensions we ensure that the condition of this system is inspected when your vehicle is in-store. Contact Fulcrum today to book in for an inspection. 1800 FULCRUM


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