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Shipping, Returns & Warranty Guide

Click & Fit Install Prices

Our Click & Fit prices include full installation of the product, a wheel alignment and consumables. As an extra level of service, it is expected that your nominated workshop also provides a free suspension inspection and also a free brake inspection. All Fulcrum stores, including franchises offer these services and much more.

In some cases, Fulcrum fitment partners are independent workshops and – whilst we strongly encourage them to offer free services such as a suspension check or brake inspection – it is at their discretion as to whether or not they choose to offer these as part of the Click & Fit program. Some independent workshops may choose not to provide a free suspension check or a free brake inspection.

In some rare circumstances, key suspension components that are required to be adjusted during your suspension install might be rusted or seized. If this is the case Fulcrum’s Click & Fit price does not include or cover any extra labour required to correct seized or rusted steering components.


Vehicles being Clean for Fulcrum Servicing

This mainly applies to 4WDs. When your vehicle is being serviced, the exterior of your vehicles (body & undercarriage) needs to be clean prior to having your car serviced by our workshop staff.

We ask this, because in some cases customers have arrived at our workshops after a weekend of 4wding. Where their car is full of mud, this has stopped our Suspension Technicians from being able to work on the underbody as mud had caked all the underbody components, making it impossible to carry out any suspension related work.

It is NOT expected that your car be polished / squeaky clean before a Fulcrum service. But it is expected that the underbody of the vehicle is not excessively dirty, so that the below points are met.

  1. The vehicle is not in a state where it poses danger to the staff member working on the car.
  2. Work can be carried out on the vehicle without hinderance.
  3. The vehicle does not make the suspension workshop dirty.

If the above criteria is not met. Then at the Workshop Managers' discretion, your vehicle could be rejected by the installer until the vehicle’s undercarriage is clean.

This ruling is for Click & Fit orders, general servicing, suspension upgrades and other vehicle modifications Fulcrum and its Network of Installers undertake. This is not a rule that is only applied to Fulcrum but is a general rule across all automotive workshops carrying out vehicle services and installations in accordance with Australian OHS/WHS guidelines.


What areas are covered by Free Shipping?

If you live within a popular metro location, then your area is considered metro and you will be offered free shipping. Please note that If you live on the Australian coast, that does not mean you are subject to free shipping.

Our free shipping policy is determined by densely populated metro locations and the viability of distance travelled from our distribution centres. We are constantly expanding our warehousing, so areas covered by free shipping are subject to change.

If you are charged shipping at checkout even though you deem your area to be a metro location, this means that your address has not qualified for free shipping due to the distance that must be travelled to deliver your product from our closest warehouse.

If you live within a metro area and have not received a free shipping option, please message we are happy to clarify shipping manually

Currently the two major exceptions to our free shipping rule, are all areas within Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.


How long will my item take to arrive?

Express shipping times and free shipping times are only to be counted once the order has been shipped from our warehouses. Our free shipping and express shipping services both have the same order processing times. We first have to raise the order, then we send it to one of our warehouses for processing and once ready it will be shipped from the warehouse. The difference between express and free shipping services, is the time it takes for the item to be transported from our warehouse to your address.

Your product will generally arrive within 1-2 weeks. Shipping times vary based on your location, current stock levels, order amounts and the shipping service you select. The shipping times supplied on the website checkout are only an estimate for after your order has left our warehouse.

We send out tracking numbers with every order, so you can track every stage of the shipping process once your order has left our warehouse.

If you have any questions about shipping times, please feel free to call us or send us a message.


Your Order has been Shipped to the Wrong Address - Wrong Address Supplied

If you have made a mistake and supplied Fulcrum Suspensions with the wrong shipping address during the purchase of your product and have not informed us before we have dispatched your order. You will be liable for any handling and shipping costs to get the item re-delivered and or have the address changed.

If you have supplied the wrong address and we have sent you address confirmation prior to delivery. Fulcrum Suspensions holds no liability for loss of product, damage or delay in shipping. We however will make every effort to have the product re-delivered.

To ensure this does not happen. Please make certain that your delivery address is correct when purchasing your product. You can also ensure you address is correct by checking the invoices we send to your email and or mobile as an sms.


What is covered by the Fulcrum National Parts & Labour Warranty?

The Fulcrum Authorised Network Warranty guarantees all Fulcrum supplied products and workmanship for the period or kilometres travelled (whichever occurs first) listed under “Warranty Period” and subject to the conditions of the original part manufacturers’ warranty.


What is not covered by Warranty?

The Fulcrum Authorised Network Warranty does not cover parts and workmanship where the installed part is fitted by Fulcrum and its network to a vehicle used in competition, on a closed circuit, off-road, or any timed event. Where the part has been removed from the vehicle to which it was originally fitted.

Any parts that has been supplied but not installed by Fulcrum will be replaced under the terms of this warranty, but no labour costs will be accepted. Fulcrum Suspensions or the Authorised Network location will not pay for warranty work to be performed outside the Fulcrum National Network.

Subject to review, if we have determined that a product has failed due to installer error where Fulcrum Suspensions and any of its authorised dealers have not installed the product. Your warranty will not be valid.


What is Fulcrums Refund period? 

Fulcrum Suspensions can provide a refund to any customer within a 30 day period as long as the following requirments are met. 

  1. Product is unused.
  2. Product has not been installed to any vehicle.
  3. Product has not been damaged.
  4. The buyer of said product must pay for return shipping (to the closest warehouse). 
  5. A refund will not be processed until the returned product has been received. 

We can also accept refunds after 30 days up to a 60 day period but a 10% surcharge on the products price will be charged. After a 60 day period we will not provide any refunds. 


Quick Warranty Guide

Fulcrum 4WD Lift Kits - Bilstein, Formula & RAW 4x4

  • All Fulcrum lift kits are covered by a 12 month / 20,000km standard warranty. Depending on the brand you purchased you have the ability to upgrade your warranty. Just activate your warranty by filling in the below form. 

    • Formula 4x4 Lift Kits - 5 Year / Unlimited Kilometre Warranty
    • Bilstein Lift Kits - 3 Year / 60,000km Kilometre Warranty
    • RAW 4x4 Lift Kits - 3 Year / 60,000km Kilometre Warranty

    Learn more here.  


  • SuperPro Bushes & Poly products: Lifetime warranty
  • SuperPro Roll Control (control arms, swaybars, links and special components): 3 Year or 60,000km Warranty

Lovells GVM Upgrade Kits

  • Each component of a Lovells GVM kit is compared by individual warranty
  • Coil Springs: 5 year/unlimited km from date of fitment
  • Leaf Springs: 5 year/unlimited km from date of fitment
  • Shock Absorbers: 3 year/70.000km whichever occurs first
  • Platinum Series Shock Absorbers: 4 year/100.000km whichever occurs first
  • Suspension Components: 2 year/40,000km whichever occurs first
  • Towing Components: 2 year/40,000km whichever occurs first
  • If a GVM kit is purchased and the paperwork has been processed by the company store or franchise, than the GVM kit is non-refundable
  • If a GVM kit is purchased and the paperwork has NOT been processed by the company store or franchise than a refund is available

Shock Absorbers & Airbags

  • Formula Shock Absorbers: 3 Year or 60,000km Warranty
  • Bilstein Shock Absorbers: 3 Year or 60,000km Warranty
  • RAW 4x4 Shock Absorbers: 2 Year or 100,000km Warranty
  • SACHs Shock Absorbers:3 year or 60,000kms warranty.
  • Koni Shock Absorbers: 3 Year Warranty
  • Monroe Shock Absorbers: 5 Year Warranty
  • Air Bag Man Airbags: 12 Month Warranty
  • Polyair Airbags: 12 Month Warranty - Lifetime warranty on seals

Coilover Kits

  • Bilstein Coilovers: 12 Month Warranty
  • MCA Coilovers: 2 Year Warranty
  • Koni Coilovers: 12 Month Warranty
  • H&R Coilover Kits: 2 Year Warranty
  • TEIN Coilovers & Components: 2 Year or 40,000km Warranty

Coil & Leaf Springs

  • Formula Leaf Springs: 3 Year or 60,000km Warranty
  • HR Coil Springs: 2 Year Warranty
  • EFS Leaf Springs: 3 Year or 60,000km Warranty
  • King Coil Springs: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • King Leaf Springs: 12 Month Warranty

Misc Components

  • Formula Accessories: Various
  • Mean Mother Accessories: Various
  • Formula Torsion Bars: 3 Year Warranty
  • EFS Torsion Bars: 3 Year Warranty
  • Steering Dampers: 1 year or 20,000km Warranty
  • Chassis Parts: 2 year or 40,000km Warranty
  • Power Steering: 18 months or 30,000km Warranty

* For variations speak with your Fulcrum Authorised Workshop Operator for more details


Australian Consumer Law

The goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Goods repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The benefits to the original end-user given by these warranties are in addition to other rights and remedies of the original end-user under a law in relation to the goods or services to which these warranties relate.”


Sale Terms & Conditions

Fulcrum promotions (sales and or discounts) are not applicable with any other offer. No discount codes or any other discount can be applied on top of the offer (discounts cannot be stacked). The offer will not be provided to any past orders and no order will be refunded in order to take advantage of the promotion. The dates of the promotion are specified in advertising and will not be adjusted. The promotion is limited to the Fulcrum website only. The promotion is a Fulcrum Suspensions offer and only applies to products sold by Fulcrum Suspensions. We do not offer change of mind returns/refunds. Please choose carefully as Fulcrum Suspensions does not accept return or process refunds of goods because you change your mind or make a wrong decision about goods or services. If you have ordered the wrong product by mistake, we will rectify the by product exchange to ensure you get the correct parts. By making a purchase through our website where you are taking advantage of the offer, you are agreeing to these conditions.



Fulcrum Suspensions Shipping & Return Policy 


1. Price and Quotations

1.1 Fulcrum reserves the right to alter prices without notice.

1.2 As a customer you agree to pay any GST and any other government duties, levies or taxes payable in respect of the goods and services provided by Fulcrum.

2. Orders, Delivery and Risk

2.1 All supplies of goods are subject to availability of stock at the time of delivery.

2.2 Fulcrum reserves the right to deliver any order in instalments and each instalment is considered a separate contract.

2.3 Wherever possible, goods not supplied will be back ordered and will be supplied when available.

2.4 Where goods are delivered, as a customer you may choose the method of delivery and agree to pay all delivery costs, unless otherwise stated.

2.5 All claims for shortages and damage must be reported immediately.

2.6 As a customer you are responsible for insurance and risk of the goods from the time they are received by the carrier or collected from Fulcrum by yourself or your agent.

2.7 It is the customer responsibility to ensure the correct shipping address is supplied.


3. Payments and Property

3.1 Unless Fulcrum has agreed to extend credit, as a customer you must pay for the goods and services before supply.

3.2 Where Fulcrum has agreed in writing to extend credit, as a customer you must pay in full within the given terms. If accounts have not been paid in full by the due date Fulcrum may at its option charge collection costs (including collection costs and legal costs on a solicitor-client basis).

3.3 Fulcrum reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary against persons/companies trading outside these terms. This may include withholding supply or disposal of stock relating to orders contra of accounts, and/or suspension or termination of credit facilities.

3.4 Property and ownership of goods will not pass to the customer but will remain with Fulcrum until Fulcrum receives payment in full of the purchase price of the goods and all other amounts that are owed to Fulcrum for any reason.

3.5 As a customer you authorise Fulcrum or its agents to enter your premises, using whatever force as is necessary, to remove any goods which the property of Fulcrum are, and indemnify Fulcrum against all costs and claims in respect of its exercise its rights under the clause 3.4.


4. Refunds, Goods Returned for Credit and Exchange Remanufactured Unit Deposits

4.1 You are only able to apply for a refund within 30 days of your order date. To be applicable for a refund your ordered products must be unused and in perfect condition. 

4.2 All goods returned for credit (including remanufactured core) must have a Return for Credit authorisation number (SRET number), which can be obtained from Fulcrum sales staff. To ensure full credit we require that in addition to the SRET number, the original invoice number and customers name and address are clearly printed on or firmly attached to each package being returned, with packaging being in original condition.

4.3 On return of goods under clauses 4.2, Fulcrum will refund the purchase price less transportation costs, provided the customer has not held the product for a period in excess of 30 days from invoice date.

4.4 All products returned after 30 days from the invoice date will be subject to a 10% handling fee or $10 whichever is the greatest.

4.5 Any items over 30 days from invoice date will not be accepted for refund or credit.

4.6 Products received that do not show or reference our Return for Credit Authorization Number (SRET #) will not be accepted and returned to the customer at their expense.

4.7 Any product returned that is not in a saleable condition upon receipt will incur a repackaging fee of 15% or $10 whichever is the greatest or may be rejected all together depending on the condition of the packaging and type of product.

4.8 Specially brought in, non stock or manufactured parts will not be returnable at any time. These parts will be identified as being non-returnable on the sales invoice.

4.9 Any item that is damaged, has scratches, has other visible wear, is in a used condition or has been installed. Will not be refunded. 

4.10 No order will be refunded in order to take advantage of a promotion, discount or sale price. 


5. Exchange Remanufactured Unit Deposits

5.1 Fulcrum will charge a fully refundable GST inclusive exchange deposit on all remanufactured units.

5.2 Refunds will only be granted provided the:

(i) Exchange unit is complete (pumps with pulleys and brackets attached etc.) and in serviceable condition with no physical damage or accident damage etc.

(ii) Exchange unit is returned within 6 months of the invoice date.

(iii) Exchange units are returned at your expense, using suitable packaging to prevent damage in transit and that observe environmental protection acts. Any extra costs due to incorrect or insufficient packaging, which violates the environmental protection acts, will NOT be accepted by Fulcrum and will be transferred to the invoiced customer.

(iv) The original invoice number, part number and relevant name and address are clearly printed on or firmly attached to each unit being returned.

(v) The customer will be offered the choice of being charged any costs incurred by Fulcrum to repair any unserviceable exchange deposit returned or providing a suitable working replacement exchange unit in the event of the original deposit return not being of serviceable condition. In the event that either of these two choices is accepted by Fulcrum it will refund the entire GST inclusive deposit.

(vi) Specific exchange units returned after the 6-month invoice date may be credited at Fulcrum’s discretion, to your account at the current market value of that particular unit.

(vii) Suitable exchange units not returned within reasonable timeframes for which an exchange deposit was not initially charged will be invoiced to the customer at the current market value of that particular unit.


6. Warranty

6.1 Fulcrum’s warranty will not cover any product which has:

(i) Been installed/used outside manufacturer’s guidelines.

(ii) The incorrect grade of lubricant or the insufficient amount of lubricant used.

(iii) Accident damages or impacts which may have damaged the remanufactured unit.

(iv) Been dismantled, modified or misused (excessively worn).

(v) Not had payment terms and conditions adhered to as mentioned in section

(vi) Exceeded the warranty terms ie. passed the warranty date and or excessive kilometres etc.

(vii) Any modification to the kit components or items that have been sold to you / invoiced. 

6.2 Credits for warranties will not be processed until Fulcrum receives confirmation from its suppliers or Fulcrum’s own warranty department that the warranty has been accepted.

6.3 All appropriate warranty paperwork must be completed and accompany the product being returned to Fulcrum.

6.4 Transportation is at your own expense unless agreed.

6.5 If a remanufactured unit is replaced during its warranty period there is NO extension of the original warranty and it is not transferable upon sale of vehicle.

6.6 Fulcrum Suspensions will honour original manufacturer’s warranty on any part on sold through Fulcrum, unless expressly stated otherwise.

6.7 All warranty returns will require an SRET number and abide by the conditions in clause 4.1.

6.8 Warranties are only applicable for the orginal purchaser and are not transferable. 


7. Limitation of Liability

7.1 Fulcrum’s liability shall be limited to the value of any goods or services supplied. Fulcrum employees and agents will not be liable for loss or damage of any kind, however that damage is caused or arises. This includes but is not limited to loss of profit caused by delays in delivery, unreasonable use, negligence, wear and tear, and faulty specifications.

7.2 Warranty as mentioned in section 5 shall be limited to that product only. Fulcrum will not be liable for consequential damage, injury to person/persons, towage, accommodation, or loss of income, this includes, but is not limited to defects arising from accidents, misuse, overloading, negligence, participation in motor sports, and vehicles modified from manufacturers specifications.


8. Click and Fit Orders – Cancellation Policy

8.1 Should a customer decide to cancel their Click and Fit order after payment has been made, a 10% fee will be charged to cover the administration costs associated with the order (liaising with fitment centres, admin, etc.). The 10% fee is applicable to the total checkout amount, including installation. Additionally, the customer will be charged a shipping fee to have the product/s returned to the closest warehouse. 

8.2 Once the product has been installed to a customer’s vehicle, no refunds will be granted due to change of mind as per the Fulcrum Shipping & Returns Policy outlined above.


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