East Coast Bull Bars

Lighter, stronger, better, and 100% Australian made, East Coast Bull bars are the perfect solution for you! ECB can give your 4x4 vehicle the ultimate advantage while ensuring total safety and protection for you and your family when driving on or off road.

ECB have been Australia’s primary manufacturer of Alloy Bullbars for almost 40 years. East Coast Bullbars have built a name for themselves as Australia’s leading experts in frontal protection and are proudly 100% designed and made in Australia. This allows them to be first on the market, have total control over the quality of their products, and quickly react to any vehicle model adjustments, safety upgrades or ANCAP requirements.

East Coast Bullbars are made from a high tensile alloy with preeminent thickness and strength, allowing each bar to have maximum strength with minimal additional weight. This anti-rust and corrosion resistant alloy material performs exceptionally well under stress, providing you and your family with the best possible protection in the event of any accident. All ECB Arc® Bars and Big Tube Bars® include a full one-piece centre channel segment which is 6mm thick. After the channel segment is plasma cut, it is then folded into correct shape, forming the toughest and most important component of the bullbar.

The wings are the most vulnerable point on a bullbar because they are furthest away from the chassis. To rectify this issue, ECB have specifically engineered their bullbars with an improved wing design including preeminent wall tube thickness with fully gusseted shoulder pipes. Each individual gusset has its own purpose, including the gussets on the shoulder pipes which reinforce the one-piece centre channel segment. This then prevents the tubes from being bent backwards from impact, ensuring you and your vehicle have the best possible protection.

Other benefits of an alloy East Coast Bullbar include:

  • An exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  • ADR compliant
  • Airbag compatible
  • Proudly 100% Australian made
  • Made from high tensile alloy with preeminent material thickness
  • Specifically engineered with 8mm steel mounts
  • LED indicator / park lights / DRL’s
  • Premium range of bullbar finishes
  • Will not affect your new vehicle warranty
  • Has over 48 years of experience

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