Fulcrum Testimonials

BMW E36 323i

I own a 1996 BMW e36 323i which has been a project car that I had been working on for about a year before I approached Fulcrum Suspensions, my plan is to fully restore the car to more than just its original specs and make it into a car that can be raced on the weekend as well as driven during the week as a daily. I went to Fulcrum and enquired about such a solution, I spoke to the sales team in regards to this, who were very friendly and supportive. They informed me that they were actually just entering the tuning market for BMW e36’s and had a solution for me. I decided to purchase the product and see how it goes. My car was in for replacing front Control arms and bushings, as well as rear subframe bushings. To my surprise, I was updated on the progress quite frequently. When I received the car, I was amazed by how good the steering was, my car already had aftermarket suspension all around, camber tops and a strut brace, I did not expect such a big change from bushings and control arms that were replaced in the car! My experience at Fulcrum was nothing but great, I have and will be recommending this product to friends!

Daniel Poruban


Mitsubishi Triton 

I have just fitted the Superstreet kit to my new MN Triton and I am amazed at improvement to the vehicle. It now handles like it should, precise and without the body roll inherent in the standard Triton. I have fitted many different performance upgrades to 4WD vehicles and the Superstreet kit with King Springs rear leafs are in a class of there own. I could not have expected better and many thanks to Scott Nichols at Bendigo Tyre Centre for the great service.

Ian Kay


Mazda MX5

Just a note to let you now how pleased I am compared with the Tein SS to my previous Koni/King and Koni/ Eibach set ups. You may remember I was the first VIC customer for them through GT Suspension in Flemington. Everyone who has driven or ridden in the car is impressed and I cannot believe the difference in grip level and the ride comfort. I am currently running 8 off hard (front) and 9 (rear).

Regards, Peter


Holden VX CV8 Monaro

As I mentioned on the phone, spent 9 hours / 800+ KM driving my son's VX CV8 Monaro in the South West of WA over the weekend and just LOVE the Tein kit we fitted for him. With the SuperPro front castor kit, the car has gone from being a comfortable luxo barge to a full sized, precision, apex eating sports coupe. Never once deviated from the line dictated by the steering wheel and absorbed rail crossings at 100/110 kph without being ruffled in the least. You've done well.

If a client wants a luxury, soft ride leave the car as it is. If they want to completely transform the way it glides around corners, on rails, with a firm but still compliant ride, fit this kit and they won't look back – except to see how far back the non Tein equipped drivers are! And yes, if you want, feel free to quote me.

Russell James, W.A. Suspension





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