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Formula 4x4 Leaf Springs

Our Formula 4x4 leaf springs are designed to suit and conquer harsh Aussie conditions. Call us on 1800 385 278 to give your vehicle the ideal upgrade! 

Made by Australians, for Australians, our leaf springs have been engineered to tackle Australia’s harshest conditions. Formula leaf springs are perfect for trade vehicles, commercial vehicles, and enthusiast 4WDs. 

Formula leaf springs are suited to carry a range of front and rear loads, from 50kg to 800kg and 20mm to 80mm heights. Providing comfort and heavy-duty leaf spring options, and incorporating a range of special features, your vehicle is ensured to receive the ultimate leaf spring upgrade. 



Special Leaf Spring Features Include:

  • Oil quenched, hardened & tempered for maximum life.
  • Accurately heat treated for improved toughness for off road conditions
  • Inter-Leaf Graphite Coating - For further reduction of friction.
  • Manufactured from high grade Australian spring steel

We sell both Single Leaf Springs & Leaf Spring Kits



Formula 4x4 Leaf Springs in Action on Fraser Island


All Formula 4X4 leaf springs have been tested by Fulcrum Suspensions at their QA facility, workshops, off road tracks, cross country adventures and most importantly, our Fulcrum 4X4 customers. Formula 4X4 leaf springs will help you tackle all Aussie terrain on any adventure.  

Made from Australian high-grade carbon spring steel (SUP9 and SUP9A) our leaf springs are built to perform. Formula leaf springs have been designed to tackle a range of specific applications with inbuilt specific features to help them perform on and off road in any harsh conditions. 

These features include:

  • Precision mandrel & die-formed
  • Anti-friction pads in most applications
  • Pre-stressed to maintain ride height
  • Tapered Leaf Ends
  • Bolt Clip Liners - To reduce noise & friction.
  • Bolt Clips & Military Wraps - To prevent leaf spread & provide safety
  • Military leaf spring wrap for additional safety
  • Precision diamond cut ends
Formula 4x4 Leaf Spring Installation
'Formula 4x4 Leaf Spring kit being installed at Fulcrum Suspensions Springwood.'

Fulcrum Suspensions highly recommends Formula leaf springs as we are aware of the high degree of engineering, testing and manufacturing that goes into creating the product. Formula leaf springs are distributed nationally through our dealer network and are also sold globally through or export department as part of our complete kits. 

We trust Formula 4X4 leaf springs so much that we use them as out main leaf springs for all repair and upgrade services in store. We also supply all our lift kits (Bilstein, Formula and RAW) with Formula 4X4 leaf springs. 

Why you should use Formula 4x4 Leaf Springs

Better Ride Plus Carrying Ability

Original manufacturers generally run soft first stage springs and stiffer second stage, resulting in a ‘kick’ or jolt to the driver when driving with little or no load. Formula work with a firmer and higher rate single stage or first stage spring, giving a smoother and safer ride when carrying weight. 

Better Shackle Angle

The most critical function of a leaf spring is to achieve better ride handling through correcting the shackle angle. When raising a vehicle, the spring Camber changes along with the main leaf angle. When at an incorrect angle, the shackle will cause many negative effects on your vehicle, resulting in poor handling. To achieve a superior spring, Formula have incorporated lengthened spring main leaves where possible. This creates an ideal shackle angle in a lifted vehicle. 

Better Design

Formula pay attention to accuracy of spring eyes to ensure the SuperPro bushings fit correctly and locate the spring for smooth rotation. Redesigned wrap leaf shapes are used for great security, such as a military wrap. 

Reduction of Stiction

To deliver the reduction of stiction in a leaf spring, Formula have incorporated features such as shot peening of the main leaf, graphite grease, anti-friction leaf slipper pads, diamond cut ends, and tapered ends. These features are incorporated depending on the vehicle application and its use. 

Noise Reduction

It is critical that the alignment of leaf springs is correct in order to reduce the noise and friction of a vehicle. Formula also adds additional clips and clamps to maintain this and ensure the reliability and durability of the vehicle. 

3 Year or 100,000km Warranty

We offer a three year product warrantty on all our shock absorbers, no exceptions. Ensuring you are covered when you come into a problem. We want you to be able to drive in comfort without any worries.


Formula 4x4 Leaf Spring Technical Details


Formula 4x4 In Action with 4WD Action

4WD Action, a popular outdoor adventure show was so interested in our Formula Lift Kits, including our leaf springs, that they wanted to install a kit into Graham Cahill’s Isuzu D-Max. The 4WD Action team drive on some of the hardest 4x4 tracks in Australia and have quite literally taken our Formula suspension setup around the whole of Australia. We have had raving reviews from Graham and rest of the 4WD Action! 


Formula 4x4 Leaf Spring Warranty

All Formula 4x4 leaf springs come with a 3 year / 100,000 Km Warranty


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