A Breath of Fresh Air

The time for change in the steering and suspension industry is now. Fulcrum Suspensions have identified an opportunity and are choosing to lead a group of businesses to the next level.


There's no time like the present

The customers you’re dealing with today are very different to the customers your business was built around. These customers will be different again tomorrow. Such is the pace of change in the digital age.

Consumers who used to rely on Yellow Pages to find products and services are now searching online with their iPhone. If they have a good experience they may recommend your business to all their friends on Facebook. If, on the other hand, they have a bad experience, they may leave a scathing review on your Google Places listing for all to see.

Some local industries have been left out of the loop; as their customers buy online from overseas sources. Fortunately, in the automotive trade, consumers need a local mechanical expert to fix their car!


The building blocks for a successful future are a successful past

Fulcrum Suspensions began as a humble wheel alignment workshop in Moorooka, Queensland in 1976. Pretty soon they expanded into manufacturing and created SuperPro polyurethane bushes.

Today, SuperPro bushes are exported to over 40 countries. Fulcrum Suspensions employs over 100 staff. They have a research and design facility, a production facility and numerous Fulcrum Suspensions specialist stores.

Each Fulcrum Suspensions store has a healthy share of the steering and suspension market in their area. By owning and running these stores, Fulcrum Suspensions discovered economies of scale.

They now believe that the bigger the group, the bigger the advantages for each store in the group.

With that in mind, Fulcrum Suspensions have created a new class of store called Fulcrum Partners.


The future is with Fulcrum Partners

The first step in the Fulcrum Partners program was to create a universal store image which will be recognised in advertising campaigns. The fresh design will make the stores look exciting and modern while epitomising the Fulcrum Suspensions brand.

Stores retain their existing customers and achieve growth as new customers are attracted to the network by advertising and marketing campaigns.

It’s a known fact that consumers tend to trust chain stores more than independents. They trust big brands. This is especially true in the automotive services sector as consumers are wary of being ripped off.

The fresh store image will be complimented by a new showroom design, company vehicle graphics, staff uniforms, stationery and collateral.


Leading with a choice of quality products

Fulcrum Partners will have a competitive edge by representing a range of world-renowned quality brands. This allows stores to offer customers more choice.

Make no mistake, growing your customer base means increasing market share which has got to come from somewhere. Fulcrum believes the future is with Soft Roaders, European, and Korean cars. Not just with large Australian made family cars.

By offering famous brands, Fulcrum Partners are better suited to servicing the needs of the increasingly diverse Australian “Car Park”, while offering their customers choice.


Fulcrum training

“Operators that provide ongoing support and training will benefit from strengthening their operational structure, and they will also add value to their profit base.”

Training courses will help stores improve sales conversions, up-sell opportunities and help get jobs done quickly and effectively.

Training Modules include:

• Business Management.

• Product.

• Sales.

• Technical.

• Occupational Health and Safety.

• Wheel Alignment.

• Steering and Safety Check procedure.

• Customer satisfaction and feedback surveys.


Fulcrum Partners national advertising and marketing

Our marketing experts have uncovered opportunities missed by the competition. There are large and emerging market segments Fulcrum Partners can dominate.

As a national network, Fulcrum Partners can take advantage of economies of scale in advertising. Partner stores can benefit more by advertising as a group than they can as an independent.

National advertising and marketing programs include:

• TV, Radio and Print advertising templates.

• Trade Flyers.

• Electronic Direct Mailers.

• Point Of Sale Posters, Counter Cards and Displays.

• Promotional Pens, Key Rings, and other items.

Big benefits for you and your business = More value


Advantages of being a Fulcrum Partner

For your business:

• Fulcrum Suspensions’ newly developed site livery and branding.

• Marketing support designed to drive new business to your door.

• Regular site visits aimed at increasing sales and business efficiency.

• Access to Fulcrum Suspensions’ detailed operating manuals designed to make your business more efficient.

• Group Buying to help procure equipment, finance and products.

• Ideas for how individual sites can improve sales and better manage costs by benchmarking performance across the Fulcrum Partner network.

• Consumer finance services through Fulcrum Ezipay.

• Exclusive discounts and pricing.

• Increase sales and profit.

For you and your business:

• Biennial full conference at a holiday destination providing the opportunity to share ideas, receive training and return to your business with new insights and motivation.

• Biennial mini conference at the AAAA expo (alternating years with the full conference).

• Loyalty programs and incentives.

• Membership to the AAAA (including usage of the AAAA HR hot line).

Increase the value of your business


What is required to become a Fulcrum Partner?

•  Branding

For our strategy to be effective we all need to stand out. When customers hear, read or see our promotions they must be able to relate this branding to their local Fulcrum Partner store.

• Marketing

In order to propel our brand into the suite of well-known national brands, Fulcrum and its partners will need to contribute to a marketing fund.

We have engaged marketing specialists who will employ “best practice” in this field, particularly in the online space. Our administration of the marketing fund will be transparent.

• Minimum stock holding

Fulcrum Partners will become the Steering and Suspension Parts Hub in their area. Trade businesses and consumers will know that “Fulcrum will have it on the shelf. And they will be the experts to go to first”. This will differentiate our parts and services offering from larger competitors, improve workshop customer service and reduce the time spent sourcing parts.

• Minimum workshop equipment levels and training requirements

This allows the same standard services to be performed across the Fulcrum Partner network.

• Loyalty targets

We will ask that, for the majority of your steering and suspension spend, you support Fulcrum. That way we can, in turn, support the network.

• Warranty program participation

In order to support consumers nationally and compete with our competitors, partners will need to participate in the National Warranty Program.


Interested or want to find out more?

Conversion Opportunities

Fulcrum Suspensions has opportunities available for independent operators to convert to a Fulcrum Partner, bring your years of experience and your business strengths with you and we will assist you in realising your long term business objectives. Our experienced team of business and suspension experts will assist you in creating a plan and long term business plan that you can sell or have a manager run for you.

New Business Opportunities

If you are an experienced workshop operator or a successful business Manager who wants to create something for themselves but needs support and help to do so then the Fulcrum Partner program may just be the thing for you. We have opportunities available now that may just suit you and give you the chance to realise your dreams.

Contact Us

For a confidential discussion please complete the contact form and submit to us so we can discuss the opportunities available to you right now. Alternatively if you would like to discuss anything about the program which interests you then please call Alan Masters (Franchise Development Manager ) on 0417 796 542


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