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Getting the Best Performance from your 4x4

When properly tuned your 4x4 vehicle’s steering and suspension should:

  •     Provide and enhanced, smoother ride for maximum comfort
  •     Transfer the load easily when towing
  •     Provide better entry & exit angles
  •     Give longer tyre life & better use of tyre design
  •     Driver stability, handling & traction in all conditions
  •     Lessen driver & passenger fatigue

The following 4 points are the key to optimum performance from your 4WD's steering & suspension:

  1.     Fine Tuning the Suspension to each Individual's Needs - This will help ensure your vehicle steers in a straight line, to achieve the utmost driver control and pleasurable driving
  2.     Positive Rake - This is where the back of the vehicle is slightly raised in comparison to the front, whether loaded or unloaded. This is the simplest adjustment made to correct tyre wear.
  3.     Ride Comfort & Advice - It is essential to select the correct shock absorber for individual needs. This helps make your tyres grip firmly to the ground.
  4.     Cornering Stability - The sway or roll of the body has a direct link between vehicle stability & the safe handling of its load. This helps reduce the effects of motion sickness.

Find the right tyres to suit your terrain

  • A good set of tyres that are suited for the type of driving you will be doing will make a world of difference off road.
  • A mud terrain tyre or any tyre with an aggressive off road tread will provide more traction in most situations off road.
  • Larger tyres will also make a big difference as a big tyre will roll over rocks and ruts much easier than a smaller one.
  • Before you go putting a set of 35’s on your 4wd check with a mechanic about how big the tyres your vehicle can handle are. In some cases you may have to lower your diff ratio’s as larger tyres will decrease your power and torque, as well as put your Speedo out.
  • Also check with your state road laws and insurance company before making any changes to wheel size.
  • I use a separate set of 6 Mud terrain tyres 1 size bigger than standard that I put on specially for trips away.

Get the most appropriate difflocks for your vehicle

  • Lastly, difflocks are possibly the single best modification that will literally get your vehicle further off road.
  • The ability to lock both front and back diffs together will give you TRUE 4WD with all 4 wheels turning evenly together.
  • This means that even if you have just 1 wheel with a good amount if traction it will grip and move you vehicle forward.
  • There are a range of auto lockers, air lockers and electrical lockers on the market so speak to a 4wd mechanic to find out what the best options are for your vehicle.

No matter how many mods your vehicle has, it wont make much difference if you don’t know how to use them or even use you 4wd correctly. A lot of newer 4wd’s are more than capable stock standard but many people do not know how to use their vehicles correctly.

Experience and advice are so important when learning to use your 4wd so why not book into a 4wd training course where a qualified instructor can take you through how to use your vehicle correctly off road. With a bit of careful driving you can get your standard vehicle a surprisingly long way off road without any mods at all!

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