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If you are looking for guaranteed improved performance, backed by Australian engineering and track racing experience, then MCA is the right coilover for you. Australian made, tuned suspension for the automotive enthusiast! We can get any MCA coilover and have it installed at one of our stores or sent straight to your door. We currently stock two coilover variants; the MCA Street Essentials and the MCA Street Performance coilover kits. 



MCA Suspension creates extremely high quality performance coilovers for both street and track use. MCA is an Australian owned business that prides itself on the fact that they hand assemble their coilovers at their Brisbane warehouse ensuring excellent quality with every coilover they produce. Whilst specialising in Gravel Rally, Tarmac Rally, Time Attack, Circuit Racing and Drifting MCA have designed and built premium suspension packages for almost every form of motorsport on the planet.



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MCA Race Prime Coilover installed at Fulcrum Suspensions Yeerongpilly. Read the blog post here

MCA Coilovers Australia

MCA Suspension has been supplying suspension packages to top motorsport teams across the world for decades, and now thanks to MCA Suspensions latest Red, X and Essential Series suspension, MCA aim's to make their knowledge, high quality product and performance available to all levels of motorsport and car enthusiasts.

One of their more well known cars would be the MCA Hammerhead Time Attack S13. MCA built it when Murray decided to enter World Time Attack, which is an international level event held at Eastern Creek once a year. This event brings the best in the world every year to battle it out for the fastest lap. After building the S13 and finishing on the podium for the last 4 years, and the winner of the event for the last 4 years being a car running MCA suspension, MCA has well and truly cemented itself as the go-to brand for automotive suspension excellence.



Our MCA Coilover Range

The suspension configuration of your vehicle is one of the main factors that controls the comfort, handling and performance ability of a vehicle. Every enthusiast has different needs and the comfort / performance balance for some will be different for others. 

The approach MCA takes to this is simple, discuss the requirements with the customer and customise our products to properly suit their needs. It is this process that sets MCA Suspension apart from our competition. 

Although MCA coilovers are customisable, the below graph illustrates the comfort and performance balance of a typical setup of each series and can be used as a guide to best determine which series is right for your application and requirements.

MCA Coilover comparison Graph



MCA Street Essentials Coilovers

The Essential Series offers our maximum level of comfort for street applications. Benefiting from our next generation of degressive valving technology, this series is optimial for comfort orientated street use while providing full adjustability, refined handling and stability.

mca street essentials coilover features and specs


Our most popular MCA Street Essential Coilovers


MCA Street Performance Coilovers

With an emphasis on maximising vehicle handling and stability in street applications, the Performance Series caters for the spirited driver looking for a firmer feel on the road while still maintaining a reasonable level of comfort. The characteristics of this series also allows for part time track use.

mca street performance coilover features and specs



Our most popular MCA Street Performance Coilovers

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