Fulcrum Suspension offers a full range of Enhancement Products to suit your car!

With the complete range of TEIN Products available, Fulcrum Suspensions can offer complete package solutions for most performance vehicles. TEIN product works even better when it is paired up with SuperPro Performance Bushes and now with the new range of SuperPro Roll Control swaybars Fulcrum Suspensions can take your car to a whole new level.

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SuperPro Roll Control Sway Bars & TEIN Coilover Kits

Fulcrum Suspensions has put together TEIN Coilover kits with SuperPro Roll Control Swaybars to transform the handling experience for the driver looking for complete roll control!

For the VE Commodore, Fulcrum Suspensions has paired the SuperPro Roll Control hollow Sway Bars with the TEIN Sport Damper Coilover Kit, the Superstreet Coilover Kit and the TEIN Monoflex Kit. These packages compliment each other perfectly, allowing the handling characteristics of the VE Commodore Sedan, Ute or Wagon to taken to a whole new level.


SuperPro Roll Control Tubular Sway Bars are:

  • 30% Lighter than any other Sway Bar on the Market
  • Manufactured from Race Spec Chrome Moly
  • Being Hollow allows for a progressive rate in the performance of the Bar.
  • Fully Adjustable to find the ultimate setting to eliminate under steer. 

For a range of other Performance vehicles, SuperPro Roll Control has designed new Solid Sway Bars to improve the handling of these popular vehicles.

SuperPro Roll Control Solid Sway Bars are:

  • Manufactured from the highest quality Australian spring steel.
  • Cold formed using the latest technology.
  • Providing superior results from smaller diameters.
  • Designed and tested in house to ensure correct fitment, every time.
SuperPro Roll Control has designed new solid sway bars and SuperPro Enhancement Bush Kits to improve the handling of the following vehicles. To see what is now available, click on each vehicle to see the latest range of SuperPro Roll Control Products.



Toyota 86 

Subaru BRZ

Subaru GH WRX 

Subaru GRB STi

VW Golf Mk5 FWD

VW Golf Mk5 AWD

VW Golf Mk6 FWD

VW Golf Mk6 AWD

Mitsubishi EVO 10



Pairing the new TEIN Street Advance Coilover Kits with SuperPro Roll Control Solid Sway Bars has produced an exciting, complete enhancement kit for these vehicles. With the addition of a range of SuperPro enhancement bushes and supaloy arms, and these vehicles are in the stratosphere of vehicle handling. 

For the complete SuperPro Roll Control Products Range Click Here To View the Full Catalogue. Full contents of the Master Vehicle Kits are listed at the end of this Catalogue.

SuperPro’s Performance and Enhancement products are specifically tailored to suit a range of vehicles and have been designed to help you extract the full handling potential from your car. SuperPro polyurethane suspension bushings and parts provide better handling and enhance your overall driving experience. 

Only SuperPro Features:

  • “Supaloy” lighter, leaner, high-stress alloy hardware with built in corrosion resistance 
  • “DuroBall” metal poly hybrid technology for vertical pivot bushings
  • “Roll Control” solutions – with the SuperPro Roll Control Sway Bars


New for the Volkswagen Golf 5/6 AWD/FWD and Subaru WRX are the new Supaloy Alloy Lower Control Arms and Rear Brackets. 

Featuring the new Grip Dynamic system, grip is improved resulting in better handling and performance. This is done by focusing on key alignment and dynamic handling elementsSupaloy arms replace stock steel VAG arms that are found on over 90% of all Audi, and VW vehicles. This is also designed for Subaru WRX drivers who want STi arms with Anti-Lift for more precise handling. 

     1. Light weight Alloy Material = More responsive handling.

     2. Superior engineered polyurethane bushing = More precise steering. 

     3. Smarter bushing and mount design = Better turn in and more feedback.

     4. Extra Dynamic Positive Caster = Less understeer, higher corner speed.


For application information on the Supaloy VW Arms Click Here

For application information on the Supaloy VW Bracket Click Here

For application information on the Supaloy Subaru Arms Click Here (Coming Soon!!)



Vertical pivot bushes are now very commonly used by OEM engineers to precisely locate control arm pivot points to the chassis. This solution provides great benefits in location precision but has its own inherent weaknesses that may lead to premature failure. 

SuperPro has developed a unique metal and polyurethane hybrid design for this demanding application. By combining the core strengths of SuperPro’s engineered polyurethane with a specialised metal ball joint, the DuroBall design delivers all of the articulation benefits of a vertical pivot solution with greater durability and longer service life. 

The range also includes Grip Dynamics performance kits with “Extra Positive Caster". 

For application information on Duroball Click Here


Roll Control


SuperPro’s Roll Control is designed to offer a complete range of performance and enhancement suspension products to give you “Total Roll Control”. This range includes: Sway Bars & Bushes, Roll Centre Adjusting Ball Joints & Tie Rod Ends, Performance Sway Bar Links & Complete Vehicle Kits of SuperPro Polyurethane Enhancement Bushes. 








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