RAW 4x4 Lift Kits

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RAW 4X4 shock absobers are designed and developed right here in Australia with a range of heavy duty shock absorbers that will withstand the harshest terrain. We have assembled a range of lift kits incorparting RAW 4x4 popular shock absorber range giving you their benifits on and off road. 

Powerdown the owner and manufacturer RAW 4x4 has been designing and developing heavy duty shock absorbers for the Australian truck and trailer industry since 1983. Using this knowledge in 2005 the RAW 4x4 brand was created to design, develop and market heavy duty shock absorbers and lift kits specifically for 4WD applications.



The Nitro or Nitro Max shock absorbers are a perfect addition to a lift kit that needs to perform in the tough Australian landscape. RAW 4×4 suspension not only allows you to fit bigger tyres for increased ground clearance, it will improve the overall feel off your vehicle giving you confidence to take your off road adventures to the next level.

RAW shock absorbers are know for their load carrying capability, best suited for trade vehciles carry constant heavy loads. RAW 4x4 lift kits are also a great option for casual off road adventures. 



RAW Nitro Shock Absorbers

Nitro- suited for recreational 4WDing and achieving a lift with great performance using an expanded body heavy duty gas shock absorber designed to improve body roll and increase vehicle stability.

The RAW Nitro shock absorbers features include-

  • large 35mm bore size reducing internal operating pressure for a longer lasting shock
  • all weather multi lip seal and oil for consistent performance in all conditions
  • re coil cut off to avoid internal shock absorber damage at full articulation
  • hardened polished chrome road to improve longevity and seal wear
  • expanded body for extra capacity
  • nitrogen gas to resist shock absorber fade



RAW Nitro Max Shock Absorbers

Nitro Max- As the big bore heavy duty shock absorber in the RAW 4x4 range, these shocks have been designed for heavy coil sprung and torsion bar vehicles by using proven truck shock absorber design with highly tuned valving designed to achieve and surpass the vehicle and drivers needs on even the toughest of drives. As such they are highly Recommend for vehicles used in mining, long distant touring and heavy duty applications.

The RAW Nitro Max (twin tube) shock absorbers features include-

  • Large 41mm bore size
  • Nitrogen gas cell to eliminate aeration inside the shock absorber
  • High temperature oil to maintain viscosity under hard working conditions
  • Multi lip Viton seal to retain oil at temperatures up to 240 degrees celsius
  • Polyurethane bushing
  • One piece eye rings & 360 degree welds on all fittings
  • Silicone dust boot

The RAW Nitro Max (Mono tube) shock absorbers features include-

  • HNBR high temperature seal to retain oil
  • Large 46mm bore size
  • Nitrogen gas
  • High temperature oil to maintain viscosity under hard working conditions
  • Mono tube design for efficient heat dissipation



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