SACHS Shock Absorbers

SACHS has been chosen by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers to be set as Original Equipment in their vehicles. Each year, over 10 million new vehicles roll off the production line fitted with SACHS high quality products. Whether it is a Shock, Strut or Insert, SACHS products are built to exacting standards resulting in high performance and reliability. SACHS offers products for several applications that cover almost all vehicle types. The SACHS engineering team have also developed new methods to successfully produce suspension struts and shock absorbers with a large reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

SACHS shock absorbers offer substantial benefits to vehicle performance, enhances safety, and increases the overall driving experience. Through high quality materials and design, these shock absorbers ensure notable performance upgradesThe experts at SACHS have applied their knowledge and experience in the development of these shock absorbers to produce a product that maximises performance. This allows the vehicle to handle all obstacles and challenges, maintaining perfect road grip and cornering.  


SACHS Super Touring Shock Absorbers

The SACHS Super Touring range is aimed at drivers who use their vehicles for both everyday driving and holiday or adventure driving. In city traffic or on country roads, you can rely on your vehicle to be safe and comfortable, enjoying your overall driving experience. Applicable for almost all vehicles. 

Product features: 

  • An ideal application for your vehicle, taking the guesswork out of your shock-absorber choice 

  • Superior quality from state-of-the-art technology 

  • Shock absorbers especially designed for vehicles that are unique to Australia, such as Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore 

  • Twin-tube, gas pressurised shock technology throughout the entire range 

  • Fulcrum Suspensions offers SACHS aftermarket shock absorbers with a Lifetime Warranty 




SACHS Advantage Shock Absorbers

SACHS Advantage shock absorbers are a great option to suit the highest demands in all driving situations. These shock absorbers are individually adapted to each vehicle, offering decisive handling and driving stability. This range combines sportiness with comfort. 

Product features:

  • Superior quality from state-of-the-art valving technology 

  • Shock absorbers especially designed for vehicles unique to Australia, such as Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore 

  • Groove Technology 

  • Fulcrum Suspensions offers SACHS aftermarket shock absorbers with a Lifetime Warranty 

Product Benefits:

  • Improved braking (up to 20%) 

  • Ride Comfort 

  • Superior Ride Control 

  • Safety 

  • Reliability 

  • Reduced Tyre wear 

  • Constant Performance 


SACHS provide car shock absorbers for all requirements. This range includes: 

  • Monotube and twin-tube dampers 

  • Suspension struts  

  • Spring carriers 

  • Suspension cylinders  


Monotube Dampers 

The working cylinder in gas-filled monotube dampers is filled with oil and gas at a high pressure of around 25 to 30 bar. The SACHS monotube damper can be installed in any position, operating at a higher pressure than the twin-tube damper. This provides an advantage as it makes the lamellar valves in the piston highly responsive and prevents foaming or bubble formation in the hydraulic oil. 


Twin-tube Dampers 

Twin-tube dampers consist of two oil-filled cavities; the working cavity in which the piston and piston rod move, and the compensating cavity. The compensating cavity is located between the working cylinder and the reservoir tube and is filled 2/3 with oil and 1/3 with air or gas. This results in the twin-tube damper having a shorter installation length than its monotube equivalent. This damper has been designed to efficiently adapt to the vehicle weight, axle design and suspension springs.   

These shock absorbers damp vibrations in the suspension springs as well as the vehicle body. This shock absorber forms the end link between the suspension springs and the vehicle body; this makes it an extremely important component related to safety which reduces vibrations and reducing overall vehicle movement.   

The continuous development of new vehicle generations is increasing vibration reduction. SACHS shock absorbers are a significant contribution to this continuous increase in vehicle vibration reduction with their constantly innovative developments. 


SACHS Performance 

SACHS performance is well known for their high-quality tuning products. These products provide car enthusiasts with coil over suspensions with a unique driving experience by enhancing the vehicle tuning. With their years of experience and knowledge, SACHS provide superior products ensuring high quality and performance upgrades. Performance clutches are also provided which allows for highly transferable torque and corresponding dynamics. The product development has included the tracking and evaluation of vehicles that have performed on the toughest racetracks in the world. This ensures that performance enhancement is perfectly equipped for the most ambitious drivers. 


The Brand 

SACHS ensures superiority with the manufacturing of their products from high-quality materials providing high performance, reliability, and durability. They have more than 10 million vehicles being equipped with SACHS dampers and shock absorbers straight from the assembly line. SACHS offers high-quality clutches in markets for original equipment manufacturers and the spare-parts market.  

The SACHS brand began in 1894 when toolmaker Ernst Sachs filed his first bicycle wheel hub patent application. One year later, he founded the “Precision Ball Bearing Production Plant” with a financer and merchant, Karl Fichtel. In 1911, Sachs took over the sole management of the company that had increased to around 2,600 employees. He converted the company to a corporation in 1923 and focused on the production of vehicle engines, clutches, and shocks and dampers. By 1995, SACHS was internationally well-known and represented globally. SACHS success continues to grow, maintaining their philosophy of securing a clear technological edge over competitors, regarding product quality and innovation, as well as exceeding customer service standards.  

SACHS provides products for various fields of application covering almost all vehicle types. They have also provided and reached the European and Asian vehicle market. Ensuring high quality products, SACHS have provided more than 38 million Asian vehicles of various manufacturers high quality shocks and dampers.  

SACHS has been heavily involved with the professional motorsports, being involved with more than 100 wins. They have also gained wide experience in the motorsport industry. As a result, all SACHS products have been developed with the consideration of professional feedback and expertise to design the most ideal and high-quality product suitable for all vehicles. 



The long standing relationship between V8 Supercar driver Craig Lowndes and automotive component manufacturer SACHS has been strengthened, with the announcement of the three-time V8 Supercar Champion as the official ambassador for the brand in Australia.

Over the past nine seasons, Lowndes has relied exclusively on SACHS shock absorbers and clutches in his Triple 8 Race Engineering prepared V8 Supercars, with the combination proving to be incredibly successful.

These triumphs have seen demand grow, with over 90 percent of the 2013 V8 Supercar field fitted with SACHS products.

The partnership with Lowndes sees SACHS branding placed on the highly visible visor of his distinctive helmet, as well on his driving suit.

After winning over 40 races using SACHS products, including four Bathurst 1000s, for Lowndes the ambassadorship is a natural fit.

"Over the years I have had a lot of success with SACHS products on track, and have had a great relationship with the brand away from it," Lowndes said.

"Shock absorbers are one of the most crucial tuning devices on a V8 Supercar, ensuring maximum performance and prolonged tyre life.

"The quality of the SACHS motorsport products is mirrored by the road car applications.

"Not only is SACHS an OEM supplier to manufacturers worldwide, including local Australian-built vehicles, the SACHS range of replacement shock absorbers now covers 95 percent of cars in Australia."

The announcement of the new association was made today at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, with ZF Services Australia Managing Director Chris Adcock stating that the alignment will further grow brand recognition in the Australian marketplace.

"Worldwide, SACHS has found great success in promoting our passenger vehicle range via excellence on the race track, from Formula 1 right through many of the world's leading championships," Mr Adcock said.

"For a decade this cutting edge know-how has resulted in Triple 8 Race Engineering being the dominant force in V8 Supercar competition.

"Craig is one of the most recognisable sports people in the country, and the fact that he has had so much success with SACHS products throughout his career, makes him the perfect spokesperson for the brand.

"We have been lucky enough to work closely with Craig at trade shows and events in recent years, including the Experience SACHS Days in 2012. We look forward to taking that relationship to a new level in 2013, and we wish Craig all the best for the season ahead."



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