Shock Absorbers

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Are you looking for quality shock absorbers to give your car the best possible ride? Through years of suspension innovation and vigorous testing, we have gathered a complete range of the best shock absorbers for your vehicle. Our range of shock absorbers includes Formula Shock Absorbers, Bilstein Shock Absorbers, RAW Shock absorbers, SACHS Shock Absorbers, Monroe Shock Absorbers and Koni Shock Absorbers. 

Shock absorbers are a very important part of the suspension system! Shocks are oil pump like devices that control the impact of your vehicle’s springs and suspension by smoothing out any bumps on the road or any vibrations. Not only do they control the springs and suspension movement, but shock absorbers also help maintain the contact between your tyres and the road surface.


Formula Shock Absorbers

The Formula 4x4 range was developed by Fulcrum Suspensions locally, and entered the market with a focus on affordability, comfort, and performance. Formula Shock Absorbers were designed for Australian conditions to ensure peak performance even when driving your 4x4 through harsh terrains.

Formula 4x4 offers a selection of shock absorbers such as the Formula 4x4 Shock Absorber and the Formula 4x4 Big Bore Shock Absorber. These shocks have been designed to deliver comfort and p4erfromance off road, and stability and durability on road. Built from high grade carbon steel and incorporating a specialized valving system filled with high quality oil, seals, and low gas pressure, our Formula shocks will give your 4WD the best possible performance at the most affordable price.


Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Bilstein engineers and manufactures a large range of shock absorbers that have been made for specific vehicle applications and driving conditions. We stock a complete range of Bilstein Shock Absorbers and have a large store network available for you to have your Bilstein shocks installed. The Bilstein range includes shocks for both performance and 4x4 vehicles.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers are developed and meticulously tested in Germany and are internationally considered to be one of the best brands of shocks. With over 60 years of experience in Original Equipment and more than 50 years of racing history, Bilstein shocks are highly regarded and very unique. Their performance shocks and 4x4 shocks are all suited for different applications, ensuring your vehicle receives the ultimate upgrade.


RAW Shock Absorbers

With a huge range of 4x4 suspension products for nearly every 4WD on the market in Australia, RAW offer suspension repairs and upgrades that have been designed to completely alter and improve the way your 4x4 vehicle drives. RAW offer both heavy duty and standard comfort shocks that are sold nationally.

RAW 4x4 shock absorbers and suspension parts are an Australian designed and developed range of heavy-duty suspension equipment with the ultimate goal of surviving the world’s toughest of conditions. The Australian designed RAW Shock Absorber range includes the Nitro Shock Absorber, the Nitro Max Shock Absorber, and the Predator Shock Absorber. Each Shock is designed to suit different applications, whether you use your 4WD for typical day-to-day use or you use your 4x4 vehicle for extreme off roading and adventuring.


SACHS Shock Absorbers

SACHS have been chosen by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers to be set as Original Equipment in their vehicles. SACHS Shock Absorbers offer substantial benefits to vehicle performance, enhances safety, and increases your overall driving experience. The SACHS Shock range includes the SACHS Super Touring Shock Absorber and the SACHS Advantage Shock Absorber.

Through high quality materials and design, these shocks ensure notable performance upgrades, allowing the vehicle to handle all obstacles and challenges while maintaining perfect road grip and cornering. The Super Touring range was designed for standard drivers who use their vehicle for both day-to-day driving and weekend or holiday driving. The Advantage rage was designed to offer decisive handling and driving stability, combining sportiness with comfort.


Monroe Shock Absorbers

Monroe has continued to lead the way in ride control component innovation and design for years, mastering OE technology, performance, and safety. Monroe’s Shock Absorber developments have enhanced the road safety of millions of road users worldwide. Monroe have a very broad range of shocks suiting both performance and 4x4 vehicles.

Monroe remains unstoppable when it comes to ensuring improved road safety through new ride control technology and there is a Monroe Shock Absorber to suit almost every vehicle on the Australian market. Each shock has been built to last, utilizing the best and latest technology, and providing your vehicle with an ideal balance between total control, comfort, and an enhancement in performance.


KONI Shock Absorbers

KONI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of performance and adjustable shocks that are suited for a wide range of vehicle applications. KONI Shock Absorbers are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the tightest tolerances. The KONI Shock range includes the Sport and Tuning Shock Absorber, the Performance Shock Absorber, the KONI RAID and Heavy Track Shock Absorber, and the Racing Shock Absorber.

Each shock in the KONI range has been designed uniquely to suit specific requirements of different vehicles, ensuring your vehicle benefits the most. KONI Shock Absorbers suited to performance vehicles have a big reputation for enhancing the overall performance and offering more control, stability, and exceptional road handling. The KONI 4x4 shocks have been tested under the world’s harshest conditions and have been specifically developed for both on and off-road challenges. These shock absorbers satisfy the highest demands regarding safety, stability, and road holding grip.

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