SuperPro Control Arms

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SuperPro control arms are manufactured, tested and design in Brisbane Australia. SuperPro control arms are built to the highest standard, design to outperform the competition and their OE counterparts. Following their business motto "Engineered to Outperform", SuperPro exceeds many design expectations. 


SuperPro 4x4 Control Arms

The SuperPro 4x4 control arm range has many benefits for your 4x4, whether standard height or lifted, SuperPro has you covered for all your control arm upgrades. The benefits of this range include SuperPro polyurethane bushings fitted to the arms, up-rated ball joints built into the arm design, offset options available for lifted vehicles and more. The 4x4 control arm range are direct replacement options that are easy to fit as they generally are a bolt straight in upgrade.

SuperPro 4x4 control arms are all manufactured in Melbourne Australia, for high quality control and greater stock opportunity. 

The general issues faced with the original factory fitted arms include seized lower inner camber bolts, worn ball joints and worn bushes. This SuperPro kit comes complete with camber bolts and our offset kits offer up to 0.6 degrees of camber adjustment. Our offset lower control arm kit pushes the lower ball joint out to return the camber adjustment to original settings once the vehicle is lifted.



SuperPro Alloy Control Arms (Performance)

The OE arm comes fitted with standard rubber bushes from factory and once the bushes began to deteriorate it was proven that it was also difficult to replace these bushes in the standard arm. There also wasn’t an option available to replace the ball joint or the entire arm on the market.

SuperPro saw that by eliminating the original rubber bushings that the durability and performance of these arms increased and any unwanted noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) was removed from the vehicle. The innovative DuroBall design by SuperPro has also been incorporated to this design to ensure longevity to the bushings and to remove all unwanted movement in the arm and maintain better steering geometry in all applications once installed.

The new SuperPro arm kit has been designed and manufactured from a high strength, light weight alloy material and have the SuperPro polyurethane bushings and heavy-duty ball joints fitted. This alloy upgrade option has also entered the market as an affordable alternative for a complete replacement arm kit. These arms are a straight standard replacement, meaning there is no need for modification when fitting, and are an upgrade from the original factory arms.

SuperPro Alloy Control Arm Kit assemblies deliver more caster and eliminate unwanted flex resulting in superior vehicle handling and performance.

These kits were developed as part of the ‘Grip Dynamics’ system SuperPro’s Roll Control range promotes. This improves handling and performance by focusing on key alignment and dynamic handling elements.  This includes up to 1 degree of extra dynamic positive caster, anti-lift which results in more traction and power delivery, precise steering, better handling and increased grip. There is also a noticeable performance upgrade and weight reduction as these alloy arms are up to 38% lighter than the O.E steel arms.

SuperPro performance control arms


SuperPro Passenger Control Arms

These arms are perfectly suited as a standard replacement and are an upgrade from the factory arms, eliminating undesirable arm movement to maintain better steering geometry in all driving conditions.

Our passenger arm upgrades, incorporate improved design, premium material upgrade and upgraded bushings. Incorporating SuperPro bushings these control arms give a lifetime of value. 



Control Arm Manufacturing & Engineering

SuperPro manufactures multiple types control arms, these control arms have different features based on applications; 4WD control Arms. (Alloy) Performance Control Arms & Repair Control arms.

SuperPro control arms serve multiple purposes, the primary purpose for performance and 4WD control arms is to solve alignment issues. Which means adjusting the camber and caster settings of the vehicle. SuperPro repair control arms however are a complete repair solution. Where the design of the OE control arm has been improved, but includes pre-installed SuperPro bushings. Which offer increased performance and a lifetime of value compared to OE.  In some instances, SuperPro offers additional alignment solutions to further optimize alignment such as strut top mounts and suspension bushings. SuperPro control arms either come in a fixed solution or adjustable solution, depending on vehicle application.

Typically control arms have a high range of movement, some more than others based on vehicle application. Many OE and aftermarket control arms utilise rubber bushings, it is vital to not use bonded rubber bushings. As they will tear over time, due to the constraint strain of flex. Leading to decreased performance and more suspension issues in the future.

SuperPro combats this issue by pre-installing every SuperPro control arm kit with their unique polyurethane bushings, which perfectly complement their control arm design, providing a free pivot. SuperPro bushings offers a lifetime of value and better alignment properties.



SuperPro History

SuperPro is an innovative Australian manufacturer of automotive polyurethane suspension bushings, control arms, swaybars and other suspension components for both 4x4 and performance vehicles. SuperPro is based in Brisbane, Queensland and does all engineering and manufacturing on site, ensuring the best quality product. Engineered to outperform, SuperPros specially formulated, high quality components are designed to create suspension solutions for better stability, handling and control in both on and off road applications.

With over 40 years of experience in suspension and chassis systems in some of the toughest environments in the world, SuperPro designs, test and manufacturers a group of products that are used globally across over 1000 service workshops, wheel alignment specialists and wholesale distribution centres for a variety of suspension products. The company is focused on quality, service and innovation and has an enviable reputation in its core markets.

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