Sway Bar Link

Links are a common service item due to either worn or over compliant bushings or joints and possibly bent or snapped centre bodies.

Upgrade with SuperPro links boasting heavy duty joints and uprated centre body that outlast and outperform the original equipment.

SuperPro sway bar links are easy to use and are a great upgrade for your suspension!

SuperPro sway bar links are engineered and design to replace OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sway bar links as either a repair or upgrade solution. Engineered, tested and assembled in Brisbane, Australia. Our development team has made sure to incorporate the best design and material features to give your vehicle a more precise drive.

Our SuperPro sway bar links are designed for easy universal fitment, to improve the handling of your vehicle. To optimise the performance not just of your sway bar, but to work in unison with all your suspension components to give you and your vehicle an accurate driving experience. SuperPro sway bar links have three unique applications: designed for performance, off road driving and as a repair or upgrade solution our sway bar links will give your car a more precise drive in all environments. Optimising the link between your sway bar and your suspension chassis.

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Components Per1 Link
Product Note10mm parallel Ball Joint Link

Length 63mm center to center
Select any of the below vehicles to get detailed specifications on how this product interacts with your car. Including fitting positions, time and other vehicle specific information.
HOLDENAPOLLO01/95-05/97 JP Sedan 2.2 i
HOLDENAPOLLO01/95-05/97 JP Sedan 3.0 i
HOLDENAPOLLO01/95-05/97 JP Wagon 2.2 i
HOLDENAPOLLO01/95-05/97 JP Wagon 3.0 i
HOLDENAPOLLO03/93-05/95 JM Sedan 2.2 i
HOLDENAPOLLO03/93-05/95 JM Sedan 3.0 i
HOLDENAPOLLO03/93-05/95 JM Wagon 2.2 i
HOLDENAPOLLO03/93-05/95 JM Wagon 3.0 i
HOLDENNOVA06/92-10/94 LF Hatchback 1.8
HOLDENNOVA08/89-09/91 LE Hatchback 1.4
HOLDENNOVA08/89-09/91 LE Hatchback 1.6
HOLDENNOVA08/89-09/91 LE Sedan 1.6
HOLDENNOVA09/91-10/94 LF Hatchback 1.6
HOLDENNOVA09/91-10/94 LF Sedan 1.6 i
HOLDENNOVA09/91-11/92 LF Hatchback 1.4
HOLDENNOVA10/94-12/97 LG Hatchback 1.6
HOLDENNOVA10/94-12/97 LG Hatchback 1.8 i
HOLDENNOVA10/94-12/97 LG Sedan 1.6 i
HOLDENNOVA10/94-12/97 LG Sedan 1.8 i
HYUNDAICOUPE03/01-04/02 RD Coupe 2.0 16V
HYUNDAICOUPE03/98-04/02 RD Coupe 1.6 16V
HYUNDAICOUPE07/96-04/02 RD Coupe 1.8 SX
HYUNDAICOUPE08/96-04/02 RD Coupe 2.0 FX
HYUNDAICOUPE12/96-04/02 RD Coupe 1.6 i 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA02/96-10/00 J-2 Wagon 1.6 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA02/96-10/00 J-2 Wagon 1.6 i
HYUNDAILANTRA03/98-09/00 J-2 Sedan 1.9 D
HYUNDAILANTRA03/98-10/00 J-2 Wagon 1.9 D
HYUNDAILANTRA03/99-10/00 J-2 Sedan 2.0 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA04/97-10/00 J-2 Wagon 1.5 12V
HYUNDAILANTRA05/91-08/95 J-1 Sedan 1.6 i.e. 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA07/96-10/00 J-2 Wagon 1.8 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA08/95-10/00 J-2 Sedan 1.8 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA10/90-11/95 J-1 Sedan 1.5 i.e.
HYUNDAILANTRA10/90-11/95 J-1 Sedan 1.6 i.e. 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA11/92-08/95 J-1 Sedan 1.8 i.e. 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA11/95-09/00 J-2 Sedan 1.6 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA11/95-09/00 J-2 Sedan 1.6 i
HYUNDAILANTRA11/95-10/00 J-2 Wagon 2.0 16V
HYUNDAILANTRA12/96-09/00 J-2 Sedan 1.5 12V
LEXUSSC01/96-12/96 UZZ30 Coupe 400
LEXUSSC01/97-07/00 UZZ30 Coupe 400
LEXUSSC06/91-12/95 UZZ30 Coupe 400
LEXUSSC06/92-07/00 JZZ31 Coupe 300
MITSUBISHI3000 GT10/92-03/98 Z16A Coupe 3.0 i 24V 4WD (Z16A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT01/88-10/92 E31A Sedan 1.6 (E31A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT04/89-10/92 E39A,E33A,E38A Hatchback 2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT04/89-10/92 E39A,E33A,E38A Hatchback 2.0 4WD (E33A, E38A, E39A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT04/93-03/95 HJ Hatchback 2.0 (E55A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT05/89-12/92 HG,HH Hatchback 2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT05/89-12/92 HG,HH Sedan 2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT06/88-10/92 E39A,E38A,E33A Sedan 2.0 GTi 16V 4WD (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT07/89-12/92 E39A,E38A,E33A Hatchback 2.0 GTI 16V 4x4 (E38A, E39A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT09/91-10/92 E39A,E33A,E38A Sedan 2.0 GTI 16V Cat 4WD (E38A, E39A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/87-08/90 E32A Sedan 1.8 (E32A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/87-10/92 E32A Sedan 1.8 (E32A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/87-10/92 E38A,E39A,E33A Sedan 2.0 (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/87-10/92 E39A,E33A,E38A Sedan 2.0 GTi 16V (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 E32A Hatchback 1.8 (E32A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 E33A,E38A,E39A Hatchback 2.0 GTI 16V (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 E34A Hatchback 1.8 Turbo-D (E34A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/88-10/92 HG,HH Hatchback 2.0 GTI 16V (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT11/92-08/96 HJ Hatchback 2.0 V6-24 (E64A, E54A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT12/87-10/92 E34A Sedan 1.8 Turbo-D (E34A)
MITSUBISHIGALANT12/88-10/92 E38A,E33A,E39A Sedan 2.0 4WD (E39A, E38A, E33A)
MITSUBISHIMAGNA02/94-04/94 TS Sedan 2.5
MITSUBISHIMAGNA02/94-04/96 TS Sedan 2.6
MITSUBISHIMAGNA02/94-04/96 TS Sedan 2.6 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA02/94-04/96 TS Wagon 2.6
MITSUBISHIMAGNA02/94-04/96 TS Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/91-02/94 TR Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/94-04/96 TS Wagon 2.6
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/99-08/00 TH Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/99-08/00 TH Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/99-08/00 TH Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA03/99-08/00 TH Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/91-02/94 TR Sedan 2.6 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/96-06/97 TE Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/96-06/97 TE Wagon 2.4
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/96-06/97 TE Wagon 2.6
MITSUBISHIMAGNA04/96-06/97 TE Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA05/91-02/94 TR Sedan 2.6
MITSUBISHIMAGNA05/91-02/94 TR Wagon 2.6
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Sedan 3.5 i 4WD
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Sedan 3.5 i VR-X
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/03-07/05 TW Wagon 3.5 i VR-X
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/97-03/99 TF Sedan 2.4
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/97-03/99 TF Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/97-03/99 TF Wagon 2.4
MITSUBISHIMAGNA06/97-03/99 TF Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.0
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 i 4WD
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-05/03 TJ Wagon 3.5 i 4WD
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/00-07/02 TJ Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/01-05/03 TJ Wagon 3.5 i Sports VR-X
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/02-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 i Series II Ralliart
MITSUBISHIMAGNA08/02-05/03 TJ Sedan 3.5 Series II Sports VR-X
MITSUBISHIMAGNA10/04-07/05 TW Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIMAGNA10/91-02/94 TR Sedan 2.6
MITSUBISHIMAGNA10/91-02/94 TR Wagon 2.6 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA03/94-03/97 KS Sedan 3.0
MITSUBISHIVERADA03/94-03/97 KS Wagon 3.0
MITSUBISHIVERADA03/99-08/00 KH Sedan 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA03/99-08/00 KH Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/03-10/04 KL Sedan 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/03-10/04 KL Sedan 3.5 i Series II 4WD
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/03-10/04 KL Wagon 3.5 i Series II
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/97-03/99 KF Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA06/97-03/99 KF Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA07/02-05/03 KJ Sedan 3.5 4WD
MITSUBISHIVERADA07/91-02/94 KR Sedan 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA08/00-05/03 KJ Sedan 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA08/00-05/03 KJ Sedan 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA08/00-05/03 KJ Wagon 3.5 i 4WD
MITSUBISHIVERADA08/91-02/94 KR Wagon 3.0 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/04-07/05 KW Sedan 3.5 4WD
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/04-07/05 KW Sedan 3.5 i Series II
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/04-07/05 KW Wagon 3.5
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/92-02/94 KR Sedan 3.0
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/96-06/97 KE Wagon 3.5 i
MITSUBISHIVERADA10/96-10/97 KE Sedan 3.5 i
TOYOTACAMRY01/83-01/86 SV11_ Hatchback 2.0 (SV11_)
TOYOTACAMRY02/83-10/86 SV10_ Hatchback 1.8 (SV10_)
TOYOTACAMRY02/83-10/86 SV10_ Sedan 1.8 (SV10_)
TOYOTACAMRY02/83-10/86 SV11_ Sedan 2.0 (SV11_)
TOYOTACAMRY02/83-12/86 SV11_ Sedan 2.0 (SV11_)
TOYOTACAMRY02/93-12/94 VCV10 Sedan 3.0 Vienta (VCV10_)
TOYOTACAMRY02/93-12/94 VCV10 Wagon 3.0 Vienta (VCV10_)
TOYOTACAMRY04/83-04/87 SV11 Hatchback 2.0 (SV11_)
TOYOTACAMRY06/91-07/96 SXV10_ Sedan 2.2 (SXV10_)
TOYOTACAMRY06/91-09/95 VCV10 Sedan 3.0 (VCV10_)
TOYOTACAMRY06/94-06/98 CV40 Sedan 2.2 TD (CV40)
TOYOTACAMRY06/94-09/97 SV40 Sedan 1.8 (SV40)
TOYOTACAMRY08/92-08/97 SXV10/SDV10 Sedan 2.2 (SDV10, SXV10)
TOYOTACAMRY08/92-08/97 SXV10/SDV10 Wagon 2.2 (SDV10, SXV10)
TOYOTACAMRY08/93-06/98 SV41,SV42 Sedan 2.0 (SV41, SV42)
TOYOTACAMRY08/93-09/97 SV43 Sedan 2.0 4WD (SV43)
TOYOTACAMRY08/96-07/01 VDV10 Sedan 3.0 Vienta (VDV10)
TOYOTACAMRY09/91-07/96 SXV10_ Wagon 2.2 (SXV10_)
TOYOTACAMRY09/91-07/96 VCV10 Wagon 3.0 (VCV10_)
TOYOTACAMRY10/82-10/86 CV10_ Sedan 1.8 Turbo-D (CV10_)
TOYOTACELICA03/90-12/92 ST185 Coupe 2.0 4WD (ST185)
TOYOTACELICA10/89-11/93 ST182 Convertible 2.0 GTi (ST182)
TOYOTACELICA10/89-12/94 ST184 Coupe 2.2 (ST184)
TOYOTACELICA10/90-10/93 ST183 Convertible 2.0 GTi (ST183)
TOYOTACOROLLA06/91-08/98 AE101 Sedan 1.6 i 20V (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 AE101_ Hatchback 1.6 Si (AE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-04/97 CE100_ Hatchback 2.0 D (CE100_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-05/95 EE100_ Hatchback 1.3 12V (EE100_)
TOYOTACOROLLA07/92-09/95 EE101 Hatchback 1.3 XLI 16V (EE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA08/95-04/97 EE101_ Hatchback 1.3 XLI (EE101_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/91-07/95 AE101 Sedan 1.6 (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/94-05/95 AE102 Hatchback 1.8 GT (AE102_)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/94-11/99 AE101 Hatchback 1.6 i (AE101)
TOYOTACOROLLA09/98-11/01 AE112 Hatchback 1.8 (AE112)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/92-04/95 AE103 Hatchback 1.8 GTi 4WD (AE103)
TOYOTACOROLLA11/92-04/97 AE102 Sedan 1.8 i (AE102)
TOYOTAPRIUS09/03-02/09 NHW20 Hatchback 1.5 Hybrid (NHW20_)
TOYOTAPRIUS10/00-10/03 NHW11 Sedan 1.5 Hybrid (NHW1_)
TOYOTARAV 401/94-09/99 SXA10 SUV 2.0 4WD (SXA10)
TOYOTARAV 401/94-09/99 SXA10,SXA11 SUV 2.0 4WD (SXA10, SXA11)
TOYOTARAV 402/98-06/00 SXA11 SUV 2.0 4WD (SXA11)
TOYOTARAV 406/94-06/00 SXA10 SUV 2.0 16V 4WD (SXA10)
TOYOTASOARER05/92-09/97 UZZ31 Coupe 4.0 (UZZ31, UZZ32, UZZ30)
TOYOTASOARER09/90-09/00 JZZ30 Coupe 2.5 Turbo (JZZ30)
TOYOTASOARER09/90-09/00 JZZ31 Coupe 3.0 (JZZ31)

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Select “Click & Fit” as a delivery method during the checkout process and you will be given a special fitted price to have both the product delivered and installed. A suspension expert will be assigned to your order, who will organise everything and will help you every step of the way. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your car is going to be looked after by suspension experts.

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