Sway Bars

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At Fulcrum Suspensions, we understand the importance of a sway bar and the role it plays in giving you the best possible driving experience. Through a very long history of meticulous researching and testing, we have gathered a range of the best sway bars available in Australia. Our selection of sway bars includes SuperPro Sway Bars and Whiteline Sway Bars.

We provide the best service to all customers both in-store and online. Our staff are experienced experts that can assist you with all your suspension and performance suspension needs. We offer professional, helpful, and friendly service, ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with their order. To ensure the best results, our complete range of sway bars have been meticulously tested and approved by our team of suspension experts. Installing a sway bar in your vehicle will completely alter your driving experience and dramatically improve the performance of your vehicle.

Sway bars are a bar that is connected to either both of your vehicle’s front wheels or both of your vehicle’s rear wheels. The main purpose of these bars is to reduce the amount of body roll when driving. When making a turn in your vehicle, the weight obviously shifts to one side, compressing your outside wheels and producing body roll. With a sway bar installed, when making a turn, the bar will help distribute the weight of the vehicle to all four tyres, thus reducing body roll and maintaining contact between the tyre and road surface.


SuperPro Sway Bars

For sharper steering, better handling, and more grip in all driving conditions.

SuperPro Sway Bars are manufactured, designed, and tested right here in Australia. Our Sway Bar range was designed following the idea of ‘Dynamic Control’. This resulted in the Sway Bars being engineered to give the vehicle sharper steering, better handling, and more grip, improving your overall driving experience while maintaining safety. Our SuperPro Sway Bar kits add durability, reliability, and better performance outcomes.


Whiteline Performance Sway Bars

Whiteline are a leading manufacturer of both upgrade and repair suspension components including sway bars, suited for a variety of vehicles and applications. Utilizing advanced designs, the latest and greatest technologies, and thorough testing of each product, Whiteline Sway Bars will significantly improve the grip, handling, and performance of your vehicle.

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