December 04, 2017
Why do you need a Wheel Alignment?

4 Reasons why you need a Wheel Alignment every 6 Months (10,000km)!

Many of us don't realise the importance of a proper wheel alignment, wheel alignments can improve handling, safety, comfort and performance. As great as Australia's roads are, they are still rough and after regular use even the best suspension systems will fall out of alignment. If your cars wheels do fall out of alignment you will notice that your car will either pull to one side (left/right). It may also become increasingly harder to control your car, especially when going around corners. Your cars left or right pull will be extremely noticeable on any highway or when you are driving fast on a straight. Having misaligned wheels and the wrong camber, caster or toe adjustment is huge safety risk not just for yourself but for the others on the road.

If you ever have work done on your cars suspension then you will also need a wheel alignment as any adjustment to your cars suspension system will displace its camber/caster/toe adjustment. If a wheel alignment is done properly it will make driving your car so much more pleasant and safe. 

It is very important that we regularly get your wheels aligned at least every 10,000km or roughly every 6 months. Fulcrum offers a free suspension safety check so if you are not sure you need a wheel alignment. Feel free to get one of our experienced suspension technicians to diagnose your car free of charge. Below are a couple of reasons why you need to regularly have your car wheel aligned by Fulcrum .    


Increased Tyre Life

What would you rather pay for? New tyres or a wheel alignment? 

More resistance to the road surface means more pressure on your tyres, leading to faster wear and tear. This is how your tyre becomes bald on one side making them uneven and reducing tyre traction. Not only is it dangerous to drive on uneven tyres, it also means that you have to buy a set new set of tyres sooner.


Save Fuel

Petrol prices aren’t getting any cheaper, and who wants to pay more than they have to for anything? 

When the wheels of your car are not aligned there is uneven pressure on the tyres. They tend to push against each other. When that happens the car faces uneven friction and much more resistance from the road surface. This means that your car has to work much harder to move forward and much more fuel is burned than normal.


Strain On The Car

Having a car with badly aligned wheels also leads to other connected problems.

  • Possibility of ABS Brake system malfunction 
  • The tendency to pull to one side due to uneven tyres causes problems in the steering system. It also leads to uneven braking.
  • Not having your wheels aligned will affect the overall suspension of your car, decreasing performance and reliability.  


Without regular wheel alignment’s you are putting yours and your family’s life in danger. 

If your car pulls to one side it is very dangerous. When the road conditions change, such as a wet road and you are forced to hard brake. This slight left or right pull you normally feel is greatly magnified increasing your chances of an accident. 

When you first hear about wheel alignments, they may not sound like an important thing for car maintenance. But if you make sure your car is aligned you will see a much longer service life and have far safer/enjoyable driving experience.


Get a Free Suspension Saftey Check and get a $49 Wheel Alignment from our Fulcrum Technicians