Fulcrum Suspensions Workshop Tools

Fulcrum Suspension bring you a range of equipment to help you diagnose, service and maintain automotive vehicle suspension.


Spring Compressor - The Fastest, Safest Way to Replace Springs and Struts

Spring Compressor

The Fulcrum Suspensions Spring Compressor takes the pain out of servicing springs and struts. Air operated for maximum speed with a high power pneumatic ram capable of compressing the toughest of springs, including those that we are seeing more often than ever before on all late model 4WD vehicles. The built-in polycarbonate safety screen puts a barrier between the operator and the compressed spring whilst providing an unobstructed view. The machine will not operate unless the safety screen is in place. The longest stroke of any tool of its kind means that even those tricky Falcon springs are a breeze. With one of these spring compressors from Fulcrum Suspensions in your workshop, you will be wondering what all the fuss was about.


  • Tough polycarbonate guard ensures maximum safety
  • Fast operation via a powerful pneumatic cylinder
  • Quick setup time, positive location of strut leg using a vice clamp
  • Accommodates the widest range of spring diameters and lengths
  • Wall or bench mounted


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Press Kits – The easy way to install suspension bushings

Press Kits

At Fulcrum we think this tool is so simple, why did we not think of it years ago! These kits provide an easy way to install suspension bushings and aids in other pressing jobs. No more rummaging through a box of old bearing shells to find something of the right size to finish the job as the kit comes with a multitude of tubes for any occasion. Unlike bearing shells that you are currently using, which shatter when overloaded, these mild steel tubes represent a big step forward in workshop safety.


  • 18 press tubes arranged in 5mm increments, always have the right size for the job
  • Safety built in, mild steel construction
  • Can be machined for special applications
  • Tubes available individually


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Shaker Machine – Lets you show the customer where the problems are occurring

Shaker Machine

The Shaker Machine gives a Suspension Specialist the unique ability to easily diagnose suspension faults on a vehicle under load, displaying to a customer what is happening to the vehicles suspension under simulated driving conditions.
This equipment consists of 2 plates which are set in motion by pneumatic cylinders. Each plate can perform 2 independent movements and both the front and the rear of the vehicle can be inspected.

#1 pushes the wheels to the left and right with a virtual half turn.
#2 pushes the wheel backwards and forwards.
With both of these movements, actual cornering forces can be simulated.


  • Actual road conditions simulated , vehicle tested at road height
  • Quick & easy 1 person test and opertaion
  • Wide range of motion ensures all problems are identified
  • Remove all doubt and increase customer trust by showing exactly what is going on


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Shock Tester – Easy to use, immediate results, portable shock absorber tester

Shock Tester

The absorber tester is a compact, battery-powered, hand held shock absorber tester that uses both the “Rebound Method” and “Damping Ratio.” Monitoring the vertical sprung mass movement of the vehicle to determine the performance each individual shock. This unit provides the suspension technician a fast, accurate and repeatable result about the condition of the shock absorbers on the customers vehicle.

3 easy testing steps

  • STEP 1: Attach shock tester to the body panel nearest wheel being tested
  • STEP 2: Turn on shock tester, follow prompts and select wheel being tested
  • STEP 3: Push down on vehicle body nearest wheel being tested. Follow prompts to save or view test results. Repeat steps as required


  • Self aligning, no need to level the device
  • Handy drive test feature for 4WD and heavy sprung vehicles
  • Previous test results recalled from onboard memory
  • Downloadable to PC for display and printing of customer report

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