Bilstein 4x4 Lift Kits

Buy a Bilstein lift kit and get it installed at one of our stores or call us on 1800 385 278

Bilstein shock absorbers are a high caliber shock absorber, designed and tested in Germany. Built to the highest specifications Bilstein is classed as a premium product, if you want the best go with Bilstein.

Bilstein have gone the extra mile to ensure maxium performance off road. Their team in Australia has set out and designed a set of shock absorbers (B6, B8 & B60) specifically for Australian 4x4 driving conditions.

We have teamed up with Bilstein, combing both our suspension expertise to create a range of reliable, comfortable, yet heavy duty 4x4 lift kits



Our Bilstein Lift kits are each designed and assembled for specific applications, all our lift kits are modifiable for specific vehicle use. Whether you are an off road junkie, a tradie or a weekend hobbyist, we can organise the right lift kit for you. Each lift kit can have its spring rates modified to suit what your 4WD is carrying, this is crucial as not every vehicle carries the same accessories. We ensure that you get the right bilstein shock absorber for the job and the right spring rate, matched for both comfort and practicality. 

When you a buy a lift kit online, our experienced suspension technicians will give you a call to make sure the kit is made to best match your vehicles use. We will than offer to have the Lift Kit installed at one of our many Fulcrum store locations, we also offer a complimentary free suspension check

If you dont want to purchase a bilstein lift kit online or over the phone, the process is very similar. When you visit our store you will be greeted by our suspension technicians who will help organise the best kit for you. They will make sure you get the best shocks for for traction, comfort and practicality. Also ensuring the springs you receive are the best for your carry loads and driving environment. 


Tested & Driven Around Australia

We have installed thousands of Bilstein Lift Kits across our Fulcrum store network and have sold even more through our massive trade network. Most likely if you have seen a Bilstein4x4 lift kit before, it was either purchased or installed through the Fulcrum Suspensions network.

We understand that you may like to load up your 4WD with a lot of 4x4 gear. So our research and development team have created specially built 4x4 suspension lift kits to handle constant increased load in off road conditions. We also have enhancement 4x4 lift kits and performance 4x4 lift kits. Each designed for specific off road applications and carrying weights. All our 4x4 lift kits are designed to give your 4WD suspension improved stability under load, when towing, increased comfort off road or on road and of course greater control over your drive.

Get the Fulcrum 4x4 advantage by installing our Australian assembled and tested 4x4 lift kits. Increase your flex, driving capability and your off road/on road traction.


 Photos of the many Bilstein Lift Kits we have Installed. 

2 Inch Bilstein Lift kit installed at Fulcrum Suspensions Stafford, Springwood

Bilstein 2 inch lift kit installed on Ford Ranger at Fulcrum Suspensions Springwood. 


Bilstein Lift Kit fitted to a Ford Ranger

Before and After photo of a 2 inch Bilstein lift kit installed with 500kg springs for rear. 


Bilstein Lift Kit fitted to a Holden Colorado

2 Inch Bilstein Lift Kit fitted to a Holden Colorado with 500kg rear springs. 

Bilstein Lift Kit fitted to a Nissan Patrol

2 Inch Bilstein Lift Kit fitted to a Nissan Patrol for Fourby Fitouts.

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