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4x4 Lift Kits

4WD Suspension Lift Kits from Fulcrum Suspensions. Including, Formula 4x4 Lift Kits, Bilstein 4x4 lift kits, RAW 4x4 lift kits, Koni 4x4 lift kits and much more. 

Search for your car above and upgrade your 4WD with one of our 4x4 lift kits. Built to tackle your next adventure! We have a great range of lift kits depending on your vehicle and application.







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You can get your lift kit installed by the suspension specialists straight from our website, where we will look after absolutely everything and even offer FREE after service care!





If you own a 4WD and want to gain height, fit bigger tyres, increase your load carrying ability, make your 4WD look tougher AND see on and off road handling improvements, then speak to our friendly 4x4 suspension experts and get the best suited 4WD lift kit for your vehicle. Call us on 1800 385 278!




Use our 4x4 suspension filter above to search for the best suited 4x4 lift kit based on your vehicle’s applications, your 4WD's use type, front load and rear load. Our system will automatically show you the best suited 4WD lift kit!




Australian Made 4x4 Lift Kits

Get the best 4x4 lift kit for your next off road adventure from Fulcrum Suspensions! We have put together the best range of lift kits that will give your 4WD the power and control it needs to handle absolutely everything that comes its way. Whether you’re tackling the tough Australian Outback, touring the vast distance of our open roads or cruising along the beach, with one of our lift kits installed, you know your 4WD can handle it. Designed and tested by and for Australian 4x4 enthusiasts and adventurers, each of our 4WD lift kits are built to last.

At Fulcrum Suspensions, we make it a priority to ensure your vehicle receives the best possible upgrade that is suited to your 4WD’s requirements and your driving preferences. Our range of 4x4 lift kits include Bilstein 4x4 lift kits, Formula 4x4 lift kits, RAW 4x4 lit kits, and SuperPro 4x4 spacer lift kits (Ezy lift kits).

We recommend using our 4x4 suspension search tool (located at the top of the page) and select your vehicle model, year, and series to find the lift kit that is best suited for your vehicle.


Tested & Engineered

We understand that you may like to load up your 4WD with tools for work or 4x4 gear. As a result, our Research and Development team have specially built our 4x4 suspension lift kits to handle constant increased load. We also offer load enhancement 4x4 lift kits, and performance 4x4 lift kits to provide you with better off road and on road handling. Each of our lift kits are designed to give your 4WD improved stability with load or when towing, increased comfort on and off road, and of course give you greater control when driving your 4WD. Our 4x4 lift kits from Fulcrum Suspensions are designed to lift your 4x4 vehicle to the legal maximum height, allowing for bigger and tougher tyres with greater clearance.


Fulcrum 4WD Lift Kit Warranty

We guarantee the quality and craftmanship of all our lift kits by backing them with a 3year/60,000km warranty giving you peace of mind while enjoying your new lift kit.





Bilstein 4x4 Lift Kits

Classed as a Performance Lift Kit

Our Bilstein 4x4 lift kits are classed as a performance kit. Designed, and engineered to be great at heavy duty 4wding, light 4wding, carrying heavy loads and touring.

Our Bilstein lift kits include Bilstein shock absorbers which are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standard. Bilstein have gone the extra mile to ensure maximum performance off road. Their team in Australia has set out and designed a set of shock absorbers (B6, B8 & B60) specifically for Australian 4x4 driving conditions. We have then evaluated each shock, tested them ourselves and created the best possible lift kits, per each shocks valve coding and performance.

Bilstein has been supplying Australia with 4x4 capable shocks for more than 40 years without fail. Bilstein Australia has specifically valve coded their 4x4 shocks for the best off and on road handling.

We have teamed up with Bilstein, combining both of our company’s suspension experience to create a range of reliable, comfortable, yet heavy duty 4x4 lift kits. 

Classed as a performance lift kit, Bilstein lift kits are designed to suit any vehicle load and any driving situation. Due to their valve coding, our Bilstein lift kits offer a degree of comfort. Although far softer than a RAW 4x4 shock, a Bilstein shock absorber is still stiffer than a Formula shock. Compared to a Formula lift kit, a Bilstein lift kit will give you a slightly stiffer drive.

Our Bilstein 4x4 lift kits have been assembled by our research and development team in Brisbane. They have also been tested in the toughest Australian off-road conditions by both 4x4 enthusiasts, and our experienced 4x4 suspension technicians. Bilstein shock absorbers have a long and rich history in Australian 4x4 culture.

A Bilstein lift kit is a great option for any 4x4 enthusiast or tradie. Upgrade your 4WD with a Bilstein lift kit to maximise performance when off road, on road or when carrying heavy loads.


Formula 4x4 Lift Kits


Classed as a Comfort Lift Kit

Our Formula 4x4 lift kits are classed as a comfort lift kit, designed to maximise your driving experience on and off road. Our Formula lift kits are great for heavy duty 4wding, light 4wding, carrying heavy loads and touring.

Formula 4x4 lift kits utilise Formula 4x4 shock absorbers that are engineered and tested in Brisbane, Australia, by the country’s leading suspension experts. Formula 4x4 lift kits have been pushed through the harshest virtual, controlled, and un-controlled industry testing available. All to ensure the best performance under all driving conditions. 

Our Formula lift kit prices are so great because Formula is engineered, manufactured, and sold directly through the Fulcrum Suspensions network. Giving us the ability to cut out all middlemen and control pricing and allowing us to than give you the best price on a 4wd lift kit! We want to make sure firstly, you get the best possible suspension upgrade. But secondly, we want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. That is why we are so happy we get to sell our best performing lift kit, direct to market with no additional costs!

Used by 4WD Action, our Formula 4x4 lift kits have seen every corner of Australia. Performing to the highest standard, offering the 4WD Action team a comfortable ride off and on road whilst maintaining maximum driving stability. The guys at 4WD Action are known for not treating their gear kindly, throwing our Formula 4x4 lift kits at some of the harshest 4wding tracks in the world. Without fail, our Formula lift kits have given them a true understanding of reliability earning their seal of approval. 

The Formula 4x4 range was designed to improve your on and off-road experience, withstanding the harshest of conditions in the form of heat, corrugation, shock travel and extreme driving changes. All to ensure reliability during your next outdoor adventure.

Formula 4x4 shocks are built from high grade carbon steel, incorporating a proprietary valving system and anti-foaming technology, filled with ultra-high Fuchs oil, while using high temperature seals to maintain a low gas pressure for maximum fade free performance. Known for being the best bushing manufacturer in the world, Formula shocks also utilise a one of a kind SuperPro bushing specially designed for Formula shocks.

A Formula 4x4 lift is a complete upgrade package. With one of the largest teams of suspension engineers and technicians, Fulcrum has utilised all their technical experience in both the suspension and 4WD industry to bring to market the highest quality and best value for money, 4x4 lift kit.

A Formula lift kit is a great option for any 4x4 enthusiast, tourer, or tradie. Upgrade your 4WD with a Formula lift kit to get an extremely comfortable ride and to maximise performance when off road, on road or when carrying heavy loads.


RAW 4x4 Lift Kits

Classed as a Heavy Duty Lift Kit

Our RAW 4x4 lift kits are classed as a heavy duty kit. Designed to carry heavy loads, a RAW 4x4 lift kit is a great option for tradies and enthusiasts who like to take a lot of gear off road.

Powerdown, the owner and manufacturer of RAW 4x4 has been designing and developing heavy duty shock absorbers for the Australian truck and trailer industry since 1983. Using their suspension knowledge, in 2005 the RAW 4x4 brand was created to design, develop and market heavy duty shock absorbers specifically for 4WD applications.

We partnered with Powerdown to utilise their RAW 4x4 shock absorbers to create a RAW 4x4 lift kit. Using our experience and their RAW 4x4 shocks, we designed a lift kit that is best suited for heavy duty and load applications. Due to the RAW 4x4 shock absorbers valve coding, internal pressure, and component design. A RAW 4x4 shock offers far greater load carrying capability with the cost of comfort.

RAW 4x4 is one of Australia's leading 4x4 suspension manufacturers. Developing one of Australia's most trusted range of 4x4 shock absorbers with state-of-the-art equipment for Aussie conditions, RW 4x4 have been at the forefront of 4WD suspension for decades. RAW 4x4 suspension is developed in Australia specifically for Australian conditions and vehicles. With a range to suit all needs and budgets, getting a RAW 4x4 lift kit is something you will appreciate every time you drive your 4WD.

Upgrade your 4WD with a RAW 4x4 lift kit to improve the ride, handling and load carrying performance. Best suited for trade vehicles carry constant heavy loads.


Lift Kit Installation at one of our stores

Get the Fulcrum 4x4 advantage by installing one of our Australian assembled and tested 4x4 lift kits at any of our store locations. Increase your flex, driving capability and your off road and on road vehicle traction.

Use our 4x4 suspension filter above to search for the best suited 4x4 lift kit based on your vehicle’s applications, your 4WD's use type, front load and rear load. Our system will automatically show you the best suited 4WD lift kit.






Components Included

SuperPro Bushings

SuperPro Bushings are a leading name that is used throughout the world in a huge variety of motoring applications. So of course we would use nothing else and they are included in all our lift kits from Fulcrum Suspensions.

When combining world leading designs with a lifetime warranty – there is no other choice!


SuperPro Greasable Shackle Kits

Each of our lift kits include a SuperPro greaseable shackle, fixed pin, and bush kit. Unlike SuperPro greaseable shackles, original shackles and fixed pins corrode and destroy bushings. With the ability to re grease annoying squeaks, bushing failure is a thing of the past!


King Coil Springs

For 4x4 vehicles fitted with coil springs, we use nothing but the best! King Springs have been Australia’s leading manufacturer of springs in the aftermarket application for years and are used worldwide. With X5K high strength steel making the springs nearly 30% lighter and reducing the solid height and increasing travel, they are the perfect choice for your lift kit.


Formula Leaf Springs

Made by Australians, for Australians! Engineered to tackle Australia’s harsh conditions, Formula leaf springs are perfect for trade vehicles, commercial vehicles, and 4WD enthusiasts.

Formula leaf springs are suited to carry a range of front and rear loads between 50kg and 800kg and 20mm to 80mm heights. Providing both comfort and heavy duty leaf spring options incorporating a range of special features, ensuring you get the right ride for your 4WD.


Bilstein Shock Absorbers

We consider Bilstein to be one of the best manufactures in the automotive aftermarket industry. Not only do they produce quality aftermarket shock absorbers, but they are now used by OE (Original Equipment) car manufacturers to produce OE shock absorbers for vehicles straight from factory.

Throughout our Fulcrum Suspensions store network, we install Bilstein shock absorbers daily, either as a repair or upgrade solution. Our most popular suspension solution with Bilstein shock absorbers is in our custom assembled 4x4 lift kits.


Formula 4x4 Shock Absorbers

The Formula 4x4 range was designed to improve your on and off road driving experience by allowing your vehicle to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring reliability on your next outdoor adventure. Built from high grade carbon steel, Formula shock absorbers incorporates a specialised valving system, including high quality temp oil, seals, and low gas pressure. Including already installed Australian designed and manufactured SuperPro bushes, your 4WD will have the most comfortable and affordable road. Without lacking any shock features, Formula 4x4 is the complete package.


RAW 4x4 Shock Absorbers

Raw 4x4 is one of Australia’s leading home grown manufacturers and designers of 4x4 suspension components. With one of Australia’s most trusted range of 4x4 shock absorbers developed with state of the art equipment in Aussie conditions, Raw 4x4 have been at the forefront of 4WD suspension for decades. Made in Australia for Australian conditions and vehicles, installing RAW 4x4 suspension will improve the ride handling and off road ability of your 4WD.


Koni Shock Absorbers

KONI RAID and Heavy Track have been specially developed for the on road and of road challenges of light trucks, 4x4s and SUVs. Tested and used under the world’s most extreme conditions, KONI dampers satisfy the highest demands regarding safety, stability, and road holding grip. For several years, KONI RAID shocks have been the damper of choice for many Dakar rally racers and support vehicles in Africa and South America where performance, strength, and safety are paramount. KONI RAID shocks served their duty on BBC TV’s Top Gear ‘North Pole Special’ and driving up and Icelandic volcano. African Jungle or Urban Jungle, KONI RAID and Heavy Track are ready for the challenge.


Formula 4x4 Offers you the Best Offroad Suspension Solutions

The Formula 4x4 range was designed to improve your on and offroad experience. All our kits include everything you need for an easy install. With Formula Leafsprings, SuperPro bushes/shackles & premium shock absorbers you cant go wrong. Not lacking any suspension features, Formula 4x4 is the complete package!

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If wheels were your car’s feet, then suspension would be the legs. Just as the strength, length and flexibility of your legs impact on the way in which you move and the way you connect to the ground, different types of suspension determine the functionality, safety and comfort of your vehicle on different terrain. Made up of several parts that work together like joints and bones, suspension affects absolutely every aspect of driving.

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