March 26, 2019
Fulcrum tackles Fraser Coast with the 4WD Action Team

Fulcrum tackles Fraser Coast with the 4WD Action Team!

Preparation for our first trip with the 4WD Action team began earlier this year for what was expected to be a sunny, calm trip to Queensland’s iconic Fraser Island. The team was preparing themselves and the Hilux for a standard beach adventure not knowing they would be driving into the storm!

The Fulcrum Suspension team attending the trip, Shane and Doug, were eager to test out the newly fitted out Hilux and to vigorously test our own Formula lift kit, and test our product is what we ensured we did on this unforgettable trip with the 4WD Action crew!


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The SuperPro and Formula 4x4 branded Hilux driven by the team for the trip was fitted with a few accessories before the trip. These accessories included an East Coast Bull bar, the big tube winch bar. In the bar was a Mean Mother Edge Series 12,000-pound winch with synthetic rope. To aid in running the fridge with all their supplies a dual battery set up was added to the vehicle. Just before the trip we also added new mud terrain tyres from General tires. These were their Grabbers in size 275/65 R18, added to a second set of standard SR5 wheels.


In covoy, letting tyre pressures out to jump on the Fraser Ferry

Getting onto the Ferry at Fraser Island


Suspension wise the Hilux is fitted with a Formula 4x4 Lift kit, SuperPro adjustable control arms, SuperPro replacement lower control arms, SuperPro adjustable sway bar links and SuperPro rear adjustable sway bar. The Formula 2-inch 4x4 lift kit has been fitted to vehicle for some time now and didn’t miss a beat on the trip, performing extremely well on basic sand driving and in some of the tougher sections of Fraser Island. This 4x4 suspension set up is tuned by our suspension specialists for optimum performance on and off road. The addition of the SuperPro 4x4 Suspension products to the Hilux not only enhancing the performance of the Formula 4x4 Lift Kit but each product provides its own benefits for on and off-road performance. The SuperPro adjustable control arms added to the front suspension of the vehicle allowed us to get the optimum wheel alignment on our now lifted vehicle. Also added is the SuperPro replacement lower control arms which provided the unique formula polyurethane bushings SuperPro has to offer in replacement of the original rubber. The addition of the SuperPro rear adjustable sway bar tops off this off-road suspension set up! Most 4WDers opt to remove sway bars from their vehicles, as there is a belief that sway bars reduce the articulation off road, where as the SuperPro 4x4 sway bar range is a game changer and is designed to not reduce articulation off road and provide correct stability on-road!

Up before the sun the team set off to meet the rest of the crew at the barge to head to the island. At this point weather was permitting and our team were excited to hit the sand. As the team waited for Graham and Shaun, they were greeted by one of the most iconic locals, a dingo. Joined on the trip by a few other 4x4 accessory suppliers Fulcrum was in great company!


Waiting on the Fraser Island Beach

Formula 4x4 Hilux on Fraser Island


Lake Mackenzie was the first stop for the team, this fresh water lake situated on the island was the perfect stop for the team to take refreshing dip. The team then tackled the inland tracks that Fraser Island had to offer, this posed a couple of challenges including soft sand and step ups which were perfect opportunities to test our suspension.

The next iconic stop for the team was the wreck of the Maheno ship which is seen on the beach. Check out Graham’s history on the wreck in the video to learn all about it! The first campsite came next up in the sand dunes.

We wanted to see if the Hilux could fly

Hilux up in the air

The following day, with winds high, the team set out to Indian head. This gave everyone the challenge of very soft sand driving, another situation where our team tested our suspension set up’s limits. If our suspension can handle that, it can handle anything! Heading inland the convoy worked through the soft tracks to get to the valley of the giants, which is an area showcasing the logging history of the island and a rainforest type environment.

Ngala Rocks, the biggest challenge on the island was the next destination. Fallen trees on the tracks was the first obstacle the team faced in this section. Winching the tree from the path of the convoy was their only option. Coffee Rocks was a change in driving style as they began this section, followed by some more soft sand. Due to Cyclone Oma and the weather it was causing made the team all turn back around before getting to the Sandy Cape.


Our Formula 4x4 Lift Kit in Action


Cyclone Oma was inches off the beach as the team travelled along the iconic beaches of Fraser Island. Racing rides and timing the gaps between the waves were only part of the battle they faced as winds on the island were predicted to reach up to 140km/h. The amount of sea foam visible on the beaches as the team drove the island was the first sign they encountered of Cyclone Oma, followed by numerous high tides and even higher winds.

There was a race back to the barge to be able to get off the island, inland tracks were chosen to head south down the island. Passing Orchid Beach and heading further south. Having to get back on the beach meant that the whole team were faced with an ominous scene. Racing races, tides and fighting the winds, Cyclone Oma gave everyone one last huge challenge just before the entry into Champagne Pools. This race against the waves had our team with their heart in their mouth!

After the team returned from the trip, we inspected not only our suspension set up but also our wheel alignment. Not only did the suspension set up withstand the gruelling 4wding it was put through we saw first hand results on why a 4x4 needs a regular wheel alignment after going off road to provide longevity to the suspension and tyres fitted to the vehicle.

Check out our advice on setting up your 4x4 suspension for your vehicle at 59.45 in the YouTube video! We look forward to our next trip with 4WD Action.


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