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At Fulcrum Suspensions, we understand that you may like to load up your 4WD. With a Ute full of tools or 4x4 gear for your weekend adventure, the total weight of your vehicle may be nearing or even surpassing the legal maximum GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass). With one of our GVM upgrade kits, your vehicle can legally carry extra weight with confidence, providing you and your family with complete comfort and safety.

Gross Vehicle Mass refers to the maximum legal weight that is permitted for a fully loaded vehicle. Each vehicle’s GVM is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle’s suspension, chassis, body, engine, cargo, and accessories all contribute to this total weight. Accessories such as tow bars, bull bars, roof racks, side steps, winches, and even fuel also contribute to the total GVM. Most 4x4 vehicles often have a low GVM, and with a fully loaded vehicle including occupants, it is easy to exceed the allowable gross mass.

Many manufacturers design their OE suspension specifically to provide comfort, therefore your 4WD vehicle may lack in load carrying ability and performance. Our range of GVM kits at Fulcrum Suspensions have been specially designed to maintain that level of comfort, improve handling, performance, and load carrying, and increase the legal GVM allowance of your vehicle. At Fulcrum Suspensions, we make it our top priority to deliver excellent service, providing only the best range of products to our customers. As Australia’s number one suspension specialist, our team of technicians and engineers have reviewed, tested, and approved our complete range of GVM upgrade kits, ensuring they are of very high quality.

Each of our GVM upgrade suspension kits are meticulously tested, ensuring maximum stability, braking performance, comfort, and compliance with the ADR (Australian Design Rules). All documentation and test data is then sent to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, Regional Development, and Local Government for a further full evaluation. With our team of suspension experts at Fulcrum Suspensions working to ensure all strict requirements are met, you can be assured that our complete range of GVM upgrade kits will give your 4x4 vehicle the ultimate suspension upgrade. 

If you like to load up your 4WD with tools and equipment for work or on your 4x4 weekend adventures, there is a good chance you are exceeding your allowable GVM. At Fulcrum Suspensions, we provide GVM upgrade kits for a range of 4WD vehicles that are certified by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and approved by our team of expert staff. 


Lovell’s GVM Upgrade Kits

We offer a range of GVM Upgrade Kits including well known Australian suspension brand Lovells. Lovells Automotive Systems is now in its 80th year of business as both a manufacturer and supplier of high quality springs and suspension components. These suspension components are suitable for a variety of applications including automotive, mining, railway, and agriculture industries.

Lovells hold Compliance Plate Approval as a Second stage Manufacturer of GVM Upgrades for selected Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, and Isuzu models. 





What is a GVM upgrade?

GVM stands for Gross Vehicle Mass, which is the maximum allowable weight for a fully loaded vehicle. A GVM upgrade kit is specifically designed to increase your allowable GVM, allowing you to load all the equipment you need without overloading your vehicle. Our GVM upgrade kits at Fulcrum Suspensions increase your load carrying ability, with the additional increase in performance, ride handling, and comfort.


Who would require a GVM upgrade for their vehicle?

A GVM upgrade is applicable for any 4WD owner who often use their vehicle to carry heavy loads. This includes carrying tools and equipment every day for work, or even hitting the tracks and adventuring on weekends with all your 4x4 gear. This also includes mining companies, farmers, tradesmen, and of course off-road enthusiasts.


When should a GVM upgrade kit be fitted?

If your 4x4 is carrying heavy loads whether it be for work or when adventuring, it is very important to check what your standard GVM is. If your fully loaded vehicle is either nearing or exceeding the allowable limit, a GVM upgrade kit will need to be fitted in your vehicle. 

We recommend contacting our team here at Fulcrum Suspensions, where you can speak to one of our suspension experts that will run you through everything you need to know about our GVM upgrade kits and help you come to the best decision for you and your vehicle. 


How does a GVM upgrade kit work?

A GVM upgrade kit operates similarly to a lift kit, by fitting all necessary components and parts such as springs, shock absorbers, greaseable shackles, and U Bolts into the vehicle. After a GVM upgrade, the vehicle can be operated legally and safely with room to fit all your extra accessories, without worrying if you are exceeding your allowable GVM.


What happens if you exceed your GVM?

Exceeding your GVM is dangerous and puts your vehicle, yourself, and others on the road at risk. With an overloaded vehicle, it becomes increasingly harder to manoeuvre your vehicle and a lot easier to lose control. Driving with an overloaded vehicle is also illegal, so you are at risk of getting a heavy fine and even having your car impounded.


Is it illegal to go over GVM?

Yes, exceeding your GVM and driving with an overloaded vehicle is illegal. This means you are at risk of both receiving a heavy fine and having the police or transport authorities impound your vehicle.

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