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Fulcrum Suspensions the Authorised exclusive TEIN distributor in Australia can provide a range of services to repair, rebuild, re-valve and customise your TEIN Coil overs.



The most common question Fulcrum is asked is to vary the spring rate of coil overs, but what is mostly forgotten is the re-valve of the damper. TEIN recommend that if the spring rate is altered by more than 2kg/mm, either up or down, a re-valve is required. This ensures that the damper and spring are matched for optimum performance.


The charge to re-valve or change damper rates is   $165.00 per unit.

Re-valve price includes:

  • Shock Dyno test before & after.
  • Re-valving & new oil seals.
  • New oil & a gas recharge.



TEIN Coil overs are designed and built to be remanufactured and returned to TEIN’s original specifications. All internal parts are carried as stock lines; however damaged strut bodies or assemblies will often need special procurement from TEIN Japan. Fulcrum does carry an assortment of second hand strut bodies and assemblies to assist in accident damage and repair.

Some accident damaged coil overs may not be repairable.


Fulcrum repair price per damper is $165.00 plus any additional parts as required. As a service and, at no extra charge, a re-valve of the damper can be carried out to a customer’s request.

Repair Price includes:

  • Strip & Quote.*
  • Fitment of additional required parts.
  • New oil seals.
  • New oil & a gas recharge.
  • Shock Dyno test.

*Please note that in all instances if the required repairs are not performed a $33.00 per damper charge is levied if the old parts are required to be returned. For safety and quality control reasons Fulcrum cannot, under any circumstances, reassemble dampers submitted for a strip & quote if the repairs are not carried out.


How long will it take?

From the time the coil overs are received at the Remanufacturing Department at Moorooka, Brisbane, we require two days to strip & quote. Then from the time Fulcrum is authorised to carry out the repairs, we require two days. These times do not include freight times to and from Moorooka.

How do I deliver the coil overs to Fulcrum?

Any Coil over for a rebuild or re-valve can be taken to any Fulcrum Authorised dealer, for your nearest location please visit

The coil overs can be initially inspected and diagnosed and then freighted to Fulcrum.

Or contact Moorooka sales department direct on (07) 3892 9000 or via email at to arrange delivery.

Fulcrum has national arrangements with transport companies and can offer competitive freight rates which can be charged as part of the total job.


Installation Instructions

Click on the links below to view the installation instructions:

VE Commodore Sport Damper Kit

VE Commodore Super Street Kit

EDFC Active Controller Quick Manual




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