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The 4WD industry is continually growing at a rapid rate all over the world. The modern 4WD Dual cab utility has inherently become the family sedan of this century, however many of the vehicles that come from factory have suspension characteristics that do not appease both the on and off-road capabilities comfortably or safely. SuperPro where the first company to ever engineer and manufacture aftermarket 4x4 sway bars for Dual cab 4WD's. We offer the largest range of 4WD sway bars in the world, call us on 1800 385 278



Many factory vehicles have poor handling characteristics; especially with regards to understeer and poor roll resistance.  The factory suspension set-up was never designed to control anything other than a standard vehicle at standard ride height and with something less than being loaded to their Gross Vehicle Mass limit.

It is becoming increasingly rare to see a 4WD that has not been modified by its owners to either carry additional weight or to be fully equipped for the outdoor experience. When the factory suspension set-up is used in conjunction with these modifications, the resultant handling performance and safety of the overall vehicle is severely compromised. 

SuperPro identified this to be a major problem and developed a product that improves the overall handling and especially safety of the customer’s vehicle. The following characteristics are the design parameters SuperPro intends to achieve throughout the development of this product:


4x4 sway bars at fulcrum suspensions


SuperPro 4x4 Sway Bar Solution

SuperPro, over years of experience in the automotive industry has identified that fitting larger sway bars, particularly in the rear, has two main effects, vehicle balance in terms of understeer and oversteer, and increased roll resistance. Both effects can provide increased overall handling and safety benefits in a 4WD vehicle. A larger rear sway bar, or the addition of a rear sway bar, helps in providing more neutral characteristic in the handling. This is due to the increase in roll stiffness at the rear, which changes the loading of the rear wheels under conditions of increased cornering load.



A positive effect of introducing a larger rear bar is the reduction in chassis roll. This reduces the effects of "roll camber". Roll camber is the variation in the wheel and tyre camber setting due to chassis roll. During cornering the presence of chassis roll usually results in the outside wheels gaining positive camber. By increasing the roll stiffness and reducing the roll camber effect, the wheel and tyre combination stays closer to its optimal setting.

The Ford Ranger and Isuzu D-max factory vehicles are not supplied with Rear Sway bars at all, thus supplying the customer with no option to correct the handling and safety issues when they are lifted and loaded. For this reason SuperPro has designed a heavy-duty rear sway bar and fitment kit with in-built adjustability to meet the needs for all customers.

SuperPro has produced RC0009RZ and RC0016RZ, a solid sway bar made of spring steel that is supplied with a unique bracketry system that mounts the lever arms of the bar facing rearward. Due to the lack of factory sway bar mounts, SuperPro developed a complete fitment solution, which includes all components for installation. 


  1. RC0009RZ-20

    20mm Heavy Duty 3 Position Blade Adjustable Rear 4x4 Sway Bar Kit

    20mm Heavy Duty 3 Position Blade Adjustable Rear 4x4 Sway Bar Kit
    SuperPro Roll Control Rear Sway Bar Packages are the perfect addition to a 4WD.The resistance to the fitment of rear Sway Bars to 4WD vehicles is the flawed concept of the loss of articulation in the suspension.If the replacement Sway Bars and link package is designed correctly, replacement Sway Bars can be fitted with minimal or no loss of articulation.Upgrading to Roll Control Sway Bars will:Improve the stability by compensating for the change in centre of gravity of the chassisNeutralise the factory understeerIncrease tyre lifeControl the roll in load carrying and towing applicationsImprove safety with no loss of comfort or articulationSupe ... Read more


SuperPro 4x4 Sway Bar Innovation

The OE Manufactures or any other aftermarket suppliers have never developed a rear sway bar for these vehicles; therefore, this is a first of its kind. Due to complete lack of original bar, mounting points, or bracketry, SuperPro had to develop a design concept without any guides or bounds. Consequently, SuperPro had to get innovative to manufacture a bolt-on solution that would tick all the design parameters, chief of which was the lack of existing chassis mounting points. Other design parameters include ensuring all rear componentry had clearance during off road articulation, and also offer adjustability so that customers are able to optimise their suspension for their own specific usage.

This fitment kit for RC0016RZ is uniquely developed to fit the sway bar to chassis frame securely without having to alter any OE components. The kit is designed to have the L-brackets and U-Bolts clamped around the chassis frame, the link-pins to be secured to the bracket, and then the Sway bar to be fastened to the link pin.

The sway bar is then mounted on top of the leaf pack on both sides by using a special D-bush/bump stop assembly that securely fastens under the OE Bolts. The geometry of the bar itself has been cleverly designed to fit along the length of the rear differential whilst also cleanly clearing all other componentry. By also including 3 separate holes in the sway bar end, SuperPro is providing the customer with adjustability as they can optimise their ride and characteristics for their own specific needs.

Unlike the RC00016RZ the RC0009RZ is unable to be mounted to the leaf spring pack, therefore SuperPro had to develop an additional innovative solution to mount to the rear differential. SuperPro developed a D-Bush and Bracket that can be used to mount directly to the already existing flat plate on differential tube itself. This simplistic solution provides a cost-effective innovative product that assembles easily with the OE geometry without ever having to modify OE parts.

All the bushes that are provided with the Sway Bar are made from Polyurethane. SuperPro’s Polyurethane is an innovative advanced Elastomer Formulation that provides high temperature resistance and excellent anti-sag properties. This is a material that allows for all the critical attributes of Noise, Vibration, Harshness, Ride, Handling and Durability to be attained.

SuperPro conducts extensive testing across all its products; this includes computer simulation, static testing, and dynamic testing on and off the vehicle. This testing resulted in identifying two required sizes depending on the load and lift requirements of the customer. From the extensive testing, SuperPro determined that the rear sway bars needed to be provided in both 20mm and 22mm solid spring steel. The 20mm bar is provided to customers that wish to correct handling and safety at standard height or 50mm lift with a light-carrying load. The 22mm is for all those customers that have a 50mm lift and a heavier loads.


SuperPro 4x4 Sway Bar Final Results

The modern 4WD Dual cab utility is coil sprung, strut front end and leaf sprung rear with a front but no rear sway bar. They typically suffer from understeer and can be very unstable during high-speed directional changes. All 4WD Dual Cab Utes portray the same characteristics. SuperPro has spent quality time developing a rear sway bar that not only corrects these poor factory characteristics but also is a simplistic cost-effective solution that is not available anywhere else in Australia.

The RC0009RZ and RC0016RZ can be supplied in two various diameters as well as has in built adjustability into each bar, this provides the customer with ample options to customise their ride to their desired needs. This product line successfully creates preferred handling performance; on and off road, reduces chassis roll, increases durability, and provides a higher level of safety with no loss of comfort. SuperPro is proud that it can supply a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, technically desirable design to customers.

SuperPro, through the UK distributor, has also recognised the dire need for this product in the European market for these two vehicles as the trend in popularity for these vehicles increases. SuperPro is currently the sole provider of a rear sway bars into this market. By recognising this opportunity in the foreign market, SuperPro has been rewarded with selling 100’s of both Ranger and D-Max bars over the past 18 months. By becoming the first and sole provider of this line, SuperPro is strengthening its already firm standing as one of the world’s leading aftermarket suspension suppliers.


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