SuperPro Control Arm Engineering & Manufacturing

SuperPro manufactures multiple types control arms, these control arms have different features based on applications; 4WD control Arms. (Alloy) Performance Control Arms & Repair Control arms.

SuperPro control arms serve multiple purposes, the primary purpose for performance and 4WD control arms is to solve alignment issues. Which means adjusting the camber and caster settings of the vehicle. SuperPro repair control arms however are a complete repair solution. Where the design of the OE control arm has been improved, but includes pre-installed SuperPro bushings. Which offer increased performance and a lifetime of value compared to OE.  In some instances, SuperPro offers additional alignment solutions to further optimize alignment such as strut top mounts and suspension bushings. SuperPro control arms either come in a fixed solution or adjustable solution, depending on vehicle application.

Typically control arms have a high range of movement, some more than others based on vehicle application. Many OE and aftermarket control arms utilise rubber bushings, it is vital to not use bonded rubber bushings. As they will tear over time, due to the constraint strain of flex. Leading to decreased performance and more suspension issues in the future.

SuperPro Control Arm Kit

SuperPro combats this issue by pre-installing every SuperPro control arm kit with their unique polyurethane bushings, which perfectly complement their control arm design, providing a free pivot. SuperPro bushings offers a lifetime of value and better alignment properties.

SuperPro bushings are backed by a lifetime warranty and are made in Brisbane, Australia. SuperPro bushings are known for being the best in the world, due to their specific application features per bushing and the unique polyurethane blend that is used in the manufacturing process.

One of the unique features SuperPro control arms offer compared to many other brands. Is that they are built to OE design specifications. Which means their control arms exceed OE specifications, but also allow for extremely easy bushing installation.

SuperPro control arms are also designed to OE ferrule sizes, this allows for temporary emergency installation of OE bushings. Say you have been travelling in the outback for many years and are driving in the middle of nowhere with your Ford Ranger. Suddenly you hear a noise and it turns out the bushing failed due to long service life. Instead of only being able to use SuperPro bushings to repair the problem, you can call any local service workshop and get an OE replacement as a temporary fix. Keeping in mind that the bonded rubber bushing is likely to fail extremely faster and based on application will not provide the correct alignment settings. As the complimented upgrade of the control arms is the SuperPro poly bushing.

All SuperPro control arms are vigorously tested through virtual environments, test fitments and real world environments. To ensure they offer the best performance all SuperPro control arms are also material tested. This ensures that SuperPro control arms outperform the competition offering a long service life and better driving performance.



Alloy Performance Control Arms

Forged and heat treated, made from strengthened light aluminum alloy. SuperPro performance control arms are designed for better driving performance, providing better in-built camber and caster options based on vehicle application. Some control arm designs include even further increased camber and caster settings by providing offset bushings or duroball bushings.


Steel Arms (4WD Control Arms & Repair Control arms)

Made through stamped manufacturing, meaning components are squashed than welded into place. Because of our unique control arm designs, SuperPro control arms must be welded and stamped in multiple locations ensuring increased endurance and strength.

SuperPro control arms are made from Aussie OE spec steel, which is the highest grade of alloy steel for control arms.


The SuperPro Process

  • Gather Vehicle Data
  • Get standard OE wheel Alignment settings
  • Figure out the optimal control arm alignment settings
  • Design a control arm to integrate the optimal alignment settings
  • Create test control arms, emulating design to check correct geometry
  • Accurate model a production control arm design for production
  • Material Test the control arm
  • Virtual environment testing of control arm
  • Real world testing and fitment of production control arm
  • Engineering sign off and certification



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