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Being an innovative Australian manufacturer of aftermarket suspension parts, SuperPro Suspension sway bar range was designed with the idea of ‘Dynamic Control’. This resulted in the sway bars being engineered to give the vehicle sharper steering, better handling and more grip for all driving situations.

A SuperPro sway bar is an easy enhancement for any vehicle, particularly those used for performance. The SuperPro product, when fitted, reduces body roll in the vehicle which results in a safer and more controlled drive. The oversteer and understeer characteristics that performance vehicles usually face are changed with the fitment of a SuperPro sway bar. It also changes the dynamics of the steering without affecting the ride quality and comfortability of the vehicle.


SuperPro Performance Sway Bar Kits


The SuperPro sway bar range consists of Sway Bars, Roll Centre Correction Products, Caster, camber and toe alignment kits and anti-lift products. Many people may ask why upgrade the existing sway bar on the vehicle or fit stabiliser and anti-roll bars. The answer comes back to performance. The main reason a bar is fitted is to maintain or achieve maximum tyre contact on the road. This results in an increase in steering response leading to better handling. As suspension systems are designed to vary the angle of the wheel and contact patch as the vehicle travels on the road, the optimum contact patch is achieved with the wheel in a vertical position. Braking, body roll, body yaw, squat and drive all cause a shift in the contact patch, but by fitting a SuperPro sway bar you reduce and, in some cases, eliminate this shift.

One of the most innovative inclusions in the SuperPro sway bar range is the adjustable sway bars. These bars allow you to control the rigidity of the bars by allowing you to adjust the length of the arms. The adjustable sway bars come with multiple points of adjustment, either 2,3 or 4. This provides you with numerous stiffness options depending on your application and allow you to change the properties of the sway bar depending on the use of the vehicle at any given time.

Another innovative inclusion within the range is SuperPro’s hollow sway bars, this progressive bar is 30% lighter than the original bars from the vehicle. The bars are made from race spec chromoloy and provide a weight reduction option resulting in increased fuel efficiency. These hollow bars are also fully adjustable and have progressive performance characteristic which allow for sophisticated tuning of suspension setups.


SuperPro Performance Sway Bar Kits


Increasing the stiffness of your performance vehicle through the use of a SuperPro sway bar begins at the design and manufacturing phase. By simply making the sway bar thicker it increases the torsional resistance which results in higher stiffness. The sway bar operates in a cross-sectional plane which is what offers the torsional resistance to twist. The tubular sway bar design allows the rate or resistance to be adjusted by changing both the outside diameter and wall thickness.

SuperPro’s comprehensive range of Heavy-Duty Adjustable Sway Bar Links are also available and are designed to compliment the installation of a SuperPro Adjustable Sway Bar. These sway bar links allow for adjustment from 75mm to 365mm and either a 10mm or 12mm ball stud. With over 20-part numbers in this range, fitting over 1000 applications there is a kit available for most vehicles.

These SuperPro heavy duty adjustable sway bar links have been designed to ensure easy universal fitment which improves the handling of your vehicle. This optimises the performance of your sway bar but also all your suspension components providing you with an increased performance and accurate driving experience. These links have been designed for performance, off-road and as a repair upgrade for your vehicle, providing a precise drive. Made from a unique SuperPro strengthened alloy to allow for minimal flex when required but also increased stiffness for precise handling.


SuperPro Sway Bar Link Fulcrum Suspensions


The SuperPro Sway Bar range is available for a large range of performance vehicles including, Audi, BMW, VW Golf, Holden Commodore, Pontiac G8, Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi Evo, Ford Mustang, Nissan Silvia and Skyline.

When thinking of performance upgrades for your vehicle you cannot go past SuperPro’s Sway Bar range, with superior manufacturing and technological expertise this performance upgrade ensures better performance and safety when cornering by distributing the load evenly over your tyres which increases the tyre grip on the road. Get your vehicle upgraded today!


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