Isuzu Dmax Lift Kits

Looking for a Isuzu Dmax 2 inch lift? Specialising in Isuzu Dmax suspension, Fulcrum Suspensions have a range of quality 4x4 suspension lift kits. All our lift kits are custom assembled to take your Dmax up a level. Utilising 4x4 suspension brands like Bilstein, Formula, Koni, Raw and SuperPro. Your new lifted Dmax will be able to handle anything you throw at it, both on road and off road. Our range of 2 Inch Dmax lift kits have all been assembled and tested in Australia. Proving themselves in some of the harshest off road conditions, Australia has to offer.

We understand that you may like to load up your Isuzu Dmax with a lot of 4x4 gear. So we have specially built 4x4 suspension lift kits to handle constant increased load. We also have enhancement 4x4 lift kits and performance 4x4 lift kits. All our lift kits are designed to give your Dmax improved stability under load or when towing, increased comfort off road and on road and of course greater control over your Isuzu Dmax.

If you’re looking for a custom 2 inch Dmax lift kit, we can help create something for you! Just give us a call or send us an email.

You can find a list of all our Isuzu Dmax lift kits below. If you are looking for a more detailed way to find your new Isuzu Dmax lift kit, you can use our custom 4x4 suspension filter. Our custom 4x4 suspension filter will allow you to specify what brand of lift kit you want, how you use your Isuzu Dmax and specify both your front and rear load. You will then be shown a few Dmax lift kit recommendations.

Alternatively you can give us a call on 1800 385 278 and our 4WD suspension technicians will help you find the best Dmax lift kit.

General features

  • Raw 4x4 or Bilstein shock absorbers
  • Raised rear leaf springs
  • Kings raised coil springs
  • SuperPro suspension rear bush kit
  • Rear greaseable pins
  • Rear swing shackles
  • Rear ubolts

4x4 kit options available

  • Enhancement kit - recreational 4x4 user
  • Performance kit - enthusiast 4x4 user
  • load kit - 4x4 user or tradesperson carrying constant weight
  • load kit steel bar and winch - 4x4 user carrying constant weight and with extra front accessories

Additional parts

Heavy duty Swaybar

SuperPro manufacture a Swaybar solution for 4x4 applications which significantly improve handling characteristics (particularly in load carrying / towing) with limited impact on suspension articulation (we also supply a disconnect option).

Full catalogue below

ISUZU D-Max   2/03 - 2012
Description FRONT Qty Notes REAR Qty Notes
Raw Nitro G6833BY 2ea 0-50mm Lift  G6010Y 2ea 0-50mm Lift
Raw Nitro Max       NM626 2ea 0-50mm Lift
Koni Heavy Track 82-2454 2ea   82-2138 2ea  
Bilstein B46-2076 2ea 50mm Lift B46-0258 2ea 50mm Lift
TORSION BAR          
EFS TB1550 1pr 30mm OD, 1142mm Long      
EFS       FLS-010 2ea Approx 40mm Lift@ 200kg Load
      FLS-011 2ea Approx 40mm Lift @ 300kg Load
Swing Shackle       FSK-004 2ea  
Fixed Pin       FSP-001 2ea Greaseable
U Bolts       C473 4ea  
Sway Bar       RC0027RZ-18 1kt 18mm 3 Position Adj. Sway Bar
SUPERPRO  For individual bushes refer to the Super Pro Catalogue
Shackle Bush Kit       KIT070K 1kt  
Red Series Polyair Springs       78095 1kt  
Bellows Series Polyair       85105 1kt  
Ride Rite Airbag Kit       RR4527 1kt  
FULCRUM 4X4 KITS Refer above on part quantities and specifications
Enhancement Kit ROD-003 G6833BY, G6010Y, FLS-010, FSK-004, FSP-001, C473, KIT070K
Performance Kit  -  (Koni) ROD-005 82-2454, 82-2138, TB-1550, FLS-010, FSK-004, FSP-001, C473, KIT070K
Performance Kit  -  (Bilstein) ROD-007 B46-2076, B46-0258, TB1550, FLS-010, FSK-004, FSP-001, C473, KIT070K
Load Kit  ROD-006 G6833BY, G6010Y, TB-1550, FLS-011, FSK-004, FSP-001, C473, KIT070K

ISUZU D-Max   2012 - On  
Description FRONT Qty Notes REAR Qty Notes
EFS 38-5651 2 0-50mm Lift  36-5426 2 0-50mm Lift 
Raw Predator PR302S 2ea 0-50mm Lift  PR348M2S 2ea 0-50mm Lift 
Bilstein 24-230780 2ea 0-50mm Lift  B46-0258 2ea 0-50mm Lift 
COIL SPRING            
King Springs KHFR-168H 1pr Raised Height      
KHFR-168HT 1pr Comfort Taper      
KTFR-101 1pr Suits Bullbar      
KTFR-101T 1pr Suits Bullbar & Winch      
EFS       HOL-16 2 40mm Lift at 150kg Constant Load
      HOL-16HD 2 40mm Lift at 300kg Constant Load
Kings       HOL-207TS 1pr 40mm Lift- Top stage only, re-use OE bottom stage
Swing Shackle       FSK-001 2ea  
Fixed Pin       FSP-001 2ea Greaseable
U Bolts       C453-2 4ea  
Sway Bar       RC0031RZ-20 1kt 20mm 3 Position Adj. Sway Bar
Front Shock Absorber Upper Bush SPF3757K 1kt OEM Bushes should never be re-used      
Spring Eye & Shackle Bush Kit       KIT185K 1  
Ride Rite Airbag Kit       RR4642 1kt  
ReadyStrut ReadyStruts come complete with Strut, Spring & Upper Mounts. No dismantling required
ReadyStrut Top Caps RS0005 2ea Strut Cap, Spring Seat, Nuts & Washers
EFS Struts & King Springs ISUZ101-EFS 1pr KTFR-101Springs and 38-5651 Struts
ISUZ168H-EFS 1pr KHFR-168H Springs and 38-5651 Struts
ISUZ168HT-EFS 1pr KHFR-168HT Springs and 38-5651 Struts
Bilstein Struts & King Springs ISUZ101-BIL 1pr KTFR-101 Springs and 24-230780 Struts
ISUZ168H-BIL 1pr KHFR-168H Springs and 24-230780 Struts
ISUZ168HT-BIL 1pr KHFR-168HT Springs and 24-230780 Struts
Raw Struts & King Springs ISUZ101-RAW 1pr KTFR-101 Springs and PR302S Struts
ISUZ168H-RAW 1pr KHFR-168H Springs and PR302S Struts
ISUZ168HT-RAW 1pr KHFR-168HT Springs and PR302S Struts
Comfort Kit ISUZ-001 38-5651, 36-5426 ,KHFR-168H, HOL-16, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K, SPF3757K
Comfort Kit with ReadyStruts ISUZ-001R ISUZ168H-EFS, 36-5426 , HOL-16, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K
Enhancement Kit ISUZ-004 PR302S, PR348M2S ,KHFR-168, HOL-16, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K, SPF3757K
Enhancement Kit with ReadyStruts ISUZ-004R ISUZ168H-RAW, PR348M2S , HOL-16, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K
Performance Kit  ISUZ-003 24-230780, B46-0258, KHFR-168HT, HOL-207TS, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K, SPF3757K
Performance Kit with ReadyStruts ISUZ-003R ISUZ168H-BIL, B46-0258, HOL-207TS, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K
Performance Kit  ISUZ-005 24-230780, B46-0258 ,KHFR-168H, HOL-16, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K, SPF3757K
Performance Kit with ReadyStruts ISUZ-005R ISUZ168-BIL, B46-0258 , HOL-16, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K
Load Kit  ISUZ-002 38-5651, 36-5426 ,KHFR-168H, HOL-16HD, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K, SPF3757K
Load Kit with Ready Struts ISUZ-002R ISUZ168H-EFS, 36-5426 , HOL-16HD, FSK-001, C453-2, KIT185K

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Get the best 4WD lift kit for your next off road adventure! We have put together the best 4x4 lift kits for tackling the tough Australian outback, touring the vast distance of our open roads or cruising along the beach, allowing your 4WD to handle anything and everything that comes its way. Designed and tested by and for both Australian 4x4 enthusiasts and hobbyists alike, our 4wd lift kits are built to last.



Bilstein 4x4 Lift Kits

Our Bilstein 4x4 lift kits have been assembled by our research and development team in Brisbane. They have been tested in the toughest Australian off road conditions by both 4x4 enthusiasts and our experienced suspension 4x4 suspension technicians. Bilstein shock absorbers have a long and rich history in Australian 4x4 culture. For almost 40 years they have been providing Australian 4x4 enthusiasts with the best suspension options in the world.

Formula 4x4 Lift Kits

The Formula 4x4 range was designed to improve your on and off road experience. Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, ensuring reliability on your next outdoor adventure. Built from high grade carbon steel, incorporating a specialised valving system, including high quality temp oil, seals and low gas pressure. Including already installed SuperPro, Australian designed and manufactured bushes, giving you the most comfortable ride that you and your 4WD can afford. Not lacking any shock features, Formula 4x4 is the complete package.

As suspension experts, Fulcrum has utilised all of their technical experience in the 4WD sphere to bring to market the best quality and value for money, 4x4 lift kit.


RAW 4x4 Lift Kits

Raw 4x4 is one of Australia's leading home-grown manufacturer and designer of 4x4 suspension components. With one of Australia's most trusted range of 4x4 shock absorbers developed with state of the art equipment in Aussie conditions. Raw 4x4 have been at the forefront of 4WD suspension for decades. RAW 4x4 suspension is developed in Australia for Australian conditions and vehicles. With a range to suit all needs and budgets, fitting RAW 4x4 suspension is something you will appreciate every time you drive your 4WD. Improve the ride, handling, and off road ability of your 4WD by installing RAW 4x4 suspension.


Lift Kit Installation at one of our stores

Get the Fulcrum 4x4 advantage by installing our Australian assembled and tested 4x4 lift kits at any of our store locations. Increase your flex, driving capability and your off road/on road vehicle traction.


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