Bull Bars

Upgrade your 4WD with one of our Bull Bars from Fulcrum Suspensions! Call us on 1800 385 278!

Are you looking for a quality, Australian made bull bar to give your 4WD the best possible upgrade? At Fulcrum Suspensions we offer a range of bull bars for your 4x4 vehicle that you can purchase and have installed by one of our suspension experts or delivered straight to your door if you prefer to install it yourself.

We provide the best service to all customers both in-store and online. Our staff are experienced experts that can assist you with all your suspension needs. We offer professional, helpful, and friendly service, ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with their order. To ensure the best results, our entire range of bull bars have been meticulously tested and approved by our team of suspension experts. By installing one of our bull bars, you can have peace of mind that your bull bar is giving the ultimate frontal protection for you, your family, and your vehicle.

Bull bars have become an increasingly popular upgrade choice for almost every 4x4 vehicle in Australia. Not only playing a vital role in giving your vehicle the ultimate frontal protection, bull bars also protect your vehicle against animal collisions, provides a solid base for mounting other upgrades such as winches, increases the overall safety of your vehicle, as well as making it look extra tough. To ensure the safety of your vehicle and everyone inside, invest in one of our bull bars from Fulcrum Suspensions.


East Coast Bull Bars

ECB have been Australia’s primary manufacturer of Alloy Bullbars for almost 40 years. With years of experience, ECB have designed their products to give your 4x4 the best advantage while ensuring total safety and protection for you and your family even in the harshest driving conditions.

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