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At Fulcrum Suspensions, we understand the importance of having the correct tools available when servicing vehicle suspension. We supply a range of the best and most durable suspension tools that have been designed to make your life easier and more time efficient when performing tedious tasks. We stock brands such as SuperPro, AMK, and Airbag Man.


SuperPro Suspension Tools

Every so often, along comes a new tool or gadget that makes you think about the way things are done in your workshop. The SuperPro Press Tool Kit is one of those tools.

Most old and new suspension bushings are pressed in and out with old bearing shells, sockets or just anything you can find. This creates a safety issue, given that heat treated steel will shatter under stress. The assortment of sleeves that make up the SuperPro Press Tool Kit are made from mild steel to allow distortion or crush when over-pressed.

Our SuperPro team has designed a set of workshop tools to make life easier in your workshop. These tools provide an easy way to install and remove SuperPro polyurethane bushings and aid in other workshop pressing requirements.

Our workshop tool range includes:



AMK Suspension Tools

The AMK Group is a family-owned company located in Germany that was first established in 1963. Specializing in automotive solutions, AMK has been one of the markets leaders in the electric drive technology, control technology, industrial automation engineering, and automotive areas for more than five decades. AMK offer air suspension compressors that are an innovative concept and powerful design. 


Airbag Man Suspension Tools

Over the past twenty years, Airbag Man has been instrumental in providing the transport industry with unique air suspension products covering a huge range of vehicle applications. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, Airbag Man pride themselves on producing well designed and easy to install products while operating under ISO9001 Quality Assurance standards. Airbag Man offer a perfect solution for inflating your airbags or tyres. 

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