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VW Amarok Lift Kits 

Looking for a VW Amarok 2 inch lift? Specialising in VW Amarok suspension, Fulcrum Suspensions have a range of quality 4x4 suspension lift kits. All our lift kits are custom assembled to take your Amarok up a level. Utilising 4x4 suspension brands like Bilstein, Formula, Koni, Raw and SuperPro. Your new lifted Amarok will be able to handle anything you throw at it, both on road and off road. Our range of 2 Inch Amarok lift kits have all been assembled and tested in Australia. Proving themselves in some of the harshest off road conditions, Australia has to offer.

We understand that you may like to load up your VW Amarok with a lot of 4x4 gear. So we have specially built 4x4 suspension lift kits to handle constant increased load. We also have enhancement 4x4 lift kits and performance 4x4 lift kits. All our lift kits are designed to give your Amarok improved stability under load or when towing, increased comfort off road and on road and of course greater control over your VW Amarok.

If you’re looking for a custom 2 inch Amarok lift kit, we can help create something for you! Just give us a call or send us an email.

You can find a list of all our VW Amarok lift kits below. If you are looking for a more detailed way to find your new VW Amarok lift kit, you can use our custom 4x4 suspension filter. Our custom 4x4 suspension filter will allow you to specify what brand of lift kit you want, how you use your VW Amarok and specify both your front and rear load. You will then be shown a few Amarok lift kit recommendations.

Alternatively you can give us a call on 1800 385 278 and our 4WD suspension technicians will help you find the best Amarok lift kit.

General features

  • Raw nitro 4x4 or Bilstein shock absorbers
  • EFS raised rear leaf springs
  • Kings raised coil springs
  • SuperPro suspension rear bush kit
  • Rear greaseable pins
  • Rear swing shackles
  • Rear ubolts

4x4 kit options available

  • Enhancement kit - recreational 4x4 user
  • Performance kit - enthusiast 4x4 user
  • load kit - 4x4 user or tradesperson carrying constant weight
  • load kit steel bar and winch - 4x4 user carrying constant weight and with extra front accessories

Full catalogue below

VW Amarok    2009-On  
Description FRONT Qty Notes REAR Qty Notes
SHOCK ABSORBER            
Bilstein  24-195690 2ea   24-195706 2ea  
COIL SPRING            
King Springs KVFR-22 1pr  Raised Height      
KVFR-22T   Raised Tapered Wire Design      
KVFR-22HD 1pr Raised Height Heavy Duty      
LEAF SPRING            
EFS       VW-01E 2ea 25mm Lift @ 250kg Constant Load
SHACKLE/ U BOLTS            
U Bolts       C453-3 4ea  
SUPERPRO  For individual bushes refer to the Super Pro Catalogue
Super Pro Shackle Bush Kit       KIT183K 1kt  
AIR BAGS            
Ride Rite Airbag Kit       RR4632 1kt  
Important Note:  The Front Drive Shafts need to be removed to fit the front shock absorbers.  OEM Part No. N90625101 VW have designed these bolts to be for one use only and need to be replaced, then torqued to the following settings:  Outer CV  Bolt 150Nm + 180 Degrees   Inner CV Bolts 50Nm + 90 Degrees
FULCRUM 4X4 KITS Refer above on part quantities and specifications
Performance Kit AMAR-001 24-195690, 24-195706, KVFR-22, VW-01E, C453-3, KIT183K

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