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We consider Bilstein to be one of the best aftermarket manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket industry. Not only do they produce quality aftermarket shock absorbers but they are now used by Original Equipment (OE) car manufacturers to produce OE shock absorbers for vehicles straight from factory. 

Throughout our Fulcrum Suspensions store network we install Bilstein shock absorbers on a daily basis, either as a repair or upgrade solution. Our most popular suspension solution with Bilstein shock absorbers is in our custom assembled 4x4 lift kits.

Fulcrum Suspensions has sold Bilstein shock absorbers since their beginning over 40 years ago! Not only do Fulcrum Suspensions ensure that their stores are always stocked with Bilstein, but the long history between the two brands gives Fulcrum Suspensions the confidence to recommend Bilstein to their customers.


Bilstein 4x4 Lift Kits

Our Bilstein lift kits are assembled, designed and tested in Brisbane, Australia. They are sold to customers all over Australia and have been tested in the harshest conditions that our country has to offer. Our Bilstein lift kits cover a range of vehicles and are classed as a premium lift kit offering comfort on and off road as well as greater handling and performance on any terrain. 

All of our products and services are designed for a specific application. Fulcrum Suspensions does this to make sure that your vehicle gets the correct suspension setup for a reliable and capable ride. 

Bilstein 4x4 Lift Kit


Give us a call on 1800 385 278 to get the right lift kit for your 4WD or check out or 4x4 lift kit filter.



Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Bilstein engineers and manufactures a large range of shock absorbers all made for specific vehicle applications and driving conditions. We stock a complete range of Bilstein shock absorbers and have a large store network to install your Bilstein upgrade. 

Bilstein shock absorbers have all been developed and tested in Germany and are considered internationally to be one of the best shock absorbers. Over 60 years of experience in original equipment and more than 50 years of racing history make Bilstein products and services unique. For the ultimate Bilstein driving experience, Bilstein test each product in a road test. Numerous Best Brand Awards and successes in motorsport speak for themselves.

Bilstein Performance Shock Absorbers - Fulcrum Suspensions


Bilstein Street Performance Range

Bilstein Street performance shock absorbers have been specifically designed for on road driving conditions, valved to handle continous tarmac driving, there is nothing quite like a Bilstein shock absorber. 

Bilstein B6 Sports Shock Absorber

The Bilstein B6 Sport gas-pressure shock absorber is ideal for those who refuse to compromise between performance and comfort. Built to OE standards, the Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorber offers increased levels of handling performance. The Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorber is the perfect suspension solution if you’re looking at better handling dynamics for your vehicle without lowering ride height, providing comfortable performance in all sorts of driving conditions. 

Bilstein B8 Sports Shock Absorber

The Bilstein B8 gas-pressure shock absorber has been developed to offer improvements in handling performance as well as aesthetics without compromising on comfort. Essentially a shortened shock absorber designed with high performance in mind, the Bilstein B8 shock absorber is matched perfectly with virtually every lowering spring set and series production sport vehicle.


Bilstein Off Road Performance - Fulcrum Suspensions



Bilstein Off Road Performance Range

Bilstein B6 4600 Shock Absorber

Designed specifically to suit off-road vehicles, the Bilstein B6 Offroad gas-pressure shock absorber is the perfect suspension solution. This version of the Bilstein B6 shock absorber has been adapted to fulfil Australian 4 Wheel Drive requirements. The Bilstein B6 Offroad shock absorber has been developed to reduce the kind of undesirable handling dynamics such as uncontrolled movements that are so inherent in 4WDs thanks to their high structure. 

Bilstein B8 5100 Shock Absorber

Bilstein B8 off road gas-pressure shock absorbers offer the perfect performance enhancement to go with the sporty look of lowering suspension kits. The specially shortened high-performance shocks guarantee the required spring tension for lowering springs and therefore support the sporting and dynamic driving experience.

Bilstein B60 Shock Absorber

For the absolute ultimate in heavy duty offroad capabilities, nothing surpasses the Bilstein B60. Featuring tough steel monotube construction, a 60mm piston, housed in a massive 66mm steel tube, the B60 shock absorber provides unsurpassed heat durability and precise handling.



Bilstein Coilover Range Fulcrum Suspensions



Bilstein Coilover Kits

Bilstein B14 Coilover

Bilstein’s entry-level coilover solution, the Bilstein B14 brings technology from the race track onto the street. The Bilstein B14 is a threaded ride height adjustable kit, allowing you to fine-tune your ride height to perfectly suit your needs.

Bilstein B16 Coilover

The Bilstein B16 offers a higher level of adjustability, allowing you to achieve ultimate driving enjoyment based on your own individual requirements.

Bilstein Clubsport Coilover

Bilstein’s ultimate coilover offering, the Bilstein Clubsport suspension kit is a coilover package that has been designed for uncompromised performance in the fields of racing and clubsport. The Bilstein Clubsport coilover combines Bilstein’s mono-tube gas pressure technology with the highest levels of motorsport engineering to create the very best motorsport suspension solution.


Bilstein Warranty

At Fulcrum Suspensions we only sell and install high quality brands. We cover all our Bilstein products with a 3 year or 60,000km warranty which is the same as all our other shock absorber brands. 

Fulcrum is the largest Bilstein distributor


Bilstein Suspension History

Bilstein boasts a history of over 140 years, founded back in 1873. From our humble beginnings in the business of window fittings manufacturer, nobody expected Bilstein to one day become a household name in the automotive world with a massive influence on road safety and driving comfort. High quality standards were given top priority, granting the company’s founder, August Bilstein, an outstanding reputation not only within local regions but also into neighbouring countries. 

By the time the 1920s had rolled around, August’s son Han Bilstein had taken over management of the company. Returning to his home in the Westphalia region from the USA, Hans brought with him some new ideas regarding nickel and chrome-plating processes. By 1927, Bilstein had stepped into the automotive industry. Priding ourselves on innovation, Bilstein supplied the first chrome-plated bumper for series automobile production, began with the manufacture of jacks and produced the first functional side-car jack, all in a world that was still getting used to the automobile.  

Ever since its introduction, the Bilstein's monotube gas-pressure technology shock absorbers have found their way into the vehicles of countless car brand. From Bugatti to Porsche, Lamborghini to Land Rover, there’s no mistaking why vehicle manufacturers place their trust in Bilstein when it comes to suspension. This is due in no small part to Bilstein’s ability to individually adjust suspension requirements and driving dynamic qualities to suit every model, whether it be for OEM replacement purposes or optimizing vehicle handling dynamics. Bilstein applies its high quality standards to all of its products and specially customises them to suit a range of applications from everyday driving to the race track and even tackling rough terrain. 

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Gaining the lead through expertise and technology: 1954 to the present day

In 1954, Bilstein was the first to realise the potential offered by an idea of Prof. Bourcier de Carbon, a French researcher in the field of vibrations. The aim was to eliminate the physical disadvantages of the conventional telescopic shock absorbers, whilst at the same time making the dampers lighter and able to be fitted in any position.

Enormous effort went into development, accompanied by substantial investment in the necessary production facilities, in order to achieve this ambitious target. And it paid off. The introduction of the first mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber in a standard production Mercedes-Benz vehicle in 1957 by what was at the time the ‘Fittings and car jack manufacturer Bilstein’ (Beschlag- und Wagenheber-Hersteller Bilstein) is still today considered a major contribution to active driving safety.

Gas pressure technology is now used in all types of telescope shock absorbers developed for use on powerful, high-class cars. The latest highlight is the development of the air spring module that Bilstein supplies ‘just in sequence’ to the Mercedes S-Class production line.

To this day, the demands of its customers in the automotive and tuning industries, combined with its commitment to motor sports, are what drive development and innovation at Bilstein. All AMG Mercedes in the DTM and over half of the teams in the 24 hour race on the Nürburgring approach the starting line with Bilstein accessories.

The name Bilstein has for many decades been closely associated with high tech in the field of suspension design, driving comfort and safety. In order to expand this position in the future, Bilstein became a division of ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG in 1988, and a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2005. The partnership and co-operation within the group will enable the company to continue to inspire with innovations in the traditional Bilstein way.

bilstein shocks


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