October 15, 2019
How to install a suspension lift kit - 4WD Action DIY lift kit install guide


We teamed up with 4WD Action to create an easy to understand guide on how to install your own lift kit. Now if you don’t feel comfortable around tools or don’t want to be held liable for the work done on your car, we strongly recommend you let the professionals do the job for you. Be that as it may, this guide is very straight forward and if you have some knowledge you should be able to install your lift kit with ease. 

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Fulcrums First Recommendation

If you install your lift kit yourself, we strongly recommend you get two things done. 

  1. Visit a suspension workshop and get a 4x4 wheel alignment - you have been working on your 4WD's suspension so its alignment will be out.
  2. Get your suspension work checked over by a professional - we offer a Free Suspension Check service, its better to be safe than sorry. 


Our 4WD Lift Kit DIY Installation Tips Video

You can either get your lift kit installed by us at one of our many stores, where we will look after absolutely everything and even offer FREE after service care. Or you can install the lift kit yourself, to help you we have created a video with 4WD Action which goes over a bunch of tips.


Fulcrums Best Lift Kit Tips

  1. Make sure you get the right front and rear springs rates for your vehicleAlso, there is a difference between both shock absorber design and brand, make sure you get the right lift kit for the right driving application. 
  2. If you have a 4WD and you install a 4x4 suspension lift kit, the suspension geometry is permanently changed. You need to get a caster or camber adjustment in the form of a bushing, upper control arm or lower control arm. 


4x4 Suspension Setup Misconceptions


Bilstein 4x4 Lift Kits

Performance Rated Lift Kits 

Our Bilstein 4x4 lift kits have been assembled by our research and development team in Brisbane. They have been tested in the toughest Australian off road conditions by both 4x4 enthusiasts and our experienced suspension 4x4 suspension technicians. Bilstein shock absorbers have a long and rich history in Australian 4x4 culture. For almost 40 years they have been providing Australian 4x4 enthusiasts with the best suspension options in the world.


Formula 4x4 Lift Kits

Heavy Duty, Standard & Performance Lift Kits

The Formula 4x4 range was designed to improve your on and off road experience. Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, ensuring reliability on your next outdoor adventure. Built from high grade carbon steel, incorporating a specialised valving system, including high quality temp oil, seals and low gas pressure. Including already installed SuperPro, Australian designed and manufactured bushes, giving you the most comfortable ride that you and your 4WD can afford. Not lacking any shock features, Formula 4x4 is the complete package.

As suspension experts, Fulcrum has utilised all of their technical experience in the 4WD sphere to bring to market the best quality and value for money, 4x4 lift kit.


RAW 4x4 Lift Kits

Heavy Duty & Standard Lift Kits

Raw 4x4 is one of Australia's leading home-grown manufacturer and designer of 4x4 suspension components. With one of Australia's most trusted range of 4x4 shock absorbers developed with state of the art equipment in Aussie conditions. Raw 4x4 have been at the forefront of 4WD suspension for decades. RAW 4x4 suspension is developed in Australia for Australian conditions and vehicles. With a range to suit all needs and budgets, fitting RAW 4x4 suspension is something you will appreciate every time you drive your 4WD. Improve the ride, handling, and off road ability of your 4WD by installing RAW 4x4 suspension.


Lift Kit Installation at one of our stores

Get the Fulcrum 4x4 advantage by installing our Australian assembled and tested 4x4 lift kits at any of our store locations. Increase your flex, driving capability and your off road/on road vehicle traction.

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